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whys it so hard to not wear makeup? im not trying to be mean im just sincerely curious because im a youngish teenager and i usually dont wear makeup but it doesnt bother me, sorry if im being disrespectful!

you’re not being disrespectful, don’t worry!

for me it’s a mix of things - most predominantly it’s the fact i got bullied really bad growing up because i had a much more masculine facial structure/demeanor than other girls in my class. people called me a boy in disguise, called me “a man, duh” (an asinine play on my name ‘Amanda’ lol), made fun of me for having a flat chest, called me slurs, etc.

so i got really really fucked up about my appearance for a long time - i started wearing makeup in junior high to try to feminize myself to get the bullying to stop and it largely stopped comments about my face but not comments about my flat chest or my sexuality but it was at least SOMETHING. so makeup’s always been a defense mechanism for me to try and mitigate what i perceive as a constant threat of being mocked? not wearing makeup is like going outside with my bra size taped to my forehead like it’s… putting all out there in the worst way, you know?

the other major reason is because of my eating disorder and its constant insistence that “if i’m going to be this fat i should at least try and make my face easier to look at”

i’m super stoked for u that u feel comfortable not wearing makeup! don’t get reliant on it like i have. makeup is a prison lol

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food truck au

Lance: Hi, welcome to chili’s.

Keith: Uh… hi? (looks at the menu) I’ll have the #3.

Lance: Sorry, I don’t know how to make that.

Keith: … Then why is it on the- fine, I’ll have the uh, soup of the day.

Lance: Cool. What’s the soup of the day?

Keith: Why are you asking me that?

Lance: ‘Cuz I can’t read the board if I’m behind the counter, duh. C’mon man, just order something already.

Keith: Fine! Can I have the meatball special?

Lance: Sorry, that’s outside my cooking expertise.

Keith: … The BLT?

Lance: Nah.

Keith: (desperately) A water?

Lance: Yeahhhhh, I don’t know where the cooler is.

Keith: How can you run a food truck if you don’t even know how to cook?!

Lance: What? This isn’t my food truck.

Keith: … What.

Lance: Yeah, I’m just filling in for my buddy Hunk while he’s in the bathroom. Oh hey, there he is!

Hunk: (jogging up) Thanks for watching the truck while I’m gone Lance, you’re a lifesaver!

Lance: No problemo, dude! (climbing out the serving window) All in a day’s work.

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This is a very important question Why is suga so fucking Hot and beautiful and i wanna Kiss him????

Well, he is Min Yoongi duh. The man can rap

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Produce songs, write lyrics and play the piano

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He is great at basketball

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He can sew and cook

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He can dance

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He is patient with the kids

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A beautiful celestial creature

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He is great at basketball

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He takes care of others

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His big heart

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He can send you to HongKong for free

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He is a fortune teller (billboard)

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He can go from this

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To this

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To even this

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Then go back to this. SWAG~

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Add to aaaaaaaall this and more he is a genius 

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So just fangirl over father Louis Williams Suga Adam the third  jjang jjang man bong bong LOUD AND PROUD my dear

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As for kissing him, try to catch him first. Warning: He is hella fast too

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By @mimibtsghost

dghda characters (a summary)

dork: sunshine child; actual purest being in the universe; will kill you with a kitten; made a hobbit cry once

frodo: smol & angry; not your watson, asshole!; (is actually totally your watson); karma is a holistic bitch

pharaoh: thou shalt worship her badassery; could probably kill you with her bra; her hair is its own character

a-man-duh: actually not a man; has four vampire boyfriends (suck on that, bella!); almost beat on a swat team with a pipe wrench once

fart: what is personal hygiene; is like a leaf in the stream of creation; until she’s a piranha… in the stream of creation; totally digs barbie and the backstreet boys

barbie: doesn’t care who you are; where you’re from; what you did; as long as you don’t hurt him

mehstevez: didn’t sign up for this shit; lost his shit; fuck this shit; this is some good shit; shit!

hans zimmerfield: actually not a composer or musician of any kind; he does get played by a bow and a string though; *runs away*

numerically challenged 3: there are five of them

patrick star: horrible pet-owner; horrible time-traveller; horrible father; accidentally kills himself with a kitten

gordon rimjob: he just wanted his dog back

mislead-ia spring: bork


- You said you’d marry him if he gave up being Magneto.

- He agreed before you even finished the sentence.

- He disbanded The Brotherhood permanently and locked away his helmet that night.

- Surprisingly, he wanted a big wedding.

- A really BIG wedding.

- Like, “the entire school should be there” wedding.

- Charles had to talk him out of it for you.

- You had a small wedding with your closest friends.

- Raven was your bride’s maid.

- And Charles was Erik’s best man (duh).

- You live in a little cottage house on the edge of the Mansion’s grounds.

- Charles gave it to you as a wedding gift.

- Erik likes to cook.

