“You’re never the same, even moment to moment you’re allowed and expected to invent who you are.”
-Rose Quartz

🎨Credit: annaxiin


now is the start: listen here. 

“they were loud and triumphant and the kings of Henrietta, because they’d found the ley line and because it was starting, it was starting.”

a trc fanmix for afternoons in the forest and the field, or driving through the mountains with the windows down. reckless laughter spills from heedless mouths, with a joy so large it feels like magic. or: a mix for henrietta in the daytime. 

art from the denial stream - thank you to @arodote, @owlsshadows, @deathmetalsheep, @spaderace, and anyone else who stopped by!! We get to see our son grow up big and strong and happy and healthy and everything is fine

at least I got to try out this transparent effect thing - its pretty mundane in my hand but at least I got to do it

until next stream ;)