#564: “I hate that Stacie never got called out for what she said to Chelsea in A Perfect Christmas. It’s because of her that Chelsea ran away. She could’ve freezed to death or gotten seriously hurt if the sisters hadn’t found her! I wish Stacie had at least apologized for it.”

- anonymous

kiribaku + ugly sweaters + gingerbread cookies = the perfect christmas 🎄

here’s my bnha secret santa gift for @oftooru! merry christmas, nana! hope you like the spiky boys <3

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A perfect Christmas (3/3)

“Ow!” Greg flinched and you let out a tired huff.

“Well if you keep moving you’re going to get jabbed!” You uttered out as your lips held onto pins whilst you tried to alter Greg’s Santa costume. “And keep it down, Eve will hear you!” You quietly warned. You stood up and took a step back, admiring your handiwork and your husband “There all done!”

“Finally!” Greg let out a sigh of relief “I feel like a pincushion…” he groaned and you playfully rolled your eyes. He walked over to the mirror in your bedroom and looked at himself in the bright red suit.

“Do you like it?” You asked as you tided up your haberdashery items, placing away spare buttons and felt in the allocated pouches of your basket.

“I love it as much as I love the woman who spent a whole three weeks making it,” he smirked and sauntered over to you. Greg’s hands found your wrist and pressed a thankful kiss to your lips. “It’s perfect. I’m going to have to hide it in a bag tomorrow and change when I get to work.” You nodded and pointed over Greg’s shoulder, he followed your finger and lightly shook his head with a smile “You’re always so organised.” He kissed you again and you let out a content hum as he cupped your face. “Oh!” He pulled back and gasped when he remembered “I almost forgot! You know how Anderson is working on transforming our level at Scotland Yard into a grotto?”

“Yeah?” You nodded and Greg grabbed his phone.

He showed you a photo and you grinned “He finished it earlier and sent me a photo.”

“That looks amazing! All the kids are going to have such a ball tomorrow at their Christmas party there. I can’t believe you managed to convince your superiors to let in a bunch of screaming kids to meet you…Mr Claus…” you teased and ran your fingers over his arms.

“Will be the first and last time,” Greg laughed and you nodded in agreement.

Greg stripped off his Santa costume and joined you in bed, wrapping his arms tightly around you before you both fell asleep.

“Do you think Santa knows it’s my birthday today?” Eve impatiently shifted about in the back seat of the car, she was wearing a badge that had the number five on it. You glanced to Greg with a small smile before turning around to look at her.

“Maybe! Are you looking forward to seeing him?” You asked with a wide smile. Eve excitedly nodded and you couldn’t help but giggle at how excited she really was. When you arrived at Scotland Yard, you picked up Eve and walked in.

“This is where you and dad work?” She looked up at the office floors that looked liked the went in forever.

“Yes it is! We are on the tenth floor, do you want to press the button?” Greg asked as the three of you got into the lift. Eve pushed the button and as soon as the door opened she gasped at the winter wonderland in front of her eyes. She ran off to play with the other children, whilst she played you shooed Greg away and he rushed to get changed.

Eve turned around to you with a large smile before it faltered slightly “Where’s dad?”

You crouched down to her level and rubbed her arm “He’ll be back soon sweetheart. He had some work to do.”

“Okay!” She ran off again to play and you stood up. Anderson walked in and you burst out laughing seeing him in a bright green elf outfit.

“Don’t laugh…” he exasperatingly pleaded “This was your husbands idea.”

“Oh how I love him…” you smiled and folded your arms “Is he nearly ready?” Anderson nodded before he was bombarded by a flock of children.

“Where’s Santa?”

“I want chocolate!”

“Where’s my present?”

They all screamed and he froze with fear so you took charge. “Okay!” You captured there attention by clapping your hands “You all have to stay very quiet or else you won’t hear Santa coming! Oh…” you paused for a touch of dramatics and cupped your hand around your ear “I think I can hear something…”

A faint jingling noise filled the office floor before the children screeched seeing Santa arrive. You sent Greg an adoring smile and you noticed him grinning at you from under his fake beard. “Ho Ho Ho!” He chuckled and waved to everyone as he made his way to the chair Anderson had decorated with tinsel the day before.

