i doodled a bit so a concept: serizawa katsuya has two loving parents 

his mother went through some hard times with him during his time being all hikikomori’d up and miscalculated when she had been at her wits end, and his father couldn’t be there much due to his job and didn’t know how to connect with katsuya’s problems the rare times he was…. but after the biggest weights were lifted from their shoulders, they quickly snapped back into a close, happy family. 

here they’re all super stoked about having bought katsuya a proper suit for the first time ever, and of their son getting a job that’s not a fucking cult bent on world domination. not pictured is their dog currently chewing katsuya’s shoes. 

their names are aiko and ishi and y ea i did this mainly to think through stuff for the next chapter of shit-all. spoiler: they’re so good people they adopt reigen immediately. 

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Name: Destiny
Nickname: Des
Zodiac: Scorpio
Height: 5′1″
Orientation: Pansexual
Ethicity: Hispanic
Favorite Fruit: Pomegranates, Green Apples, Strawberries, Watermelon, Cherries, Tangerines
Favorite Season: Fall/Winter I love cold and rainy weather.
Favorite Book: I’m not sure I have one but the last good book I read was called When by Victoria Laurie
Favorite Flower: I am so in love with Carnations.
Favorite Scent: I love floral scents and the smell of green apples.
Favorite Color: Indigo, navy blue
Favorite Animal: I love all kinds of animals except for ants, flies, spiders (not including tarantulas), and wasps which are technically bugs but still. I love dogs and cats.
Average Sleeping hours: 3-4 hours on a rough night, 10-12 hours on a good night.
Coffee, Tea or Hot Cocoa: Champurrado. I love all of them lmao
Favorite Fictional Characters: Everyone in Steven Universe, Sans Undertale, Wendy from Don’t Starve, Harley Quinn, Bill Cipher, Wonder Woman I’m probably forgetting so maaany
Number of blankets you sleep with: If it were up to me I’d sleep with 3 but my mom takes them from me so I’m left with 1. And so many pillows.
Dream trip: I’m not sure I have one v’:
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we always talk abt how slytherins aren’t all angry and evil, why don’t we talk about how hufflepuffs aren’t always happy and shallow? Just and loyal does not mean naïve and stupid, and the fact that everyone thinks it does shows how little kindness is valued. Hufflepuffs are the ones at rallies and marches, calling their representatives every day and night and running equality accounts-just. Hufflepuffs are the ones staying up all night to talk to their friends, jumping over tables to defend their squad and helping people through the worst parts of their lives-loyal. We are not all stupid and happy, we are angry and passionate. We aren’t all flowers and sunshine, we are huge signs and wiping away tears from our the faces of our loved ones. We aren’t put in our house because we aren’t smart, or brave, or cunning. We understand that kindness in the face of adversity encompasses all of those traits and more. We are not the children. We are not your leftovers.



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Day 2: Unknown Day

So I wasn’t sure who I shipped with Saeran until i started drawing and I realized everyone

my piece for the @hqseijouzine!! the seijou kids are having a BLAST at disneyland, especially oikawa!! 

i’m really glad to have gotten the opportunity to work with such skillful artists!!! be sure to check out everyone else’s works :’)) 

NCT as the tv show Friends

  • idw transformers 2013: hey we have a new concept for transformers its called.......*whispers* conjunx endura............
  • idw transformers 2017: we're making robot marriage a staple of this fucking comic franchise and hasbros not stopping us. get on the love train shitbags, we're inserting the existence of conjunxes and amicas as many times as we can before we run out of script.