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So I've been watching bad girls club, and I think I can see a lot of anti-blackness in the fan base. There's this one darkskin hood girl that has reasonable problems with a pretty non black girl. While she is too unnecessary sometimes, everyone is always out here calling her ugly or jealous like this "poor Lil light girl" wasn't out here saying nigga like it's nothing. Idk it's just frustrating. No one wants to see a black woman's depth. Just paint her as aggressive and ghetto.


It always BAFFLES ME when girls get called a ho when they literally do nothing???to warrant that name?????????but is called it out of jealousy????????? 

All Natalie has done is PRAISE THE GIRLS IN THE HOUSE DAILY. I’ve never seen a female (a gorgeous one at that) compliment and want girls to succeed 24/7 like Natalie does! She could have been that stereotypical, catty, pretty girl who only care about herself but she’s the complete opposite. 

  • she’s bubbly, happy, and flirty towards everyone, guys and girls alike
  • she doesn’t like bad-mouthing people
  • she will tell you that you look beautiful constantly if you are feeling bad about yourself
  • she will tell you that you look beautiful even when you don’t ask for it, just because she wants to
  • will sacrifice her own standing in the game to help another girl
  • she’s literally a girl’s girl and wants girls to dominate



I sit here and I scroll through Twitter and i see these tweets like “Just because you got a fat ass , don’t make you cute. It just means he wanna fuck you from the back.” And “when she’s pretty and doesn’t have a big butt.” It’s like … I get it.

I understand that you’re making slim girls feel appreciated because the media glorifies thick women. I’m all for uplifting all sizes of women. But in doing so , you’re starting this stereotype that if she has a fat ass , she ugly in the face. Or that if she has a fat ass, she has nothing else going for her.

You’re subconsciously bashing thick women. We didn’t wake up and pray for fat asses. We just happened to have them. To imply that a woman is smarter , or has a better personality , or is prettier because she doesn’t have one is pretty fucked up. No one is better than the other. That’s what makes us beautiful because we’re all made differently. We have variety.

You can uplift one without bashing the others.

It may sound like a joke but I am not my ass. Real shit. I have a banging personality. I’m very intelligent and my face is nice too. ✌🏾️✌🏾✌🏾

Here’s my opinion on the whole ‘Luke and Arzaylea’ thing.

I don’t dislike her because she’s with Luke I dislike her from everything that’s come out. She’s absolutely vile telling Luke’s fans that they’re ugly, fat, should lose a few pounds (through dm but then tweets things like she cares all so Luke can see a great side of her) like who the fuck does she think she is to even say that? Everyone comes in all shapes and sizes and you are nothing wow yourself lbh. She made fun of people who suffer from anxiety, at a 5sos concert Bryana was seen dancing and singing along to their songs whilst she just stood there doing nothing, she once mentioned she HATED 5SOS and their music so maybe thats why she didn’t fucking move? and the fact that she beat her ex boyfriend up, cheated on him and owes him a load of money from their flat rent is just. Now tell me how are we not meant to believe that this girl is not using Luke for fame? Its pretty damn obvious and the fact that Luke has unfollowed fans for giving their own opinion on this is fucking pathetic. All she tweets about is $$$ and is loving the twitter attention now because shes never tweeted as much as she is now (shock aye) but we’re at fault for giving her that attention and people being so stuck up her ass like ew please. This girl is a problematic girl who just wants attention and then there’s Luke unfollowing his own fans, fans who made his dreams come true, got him to where he is now and be able afford anything (even pay her dinner, rent probably ew and God knows wtf else) thanks to us and our money aye but no a girl is waaaay more important than his fans. The pictures from last night Luke looked a bit pissed because of the paps and then there’s her ‘hiding’ but smiling at the same time loving life. On her bio she has a youtube link with no videos uploaded give it a while till she uploads a video so she can become much more known thanks to Luke lol.

If Luke doesn’t want to see this side of her and accepts the way she is fine by all means but he needs to accept that we do have our own opinions and if we read the shit we’ve been reading and find out things about her we’re obviously gonna dislike her more than we should and worry about Luke because she can do the same thing to him and if we’re all tweeting the same thing to him or indirecting them both then we obviously have a point but he’s too “blinded or brainwashed” to see it. If anything happens he’ll just learn from this mistake because is she the type he’d wanna take back home to introduce to his family?….

In other words
How we see Luke Hemmings: A member of 5SOS
How she sees Luke Hemmings: A member of 5$O$