- And clean.

- And garden.

- He really loves gardening.

- You call him your hubby and he calls you his wifey.

- Erik likes kissing you on the nose.

- And cheek, and forehead, and shoulder, and neck, and lips.

- You cuddle A LOT.

- Erik wants lots of kids.

- “As long as my reproductive parts can handle it,” you say.

- You have to assure him that he’s a great husband, even when he fucks up sometimes.

- Erik will make you metal trinkets just because.

- You know how to calm him down when he’s upset.

- He doesn’t always say “I love you.”

- But Erik always says, “I’m the luckiest man alive to have you in my arms.”

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So something about the Percy Jackson AU

Coran is a minor god (probably works for Mr D) and it’s like the worst kept secret at camp.  most of the campers are aware and they just accept it as a part of camp life

Naturally Lance does not figure this out

At some point Hades, Lance’s real father, and Poseidon, whose practically adopted Lance, are fighting over who gets to walk Lance down the isle on his wedding day.  This is pretty much the first fight they’d had since Lance started leaving Poseidon offerings and all the gods are finding it too amusing to step in (Lance is modified)

And then Coran’s like ‘i can fix this, I’LL walk lance down the isle!’

And Hades turns and glares at him and annouces that no minor god is going to walk his son down the isle

Cue Lance freaking out because CORAN IS A MINOR GOD and everyone else is like ‘duh man’

Peter Parker/Deadpool: No Heroes Here

Part 1 | Part 2 | Part 3 | Part 4 |

Deadpool thumbed through his cell phone as he stood in the middle of Peter’s apartment like he had been invited in. He had not. 

Peter’s fingers itched to pull out his own phone and call the police; however, he hadn’t been able to pay his phone bill for the last two months, so the phone was currently tucked under the mattress of Peter’s bed and dead. 

“Ah-ha!” Deadpool punched the air victoriously. His head swiveled around the austere studio apartment. Crumbs speckled the decade-old carpet, and a plate squatted on the only table Peter owned. The blankets on the bed were strewn in every direction, and a couple shirts and a pair of socks lay discarded on the floor.

Peter internally chastised himself for putting off cleaning for the last few days. He then chastised himself again for worrying about the state of his apartment when he had much bigger things to worry about.

“Now I understand the bachelor pad,” Deadpool stated with glee. He put one hand on hip as he posed proudly. “So I was lying earlier when I said I had done my research.” 

“No.” Peter feigned being aghast. “Really?” 

Oblivious or willfully ignorant, Deadpool did not notice Peter’s sarcasm. “I know, I know. It’s a terrible way to start a relationship, but to be fair, I thought you had lied first.”

Peter gestured to the space around him. “When? We literally just met.” 

“When you acted like you weren’t Spider-Man. Duh.” Deadpool shook his head. “You really aren’t the brightest of the Peters, are you?” 

A quip danced on the tip of Peter’s tongue, but he bit it back. He really would be stupid if he kept sassing the mercenary with two katana on his back and an unknown amount of guns on his person. 

“Anyway, I forgive you.” 

For what? Peter wanted to ask. 

“Looks like you had it rough in this universe, buddy. It’s pretty common for your parents to die when you’re young in every universe, but Uncle Ben and Aunt May too? Of course, Uncle Ben had to go, but usually you’re a teenager when it happens. Them going before your parents?” Deadpool whistled. “That’s real bad luck. But hey! At least you got emancipation when you were sixteen.” Deadpool gave Peter a thumbs up. “That’s amazing, Baby Boy! Getting emancipation is no easy feat.” 

Anger and hurt seethed through Peter. His fists clenched and shook at his sides. Acerbic words curled in Peter’s throat, but he was unable to give them voice unless he wanted to risk Deadpool beheading him out of false self-righteous ire.

Deadpool though… Deadpool had just so casually and callously laid out some of the most heartbreaking parts of Peter’s past like he was reading them out of a novel.  

Deadpool clasped his hands together and raised them to his cheek. Singing off-key, Deadpool belted, “Singing my life with his words. Killing me softly with his song, killing me softly~”

The non sequitur came at Peter like a truck T-boning him in the intersection. “What?”

“Sorry, I was just getting this weird vibe from you. The song seemed appropriate.” Deadpool smiled. “I do that sometimes.”

Peter nodded slowly. “Are you always this chipper?”

Deadpool scoffed. “Fuck no. In fact, I find this fucking annoying.” Somehow, Deadpool’s mask managed to convey that he was glaring. “I came all this way to start what should be a beautiful and meaningful relationship with you, and you’re not you.” Deadpool gestured at Peter. “Obviously, you are you, but you’re not Spider-Man you, and that would be like me not being Deadpool. Sure, I’m still me, but I’m missing out on a very important and awesome part of my character. You get me?”

“Not really,” Peter admitted. 

Deadpool huffed and seized Peter by the hand. 

