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You expect people to coddle you and give you attention because you're dealing with anxiety and mental health issues, but then you go around posting hate? Literally even tagging it as hate? You're a messed up person.

mmmmMMMmm yeah i’m a messed up person bro i know that but not because i post anti r/eylo stuff lol…….. also just fyi the very express purpose of tagging r/eylo hate with r/eylo hate is so that people can blacklist it and avoid the anti stuff if they wanna avoid it lol. but Thanks for making my morning, i definitely needed to feel worse than i already do right now, that was great

It is a FACT that an awful lot of abled and neurotypical medical/mental health professionals are extremely ableist. 

It is a FACT that a lot of disabled and neurodivergent people suffer ableism and medical abuse from medical and mental health professionals, in particular those professionals that are abled and neurotypical. 

It is a FACT that a lot of neurotypical people who study psychology and go into that field professionally are extremely ableist and go into psych because they find ‘those cr*zy people so fascinating’.

Yes there are exceptions. However the mere fact that abled neurotypical medical/mental health professionals who arent horribly ableist is an exception to the rule is utterly terrible. 

dear bts and shinee fans

okay im making this post and i adress both army and shawols with this..
stop making this about fandoms, stop acting as if its only bts fans who do this. just because key chose to post this picture with people who are seemingly liking bts doesnt mean its only them. you guys act as if there arent people of our or even other fandoms involved in this. there are shawol sasaengs too as well as whatever other fandom there is out there.
you are ignoring the importance of keys post only caring about fandoms and fanwars. you are taking away attention from the real issue by creating a new and totally unnecessary one.
please stop.
shawols, give people a break and focus on supporting key and stop bashing a whole fandom. dont act like ours only consists of angels.. lots of stuff is going wrong here too.
for army, please try to ignore people bashing your fandom and instead of only defending it, try to show those who doubt you that youre great with the right actions.
there are enough people knowing that its not about the fandoms.
like i said before we, as well as every other fandom, arent perfect. added to that bts attracts lots of young fans who are not familiar with these issues, do it for fun and still need to learn too.. not everyone grows at the same pace thats what many people tend to forget. but srsly stop bashing everyone and pay attention to the problematic ones.
both army and shawols need to calm down and work together to educate/get rid of those who are toxic for fandoms as well as idols.

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Ace people being excluded from lgbt spaces because they arent as oppressed as others always bugged me, because last i checked its still a problem, even if its not as big of a one, and the idea they can perpetuate homophobia a bit silly, a trans person can be homophobic, a bi person can be transphobic, everyone can perpetuate bigotry

yea, it happens a lot, and being kind to others and accept them for whoever they are and educate them really does go a long long way.

its so weird when cishet aces say that “lgbt people are saying ace/aros dont have any problems” bc like, most people know that you can have problems! granted, we think that a lot of your problems come from a different form if oppression (eg. being a woman and being expected to marry a man), but we acknowledge that, yes, you have problems. the thing is that cishet aces problems are generally not the same as sga and trans peoples problems, and they arent going to have the same solutions.

i get kinda uncomfortable when trans men or nb people (who are experiencing a uh Significantly distant position related to gender than me, like obvi this doesnt apply to every single nb person since some are experiencing a lot of similar stuff i.e. misogyny, or for example, gender-policing of the type thats directed at amab people who arent conforming to hetero gender conformity) 

….Act like they can necessarily understand what i go through as a trans woman..

since, uh, the first thing i want to express here is: it’s a very different thing, generally, for a trans man or afab nb person to get misgendered as opposed to a trans woman. & uh the label of “amab nb” is too broad so like obvi there are some who have some experiences close to those of trans women (such as most people who id as ‘transfeminine’ nb) & some who dont experience stuff in common w/ trans women. 

like among most trans and/or nb people theres a few specific things that are similar and can be called the same thing, like the things that get labeled misgendering, using the wrong pronouns, use of deadnames, and “transphobia.”

but that doesn’t equalize all experiences that share the same label. 

i dont want non trans women and by this i mean People Who Dont Experience Transmisogyny to kinda misrepresent transmisogyny as “a subtype of transphobia that is merely specific to trans women” rather than emphasizing the fact that transmisogyny is particularly targeted, particularly an enaction of misogyny, and particularly violent. 

i’ve definitely seen this type of obscuring-of-violence before… like for example when trans men get their transmisogyny pointed out they say “oh i can’t be transphobic! i’m trans!”

idk. i just think that we should be aware of how we’re differently positioned & not pretend that everyone who labels themself “trans” is experiencing the same particular “transphobia.”

