No words can describe how incredible it is to experience camping in Yosemite National Park. Sleeping under the stars and waking up to towering granite walls and tremendous raging waterfalls is something so beautiful and spectacular within itself. I can’t wait to camp here again soon.

By: Corbin Callaway


We’re thrilled to announce the return of The National!!

New album ‘Sleep Well Beast’ is released 8th September, and you can hear the first single now.

Produce 101 team justice league #rant

No offense team ss1 is good too but god tell me why Daniel got the lowest score of em all I seriously dont get why!! My boy deserves better and thanks mnet for portraiting him as jihoon’s rival in the teaser but gave him such pathetic amount of airtime during the real show.

For God’s sake mnet and all korean national producer nim don’t sleep on talent pls

Some post war atla headcanons because I’m a slut for this show:

  • anytime katara makes sea prunes, only sokka and zuko eat them… sokka because he likes them and zuko because he’s maybe a teeny-weeny bit afraid of what would happen if he didn’t
  • when the gaang comes to visit the fire nation, zuko insists they sleep outside in the gardens by a fire so that it feels like old times 
  • zuko never paid attention in his science classes and knows very little about how volcanoes, the main geographical formation of his country, actually work
  • but zuko loved arithmetic and history and often gets into it with sokka over who knows the most facts
  • these arguments generally dissolve into some kind of showing of brute strength, after which, katara is called upon to heal bruised tail bones and damaged egos
  • zuko’s temper never really cools, no matter how many times he says he’s chill
  • katara often tells him to go jump in a river when he gets too heated
  • suki and zuko have competitions in stealth and agility. zuko teaches her how to use dao swords and suki teaches him about fans
  • but the fact remains that zuko burned down suki’s village and because of this, he’s never allowed to win any of their contests
  • sokka threatens him with space sword if he tries to win
  • zuko did, however, visit kyoshi again and commissioned a new, bigger statue of avatar kyoshi to be built. he also tried to ride the unagi with aang was subsequently tossed around (katara had to heal his bruised tail bone and damaged ego, per usual)
  • suki begrudgingly admitted that this kinda, sorta made up for his rampage all those year ago
  • the longer zuko’s hair gets, the more everyone realizes that his hair is a little wavy
  • zuko is very irritated by this fact but katara insists that he’s lovely and also insists on braiding flowers into it
  • toph lived in the palace with zuko for several years and declared herself honorary fire lady for putting up with his shit
  • zuko got her an honorary fire lady crown for her thirteenth birthday because he’s a dork like that
  • toph, katara, and suki often go to the spa together. toph tries to act like she hates it, but everyone knows the truth
  • upon his first visit to the fire nation palace, sokka orchestrated the complete renovation of the entire thing, claiming zuko needed more light/windows/paintings and less ozai ooginess
  • zuko has special smiles reserved for all his friends - the soft, sensitive smile for toph, the oaf grin for sokka, the lopsided, rubbing the back of his neck, blushing smile for katara, the cocky smirk for suki, and the unsuspecting little smile for aang
  • on the unsuspecting smile for aang… these two are besties but like zuko doesn’t realize how much aang actually likes/looks up to him. aang often says things or makes these sly compliments about how smart/great/cool zuko is and it’s not until five minutes later that zuko realizes what aang said 
  • aang and zuko are both ladies’ men. aang basks in it but zuko is oblivious. sokka is jealous but also not jealous because he has suki
  • aang often makes little fire dragons and dances them around zuko’s head for entertainment during important meetings
  • katara often douses zuko’s councilmen with tea in said important meetings because she finds them infuriating. zuko loves this about her
  • katara let it slip that she loves pink peonies and zuko immediately planted them all over the palace grounds despite his groundskeeper’s claim that pink was not fire lord-y
  • zuko actually looks good in the color blue
  • if and when zuko manages to sneak up on katara from behind, his go to catch phrase is i’ll save you from the pirates
  • suki thinks this is some kind of dirty joke while the rest of the group just doesn’t get it. zuko and katara smirk because it is a dirty joke

ok… those last few turned into zutara headcanons but bye. 

The National Announce New Album, 'Sleep Well Beast'
Hear "The System Only Dreams in Total Darkness," the thrilling first single to The National's forthcoming album.

Boxer, the album that many still consider The National’s finest work, turns 10 in less than a fortnight. Ever since that album’s release, the Cincinnati-bred five-piece has been saying that its next record would channel the cataclysmic energy of its live shows — but at some point during the recording sessions for 2010’s orchestral High Violet and 2013’s simmering Trouble Will Find Me, the band’s elegant instincts have seemingly gotten the better of its feral intentions. Mighty as those songs can sound live, it’s with “The System Only Dreams In Darkness” (the first single from the band’s seventh album, Sleep Well Beast) that The National has come through on its promise.

For frontman Matt Berninger, “System” is a prison — a seemingly bulletproof relationship that springs a leak when its other half seeks comfort beyond its insular confines. Maybe that’s from someone else; maybe, more worryingly, it’s from God. “You said we’d only die of lonely secrets,” he creaks, sounding disappointed that such a bleak fate (and classic Berninger turn of phrase) hasn’t come to pass.

But for the rest of the band, it’s a race toward freedom. Produced by Aaron Dessner (and recorded at his new Long Pond studio in Hudson, N.Y.), “System” has a sound that’s sharper than on The National’s past two albums — more propulsive than dense — and it gleams and shudders with nervous bravado. With processed women’s voices calling throughout the mix, there’s even something of Kate Bush’s “Running Up That Hill” in its thrilling ascent.

Most strikingly of all, Bryce Dessner’s fractured guitar motif boils over into the first bona fide solo of The National’s 18-year career — a freewheeling groove that may owe some to the band’s ongoing Grateful Dead collaborations and that manifests the looser side that it’s grown steadily more comfortable revealing. The National is no longer a Brooklyn band; its members now live on both coasts and in Europe. But the vigorous “System” betrays no disconnect — and may be its most direct single since “Mistaken For Strangers.” When Berninger roars, “I can’t explain it any other, any other way,” at the song’s brassy climax, it’s easy to imagine him referring to the strange and brilliant alchemy that’s sustained the band over the past decade.