the mike wazowski BOY HE BOUT TO DO IT!!!!!!! reaction pic is the new official image of the bernie sanders campaign. it’s the new barack obama Hope poster

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Okay, I can understand not liking the poster, but I don't think leaving Finn or any of the other characters out was a race thing. To me it just looked like they're taking the three characters likely most important to the narrative, the hero, the mentor and the villain, and doing something symbolic with Luke representing the light side, Kylo representing the dark, and Rei doing Luke's iconic pose from the original poster. I don't think the designers were purposely doing anything offensive there.

I’ll answer with all the movie posters who all feature more characters, and which all of them have the same aesthetic except for the last one.

A New Hope poster:

Ft: Luke, Leia (wtf w that dress), Vader and the droids. Counting them, 5 characters. No mentor. Two of the 3 heroes and the villain. I’d say it’s more or less understandable since you could say that Obi Wan had a larger role in this movie than Han did (even if neither of them are in it), but i don’t know let’s make shit up and say the trio was not stablished yet. Was 3PO that important, too?

Empire Strikes Back:

Let’s see… Luke, Han, Leia (3/3), the droids again, Chewbacca and Vader. No mentor. Chewie wasn’t exactle crucial to the narrative.

Return of the Jedi: 

Like, all of them. Leia, Lando, Han, Luke, Vader, Jabba, etc etc. (but again no mentor). Another gross ass sexualised Leia is the only bad thing about the poster. All characters, 3 main + other important ones, are featured

The Panthom Menace:

Ani, Obi-Wan, Qui-Gon, Padmé, Jar Jar Binks, the droids, Dart Maul. 7 characters total, 3/3 of the main trio, and yes, the mentor’s there. More than just the ~crucial~ characters. Qui Gon was as important as Obi Wan in Ep. IV so you could say that he didn’t need to be in the poster, since Obi Wan wasn’t

Attack of the Clones: 

Anakin, Padmé, Yoda, Jango Fett, Mace, the droids, Obi Wan. No villain (unless you count the army, but I think they are mostly clones and up to that point not evil). Was Jango Fett //that// important, to be front center?

Revenge of the Sith: 

Again, everyone. Anakin is there like 3 times. Was /that/ needed?

The Force Awakens: 

Oh my, look at this pretty 2015 poster! Rey, Finn, Kyle, Han, Leia, Chewie, Maz Kanata, C3PO, R2D2, Poe, Phasma, stormtroopers, the falcon! So much space for so many characters! There was no mentor in this movie (unless you count Han, kind of, but that wasn’t his main role). Phasma is irrelevant, Leia doesn’t have /that/  much screentime or plot importance, R2 and 3PO are .2 seconds on screen.

The Last Jedi: 

This ugly thing with no Finn and no Poe and no Rose and Kyle’s ugly head there where Finn’s head should be. 

So. Now that we got this out of the way, my interpretation: for some reason, this is the ONLY poster in ALL of the main trilogies that doesn’t feature at least 2/3 of the main trio. the only other one in which there is a “mentor” figure is The Phantom  Menace, it completely differs from the aesthetic of the other posters, the villain is Always featured on the back, behind the heroes, not parallel to them, if Luke’s role will be similar to that of Obi Wan in A New Hope then him being in the poster is as necessary as Obi Wan in the other (and he’s not there). It’s the only one with only 3 characters in it, too. 

The other posters weren’t exactly diverse with their characters (but then, the movies weren’t so diverse either). Episodes VI, III and VII are the only ones who feature at least one character of color. 

And do you honestly think that it’s SUCH A HAPPY COINCIDENCE that when the main trio is 2/3 made of PoC it’s just THAT ONE MOVIE in which they are NOT featured on the poster and the white chick is? And, like, this is the only poster featuring only 3 characters. The others have at least 5. 

Are you truly impllying that Finn is NOT RELEVANT ENOUGH TO BE IN THE POSTER? Like, look at the others and tell me that Phasma, for example, deserved to be in the TFA poster more than Finn does in this one (Even if we haven’t seen ep VIII yet). Tell me that the implication that he’s not as important is not enough to enrage his fans. 

Tell me that it’s not a race thing uwu when the villain is never as prominent as he’s now, that The Mentor™ (unless it’s in the prequels where he’s part of the main trio), is there now but not in other movies. JFC it doesn’t even make THAT much sense from a White Feminist POV because Rey is Smaller than Kyle and Luke! And why is this the only movie where there’s only 1/3 of the trio in it!??? When it’s the first trio with 2/3 poc! The only part of the trio that’s there is the white girl!

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I can’t believe I have to explain this but since I’ve seen 2 posts trying to compare the Last Jedi teaser poster to the theatrical posters of all the others I guess I do. The top row are the teaser posters. They are released far in advance of actual release and often tease the major conflict or theme of the film. This is especially true for the Phantom Menace (teases the beginnings of Vader), Attack of the Clones (the love story), and Return of the Jedi (Luke’s rise to be the first new Jedi). The Last Jedi’s first poster seems to be going that direction as well, including the familial conflict, Rey’s training under Luke, and this “balance” mentioned in the trailer. The whole cast is never on the teaser poster (that TFA poster is an outlier for the number of characters usually on a teaser). The theatrical posters are released just a couple months before the film releases and tend to have all the major players featured (with the exception of this version of the New Hope poster which has very few characters). It’s busy, it’s exciting, it shows everyone who’s anyone in the movie. It’s about the universe as a whole rather than the central conflict. That’s the poster that will be everywhere when the film releases, not the teaser. This seems to be the poster everyone (read as “some Tumblr users”) wanted at Celebration. This poster is still coming, probably in October. To compare the current Last Jedi posters to the theatrical ones from previous movies doesn’t work and is a flawed comparison, because they aren’t the same thing. Now if only those 3 are on the theatrical poster, go burn down LucasFilm I don’t care. But in the mean time remember, this poster wasn’t supposed to show you everybody. Its purpose is a first taste and to put all the new characters, and show the other more secretive story line would give the game away too soon. So please fandom, for the love of everything, calm down and think.

Maybe it’s a little dismissive of me, and while I agree Finn has been giving short-shrift all over, I’m not overly sure it’s an actual issue that Finn isn’t on the teaser poster? It’s not the final poster. It’s not as if they put every character on the poster and excluded Finn. And it’s a clear callback to the A New Hope poster, which features Leia, Luke, and Darth Vader. The ANH poster featured just the Skywalkers, rather than every character in the film.

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The poster shown at Celebration was, as stated by Rian Johnson, a teaser poster. One, that is not at all what the final theatrical poster will look like, and two, it isn't fair to compare it to the past posters because those were the official theatrical posters. Phantom's and Revenge's only had Anakin, Attack's had Anakin and Padme, Force Awakens had Finn, Rey and Han, and the originals didn't even have any of the characters on their teaser posters.

Fine, say it doesn’t, that ugly poster with all the flaws I pointed out is still there on the sw webpage “representing” the last jedi, and for that the comparison -whether it’s the theatrical poster or just a teaser one- stands. That’s who they chose to be in the teaser, and how they chose to present it, and how they made it a parallel to Luke in the A New Hope poster, and why Kyle is there, etc. So, even if this is a teaser, it’s still bad. 

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