Peter yelped as Deadpool yanked him toward the window. “It’s okay. We’ll just go have a talk with Dr. Strange. Then you’ll understand what’s going on.” 

Peter yanked his hand out from Deadpool’s. “I’m not going anywhere with you.” 

Deadpool nodded. He hummed in consideration as he stroked his chin. “I hear you, Baby Boy. This is probably pretty scary for you, especially since you don’t have your Spidey powers.” Deadpool dropped his hand from his chin and cocked his head. “However, there’s still one problem here.” 

Peter stiffened in anticipation of Deadpool’s next move. 

“You see,” Deadpool held his arms out and shrugged, “I’m not one of the good guys yet, and even when I am one, I’m more of an anti-hero.” 

Deadpool lunged at Peter. 

Peter yelped and threw a punch at Deadpool. The mercenary ducked and threw his arms around Peter’s waist. 

One moment Peter’s world was right-side-up, and the next everything was upside-down. Literally. 

Deadpool’s shoulder dug into Peter’s stomach as the mercenary carried Peter over his shoulder to the window. He rested one hand on Peter’s ass. 

Peter kicked and punched Deadpool’s back. “Let me go.” 

“As I said, Baby Boy,“ Deadpool opened the window. He didn’t even flinch from Peter’s blows, “I’m not a good guy.” 

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BOYFRIEND * !! Park Jihoon !

i decided 2 write an imagine for jihoon bc hes adorable and my best friends loves him so this is for you jihoon stans and my besTIE

  • * you have those furry sliders and one day jihoon needs 2 head 2 the store and he can’t find his shoes so he just runs out in the slider,,, (he rocks it though bc its jihoon???)
    * you get all irritated when girls go up 2 jihoon bc hEA YOUR MAN DUH but jihoon just reassures you with cuddles and kisses that’s he’s yours :D
    * sometimes calls you and asks you 2 come over and when you arrive he has a full fledged steak house dinner ready
    * takes you on mug painting dates and he ends up covered in multiple shades of the rainbow and it gets all flustered but you just giggle and poke his nose w paint
    * the type 2 leave his hoodies around the place just so you can wear them
    * gives you cute nicknames that he addresses you by low-key in front of the other boys so they understand that you’re his giRL
    * such a softie,,,,,,
    * he gives the WARMEST HUGS
    * likes 2 count all the freckles on your face while you’re talking so he just zones out and thinks abt your future together
    * the type 2 still get excited when you say that you can come over after a long while of dating
    * likes 2 watch movies w you in the living room w the lights off w hot chocolate and fuzzy socks !!
    * makes you lil cup cakes when you’re sad
    * i low-key feel like jihoon gets lost when you two are out driving and he has 2 call seongwoo 2 help him but seongwoo doesn’t know where youre supposed 2 go either so you 2 end up calling everyone in his contacts until you both realise that you know where you are
    * the type 2 giggle when he sees you talking 2 friends and your face lights up
    * asks for style advice even through his clothes are really nice
    * would cancel big plans w the boys just 2 go over 2 your house 2 cuddle you
    * gets frustrated when things aren’t they way he likes them 2 be and you try reassuring him and he makes him happy that you care bUT HES STILL MAD THAT THE PIECE OF PAPER THAT HE WAS MAD AT ISNT IN THE RIGHT PLACE
    * his hair gets in your eyes when you’re kissing or cuddling so you too just end up laughing hysterically
Right in Front of Your Eyes - Part 4

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Pairing: Peter Parker x Reader
Warnings: Angst, Fluff, all the feelings
Summary: After your parents were murdered mysteriously, you move in with your godfather Tony Stark, along the way your normal life will be turned upside down, due to a Mr Parker and being hit by a bus. It will all make sense eventually.
A/N: Basically, you are Jessica Drew but with your name and a slight twist. BTW you’re British, you’re welcome 😉
Word Count: 1000+

Intro | Part 1 | Part 2 | Part 3

I hate Peter and Liz together. For more reasons than I’d like to admit, for example, they are very for PDA, by that I mean making me want to throw up because they are making out by my locker. Liz is a strange girl, I don’t know where I stand with her. One moment she is as nice as pie, then whenever she’s away from Peter, she gives me looks. Thinking about it now I realise that it’s probably just my jealousy blinding me and she’s just a perfect girl; I guess it makes me uncomfortable, no one can be perfect. And if they are, you can’t trust them.

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reasons I have to believe we are some type of soul mates
~ same last name
~ both of us had experience with the “a-man-DUH” jokes when we were young queers and had lots of feelings about it
~ very similar tattoo
~ you had blue hair at some point, i have blue hair now 
~ we both enjoy taking non-traditional baths and talking about non-traditional expressions of gender and sexuality

guys for real though please help me get Miles to see this, I love them a lot and also clogged my bathtub drain with silver glitter stars for this