I know this is really random but I’m just so happy lately.

I have awesome friends that I can meet or chat with and they’re all so kind and funny and understanding, I feel kind of comfortable in my own body, I have great cons coming up, I’m going to start a new study in September, I’m going on vacation to Italy on sunday (pasta is my fave food can you imagine how happy I am xD), pokemon go is making me walk a lot every day and thanks to it I met up with a friend I don’t see very often, my Merida wig is ready for shipping, Ragnarok is filming, my new phone is awesome, I actually get enough sleep every day… yeah. Life is being good to me :) ooh and I petted a lot of dogs lately

10 Questions 1.0

I was tagged by @brorilla for this round…

1. What is something you love eating that other people may find gross? Ooh. Probably potato chips and american cheese. It’s gross. Don’t judge me.

2. Are you easily embarrassed? Any funny stories relating to this? Not really, but the worst thing is that my face turns red really easily… so everyone I know feels like I do get embarrassed easily. So that’s not annoying at all. 

3. If I were to come visit you and you were in charge of planning a night out, what would we do? We would probably do something chill like grill some burgers and dogs on our boat and enjoy being out on the river. There will also be beer. Lots of beer. 

4. Are you touchy-feely? Yep, as long as we’re close. 

5. Are you aware of any recurring dream or nightmare? Actually not really. I wish I had a good story for this question.

6. You’re going to a pot-luck. What’s your go-to recipe? (I’m in need of ideas so please don’t be skimpy with the details) Hmm.. I would say I’d make a nice big crock pot of Skinnytaste turkey meatballs. Serve them up with some nice soft buns and you’re good to go. They’re so good that you wouldn’t even know they’re turkey.

7. Best advice you’ve ever gotten? This is a tough one. One thing that comes to mind is some career advice I received from someone super successful in his field.. he equated the process of getting to your ideal position in your career to sailing. Sometimes, you can’t sail right to your destination, because the wind is coming straight at your bow. So you have to tack. So instead of going right there, you tack to many destinations before arriving at that ultimate destination. You’ll get there in the end, but you need to make those moves along the way to make it happen.

8. Favorite guilty pleasure? The Bachelor/ette, and chips & french onion dip.

9. Favorite song of the moment? Hm. I’ll say King & The Cross by Asgeir. 

10. When was the last time you had to change a tire? What happened? Oh I was like pathetically useless and I called Brendan and he came and saved the day. NOW I know how to change a tire. Now I know. ;)

blindiemac  asked:

I'm not sure if you're still feeling bad (I hope you are feeling at least a little better since you posted that), but if you are, if there is anything I can do to make you feel better I certainly will! You are a very sweet person that deserves to feel good all the time (no matter how unrealistic that really is). So I hope you'll be able to recharge your energy and feel better soon.

I am actually feeling a lot better, luv! Got a good night’s sleep, and had fresh-picked raspberries with my breakfast :D Also, reading Narnia always helps lighten my mood. I’ve read my copy so many times that it’s kinda tattered and really dog-eared by now XD

Thank you very much for your wellwishes though <3 I don’t know what I’d do without you.

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1. Relationship status: single, but not really looking to date… sorry, I know all of you love me so much :p

2. Favourite colour: Blue! All shades of blue, but specifically lighter ones! 

3. Wake up time: This summer? Like… 10-11. Woke up at 9 today though for singing lessons! 

4. Cats or dogs: I LOVE BOTH! I’ve never actually had a cat, as both my parents are HEAVILY allergic to cats, but we’ve got two lovely dogs at our house that I love to death! 

5. Coke or Pepsi: I honestly don’t know! I like them both, but I’ll always choose Sprite or root beer over it pretty much every time. 

6. Call or text: Text. Generally I’m better with texting cause a lot of the time if I don’t know what I’m gonna say I’ll flub my words and feel like an idiot, haha!

7. Chapstick or Lipstick: Chapstick, definitely! My lips are always chapped as all hell and it’s really bad ahaha.

8. Last song listened to: Unmake the Wild Light by 65daysofstatic!

https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=k6a0kJlDlyk (link to the song!)

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