the punchline is that i still haven’t figured out how to draw allura


Did you remember the big announcement of Minekura?
Well, it was anticipated!

Here (Minekura’s twitter) is the big news:

-On 7 and 8 January 2017 there will be a “Saiyuki Festival 2017” at the event hall of the Makuhari Messe in Chiba. During this event will be an exhibition with the original drawings of the manga.

A New God


Rumors had been flying for half the night, the angels go crazy. There was talk of Michael being back, Lucifer being out of his cage and Gabriel coming home in a big big way. It had taken Abel less than an hour with his contacts in both Heaven and Hell to sort through the rumors. Gabriel had officially stepped up at the big cheese and pulled his brothers from the cage, human of course. He couldn’t imagine the fit Lucifer and Michael would have at being human and he wondered how they were faring.

He had planned of course to haul ass to Earth and see his best friend when he had been stopped by Castiel, demanding he tell him what was going on. There had been some talk of a plan that he had to fix Heaven and win the war against Raphael, of course at the mere mention of the archangel, he had showed up on a storm cloud to question him as well. After two hours of listening to the two angels both wine and moan about how Gabriel had foiled their plans he had been taken hostage, yes hostage. It was the only word to cover the angel knapping that was taking process. He was actually sure it was a good idea in all honesty not that he was telling either of them that but he was almost sure that hold him in front of him may just stop Gabe from smiting them on spot when they got to annoying, which they would.

Following Raphael into the house he made his way to the kitchen pulling out the stuff for breakfast. It was one of his favorite things to do with Gabriel, human food and drink and fun and seeing as he had a house full of humans the bickering angel’s were about to wake up he might as well get the food started. Putting the sausage and bacon in a pan he put it in the oven before turning around to see Gabe. “I’m sorry Gabe I couldn’t keep them from coming.” He apologized with a small shrug.

Raphael turned away from Castiel when he felt his brother behind him. “Gabriel what have you done?” He asked, he knew perfectly well what his brother had done but still he asked, he needed to know why, he couldn’t have thought this would solve anything, hadn’t they talked about this. Gabriel was making even more of a rash decision than Castiel had in siding with that demon.