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Sorry if this has been asked a hundred times, but how are ethnically jewish people white?(assuming theyre light skinned, you know what I mean I hope) Ive seen a lot of posts talking about how "white" jews arent white because of rampant antisemitism and stuff like that. Im not jewish and I dont really understand huge text walls so I apologize for not knowing

don’t worry it’s a fair question! because yeah i know exactly the posts you’re talking about… (i’m not very good at explaining stuff though tbh, i’ll try but if anyone wants to add to this then go ahead!) trying to put this as simply as i can:

basically, whiteness is a colonial construct and is based on our relationship with european colonisation. european jews benefitted from this and still do. it’s important to say that some ethnic jews from these groups aren’t white due to interracial relationships at points in time, but white european jews are white

(that sounds so bad, sorry, like i said i find this hard to explain because as a mixed jew of colour it just seems obvious to me i guess)

antisemitism has an ethnic dimension, definitely, but ethnicity and race are different things, and being white doesn’t at all mean that white jews can’t experience antisemitism! they do. they just don’t experience racism

i recommend you read this post if you can, it’s a really good explanation. even just the larger text sections are good if the whole thing is too much :)

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hi, i read your FAQ and i think this hasnt been answered yet -- you guys arent straight and neither am i, so you know how str8 people treat us. are you concerned with the fact that str8 people are using this blog as a platform to purposely invalidate us? str8 people see a character that is loved by us in tags/has a lot of nonstr8 fan material, and send them to you as a targeted response. even if you arent perpetrating this yourselves, are you aware of what youre enabling?

Well considering we personally as the mods choose the characters that go on this blog for the most part no we aren’t concerned, sure we get submitted stuff when we open requests every so often but usually its just characters people requesting like, very rarely is there a request that seems charged, and honestly like a very large chunk of our fanbase is lgbt too so its not even straight people submitting the charged ones generally.

We also don’t open requests for very long so its always our fanbase submitting characters for the requests and like I said a huge chunk of our fanbase is lgbt, we have straight fans but honestly the lgbt ones are the most vocal and generally most active among the fans, we aren’t really enabling this because of how few requests we take, and really especially because really most of the requests are generally rather obscure characters our fans just happen to like and wanna see up here simply because they like them.

Even then if we post a character commonly headcanoned as not straight it really doesn’t invalidate you because we think differently, like you can just simply move on and go about your day thinking they’re not straight while we think they are, like thats all it is, a different opinion, one which in no way invalidates yours or you especially because we would never post an actual lgbt character which would actually invalidate people and what not, but again we don’t do that, and often encourage people to not have to agree with us on headcanons like we aren’t forcing you to think this so really it doesn’t invalidate anything at all.

do cis people know how much money the trans people they approve as Real Trans People spend on transitioning? thats like hundreds of thousands of dollars for a lot of them like do you really think the average trans person can spend as much money on transitioning as youtube celebrities and caitlyn jenner? and thats even if they wanted to go through countless surgeries which a lot of people dont? they act like just because someone doesnt “pass” means theyre not really trans or arent trying hard enough and its so ignorant 

tunawhales replied to your post “i  hh ate weeaboos sm oh my GOD i swear they literally think anything…”

abt ur tags- like a lot of words share things in common in other languages. ai may mean smth in japanese, but it means separate in other languages!! white ppl always tryna tell me my spanish idioms arent “proper” bc their cracker teacher taught them differently…

i know dude but i was specifically talking about the whole ~japanese sounding words~ like shit, theyre both asian languages and im upset at how every non-asian weeaboo thinks anything “asian sounding” is japanese??? its so disrespectful when people clump different ethnicities together just bc theyve been exposed 2 one ethnicity more lol!!!!! its also gonna get lots of east asians pissed especially since theres still lots of tension between japan and the rest of east asia lol . ive seen weeaboos go into an hmart ((a popular korean store)) and say shit like “kawaii” and “konichiwa” to korean people. its fuking disgusting and im pissed that people assume anything east asian is japanese. just dont assume shit, ask before you make a fool outta yourself. 


