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Honestly, Wiccan is more then just a “superhero” to me. It might seem a little silly because its “just a comic book”, but seeing him overcome so much and to keep moving forward means a lot to me. I see myself A LOT in Wiccan, and having a hero that you can look up to like that and who is just inspiring over all is incredible. 

I have anxiety that keeps me in the house most days. I have those bad thoughts. Some days I don’t think I’ll make it to tomorrow. I’ve almost made some bad decisions… but seeing Wiccan push through all that, and fight gives me hope that I can do it too.

Ok but, Hannigram au where a starship is sent to transport the criminal Hannibal Lecter to a detainment facility and Will Graham is the councilor on that ship (since he is an empath I mean he is basically Diana Troy) and Will is sent to psychologically asses Hannibal before the ship reaches the detainment planet so that Hannibal’s rehabilitation can begin, but Will slowly grows attached to Hannibal and he knows that the detainment planet has strayed from it’s original objective to rehabilitate offenders and has started experimenting on them so Will has to decide whether he should give Hannibal up or if he should whisk him off the ship and make a be-line for the neutral zone where the star ship can’t follow them. 

studyesh asked:

Hey! I'm new to the studyblr community and would love to find more blogs to follow (your blog really helped me pull myself together for my senior year btw <3 ) could you suggest any?

hi there & thank you so much omg (too kind, im so flattered) !!

my all-time favourites would have to be (& in no particular order) ;  1080pxs // areistotle // brbimstudying // bstudies// clockworkbibliophile // cmpsbls // educaticn // elkstudies // eorums //  etudiance // etudiantt // gelsomini // gracelearns // gryhffindors // hermionegoals //hideandstudy // ibhoe // learnal // learnign // localstudyblr // nehrdist // ourstudyworld // papercutpages // phestudies // pollyandbooks // raavenclaw // saturdaystudying // study-nsp // studeying // studiyng // studyang // studybuzz //studyeu // studyign // studylove // studyplants // studysthetics // stvdyghost // tbhstudying // theorganisedstudent 

im probably missing so many more but you can also check out my blogroll and use the #studyblr and #studyspo tags to find more  ~  welcome to the community! ♡


I’ve been wanting to create this studyblr for quite a while, since I’ve discovered that the best way of keeping myself motivated is by recording my tiny achievements, reward myself for them and challenge myself in tiny but meaningful ways.

So, this morning, I’ve finally decided to work on it and here it is! But first, i think i should introduce myself. 

My name is Márcia and I’m a portuguese student. I’m on my last hear of high school and I’m planning to apply myself in computer engineering at the university. 

I hope to write about my tiny achievements and challenges every week and i also want to motivate the people of this community as much as they’ve been motivating me recently. 

And if we can be friends I would be really grateful! Just let me know you alive but reblogging this post, liking it or simply by sending me a message. I would be really happy to hear from you!