You stood from afar and watched Greg interact with them all. A smile graced your face without you even realising, he was so enthusiastic and cheery about talking to each of the children and then handing them a present afterwards. Last, but not least, Eve had her chance to talk to Santa. “Hello!” Greg kept his fake deep voice and jolly laugh “You must be Eve!” Her face it up at the fact that he knew her name “And it’s a very special day for you today isn’t it because today is your birthday!”

She gasped “It is! You do know!”

“I know lots of things but what I would like to know is what you want for Christmas?” He smiled and she thought for a moment.

“A new playhouse.”

Greg nodded “Well I can certainly-”

Eve cut him off “And a baby brother or a baby sister! That would make Christmas perfect!”

You and Greg both looked at each other warily and gulped “We-well I can’t…” you speed walked up to the both of them and lifted Eve from his lap.

“Santa has got to get back to the North Pole! He has a very busy night tonight.”

Greg was thankful you stepped in to save him “Yes I do! But it was very nice to meet you all!” Greg stood up and waved goodbye to everyone.

“I’ll make sure you get to your sleigh safely Santa!” You smiled down at Eve “Go and play sweetie, I’ll be back in a minute.” Eve watched as you followed the man in the bright red suit out of the office. Curiosity got the better of her and she followed them.

You closed over Greg’s office door behind you, leaving it slightly ajar “You did great today, the kids have had a ball.”

“Thanks, you weren’t half bad yourself Mrs Lestrade…” he trailed off and sauntered towards you, eventually closing the gasp between the two of you, you got a mouthful of fake, plastic hair. A pair of eyes witnessed the quick peck before their little legs ran back to the group of children to tell them what she had just seen.

Greg pulled back before his eyes were drawn to your lips again, you noticed and placed a hand to his chest “You need to get changed…” you warned in a low tone.

“Care to unwrap me…?” He teased and you rolled your eyes with a smirk. He wrapped his hands around your waist, he leaned you back and you pulled down his beard to expose his mouth and kissed him.

You were in the car returning home with a lazy smile on your face. Your eyes wondered to Greg who looked equally as happy as you. He stopped at a red light and that’s when you heard a voice from the back seat.

“I saw mummy kissing Santa Claus.”

You slowly turned your head to Greg before the pair of you mirrored each other and looked back to Eve “What did you say?” Greg asked.

“I said I saw mummy kissing Santa Claus!”

“Oh really?” Greg turned to you with a cocky grin “Maybe she should be put on the naughty list?”

You narrowed your eyes at him “Stop it…” you playfully warned and Greg chucked before drinking again once the light turned green. Eventually arriving home, you both put Eve to bed and waited until she fell asleep to put her gifts under the tree.

The clock had just hit midnight and Greg collapsed onto the couch with a tired sigh. You joined him and cuddled into him, taking a moment to enjoy the peace and quiet. “I think it’s going to be another perfect Christmas…” Greg whispered before kissing your forehead.

You spotted the present you were going to give him and leaned over to grab it. You pushed it into his hands “Go on,” you smiled “It is Christmas.”

You both sat up straight and Greg ripped open the paper and opened up the box containing the gift. He was still. His whole body had paralysed.

“She did ask for a perfect Christmas…” you lowly whispered with a small smile.

Greg looked up to you with tears of joy filling his eyes. “Another one?” He smiled, disbelievingly at the test and back and white scan in the box.

You nodded with a toothy grin “Yes!” He wrapped his arms around you and tightly hugged you whilst peppering kissed on your cheek. The twinkling fairy lights around you cut off and you were shroud in darkness. They two of you could do nothing but laugh.

Greg delicately kissed your lips “A perfect Christmas indeed.”


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MERRY CHRISTMAS SIS !! you can do this prompt after Christmas duh and enjoy the day with your people. Could you write one from a Mitchell child’s POV that’s like “I saw mommy kissing Santa Claus”? Thanks, lots of love

Merry Pitchmas all!!

Sadie Mitchell scrambled quietly out of her little bed, her feet landing on the carpet with a little thud, and she shuffled over to her bedroom door, clinging to her little ‘blankie’ as she sucked her thumb sleepily.

The six year old paused at her bedroom door that was open a few inches and peered out of it, into the open plan apartment she knew as Home. Her bright blue eyes widened and she let out a small gasp.

In the lounge-area of the apartment she saw the familiar figure of her mother, with hair as red and full as hers. And stood before her, listening to her mumble affectionately, was Santa! Sadie began to get a little giddy with excitement, but that excitement soon disappeared when she watched her mother stand on the tiptoes of her bare feet, placing a hand on either side of Santa’s big belly, and giving him a long kiss on his lips..

-12 hour’s later-

“So Sadie’s pretty quiet today huh..” Aubrey mumbled to Chloe on her left as she began boiling some water for the vegetables.

The redhead let out a small sigh, peering over her shoulder and through the kitchen into the lounge area of her apartment. There, sat quietly by the Christmas tree while she watched Aubrey’s two young boys tear around after each other with loud laughs, was her daughter.

Sadie Mitchell was Chloe and Beca’s first born. Their pride and joy. And the six year old normally tore about after her little best friend’s when they were round. But today, for some reason, Sadie was far quieter than normal.

“I know..” Chloe said with a concerned sigh, “..she’s barely spoken to me all morning.”

Aubrey furrowed her brow as she took the lid off the pot over the stove, “That’s odd. Have you asked her what’s going on?”

“Yeah loads, but she just..shrugs..” Chloe said as she put some oven gloves on and pulled open the oven door.

“Hmm..ever her Mama’s daughter..” Aubrey said with a slight chuckle, noting the similarity between her young goddaughter and Chloe’s wife, Beca, “Want me to have a word with her?”

Chloe, satisfied that the Christmas turkey wasn’t burning, let out a small sigh as she closed the door, looking over at her daughter again. Sadie was only ever this quiet when she was poorly, but the little redhead was showing no signs of being ill. So Chloe bit her bottom lip thoughtfully. “Yeah if you could Bree?”

“Of course.” The blonde said with a sympathetic smile, bringing her hand to Chloe’s shoulder and giving it a reassuring squeeze, before making her way through to the lounge area.

“Boys go find your Mama please and tell her dinner is almost ready!” Aubrey said loudly and clearly to her twins who careered to a stop in front of her, slightly out of breath.

“She’s wrapping your present though Mommy” Freddie said with a shrug.

“Yeah,” Finley agreed with a nod, the five year old as equally out of breath as his twin brother, “She won’t let us in the room.”

“So keep knocking until she does.” Aubrey suggested, not surprised in the slightest that her wife was only just wrapping her Christmas present. Though to be fair, Aubrey had enjoyed what Stacie had organised for her last night..

The two boys grinned and rushed to the other end of the apartment to knock on the door of their Auntie Beca and Auntie Chloe’s bedroom until their Mama answered. Aubrey rolled her eyes then turned her attention back to her Goddaughter who was half-heartedly stroking the hair of her WonderWoman Barbie doll. The blonde walked up to her and sat on the carpet beside the six year old letting out a little sigh.

“What’s going on Dee-Dee?” Aubrey asked delicately, and her heart lurched as she watched the little girl shrug, “Is it a secret?” she tried and Sadie nodded sadly, “You can tell me you know? We’re best friends remember?” Aubrey said softly, smoothing her hand across the six year olds back. It was true, Sadie had been almost as close to her godmother as she was to her own mothers, something that Aubrey valued and adored, having always wanted a daughter but still perfectly happy with her two sons.

She watched as Sadie looked up at her with her big blue eyes, “Promise you won’t tell Mama?”

Aubrey furrowed her brow for a moment, wondering why Sadie had specifically identified Beca as being someone that this secret needed to be kept from, “Uh..I promise.” Aubrey said cautiously.

The six year old took a deep breath, then leant her face towards her godmother’s ear and whispered, “I saw Mommy kissing Santa Claus.”

It took all of Aubrey’s self control not to let out a light laugh. She knew Beca had dressed up as Santa last night, just to add to the magic of Christmas if Sadie had woken while she put out Christmas presents. Clearly the poor girl had caught her mothers kissing and had got confused. Kudos to Beca’s dressing up skills if she fooled her only daughter.

“Ah well..that’s the thing Sadie..we Mommy’s we..have..to give Santa a Christmas kiss..or..our children don’t get any presents.” Aubrey said cautiously, not overly sure if what she said was entirely appropriate.

And she looked down at her Goddaughter who had initially furrowed her brow, then shrugged, “Huh..that makes sense!” and a smile spread across the little girl’s face as she spied the twin’s finally winning their relentless knocking, her Auntie Stacie opening the bedroom door with a groan and a frustrated “Ugh I’m DONE!! God!”

The little redhead scrambled to her feet and dashed over to the boys, joining them as they ran into the bedroom with loud screams.

Aubrey let out a small chuckle, getting to her feet then returning to the kitchen. Beca was busily sat at the table, reading a music magazine, heavily pregnant while her wife bustled around her putting the final touches to the dinner. They were going to laugh when they heard what had really been on their daughter’s mind.

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MC bringing home RFA (and V &Saeran) S.O. to meet their family over the holidays?

Tis the season!! ⋆ᗰદ૨૨ʏ⋆ᐠ₍⁽˚⑅̆˚⁾₎ᐟ⋆ᘓમ૨ıડτന੨ડ⋆

~I’ll base some of the things on Christmas since it is the holiday I know the most about

◉ Yoosung 

  • Not nervous at all?
  • Just suuuper excited to meet them, honestly
  • The week before you guys left, he was dragging you through the mall asking a billion questions about what your family likes and what to buy each of them 
  • Took almost a whole day making sure he wrapped them beautifully and was so excited when everyone opened and loved their gifts 
  • Fits in like he’s known your family for years 
    • “You guys know you can’t trade me for Yoosung, right?” 
  • They urge you both to kiss underneath the mistletoe and then take pictures when you finally do
  • You both are blushing like crazy 
  • Yoosung always making sure to help with dishes and even gets up early to start breakfast for everyone 
  • (they’re so shocked and happy about that)
  • Your family is so sad when it’s time for you both to leave 

◉ Jumin 

  • Laughs when you ask if he is nervous 
    • “Should I be? I think I’m actually quite likable, wouldn’t you agree?”
  • He still makes sure you both are dressed in very nice clothes and he has expensive gifts from his company to give to everyone 
  • Can’t stop talking about how much he absolutely loves you??????
  • It’s honestly embarrassing but your family is eating it up because he is saying all these lovey-dovey things with the upmost seriousness 
  • She is LIVING for all of the attention she is getting 
  • Is already planning family trips around the world 
  • Tries to show your parents photos of your guys’ travels but they’re all terrible and blurry and your family just has to smile and nod 
  • Asking questions like crazyyy 
    • “What are these…socks, hanging here for? What is their purpose?”
    • “What is this eggnog? Quite the peculiar taste, but not disagreeable.”
    • “I don’t understand the origin of the tree, but Elizabeth 3rd seems to enjoy playing in it. We should get one for the penthouse.”
  • It actually became a new family game where everyone picks something and bets on whether Jumin will know what it is or not 
  • And Jumin loves the game so much 

◉ Zen 

  • He changes outfits like 17 times before he finds something he is comfortable wearing in front of your family 
  • Praying like hell they have never seen any of his stuff/don’t know who he is, he wants to meet your family as someone they don’t have preconceived notions about 
  • Holds your hand the whole trip there, for comfort 
  • When you arrive, he is the pinnacle of calm and polite (but you can tell he is nervous by the random, almost undetectable fidgeting he does)
  • Mostly he just tries to be himself, and your family adores him
  • He is taking photos with EVERYONE 
  • Christmas filters with antlers and santa hats and you all are laughing so hard 
  • King of playing charades when it’s family game time 
  • How many times can you hear the joke “What’s such a handsome man like that doing with someone like you??” they probably broke the record for it 
  • But Zen is at your side every time, explaining how HE is the lucky one 
  • And everyone just goes “Awwwwww” when he kisses the top of your head 
  • Everyone is blown away when he sings along to the holiday songs on the radio and even more blown away that he could play piano and lead everyone in the songs 
    • “You didn’t tell them we ride a motorcycle….right?”
    • “Zen, for the 100th time, no. They’d kill us both.

