Guys this is me playing with my old band back in 2011 in Claremont. I’ve always liked this song and this video. I had my “long” hair. It brings me back.

Today has kind of sucked. I’m feeling lonely, bored, and unmotivated with no real justification. Every once in a while a day like this comes along - where everyone else has plans and I’m left to my own devices. It’s not always a bad thing and I certainly can keep myself busy, but it makes me restless.

I just keep telling myself that two weeks from now, I’ll be in the middle of Lake Michigan with no cell service, running water, or electricity, just the beach, bright stars, and my love by my side. It’ll be here before I know it (especially with school starting Wednesday).


Which Classic TV Writer Am I? Vol. 1

So you wanna know which scribe of cult telly best fits your soul like a fingerless glove? ROLL ON UP FRIENDS.

1. Denny Spoons
*The man, the myth, the legend
*Great at making friends
*Probably very cuddly (citation needed)
*Main interests - spies and puppets
*Really wants to make it in America
*No, but really badly
*Gotta love those puppets

2. Uncle Brian
*Loves the ladies
*But not that much, honestly, pipe down
*Possible super-villain
*I mean did you look at the beard?
*May take your lunch
*Puts his name on everything
*Leather fetishist for Sure
*Please chill, take a day off

3. John Lucawritey
*Such a slut for history
*Mild mannered bank clerk by day
*Mild mannered bank clerk by night
*Was too Canadian to be from Canadia
*Pretty sure they sent him home
*Likes log fires and historically accurate fanfic

4. Old Tel
*Should have been a movie star, look at that face
*A little too interested in facism
*No Happy Endings
*America, pfft, whatever
*This script needs somebody called Tarrant
*Hello leather fetish, my old friend
*Somehow a successful comedy writer?!

5. The Marshall
*Too good, too pure
*Just wants to get on with his work
*Why eat steak when there’s hamburgers at home
*Part trenchcoat
*Will write for days, please remind to eat
*Secret wicked sense of humour
*Please be gentle with The Marshall

6. The Brothers Kennedy-Martinov
*Never posed for a goddamn picture together
*All about that police procedural
*Played cops and more cops as kids
*Somehow not cockney
*That is a glitch in the matrix
*Oh man these guys love cops
*Good brothers, helping each other out, making ma proud

I hope this helps you in your search to find your 60s tv writer spirit guide (a quest we all must undertake)

gipsydanger014  asked:

I've been looking through Tumblr and I see a lot of stuff about Gabby Douglas or whoever. Can you elaborate on the controversy/situation?

Oh people are being pissy because she didn’t put her hand over her heart during the national anthem/pledge(?), and it’s seen as an insult to the US because it’s seen as her not respecting the country, perhaps having anti-American sentiments. 

I don’t know what was going on in her head, and I know nothing about her, so I can’t actually say with any authority why she didn’t put her hand over her heart, but she did apologize. 

Personally, I would have preferred her to put her hand over her heart, I think every American should, but there’s this idea running around that “nationalism is bad! Patriotism is bad!” And I’ve seen some people say that by saying the pledge, they’re supporting something they don’t agree with, and ultimately they don’t stand for what America is, or has become. 

I’m not a huge fan of what it’s become either, but I understand that America, the United States, is the people, not the government. We, the people, are the ones who should have the power, and the people need to retake that. I don’t pledge to the government. The government should be full of people who are serving the populace. They are representatives of the people, to speak on our behalf, to serve the people, not to serve their own agenda like we see happening today. 

We can’t even trust our own media. They openly lie and twist information and are bought and paid for. Corporations have too much power, and no one in power is listening to the populace anymore. They don’t care, they have the power, and they enjoy abusing it because they know there’s nothing we can do about it without actually waging a war against them. Which, I was reminded again today, happened in the Battle of Athens, 1946

I may not agree with BLM and how they’re doing things, but I am not against protesting and civil disobedience, so long as it’s done right and in a way that will actually enact change, rather than cause more problems like BLM seems wont to do. 

And here… I’ve gone off on a political rant and all you wanted was info on Gabby… :(
A sign I’m way too tired. Hopefully this made sense!


The sun began to set and I drove down the super terrifying dirt filled washboard road. As I drove down there was a truck with a MASSIVE confederate flag at the bottom of the hill. I felt like I was in a horror movie for a second, but they moved to the side and let me pass. 

I began the drive back towards Springdale (the small tourist town right outside of the park). I watched the sun rise and stopped a bit to photograph as the sun set. Parking and darting from the side of the road to the center to snap a photograph with hopes of not becoming another splattered bug on a windshield. 

I made it to Springdale, got gas, and parked on the street. It was about 10pm and the big ball of fire finally disappeared behind the canyon. People were still bustling about as I dozed off in my car on the street. This arrangement was MUCH better than the tweaker town the night before. I woke up at about 2:30am and went into the park to photograph the night’s sky in the park. It was a gorgeous and kind of scary experience. The wild life really takes it to the streets as the night sinks in. Deer kept coming up to me in the middle of the time lapse and poking around, which is totally fine. I am the bastard that is destroying their planet, but its just not something that you experience very often. 

Afterwards I went to nap in the parking lot of the visitor center to wait for the shuttle bus to the Narrows. That nap was the shortest and sweetest. 

Happy 197th birthday, Allan Pinkerton!  And here to speak about that inveterate spymaster/descendant of Bow Street Runners/forerunner of Magnum P.I./patriarch of the most hated family name in Pittsburgh, PA, is this stamp enthusiast’s mater, who bequeathed not just a love of mystery to her offspring, but also some sturdy Pinkerton genes through her mother:

Mr. Pinkerton was a Scot who emigrated to the USA and brought with him a love of intrigue, spying, and investigating.  He was largely a self-educated man, who actually wrote several spy novels.  In 1842, he married Joan Carfrae, secretly.   Nothing was done according to custom by AJP.  He heard of Dundee Township in Illinois and promptly moved there, built a cabin, and eventually had that home as one of the stops on the Underground Railroad.

His first adventure into detective work began when he discovered some counterfeiters in the woods near his home.  He observed them for some time, then turned them into the local sheriff.  He eventually founded the Pinkerton National Detective Agency, which survives today as Pinkerton Consulting and Investigations, with the logo of, “We never sleep.”  He is credited with developing surveillance and undercover work.  He also is credited with foiling an assassination attempt on President Lincoln in Baltimore, MD.  In Pittsburgh, PA, the Pinkerton name is looked upon with distaste for the Agency’s involvement in the Homestead Strike.  It’s not all distaste, though, as there is a restaurant in Homestead that features a Pinkerton sandwich that is delicious.  Good thing, too, as this writer is a Pinkerton descendant.

Stamp details:
Issued on: July 26, 1996
From: Georgetown, Guyana
SC #3095