The Signs As Things Kids Say

((These are just things I see/hear the kids on my say and do. They’re such dorks))

Aries: “How do I punch someone without hurting my fist?”

Taurus: “What the heck is wrong with you, Pokemon? Get the heck back in your ball!”

Gemini: “Ramen noodles sounds like Roman numerals.”

Cancer: “trying makes me sad”

Leo: Draws minions on the window condensation and is proud of it

Virgo: “Eating on the bus is against the rules!”

Libra: “He loves you! He wants a kiss!”

Scorpio: “Bye little kids!” (Only one year older)

Sagittarius: “Rules are dumb, I’m hungry.”

Capricorn: “Whats 7x8? If you don’t tell me you don’t know!”

Aquarius: “Hell.”

Pisces: “He said the ‘H’ word!”