The PINE-ING Table | 해산물 (Seafood) ft. Min (MISS A)


It is a constant struggle each day to get out of bed and to eat, but I am fighting and I’m trying my hardest not to give in. I want to be well enough when taylorswift comes to Brisbane in December. I think I might be slowly getting better, today has been one of my better days and it is because of all of the support I have had. I honestly don’t know what I would do if you guys weren’t in my life. I honestly will never be able to thank you enough for all of the support you have provided me. I love all of you guys so much ❤️

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masterpost of weird subreddits

That’s it for now, this took around 4 hours of clicking the random subreddit button on reddit. I’ll probably make another one of these later, but until then enjoy.

anonymous asked:

hello :) im a female teenager who probably identifies as an ace. however, does finding someone dashing and good-looking as well as wanting to kiss, cuddle, hold hands, etc count as sexual attraction? i find myself treading on a thin line between heterosexuality and asexuality. sometimes i wonder if im a grey ace. tag as "pineapple bubbles" thank you :)

That does not sound like sexual attraction. It sounds more like sensual attraction, which is just wanting physical touch (in a variety of ways). So you would still be ace if that’s how you want to identify.