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The Stryker armored vehicle with a rocket launcher SHORAD.Armored Multi-Purpose Vehicle (AMPV) is a promising machine, designed to replace the tracked M113 armored personnel carriers.
AMPV was established on the basis of the modernized chassis of the BMP M2 Bradley.
Active protection system Iron Fist in a lightweight SUV army Flyer Advanced Light Strike Vehicle Special Forces.
System for disabling enemy drones from Orbital ATK. Based on the Stryker armored vehicle Orbital ATK.
The Israeli active protection system Trophy APS for light armored vehicles. The photo — Trophy APS installed on the new American army jeep JLTV.
The layout of the fighting machines from the company Science Applications International, developed under a program Mobile Protected Firepower (MPF)
SUV JLTV with SHORAD missile system.
Weapon station deFNder from FN Herstal USA, mounted on the machine GO!-SXV (Search & Rescue Tactical Vehicle).
The air defense system on the basis of the BMP M2 Bradley

i’ve been thinking about it lately but does anyone else have like, multiple songs they can’t listen to because bad memories/breakdowns? i have fucking tons of them. i know other people do too.