Alright so it has been said before but it needs to be said again. INQUIRE MISSING AND MURDERED INDIGENOUS WOMEN. This is not just a problem that we can solve with people from our own communities because nobody is listening to us!

This is such a huge problem because 1 in 3 native women will face sexual assault. Native American, First Nations and Alaskan Natives are sexually abused at a 3.5 higher rate than non-Natives. Studies suggest that not only is it more frequent but it is often particularly brutal. Of these sexual assaults at least 86% of them are committed by non-Natives. 1,017 Native women and girls have been reported murdered between 1980-2012, which is 4.5 times higher than non-Native women in Canada. This number is still much higher because this has been happening since Europeans first invaded our lands and it does not take in to count the women and girls who are still missing. Many of the cases for these women are unsolved and too many families are turned away. For too many of the families of missing Native women there is no investigation, no body, and no closure so there is no healing process.

There is no way for us to bring back the lives of the many women we have already lost but we can still honour and remember them. On September 30th it is Orange Shirt Day (this is a real thing you can google it). You can show your support by wearing any orange shirt and sharing this information with everyone you know. You could also upload a picture onto social media wearing the shirt with a message to all Native women. That would mean a lot. You do not have to wait to this day to show your support through social media and this is not just exclusive to Native people. Non-Natives are more than welcome to participate in Orange Shirt Day.

This is something that is so personal for all Native women. There are so many women who are gone already but nobody showed any interest in them. We don’t even know the names of these women and to think that it could be you is heartbreaking. Seeing how little the lives of the women who are already gone don’t matter to so many, you can’t help but feel that they don’t care about you either. This is why it is so important to support and care about MMIW because there are so many more of us out there who do not feel protected or loved because nobody cares for our sisters who were taken away too early. And there are too many families who will not have closure because the police did not find it important enough to investigate. Please, we need more support.

I am only a 15 year old Mohawk girl. I am not an official social rights activist, nor am I near that level, so if I have used wrong terminology or am misinformed I apologize. Also if the wording is bad I am sorry. I am still learning so please do not criticize me too much. (Plus this was written on mobile)


Guys this is me playing with my old band back in 2011 in Claremont. I’ve always liked this song and this video. I had my “long” hair. It brings me back.


(Gift Post) SUPER JUNIOR SNS Updates | 20150826~20

@donghae861015: In the midst of a date with Siwonnie. Japan’s street at night is pretty :) see you two years later Japan ^^ Good night(T)

siwon1987: Having a good time with good person. Walking street in Tokyo.

@AllRiseSilver: Aaaaah deliciousssss What? Tomorrow is a-nation?? I should sleep #Goodnight (transedby:reneeei)

@siwon407: These 3 guys…

@donghae861015: we’re friend :) Good Night Tokyo ^^

siwon1987: Dear my friends in Japan! I really appreciate that I could go back to Seoul with all of your warm heart and unforgettable memories. Thanks again, and I hope to see you in very soon! Love you all.

kimheenimupdates[Trans] 150829 Hee’s comment on Siwon’s ig: Take care and come back well…. 😢😢😢😢 (trans: hyukballs)

kimheenim: A-NATION #SuperJunior #huddledtogether #harmonious #charming #mischievous #boisterous #hysterical #naughtyboys

kimheenim: Came to Tokyo to eat ramen noodles
but there is also a-nation😃😃😃😃 #YourHeechulIsSmilingBrightly

kimheenim: Ramen is fake 🙊🙊🙊🙊 Whether it’s to eat, or to take a picture😐😐😐😐 What, isn’t SNS to show everything?😀😀😀😀 #Ieatsomethinglikethis#Icamelikethis#Ihavealotofclosefriends#Ihavealotofmoneylikethis#Iamthebest#ButsometimesImlonely#Iwanttobecomforted#Butdontdoitthroughtextmessage#Comfortmethroughcomments#Sothatotherpeoplecansee

kimheenim: a-nation ended without incident, let’s go eat ramen!!😀😀😀😀 #YourHeechulIsSmilingBrightly (T)

@shfly3424: Arrived at Tokyo !! Happy ~~ ☔️ #Tokyo #YeWook

@shfly3424: Finally going to Tokyo now .. 🎐   (T)

@shfly3424: Rooftop .. 🌕 #Rooftop #MoonlitNight (T)

@shfly3424: A-nation ~ ☔️ ELF Japan, I’m thankful and thank you 🌠 #Anation #ELF #Superjunior (T)

@donghae861015: Kingkirikingking , Masisisisisi ^^
@donghae861015: When you’re hungry, as expected it’s chicken breast !! Meat !!

@shfly3424: Taking a walk ~ 🍀🍁 (T)

@AllRiseSilver: Adidas’ new soccer shoes that rules the ground, (this is) ACE (stuff) !!!! The one who rules the dormitory’s living room floor, Eunhyuk !!!!
#ace #GroundMasted #EverythingIsChanging (T)

leedonghae: Sun (aka daytime) is getting shorter, the wind is cooling… Autumn has came ^^ (T)

eunhyukee44: I can still remember our first meeting with Japanese Fans in Budokan on 2008.7.9. Since then, the time we’ve spent with tours and meeting you has been 7 years with everyone. Now i’m saying goodbye for a short while, i was really happy for the last stage in Japan, we were able to do it in such a big & cool stage. We weren’t able 2 promote as much as everybody wanted & although our clumsy skills at the Japanese language don’t always make it easy to convey our hearts 2 you, we have been able to grow because of our fans who always look at us warmly, cheer us on & giveing us so much love. Once again, i really wanna thank you. Even if you can’t see me for the time being, please always think of me where you are, stay healthy and with a bright appearance, please wait for me. Thank you. I love you E.L.F JAPAN.  i love you (T)