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Laura isn't posting the vlogs to keep people up to date on her relationship status, the focus is what's going on at Silas so why wouldn't she cut off her going after Carm? It's not relevant to whatever the fuck is happening at that crater

Amen. Well said.


My sailor Jupiter cosplay was very popular! Lots of people asked to take a picture of me and it made me feel so amazing. This one girl saw me from her car and screamed out the widow “SAILOR JUPITER MY LOVE!” Another women took a picture with me then hugged me saying that I looked so cute. AND A guy ran up to me and asked for a picture, then he praised me for being a perfect Jupiter. The sailor moon fans are the most sweetest people I have ever met. 

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Why did you tag that Laura post (about refusing to believe Carm is a monster) with 'YIKES?' I'm very intrested what you think about it.

oh goodness I said this a billion times in season one but loving a monster doesn’t make them anything other than a monster & I mean monster as smth that is grotesque & abject & undead & v much not human. which is what carm is. I don’t like our reduction of monster to ‘terrible thing’ in the sense that we reduce 'terror’ to mean 'evil’–it doesn’t, it means smth so incomprehensible we’re full of terror, of fear–but angels are just as commonly associated w this in literature as monsters are. so Laura continuing to deny carm this v real identity that ostensibly carm is stuck w is like sUPER TERRIBLE LAURA HONEY STOP PLS BABE YIKES

@people who refuse to tag their 4th of July posts

Hello! My name’s Laura and i’m Lakota Sioux!

My family and I abstain from celebrating 4th of July every year because we’ve literally had our lands taken from us, our people brutally slaughtered and our traditions erased by the white people who brought ‘independence’ to this country, and we see it as a big middle finger to Native American people. Naturally, as such, I don’t enjoy seeing posts about this holiday. They physically make me upset, and more often than not i’ll see my mother cry because of people’s blatant disregard for our struggles. 

People tell me to shut up and not ruin their fun every year. People tell me to not be so preachy. People tell me relax. No matter how many times I try and explain that their ‘FREEDOM FUCK YEAH’ posts only apply to those of light skin, people still ignore us. 

I understand that you guys want to just have a good time, and don’t let me stop you, but please have some regard for us today. Please keep the people who’s entire existence was tarnished to make this day a thing in your minds and hearts when you’re eating apple pie and setting off fireworks.

Please just listen to us for once.

Reblog this for me, please. I want this to be heard.


And the Magic Mike XXL press tour begins… :D [x]

And fine. Maybe I could have dealt better with that whole, ‘Your relationship is an unhealthy time bomb speech.’

Laura Hollis

Funny how Laura acknowledged she could have dealt with the situation from the prior day better but it seems everyone is going to ignore that.