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☢ Personality Flaw(s)

“Would you consider it a flaw if some redheaded bitch flounced into your office, nearly ruined priceless artifacts of the church with her insipid glitter, went on and on about how much she dislikes pretty much everything you stand for, even though you yourself were trying every trick in the book to stay calm and pleasant, and then even so you felt yourself getting angry?

“No? Good. Because I suppose in an ideal perfect world on a dimensional plane far from here in the Mists, people don’t do that kind of shit to someone who’s dedicated their life to serving the divine and helping the less fortunate. But I suppose to some people I’m just being unrealistic and expecting too much” he finishes with a sneer, rolling his eyes.

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i love your art, but i unfollowed you just now because you keep reblogging your own pictures. we get it, you want notes, but that feels so desperate??

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pREEEEEEETTY sure youtube is a community. stop attacking everyone, no one's done anything to you. you no NOT know these people personally therefore you have no right to be being as tacky as you are. everyone in the youtube community is going to hate you after this.

you’re right, i don’t know them personally!! therefore i didn’t comment on their personalities or whathaveyou. i don’t know if they’re nasty people or nice people or if they’re actually trolls. i’m sure they’re very nice and even pleasant to be around, perhaps. but i don’t know that.
what i do know is zoe didn’t write a book she told her audience she did. what i do know is both of them are making money by attaching their names to things they’re not necessarily proud of and telling thirteen-year-old girls who believe their very footsteps are paved with gold to buy them, and i believe they know their audience will do anything they say. do i have a problem with that, as far as ethical business practices are concerned? yeah, i do. does that make them horrible people? not necessarily. 
i would never compare zoe and alfie to some of the abusers on youtube, but in terms of how we react to “negativity” i think it’s a fair comparison–when the reports of abuse came out, nobody was going around calling everyone who spoke about it “tacky.” nobody was saying “this is a community, so stop attacking everyone.” in my eyes, these are people that, although committed a very far cry from abuse, still did something wrong in the form of manipulating and taking advantage of their audience. i think that’s something worth discussing.

Because I didn’t want to be a heteronormative square I went to this Sister Spit thing tonight even though I had no idea what it was but it’s a good thing I did because it turned out to be totally awesome. It was a bunch of like queer artists and writers and singers and stuff and it was super awesome and weird and like the opening act was this lady dressed as a Dickens orphan begging for money for her baby that was born without a labia and it was in song and it was terrific. It was really cool that’s all I had a lot of fun I got some cool merch haha and idk go to their website if you like. :3


Reese let out a yawn as he lazily trudged into the kitchen, still in the process of putting his shirt on. Slightly hungover, as he usually was in the mornings, his green eyes flickered over his surroundings until spotting a female getting herself a drink. He had had a few, small conversations with her before, but none had been all too pleasant. He wasn’t even sure if he remembered her name, but he did have to admit, she was quite alluring. “’Ello,” he greeted in his low tone, walking over and opening the fridge. “Move over a bit, would ya?”


To each and every follower I have, thank you. You made my experience in the KRP, and especially in this account, so pleasant. And even though I left a few times, you welcomed me back so warmly every time I said I was back. Thank you for respecting me, the mun, and my muse, for admiring me, for complimenting me in so many ways and making me learn. Laugh. Grow. One last time, THANK YOU.

I never thought I would have 2,000 followers someday, but this dream came true last week. That is why I decided to make this post, to thank everyone and give special shoutouts to some people I’ve met in my two years here. Under read more because list might be long. Also I feel like I must apologize for my absence lately, life hasn’t been easy and still you were/are very patient with replies and memes, etc. No one rushed me and for this I thank you from the bottom of my heart.

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I feel like after a year or so Helen would have a redemption ark and she finally is able to find a voice and speak what she feels and not just agreeing with Linda even if she starts out not being that progressive she tries to be open minded and is just a pleasant person. Sans even talked to her... Once or twice if course it's still... Hellen

That’s a nice headcanon c: