The Perfect Christmas

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Request// Derek imagine where reader and him adopt Liam (kinda like Pack Mom) but he’s 17 and reader and Derek 2-3 kids of there own (like one named Laura) and either Christmas w/ the pack or movie night. Maybe just an average day w/ the Hales. Hope this helps!

The best feeling was having a house full of kids. Derek and I were so lucky. We were so blessed for our family. Derek and I met when we were 14. It all started from there. I helped him find control over his shift and by doing that I became his anchor. I was with him when the house fire happened. I never left his side. He lost his whole family except his two sisters and his uncle. But when his sister was killed everything went down hill again. But like usual Derek and I are strong and we always find a way to picked everything back up.

We always had the idea of having kids and starting our own family. And it all begin when we adopted Liam. He was staying with Derek and I an awful lot, as things weren’t too good at home, so we thought that it would be best to adopt him. So from there, our family kept growing. We know have 4 beautiful kids all together. Liam who is 15, Laura who is 5, Mia who is 3 and Noah who is 1. 

The best time of year was Christmas. It was time just for family and friends. But on the other hand, Derek and I had to buy a bunch of presents. The only ones we had to buy were Liam’s main present and Stiles present.The pack came round to look after the kids with Liam while Derek and I went out.

First stop was to get Liam’s present. An Xbox One. He had been wanting one for ages, and we knew he would love it. So we bought him that with two extra controllers, the Kinect and around 6 different games. After that, we were wondering around the shopping centre, hand in hand.

“Babe, what are we going to get Stiles?” Derek asked looking at me.

“Something to do with Star wars, That’s the answer to anything if it is to do with Stiles,” I told him. We both went into a shop and bought a range of different presents for him then we headed off home. The best feeling is when we stepped foot in the loft.

“MOMMY!! DADDY!!” All the younger kids cheered running up to us hugging us. Liam came walking over to us.

“Nope you stay there, don’t want you peeking into the bags,” I told him and Derek raced upstairs hiding the bags. 

The pack all said their goodbyes and merry Christmas and headed off back home, as it was Christmas eve. All the kids were excited for tomorrow. We all decided to make you gingerbread men to leave out for Santa. Even though it would probably end in a big mess, all that matters is that we could be having fun. 

When they had cooled down we decorated them. I helped Noah with his. When Derek helped the girls, and Liam. When I looked around the table, it was heart warming. The loft was filled with kids laughter, it was the best feeling ever. I was so lucky to be blessed with a perfect family ever. Once we all finished we went and sat in the living room just talking and playing old games.

As it was only 4 in the afternoon Derek and I remembered something we used to always do. Ice skating.

“Come on kids shoes and coats on were going ice skating” The loft was then filled with cheers. I helped Laura get her shoes and coat on while Liam helped Mia and Derek helped Noah then we were all in the car ready to go. 

When they were on the ice ring it was the best sight ever, Derek had hold of Mia in between his legs showing her how to do it, while Liam and Laura skated  together. Liam had hold of her hand and if she fell he would always pick her up and make sure she’s okay and help her get started again. 

I sat and watched as Noah was too young so we were drinking hot chocolate and playing with some of his toys we brought with us. Then he played on Derek’s phone. They all had hours of ice skating then went back home.

We decided that we should watch a few films before we all go bed, but before that we had to get baths then get snuggled up in new pyjamas. Liam went to get a shower when I bathed both of the girls when Derek bathed Noah.

When I was bathing the girls they were so excited

“Mommy, are we still leaving stuff out for Santa and the reindeer? “ Laura asked me 

“Like every year sweetheart,” I told her then I got them out of the bath, then dried them off and got them ready for bed and we met everyone in the living room.  And after Derek and I a shower the movies were about to start.

“So what film are we going to watch then?” Derek asked switching on the TV

“SANTA PAWS!” The girls shouted. It was theIR favourite Christmas movie, so we had to say yes. Derek put the film on then came and sat next to me with Noah lay on him, So I snuggled up to him and Liam cuddled up to me whilst the girls lay all the pillows on the floor lay next to each other.

The girls sang away to the songs and I had to capture the moment so I grabbed my phone and recorded them. It was so cute. After the song finished I put my phone away so they didn’t suspect anything.

“Wait till they are like 16” Derek laughed placing a kiss on my temple.

After another movie, it was time for bed. 

“Come on kids let’s go bed,” I told them all as Noah was already half asleep on Derek. 

“But mommy what about Santa’s treats?” Laura asked. How could we forget about that? We all went to the kitchen and got a glass of milk, A carrot and on of the gingerbread men we made and we left it near the fireplace. We all went into the girls room to read a Christmas. When we finished the girls were already falling sleep, so we tucked them into bed and switched on their night light and shut the door to. I placed a kiss on Noah’s head, so Derek went to put him to bed. I went with Lia as he got in bed. I kissed the top of his head.

“Goodnight sweetie,” I told him.

“Goodnight mom” I shut the door and went to get in bed and see if Santa comes.

The Next Morning//

We were woken up by being jumped on and yelled at. 

“Mommy!! Daddy!! Wake up!! It’s Christmas!!” The girls shouted waking us up. When I checked my phone it was 6:30 in the morning. 

“Girls it’s 6:30″ I told them then Liam came in with Noah wide awake in his hands.

“They have been awake since 5, I told them to stay in my room, and let you two sleep,” Liam told us. I pulled Liam onto the bed and gave him a big hug. 

“Come on then let’s go and see if Santa has been” The girls grabbed our hands and we went to the living room. When we opened the door the room was full of presents. The gingerbread man, milk and carrot were gone and replaced with gold glitter to show that they hand been.

Each of the kids started opening their presents. Mia opened one and hugged it too tight. It was a pink and purple bike. Derek wanted to teach her how to ride it. Laura got a big doll house and an American girl doll. Noah got a wooden train set, what Derek and Liam could help him with. I then turned to Liam how was about to open his. When he ripped off the wrapping paper, He looked up with a few tears in his eyes.

“Are you serious?” Liam asked and Derek and I laughed.

“Yes sweetie, ” I told him and he got up and gave Derek and I a big hug. 

“Thank You! Thank you! Thank you” She kept repeating. In the middle of the hu, the rest of the kids joined.

A Christmas family hug.


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