Kemper sat outside of the school, waiting for Hazel between classes. He sat with Mackenzie and Tyler, simply bushitting with he two.

“So, how’s it going being here?” Kemper asked Mackenzie, who shrugged.

“Its a lot different.” He nodded. “A lot. The atmosphere is a lot different. The people who buy prostitutes arent as chill. But I’m used to stoners. I’ve been a mainly submissive when I’m bought, its a weird change.”

“But at least you still get good buisness.” Kemper said with a shrug.


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Hi cham. Do you feel like this fandom has a lot of cliques? I joined this chat in hopes of meeting other armies coz im new but the people on it already have an established clique. when one of the new people says something, theyll just ignore that person, change the subject, or go "anyways..." so no one else talks except for that group of people. i also noticed that when the chat is kinda dead, the more active ones call out people who dont speak much and say that they shouldnt join if theyre not

gonna talk. Well 1) different timezones 2) life 3) intimidation coz like i said, they have their group and those who arent part of it feel like outsiders. There are lots of new fans everyday and it’s like if you werent there from the beginning, you dont belong. Tbh older fans can be intimidating but some of them use “awkward and shy” and “not good with people” as excuses to be rude and exclude people who arent part of their clique

cliques happen in any fandom, on any side of the internet. it happens in fandom, in fanfic, in forums, in roleplay, in MMOs. that’s just how it is. its just groups of friends. but bad cliques are the ones that are kinda mean, and the people youre in a gc seem to be kind of assholey lmao (esp with the “anyways…” thing like it sounds so rude wtf) like i’m in a gc right now that i love that’s very inclusive as far i can see. you shouldnt feel uncomfortable or intimidated in a group chat. it should be a place to make friends and have friendly discussion. also ive seen people use the “not good with people” excuse to be rude for ages.

i suggest you leave it tbh. try and find a different gc, if possible. if you, your friends, or anyone wants to make a nice gc with me feel free to message me c: i love new fans.

Lol all of you are petty as fuck.

>gets doxed by an asshole and says that doxing people is bad

>dox someone right after

Sjws and antisjws arent so different. You both complain about what others are doing and then go on to do the same thing. A lot of people on here are major hypocrates.

Some of you need to go outside. Tumblr is slowly killing you.

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But arent the majority of anti choicers religious and vice versa? A lot of religious ppl are ableist, if you dont know their views they treat you like youre st***d and wrong. I have a mental disability and they have told me things like it must be

My own fault i must have angered god or sinned etc. Also the whole “athiests and vegans cant go a second w/o telling people about it” thing that was hinted at the other day on here kiiiinda sucks when you live in the south and have religious Billboards and pamphlets every 2 steps you take. Not to mention the rampant homophobia ive experienced. I find comfort in athiests not telling me I’m going to be tortured in a firey pit of hell forever for having a cognitive disability and for my Sexuality. Plus theres the whole “hey your job is to be quiet and have 20 babies” thing so many force onto young girls. I’m not trying to sound hateful, I love this blog, just offering up my opinion from the opposing side <3

religion mention, homophobia mention, misogyny mention

Hi friend!

