You know, I loved Edward Scissorhands when I watched it. I thought it was funny,slice of life, bittersweet, tragic realistic, quirky and quite amazing. A Werewolf Boy is in some ways comparable. It’s ET, it’s Edward Scissorhands, it’s Frankenstein. 

Maybe that’s why I wish the story was different here. Call me the eternal romantic, the wimp afraid of tragedies, but I wish we could have had a different take on humanity. Maybe the mum could have been spunkier - she was pretty cool for starters bringing in that feral boy into her home. Maybe she could have protected him? Maybe we could have seen the simple folk of the village coming together to protect the family even more? One of their own and all that.  Maybe Suni could have come back much earlier…maybe maybe maybe. 

I know…I know. It wouldn’t be ‘realistic’ then. Movies like these are after all mirrors being held up to society to show that there are more monsters among us than out there in the fantasy world. It’s just me being the eternal romantic and wanting a positive reaffirmation of our humanity.

I have always been used to crazy, tumultuous dating experiences with lots of twist and turns and unpredictability. Lots of hot and cold. Lots of anxiety. And lots of wtf is going on. And for once, there is none of that. NADA! ZILCH! ZERO!

Mr. J is crazy about me and has not hesitated to let me know whether it be through a song he sings me, a poem he writes me, or the long hugs he gives me. He wants to get to know me, my friends, my family and even my dog. He actually likes me for me and not the idea of me. I have never been in the same place as the men I have dated in the past.

We are both young, motivated, self assured, emotionally stable, open to being vulnerable, and loving/affectionate people. We click. He really understands me.

It’s really crazy to me how when something feels right, it feels right. I’ve had people tell me this before and I don’t think I understood what it meant…until now.

So a few days ago, Mr. J and I were hanging out at his apartment when he asked me to be his girlfriend/partner. We’d only been dating for a month but when he asked me and I didn’t even hesitate to say yes. Things have been clicking for us and I have been feeling so safe, happy, and enamored that it just felt right.

That being said, we still are getting to know each other. I’ve told him that there is a lot he doesn’t know about me yet and that all those things will take time to get revealed. We’ve agreed that we realize it’s all been a little fast in comparison to the norm and we’re both okay with it.
I feel like the only real change that has come with the official title is the knowledge that him and I are wanting the same thing. And that just feels right.

Last night I was in immense amounts of pain, I still don’t know why. I woke up feeling gross still after sleeping a very long time and yet I got in the car and drove across the bridge to get my Big Hero 6 tsum tsums and use some Victoria’s Secret coupons. I felt like I had a proper adventure, because so seldom do I actually get in my car to even go down the street. It was freeing and nice and ultimately made me feel a lot better. My sister’s dog likely bruised my mouth (by accident of course) but cuddled up to me right after to apologize, so maybe he isn’t always as dim as he seems. I love him. I actually talked to my mom quite a bit tonight. I’m a valuable asset to my dad’s company right now.

Things are pretty good, considering. I might always be in pain, I might always have bad days, but today was a good day and I made that happen.


I wrote /everything/ down, decided what to do about certain things and people, realised that I’m over reacting about like 50 different things, ate for the first time in about 24 hours, had some camomile tea, played outside with the dog we’re dog sitting, danced to panic at the disco in my underwear, actually got washed and dressed and put on my favourite shirt, and now I’m about to go to the shops for comfort food. I now feel like 1000000x better than I did literally an hour and a half ago and I feel so positive and happy and confident about the future, maybe not the immediate future but the one when I’m back in Glasgow. So yes, I am one happy baby boy right now and I am not letting any bad thoughts stand in my way anymore because I am wasting my life. (I’ve also decided to watch a lot more netflix bc that makes me happy)

2 years ago today we adopted Bay!

However, we didn’t actually get to bring her home until the 17th because she had to be spayed, microchipped, and some other adoption/medical papers had to be finalized. So I feel like the 17th is her Gotcha Day. 

