Instead of paying attention in cosmology class, I doodled some friends!

My focus was giving them contrasting expressions, and so I feel good about that.

I need to work on drawing ears, horns, and consistent head shapes, though. Circles are hard! :B

Lazer Team
Get your friends, family, neighbor, cousin, pizza guy, pizza guy's girlfriend, and get them all to the theater to watch Lazer Team on the big screen.

So there’s actually a showing near me (Des Moines, Iowa) and it only needs 23 more people, so if any of you could share this I would really appreciate it!! I really really want to be able to see Lazer Team in theaters, so please reblog and even reserve to get the word out!!

Thank you!!!

About Kylo Hitting Himself

So I think it’s pretty safe to say he was hitting himself to get in touch with the force and whatnot.

And I’m not saying this is necessarily a theory or anything as much as it is some insight into human behaviors. When I first watched that scene other thoughts went through my head that I guess aren’t common knowledge…I grew up in foster care and have been around/had experience with some troubled/abused children as a result, and when they were really upset, sometimes they hit themselves. It’s like the pain is so great they need an ‘external’ pain to distract them from the ‘internal’ pain. Animals do this too when they are stressed out (they gnaw on themselves). In the Bible/Biblical times people tore their clothes/cut their hair/beat their chests. It’s an instinctual act.

We know that at that scene he is basically having a Break Down moment. Killing his dad did not give him peace like Snoke suggested, Some part of him knows what his dad said about Snoke using him/then crushing him is true, he probably feels Trapped, I get the impression he thinks he has to do what he does (there was one line in particular that gave me the impression he thought what he was doing is ‘right’ as well…but I forget…I think it was during Rey’s interrogation scene, I’m surprised I haven’t seen it touched on, iono, but I digress)…

I also think it says a lot that he struggled with killing his father even though he had a shitty relationship with him. (Han Solo is not known for showing emotional acceptance to others). Which also makes that scene intense…Han had probably never been so emotionally forthright with Kylo before.

Other things causing Kylo to Break Down: Rey escaped, Didn’t get the map, Snoke’s gonna punish him for failing, Everything is being blown to bits, etc. etc.

So when I saw that scene I thought it was an expression of his pain and turmoil. To get to that point takes a great amount of pain and stress for an average mentally healthy person. So when I saw him beating on his wound it tore me up inside. I literally tensed up in my seat. That boy needs help….He has some serious Cognitive Dissonance. 

Ugh, it’s difficult to put into words. Well, it’s a brilliant inclusion however you slice it..

jill, actual goddess

anonymous asked:

who is this "sales" person you kept talking about last night? usually when you talk about people, they're really good people, and i like following the blogs of people that you speak well of. i also read their doughnut rebel fic and while i don't understand dragon age, it was really good!!

oh goodness, like, they’re literally one of my favourite artists on tumblr, partially because they make the best Solas art, and because they’re so super sweet and so pure and lovely.

i didn’t mean to make so many posts about them last night aaahhhh sorry

also i’m glad you read their fic!! it’s one of my utmost favourites right now, which is why i said that i wanted to make a culinary tribute to it ; ^;

their blog is @ithesalesman if you want to say hi, and their art blog full of amazing things is @salesart. please go check them out ; w;

idk if this will be helpful to anyone, buuuut if u think that someone is emotionally abusing u maybe try writing down the abusive stuff they say somewhere private? it’s just something im trying bc i always forget abt the abusive stuff when theyre not saying it. its probably an obvious thing to do haha i just only just came up w it

Look, if white people can have redneck anthems and the South’s Gonna Rise Again, and look how awesome our pickup trucks, bottled blonde, and cowboy boots are, I don’t see why y'all gotta stress on Formation. I grew up listening to southern rock and old school country, which is chock full of political and social protest. Do you people not remember WILLIE NELSON and JOHNNY CASH!?
—  me, about to unload on facebook, because part of that is a frelling lie, I DO SEE why they’re stressing on Formation. 

quaxorascal asked:

Very Important question for your boys: if given the chance to watch them, which Disney/ Pixar/ ""kids"" movie would they like best and/ or which would make them cry?

OH MY GOODNESS, this is the best question and i have been turning it over in my mind for a while now. (i totally would’ve responded with art but i have kind of a weird art headache at the moment??)

(i do totally have an excuse to use all these little heads now, though, haha!)

so, in order, and acting under the assumption that these movies could have and did exist in their respective worlds…

  • “tinyhawke”/circinus hawke: his favorite is beauty and the beast. belle is his favorite princess (he thinks she’s industrious and fierce!), and the romantic in him falls for the beast, too, and likes the story of his curse. he likes tangled, too!
  • rook howard: the first ten minutes of up make rook bawl like a baby. past that, this question might be tricky for him - rook is a good dad, and he’ll a) sit down for whatever his kids want to see and b) sit them down for things that aren’t necessarily kids’ movies, but are Necessary Viewing by law of Nerd Dad. (star wars, pirates of the carribean, blazing saddles, shaun of the dead, & pulp fiction, as they age. to name a few.)
  • lucianus trevelyan: probably a tossup between big hero 6 (he’s a sucker for brother stories) and the land before time. (of note: i was discussing this with my roommate and she gave me a Look when i mentioned TLBT. that led to the idea of lucianus, indignant and defensive, all “what, i’m allowed to like bondage but i’m not allowed to like dinosaurs??”)
  • paris amell: i’m actually not sure if this counts as a kids’ movie anymore? but his favorite would probably be holes - for the sense of justice, and a sense of camaraderie with the main character who is mostly just unlucky and wants to go home. :,)
  • saintly shepard: milo from atlantis: the lost empire? totally saintly’s first guy-crush. for real. (as he got older, the reason behind his being attracted to milo instead of kida finally dawned on him, haha. the darling.) a lot of the way saintly runs the normandy would likely be influenced by that movie, oops.

thank you so much for the ask! *U* i had so much fun with this, oh my gosh. ♥ ♥ ♥

@aregrettablehullabaloo tagged me for the ten favorite characters from ten different fandoms meme. I’ve been tagged for this one a lot, so I try to vary my answers each time I do it. As I bought my tickets for Comedy Bang! Bang! live today(yay for the presale, I’m seeing it in Atlanta), I went with ten of my favorite CBB podcast characters. A definitive top ten would be too hard, the show has hundreds of characters. I counted double acts as “one” character.  Oh, and as (almost) always, these aren’t ranked.

1. H.R. Giger played by Matt Gourley.

2. Dalton Wilcox played by Andy Daly.

3. Victor Diamond and Tiny, both played by Brendon Small.

4. Maxwell Keeper, “The Time Keeper” played by Neil Campbell.

5. Marissa Wompler and Charlotte Listler played by Jessica St. Clair and Lennon Parham.

6. JW Stillwater aka Eddie Lee Capers played by Paul F. Tompkins.

7. Jesse Ventura played by James Adomian. 

(Adomian does an amazing job playing all of the various real person based characters he does, but I think Ventura is probably my all-time fave. Though his Bernie Sanders might eventually replace Ventura.)

8. Jack Sjunior and Brian Pieces played by Harris Wittels and Adam Scott.

9. Dame Sir Lord Andrew Lloyd Webber played by Paul F. Tompkins, I was trying not to repeat any of the improvisers, but it’s PFT. His characters are all the best.

10. Scott’s nephew Todd played by Lauren Lapkus. (Spoiler Alert)RIP Todd! It was hard to only pick one Lapkus character. Almost went with Traci Rearden, instead but I think I like Todd a little bit more.

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