So I’m not saying atheists are bad. I’m not saying that religious bigots are good. I’m simply saying that one of the common arguments, and attitudes they can take is sometimes problematic, and harmful. That’s it. That’s really all I meant. Obviously, there are amazingly awesome vegans and atheists-no doubt about that. And I’m sorry you’ve dealt with all the homophobia, sexism, religious bigotry, and other such awfulness. Being from the south myself, I totally feel you. Since I came out at age 12, I’ve also dealt with religious bigots too-and they really simply suck. All I was trying to do is explain one of the common issues people sometimes take with atheism as a whole, and the fact that their is some problematic views/beliefs in the atheist community.Every community has some problematic views (for example, a lot of the prochoice community is super cissexist) and that does not always make the community bad as a whole (well, unless it’s a community built on bigotry…like white supremacist, obviously they’re completely fucking awful and bad as a whole, but I think you get what I mean) however, those issues do need to be addressed, and worked on. But I do feel you, and get what you’re saying. Also, I’m sorry this is a bit short-the racists shit kinda has my nerves shot, and I wasn’t entirely prepared for the racist shitstorm today has been in our inbox when I got on, lol. In either case, I’m really happy that you’ve been able to find comfort in atheism, and I hope you’re doing well now! <3


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What is your honest opinion on tatsu-rose-bathory? A lot of people don't really like OC characters that are related to canon characters so I was just curious about it.

i personally am okay with *some* OCs as long as they dont annoy me and arent overpowered/totally copied from canon characters.
tatsu is very sweet and i like having yuu interact with the little ones because to me it opens another part of him i can improvise with.
yuu has actually told mika that theyre going to adopt kids together in canon also.
but yeah even though im not 100% okay with OCs and some aspects of OCs tend to bother me i do like her so i am okay with her OC :p

I want some awkward people AUs
  • Hey we have kissed a lot yet I still have no idea how so I looked it up and  NO DAMMIT FOLLOW THE STEPS
  • We just made out and you’re in the car home and all my friends are busy so yes I’m calling you to freak out over what we just did
  • We have been planning to kiss for months now and even have a code name for it
  • You get really embarrassed easily so I’m going to flirt with you in a joking manner to tease you but holy shit you’re cute
  • You are being really hyper and man I just did my hair today but you asked to pour the rest of your apple juice on my head and I love your stupid smile so go ahead
  • My whole table tallies up the amount of times you look over at me and if you glance at me one more time I have to do something ridiculous so STOP
  • You give sloppy kisses and I don’t have the heart to tell you
  • You are playing with kids toys and giving them a bunch of funny voices and scenarios and I’m just watching you
  • We are playing marco polo in the pool and my swimsuit tie just came undone. YET I REFUSE TO NOT SAY POLO OH GOD PLEASE DONT TOUCH MEE
  • Most of the time on the phone we just scream incoherent words at each other in embarrassment
  • You got a boner and I didn’t realize so I asked to borrow it thinking it was an eraser in your pants
  • You just made out with a cupcake and I’m unsure whether I’m disgusted or turned on

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hmm the one thing i have a hard time with is like braids and stuff and headdresses. im of Celtic decent and headdresses for weddings have significant meaning. women also wore their hair in braids. but sometimes i see a lot of poc talk about braids and headdresses on white people as cultural appropriation. idk what are ur thoughts as a non white person?

well i guess if u can prove that the specific braiding does come from ur celtic culture then thats a different situation. like there r lots of different types of braids and some r ok 2 wear if ur not from a specific culture and some arent and with the head dresses again it comes down to the type and if its not part of ur culture u probably shouldnt wear it but if it is then go ahead

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why arent you as active anymore

// really anon ? well lets see apparently people are sick of interacting with me , i have worked my ass off trying to get RPs going but they are always forgotten about , it not i am not trying . if i had more people to interact with i would be a LOT more active , but out of 264 followers very few are actually here to interact … sad really . //

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Hi! Idk if you're still doing them and if not then please ignore me I'm sorry but could I have a fancast please? Specifically for Harry Potter and TRC but if anything else comes to mind that's cool too! My selfie tag is /tagged/me but there's also other stuff in there I'm sorry

oh my god you’re literally so pretty and this is probably going to be me gushing over you so i apologize in advance 

hp: i mean fleur. duh. like. you’re fleur. it looks like you float into rooms and flip your hair and own literally everyone within a five mile radius. do people stand near you to bask in your presence

trc: there arent a lot of women in trc besides like the fox way women so i wanna go w aurora lynch because she’s literally a dream creature that is basically flowers and soft smiles and magic (but you can think for yourself and stuff)