In the meantime, I’ll make/queue a cute Gotcha Day post for Bay on the dog blog, and give her lots of sweet kisses and plenty of belly rubs.


I lost weight! Yay. I started my journey with 98 kg and currently I’m at 96.1 kg. In between I had a few setbacks and actually weighed aomething around 100 kg. So I’m just happy, that my body is changing. Still can’t do much of a workout, because it’s hard to breath for me. But I do a few steetches everyday and try to walk a bit with my dog.
I think the #lifewithoutsugar challenge helped me a lot, bc now I’m not eating so much unhealthy stuff, drink no soda and when I’m drinking alcohol it’s a beermix with only 122 kcal per bottle (0,33 l).

Mentally I’m feeling quite good now, but my body is sneezing. I’m allergic and should start taking my antihistaminics again. Meh.

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Hi friend, try googling yellow dog project :) ps my dog on leash was attacked by a dog not on leash, I feel you!

I’ve seen that and actually thought about using yellow ribbons for my dog, but it doesn’t help when it’s an off leash dog that doesn’t give a shit about whether or not your dog needs space, you know? 

There’s just a lot of irresponsible owners around here and it sucks to deal with. 

I got bored so I reread Of Mice and Men and hoooooly cheese that was such a bad idea i’ve got so many feels now asdhjsdfgs

Spoilers abound under the cut (though i doubt anyone really cares about spoilers from a Steinbeck novel)

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Today was insanity. I was halfway to my 10,000 steps on Fitbit by 11:00. I had to wrestle 4 huge and terribly behaved dogs including an 80-pound German Shepard, a husky, and two morbidly obese labs. I got scratched by a cat. I also got to watch two cats getting lion cuts and fell in love with the most adorable and sweet pit I’ve ever met. I wanted to take her home. We had a lot of stress, but we managed to get in s few laughs as well. I felt like we worked as a real team today. We were pretty damn amazing, actually. Everyone had a great attitude, and clients left with smiles even those who were yelling at us earlier or who had to wait a while. Despite the fact that I’m exhausted and sore, I feel good because I know I kicked ass today. We all did. I really love my coworkers, and I’m so glad my life led me here. 💗


So - terrarium pics, as promised! Starting materials are up above. I had the two terrariums to fill, a couple of accessories, a TON of reindeer moss, five air plants, bioluminescent mushroom spores, and some rocks and things that I’ve picked up on various trips. 

I put the little glass terrarium together first, before working on the mushroom stuff today: 

Do you see that leetle snail? That is an actual tiny shell that I found. :3 

(No living creatures were harmed in the process of making this. Except my dog, whose feelings were very hurt when he couldn’t “help.”) 

Then - the bioluminescent mushrooms themselves! I didn’t get a lot of pics of this part, because it was kinda tricky and I was focused on figuring out what I wanted to do. 

These mushrooms - Panellus Stipticus - grow best in hardwoods for this sort of thing, maple and oak being among their favorites. Since we don’t have many oaks of an appropriate size (I wasn’t going to climb 30 feet into the air to get a branch XD), I went with maple. 

My Dad went with me to get a piece of wood the right size. In this case, it was a bit smaller than recommended, just because of the sizes of the terrariums I was working with. Hopefully they’ll still grow alright - it sounded like there was some leeway. 

We cut several pieces of different thicknesses/lengths, and then drilled holes in them for the spore plugs - pictured up above, in the plastic bag. Here are two of the pieces: 

As you can see, you’re supposed to cover each of the plugs with paraffin wax, to seal in the moisture. (The kit I got from Forest Organics came with a candle to use.) 

I put the smallest piece, with a couple of the plugs, in my “greenhouse” garden, like a little tree stump. 

Then I arranged the other two pieces in my lantern. I didn’t get a good picture of the larger log before I put it in - it’s at the back, here: 

So now I’m just waiting for the mushrooms! It sounds like it may take a month or two for them to grow. In the meantime, the only maintenance needed is to spritz the air plants and moss about once a week, and soak the mushroom logs every two weeks until the “spawn run” is finished. 

