I love any and all Captain Swan kisses because they’re Captain Swan kisses and those are just beautiful but I still don’t think any kiss has managed to top the kiss in 3.22. 

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Aged 14: Oh my gosh I had a dream about me and this boy in my class hanging out and having dinner together!! I'm so straight!! It must be a sign that I'm in love with him!! But that dream I had about passionately kissing a girl who's my friend doesn't mean anything right... ha ha girl crushes... we all get them right...

  • me:thinks about Jasper and Eye meeting, getting to know eachother on a personal level, overcoming their pasts together, confiding in the other and learning how they’re the only ones who truly understand eachother, becoming best friends, Eye finishing Jasper’s sentences, celebratory high fives when they’re roasting people, stumbling over their words when they start crushing on eachother, neither of them able to comprehend the romantic feelings that are sprouting forth and silently hoping that the other will make the first move
  • me:nice
  • me:thinks about Jasper and Eye kissing passionately
  • me:N I C E
Making out with Peter Parker would include

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  • Him being extremely tender
  • Slow, sweet passionate kisses
  • Eskimo kisses
  • The kiss getting more passionate
  • His hands sliding down your waist
  • You tentatively moving his hands to your butt
  • Him blushing
  • Intense passionate kisses
  • You pinning him to his bed
  • Kissing him everywhere
  • Him humming as your lips kiss the tender spot on his neck
  • His hands firmly gripping your hips
  • Moaning onto his lips
  • Him flipping you over so he’s on top of you
  • Him pulling your shirt off
  • You pulling off his shirt
  • Kissing your neck and chest
  • Leaving hickies over your neck and chest
  • “God, you’re so beautiful”
  • Moaning lightly
  • His hands trailing down your stomach to your pants
  • Him stopping and turning a bright red
  • “Go on, Pete”
  • “You sure you want this?”
  • “God yes”
  • Slwoly unbuttoning your pants
  • Kissing you hard
  • A slamming door stops the two of you and you spring apart
  • “Peter, I’m home!”
  • “Goddammit Aunt May”
  • Giggling and burying your face in his neck