A chemical garden…

39/365 - 11.02.2014

On the second - and luckily last - day of my chemistry practical, we made this so-called “chemical garden” ours turned out oh so lovely (or maybe we were just too lazy to clean out the jar right away) that we left it like that till afternoon and then almost didn’t get all the chemicals out anymore…

Day 145 | “Blend”

I would always look upwards when I’m taking an elevator at a mall with roof windows, observing the beauty of nature slowly creeping into man made buildings.

Blending in and forming into a new scene, a new kind of beauty.

By the way, nothing much is going on other than the fact that I’m almost buried with Color Grading work.  Yay!



Notre Dame du Haut, Le Corbusier, 1954

Ronchamp, France. 2015