Kissing Style

Aries: Your kisses are quick and passionate

Taurus: Your kisses are deliberate, heartfelt

Gemini: Your kisses are interrupted by giggles, smiles

Cancer: Your kisses are warm and tender

Leo: Your kisses are wild and uninhibited

Virgo: Your kisses are so subtle and tidy

Libra: You kiss with an ardent passion

Scorpio: Your kisses are passionate

Sagittarius: Your kisses are surprising, spontaneous

Capricorn: Your kisses are intense with sublime pleasure 

Aquarius: No one can French kiss like you!

 Pisces: Your kisses are starry-eyed, amorous and long-lasting

anonymous asked:

my first kiss with him was during rehearsal for the school play. we were flirting and flirting and eventually he just said "pick a place" so we both went into the costume closet and he kissed me, still wearing his mechanic costume. i miss him so much and i'd give anything to kiss him again.

That sounds like a very sweet and romantic passionate kiss!


Taken |5

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Both your lips fitted together perfectly like a puzzle. You wrapped your arms around Nate’s neck straddling him as your tongues explored the new unfamiliar surroundings. His kisses like ecstasy, you never wanted to leave his lips. You could feel passion burning in the kiss. You felt an ounce of guilt rush through your body making you you pull away, resting your forehead on Nate’s leaving him confused.

“What about Gracie?”

“She doesn’t need to know” He whispers. You could feel his hot breathe on your skin, you tilted your head reconnecting your lips. You knew this was wrong, but all you could only think about his drug like lips and how much you craved his touch. His fingers making patterns along your back. Both of your shirts thrown half way across the room. 

“Nate, I feel bad” You lower your head feeling ashamed of how far this has gone already

“Then let me make you feel good”

A/N- I was listening to Robyn and this came to mind, having a bit of writers block so if this isn’t great I’m sorry:( How about part 6? 

Dallas Daddy Kink Smut

Dallas was at home when you walked in tossing your back on the floor, going and taking a seat on his lap. “Hi.” You giggled a bit. Right away he knew what you wanted, he pulled you in to a hot, passionate kiss. “Daddy.” You laughed and broke the kiss long enough so you could straddle his lap.

He rubbed your side as you grind into him. “Does Daddy need to teach you a lesson?” He smirked.

“Yes.” You mumbled quietly.

Instantly he smacked your ass, “What do you call me?”

“Yes Daddy, Sorry, I need to be taught my lesson.” You looked up at him.

He pulled your shirt off and suck down your neck. “Oh Daddy.” You moan. He pulls off his shirt as you rubbed your hands on his chest. Slowly you started to work on his jeans as he removed your bra and sucked on your breast, soft moans slipping out of your lips.

His hands were undoing your jeans and pushing them down. His hand slipped between your legs and rubbed you, a little gasps and jump before you push into his hand. He flips you over and finishes removing his jeans, you watch him glancing at his hard on in his boxers.

“Daddy, I want you.” You beg watching him.

“Wait babygirl.” He smirked and kissed you lightly, you pull his boxers down and take him in your hands and slowly rubbed him. He groans, as he grabs a condom then slides it on. He pulls your underwear down and moved between your legs.

“Ready for daddy?” He smirked watching you eagerly spreading your legs wider for him.

“Yes Daddy.”  You watched him ram into you, moans leaving your lips. “Daddy… Daddy….Daddy.” Your moans turned to screams as he went as fast as he could thrusting into you. You rocked your hips with him to get as much as you could.

Your walls started to tighten around him, with one more thrust you shook with your orgasm, he kept going until he came too. He laid down beside, “Thank you Daddy, you taught me well.” You smiled and curled up to him.  

Again, this is a mess. I’m sorry

glare-the-fox asked:

[Aria] "Hey, Blair! Guess who's not wearing any underwear under their skirt!" the feline exclaimed, hugging her leg.

Blair grinned as she managed to get her off her leg and she pushed her against the wall, “Oh naughty kitty~” she cooed as she slid a hand under Aria’s skirt and she felt just how aroused Aria was from not wearing anything underneath, but Blair also locked Aria in a long passionate kiss that also lead to Blair’s tongue fighting Aria’s tongue inside Aria’s mouth.