◉ Jaehee 

  • A bit nervous but for the most part, collected 
  • She’s planned the entire trip, packed the correct number and type of outfits for you both, looked at the weather forecast, and grabbed appropriate gifts for everybody 
  • Okay maybe she’s a bit more nervous than you thought because that’s when she starts planning like a crazy person
  • Your family loves her, she is so intelligent and can have a conversation with anyone on just about anything 
  • Offers to bake christmas cookies as a thank you and your family decides she is never allowed to leave because they are SO GOOD 
  • Shows your family self defense moves 
  • It’s such a relief that they can feel safe that you’re with someone so capable as her after seeing her throw your dad across the room LOL
  • Ends up baking all of the desserts for the entirety of your stay because everyone loves them so much 
  • You guys decorate ornaments together and get embarrassed when your family keeps making remarks on how cute you two are together 

◉ Saeyoung 

  • Says he is totally fine but on the inside he’s screaming
  •  He has NO CLUE how to act in family environments and he wants to make a good impression 
  • On top of the fact that he’s never been a fan of holidays 
  • Gets strangely reserved and you have to kinda pull him out of it 
  • When he first meets them he is so not like himself
  • Quiet, awkward
  • As time goes on he starts to warm up and get comfortable 
  • Gets really teary-eyed when he sees his name on presents under the tree and a stocking for him next to yours 
    • “They…did this for me?
    • “Well, of course! You’re family now,” you smile and grab his hand 
  • After that he starts to really dig the whole holiday tradition thing 
    • “I wonder if we can bake honey buddha chip cookies and dip them into PHD Pep-”
    • “Saeyoung NO”
  • Surprises everyone by dressing up as Santa and handing out the presents on Christmas Morning 

◉ V

  • All he wants is to meet your family, so he is thrilled when he finally gets the chance
  • Right away he thanks your family for raising such an amazing and beautiful person 
  • Captures everyones hearts with his flowery way of speaking and plethora of life experiences 
  • AND with how much he adores you 
  • So observant and attentive, he is grabbing things for your family members before they even ask or cleaning up before they can even notice 
  • No matter how much you try to stop it, this boy is getting every single story about you growing up and what you were like
  • Also asks to borrow photos and videos of you as a child so he can make copies because he loves you so much and he loves them so much  
  • You didn’t even know he snuck in gifts for everybody but he did and somehow they’re all perfect??? How??
  • Over Christmas dinner he brings out several bottles of champagne and offers a wonderful toast to your families hospitality and again thanks them for bringing the love of his life into this world 
  • He blends in so well 
  • And he wishes he could just sit there forever around all the people you hold closest to your heart, listening to them laugh and talk about old times 

◉ Saeran 

  • Much like Saeyoung, he is crazy nervous
  • But also crazy stubborn and doesn’t want it to show 
  • Puts on a Christmas sweater before you head over 
    • “I look stupid.”
    • “Nooo! You look so cute and handsome! They’re going to love it, and they’re going to love you.” 
  • When you first arrive he’s a lot like a lost puppy and he doesn’t quite understand what to do and how tradition works 
  • B-lines it to the sweets 
  • He is literally never without a cookie or candy cane in his hand
  • So much so that he becomes the honorary family taste-tester for the baked goods 
  • Will NOT share the bowl or spoon when he gets to lick them and only sticks his tongue at you when you call him rude 
    • “Honey, leave Saeran alone. Let him enjoy his treats, it’s Christmas!” 
    • Saeran:  ;P
  • Can’t decide if he likes eggnog but he hasn’t stopped drinking it since you got there so that must be a good sign 
  • Brought Poinsettias as a gift 
  • Your family kinda loves that he doesn’t really speak much 
  • Laughs at your old embarrassing photos and you have to smack his arm playfully 
    • “Tell me more about that time you peed your pants”
    • “Saeran I swear to god.”


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🎶 snow // zion. t (ft. lee moon se)

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i’m moving soon so i’m cleaning up my room today!! right now i’m just sorting through all my old notes and throwing whatever i don’t need anymore into the recycling bin so i have less stuff to move over :^)

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