Me: I fucking hate drama why can’t we all just be nice to each other

Drama: *happens*


Help me with a RT, please, it’s to win the Harry album and I Really Want it😭🙏🏻🙏🏻


New shrimp species named after Pink Floyd - BBC News
A team of prog-loving scientists made a pact to honour their favourite band, Pink Floyd.

The Synalpheus pinkfloydi uses its large pink claw to create a noise so loud it can kill small fish.

The team behind the discovery vowed years ago if it ever found a new pink shrimp it would “honour” the rockers.

Sammy De Grave, head of research at Oxford University Museum of National History, said he has been a fan of the band since he was a teenager.

And it is not the first crustacean he’s named after a rock legend, having already named a species of shrimp after Rolling Stones front man, Mick Jagger - elephantis jaggerai…

lady-sansa  asked:

you HAVE to write more of that fic! like Sasuke going crazy at Itachi, Shikamaru or Karin and forcing them to tell him who she is and where he can find her, that would be so cool! great fic anyway :D

Note: Here’s part ii, although it’s not totally SasuSaku filled. Actually, to be fair there won’t be Sakura until like… the end. It does include brotherly banter and a dose of Naruto! :)

Except she wasn’t gone forever – not completely, at least.

In the day and age of social media and all things internet, no one truly just disappeared. That was why Sasuke immediately jotted down those names of the mutual acquaintances they held and grumbled to himself about his stupidity. He tried to fall asleep, knowing that harassing Itachi for any information about a pink-haired girl while his brother was dutifully doing his underpaid, overworked teaching assistant thing would be fruitless.

Now it was time for answers.

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