Poetry Rounduuuup

April is National Poetry Month
A time to exalt in sweet words
Tumblr’s got poets straight out the wazoo
So here’s some cool links for you nerds

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Uut Poetry (@uutpoetry)

Uut Poetry is a…magazine? Of surrealist poetry. It’s really nicely curated and designed and you’ll get the whole deal if you read the manifesto-esque about page.

The Academy of American Poets (@poetsorg)

This is the official blog of The Academy of American Poets. Nice lil’ images with lines from all sorts of poets. Good follow for the casual appreciator.

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Lang Leav (@langleav)

Lang Leav is an OG Tumblr poet and she has a book now. So.

Forgetlings (@forgetlings​)

This is Daniel Stephensen, who posts his own poetry, other people’s poetry, some things that aren’t poetry, etc.

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James Andrew Crosby (@jamesandrewcrosby​)

For fans of poems written on things. Visual poems, if you will. Voems? No—just Visual Poems.

HEAVY METALS - model: singer Kacy Hill - photography: Patrick Demarchelier - styling: Camilla Nickerson - hair: Jimmy Paul - makeup: Dick Page - Vogue May 2017

  • featured designer: Gucci

models: Grace Bol & Alek Wek - photography: Viviane Sassen - fashion editor / styling: Robbie Spencer - Dazed Magazine S/S 2017

  • featured designer: Rick Owens
Balls Out #2.

When you have some talent, sometimes immense, false humility is definitively useless, except to be accepted by people who might play the exact same game as you. Know your value, even if the official world negates it with the greatest, the blandest, and the most snobbish manners and scorn. We are not them….we are not the elite, which is often composed of money spoiled zombies and people offering places to each other as reward of a good ol’ fellatio in the corridor or under the desk. You are brilliant. Don’t say you try, don’t permanently bow before famous ancestors. Praise yourself if you’re worth it, without bragging, but objectively, praise the others if they deserve it, give and give again even if the feedback is slight or sometimes inexistent. The world needs a revolution, all over, inner included. Art is here, permanent, rich, vivid, unrewarded. Make it live proudly even if the system might never change, cake shared between the same ol’ zombies, fellatios in the corridors and under the desk, and us, working hard to offer presents which are rejected by absent-minded, empty-eyed false connoisseurs.

Basile Pesso, Barcelona/FreeLand, 20 April 2 017
Absynthe Minded, Papillon

model: Grace Bol  - photography: Viviane Sassen - fashion editor / styling: Robbie Spencer - Dazed Magazine S/S 2017

  • featured designers: Rick Owens - Loewe- VETEMENTS x Manolo Blahnik