Mchanzo week day 2- canon divergence||Au

au where hanzo is still an assassin but while in america he runs into a vigilante who saves his life once or twice and they banter flrt back and forth whenever they run into eachother (which is alot)

this is actually an attempt at a screenshot redraw of one of these really adorable screenshots asgdkagsf


Opposite Max, full model + Background and other details

In case you can’t read my handwriting, it says:

.He has longer hair as he is growing it out to braid it

.Cuts and bruise on arms and legs as he is really clumsy, Gwen puts plasters on them every time.

.Rolled up shorts and boots to do activities proper, like eg. climbing, hiking.

rojahal  asked:

Not to be The One Who Always Requests Cole buuuut... could I have a Cole x reader where reader misunderstands something he's said and instead of him correcting them he plays along and spins this entire back story just so that he has something to talk to reader about? Thanks boo 😘

A/N - Oh, RJ, you don’t have to worry, sweetheart - I’d happily write Cole for you until the sky falls in! XD Sorry that this one took a while to get out - for a while, I was struggling with what to do for the backstory, but then OTS #99 happened and that gave me the perfect set-up! I hope you enjoy this one, darling!

Pairing - Cole x Reader

Warnings - References to sexytimes, as well as some not-nice, illegal-y crime-y stuff. Not described, mind you, just mentioned vaguely. But still.

Word Count - 2, 381

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You’ve heard of the Sliding Scale of STRQ™, now get ready for: The Sliding Scale of Schnees™.

Notes/explanations under the cut:

Jacques has a very narrow, sharp face, whereas Mama Schnee has a rounder, more tapered face; it’s still angular, just not like Jacques’s. All of them are the same general shade of Really Freaking White™. Also, it’s somewhat difficult to express heights here, since I had to make their faces level with each other, but Jacques is moderately tall and very lanky whereas Mama Schnee is on the shorter side.

Weiss looks most like Jacques, aside from having darker eyes like her mother, and it’s entirely because of mirror symbolism. If breaking the mirror is her way of saying she’s getting out of Jacques’s control, then I like to think that she’s shattering the image of him that she sees in herself. She may look like him, but she doesn’t have to be him. She also makes her hair frame her face so as to hide the Jacques Cheekbones, but they’re there. She has her mother’s height.

Whitley’s a mix of the two. He has Jacques’s narrow face, but it’s not as angular; like his mom, he has a rounder chin. This serves to make his face look more narrow. His nose is also hind of a mix; it’s long and narrow like Jacques, but it tapers outward like Mama Schnee’s when looked at from the side. He got his height from his mom’s side, but in the Nicholas Schnee way, meaning that he’s going to be taller than Jacques whenever he finishes growing (since I see him as being much younger than Weiss). His eyebrows arch like his mom’s, whereas he has Jacques’s eyes.

Winter looks the most like their mom, out of the three; her face is rounder, and although she has prominent cheekbones like Jacques, they’re more rounded like Mama Schnee’s. Same for her chin: very prominent, but more rounded. Her nose is more wide-set, like her mom’s. She has darker blue eyes, but they’re slightly lighter than Mama Schnee’s. She has Jacques’ height.