What she says: I’m fine

What she means: it’s blatantly obvious how Carmilla is so sad and is so done with all this “lauronica mars” crap and all Laura sees is how she’s the “hero of this piece” when in reality Carm is probably feeling so used honestly they need to have a serious conversation about this because Laura’s hero complex is tearing hollstein apart and we creampuffs cannot handle that


And the Magic Mike XXL press tour begins… :D [x]

a few silly headcanons

carmilla is dyslexic and hates maths. so much. 

lafontaine has a cactus in their room 

jeep actually swears like a sailor, but his voice filter censors it

carmilla is better at working technology than laura, despite being over three centuries old

kirsch has a little sister that he cares a lot about

danny finds that kind of adorable

carmilla rioted during stonewall, much to her mother’s displeasure

perry learned how to bake through a lot of trail, error, and fire. laf helped with the fire. 

mattie once had to get a job in subway in order to seduce one of the marks. carmilla has pictures that will never ever be deleted. 

kirsch can tie his shoelaces super fast and shows off to everyone who’s willing to watch