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jonghyun: i don’t know which year i’ll get married in, but if i were to get married, i think the spring season would be good. (after a long silence) i felt pity for myself just then. (laughs) i don’t know when i’ll get married or who i’ll get married with, and i don’t even know whether i’ll even get married. i felt foolish for myself saying: “i’ll do it in the spring.” (laughs)


Nicolas Martin (French, b. 1980, France, based Montreal, Canada) - 1: The Yellow Window, 2014  2: The Block, 2015  3: Bay Window, 2014  4: Free Birds, 2014  5: Night House, 2015  6: Haven, 2013  7: La Petite Bretonne, 2014  Paintings: Oil on Linen/Canvas