Here’s a link to a post with just the finished terrariums, in case you want to reblog only that: Gardens!

(Tagging songscloset and gtqsqueek, since I know they wanted to see the end result!)

Last day in LA! It’s insane because it’s been over a month and the time has seriously flown by. I think I completed most of the goals I wanted to. I got on track with my diet, tried to fix my relationship with my sister, spent a lot of quality time with the niece and nephew, trained the dog, and exercised. It’s totally a process. I feel like I’m slowly getting out of my depression, thankfully. I believe it happened because I had to step up to the plate and actually DO something for myself. 

There were definitely times I wanted to board a plane and go back home that INSTANT. I am so glad I stuck through it and stayed. I’m a pisces, and as sensitive as that is, I have a tough spot for my sister because of our history. She’s sixteen years older that me and a very tough scorpio. I know our signs are supposed to get along. But with everything I’ve been through, we have different interests and I also have my own beef with her. I partially feel like she takes so much for granted. She has an amazing husband and two beautiful, healthy children. She doesn’t have to work but she always wants more and more. She doesn’t get up to help her husband, she really only wants to be left alone. I can’t blame her, partially because I’ve never been in her shoes. 

I do know that I don’t want to be like her when I age. I want to love life and wake up every morning ready to go and prepare for my family (b’h). I tried really hard to be kind. I don’t think I tried as hard as I could have. But I juiced every morning and I prepared meals and I cleaned the kitchen, put the kids to bed, etc. I could have done better, but looking back, I don’t regret how I handled situations. 

When I get home, if the flight goes well, I have a lot of things to do. Doctor appointments, therapist appointments - I’m going to several to find one that’s right for me - I have to pay bills, set up more doctor appointments, exercise, and really get my diet on track. 

I read Crazy Sexy Diet and I absolutely adored it. I need to get my diet on track. I need to feed my body the best things, because your body is truly a temple. I need to get in touch with my soul. I am so separated from myself and the world. I want to find myself. That is my goal. 

In April, I hope to start journaling daily (not necessarily on Tumblr), meditating, juicing, and exercising. I look forward to talking to you guys more. :) 

Love and health,


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what is your favorite animal and why? second favorite animal? what is your opinion on horses?

Okay I know exactly who this is and I’m laughing right now haha. My favorite animal is a penguin. Always has been. I remember going to see a movie in IMAX an being miserable and scared. But then penguins came on the screen and 4 year old me got so happy and giggly and I actually didn’t want to leave the theatre afterwards. I made my sister buy me a stuffed penguin and ever since I’ve had such a love for them. March of the Penguins made me cry. Like a lot. And I didn’t even finish the movie lol.

Second favorite- dogs. For sure. They’d be my first favorite realistically because I feel like dogs are more accessible than penguins. But I. fucking. Love. dogs. I used to want to have a huge house just so I could adopt all the stray dogs and have them in my house. That was my 6 year old dream. But then my mom told me to get a grip and I learned what fleas were.

Horses confuse me. Like, what is their natural habitat if they aren’t being ridden? Sorta like cows, like where do they live? But I like that they just eat sugar sometimes. Because that’s what I want to do sometimes. Just feed me sugar. Magmatic, weird animals.

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10. is there one person you want to be with right now? Yes actually
20. are you slowly drifting away from someone? I feel like im drifting away from a lot of things and people lately.
24.you receive £60 without any reason, what do you spend it on? Panda express obviously. Then I’d buy my dog a toy.
26. is there anyone you’re really disappointed in? No , not at all. People are not the mistakes they make and everyone has a chance to start over.
27. would you rather have starbucks or jamba juice right now? Weirdly I’ve never had jamba juice , so I’d choose that one . Like new things.
43. Already answered
44.ever self-harmed or starved yourself? Yes and yes.
45. has anyone ever told you that you have pretty eyes? My eyes seem to be the thing people find most fond about me so yes