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Electralane, The Valleys
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New Stretch Goal: Spring Collection Tour & Gina Wynbrandt Interview

We are now at 100% of our goal with 45 hours remaining. And it’s thanks to you that we’ve gotten this far. Thank you so much!

Now, we are ambitious… We want to meet you!

If we can reach our NEW STRETCH GOAL OF $16,500, we will be able to plot out a small Spring Collection artists’ book tour**

Los Angeles, New York, Toronto, Montreal, Chicago, and Minneapolis. MariNaomi, Gina Wynbrandt, Powerpaola, Will Dinski, and Sab Meynart (the curator of Altcomics Magazine #3) will meet you, sign your books, answer your questions, talk with you, take pictures with you in person.

**Not every artist will be able to make every city, but some of them will be able to make some of the cities. How much we raise and each artist’s availability will ultimately determine the Spring Collection tour circuit.

We interviewed Gina Wynbrandt of Someone Please Have Sex With Me, one of the best autobio-inspired-comics ever. We talked about Chester Brown, her family, and creeps.

There’s a lot of references to nerd, otaku, and internet culture in your comics: manga, game, anime, celebrity, etc. I find those cultures significantly sexist. They objectify women’s bodies and ignore female sexual desire. Your work subverts this. Do you enjoy nerd, otaku, and internet culture? Why did you refer to them?

A lot of the stuff I’m interested in is laden with sexism. Not just otaku/nerd culture, I’ve also seen every episode of HBO’s Entourage (and the movie). My work is kind of inspired by misogynistic culture and society, I try to make a response to that. In my comics, I portray myself very flawed, unattractive, fat and yet I’m able to surround myself with really hot men, who are usually fairly one-dimensional. They are around only to exist as eye candy and/or help me pursue my own happiness. You see the inverse of that (fat husband, sexy wife, etc) all the time, I wanted to subvert it for my own selfish pleasure.

You are so smart in real life, but as you said, you draw yourself as someone who fails to get a man. I think a lot of alternative autobio comics by male artists deal about their failing romance and in a way you subvert them too. What do you think about the comics culture?

I love comics by Chester Brown and Joe Matt and other male artists who portray undesirability and patheticness like that. I love how personal and honest it is. That being said, none of them portray women particularly well, which I think made me want my own voice out there even more. There needs to be equal gender representation for the pathetic and sexually frustrated, hah.

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On the Other Side

Electralane, Birds
Basile Pesso-Toulouse © 12 May 2 015
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