As Halloween approaches I will be reviewing my top 10 NON-UNIVERSAL Horror Films from the 1930′s.  I was reasonably drunk and picked the list in five minutes.  Be kind.

Number 9 -

White Zombie (1932)

This film is thought of more highly now than when it was released, and I think it’s simply because of the overall strange mood of the piece.  The independent production elements and tiny budget are well hidden behind rented Universal sets and a simply mesmerizing Bela Lugosi.  Madge Bellamy is better at a zombie than a non-zombie, but that works just fine.  I watch this one almost every October.

swiftbell  asked:

I didn't think anyone knew of Pettson & Findus outside of Sweden since it's so typical Swedish? How'd you come across it in the first place?

I was blessed with a very good set of parents who recorded almost every strange piece of animation they saw on television, and especially things like Channel 4 doing occasional animation appreciation weeks featuring work from specific countries, which resulted in me being allowed to see quite a few Russian cartoons as well as Swedish, French and German! Having said that I only had the episodes that we had recorded so while me and my sister would watch those on loop we never really got to see all of any one of the series.

What'll You Do?
  • What'll You Do?
  • CunninLynguists
  • A Piece Of Strange

Hell’s far away though, believe I ain’t complaining
Rather explaining, that unless this southern rain end
We’ll show proof we’s as real as you

Needing a roof, some shoes, dolla bills and food
Two from The Dirty met with mismatched skin
Acknowledged first that one day this track may end
When there’s no more steam in that engine
Yet hopefully clean streams be an astringent
But needs outweigh cheese tryna stay in contention
“For the love” is a hard reason to keep my life in suspension

CunninLynguists - Remember Me (Abstract/Reality)

This stunning song by Kno is one of my all time favorites. The angelic melody is vividly gripping, and the song’s profound underlying meaning has brought me close to tears at times. I fear my friends and associates inevitably forgetting my existence almost as much as I fear my eventual death…and remembering we’re all just forgettable cogs within our species existence. It’s such an abstract thought, but inescapably real (abstract/reality).

The vocal sample is perfect for the theme of the song. The sense of anguish illustrated within the short pleaful statements is so indescribably beautiful, the first time I heard this song I was left in complete awe.


My Song Rating: 10 out of 10

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I don’t collect vinyl but when I found out CunninLynguists made a limited amount of A Piece of Strange on vinyl, I had to own it. This is my favorite album in the entire world. I’m so happy I was able to get it signed by Deacon the Villain, Natti, and Kno (his signature is on the back). This is my new prized possession and I would never give it up, not even for all the riches in the world.

I’ve really been wanting to do a Life is Strange piece since I finished the game however, I never tackled it because I hadn’t found my style. After a few months of countless hours on my cintiq I think I may have found something. I’m totally about this “ship”.

Prints and phone cases available at: https://society6.com/product/life-is-strange-quiet-theories_print#1=45

Also! Find me on instagram : @jleeoriginals or on snapchat: PBTGOART where I update my process on my art regularly.

I wanted to emulate a sense of nostalgia which is essentially what the game works around: nostalgia and things of the past. If you haven’t started playing it yet I highly recommend Dontnod’s Life is Strange.