i realized tht i explain myself a lot on here like…when my mom died i had to explain how she died and when i decided she/her didnt fit me i had to explain why i wanted to use they/them & now im like always explaining why i changed my name and these arent like?? debatable topics that need an opinion or anything?? idk i just find it very weird & invasive when people (who arent just being curious or like asking bc theyre going thru something similar) just ask me to explain & validate things that are really not ur business?? like…not to be whiny but sometimes some of u guys really treat me like a product & not a person w feelings & emotional issues?? if that makes sense

my current experience drawing undertale fanart

- draws stuff based on the sprites

- finds how other artists have drawn it and then go OH IS THAT WHAT IT WAS oops

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Hello Ashes, you are my rolemodel because despite being mentally ill you have managed to produce lots and lots of awesome art and a whole comic. I always was interested in how you manage to pull that off. I'm also an artist who aspires to make a webcomic but studying is unimaginably hard for me because of mental illness. It is infinitely stronger than me. How do you manage to fight it? I am psychotic and I also have a developmental disorder.

AAAAA IM SO GLAD I CAN BE AN INSPIRATION TO SOMEONE i hope a lot that by working hard i can show other people with serious mental health problems that they can also achieve their dreams!!! dreams arent just for neurotypicals!!! you can do ANYTHING YOU WANT if you really really want it you just have to realize that its going to be extremely difficult. unfairly difficult. but not impossible and dont let anyone tell you otherwise

well first of all i can tell you AS YOU PROBABLY ALREADY KNOW that being mentally ill and producing a fair amount of content at the same time is INSANELY difficult. you also probably know that school isnt at all useful to people like us, its impossible to think let alone learn anything in a stressful harmful competitive environment like that. im not saying you shouldnt go to school though!!!! im saying that if possible you need to take time off school to learn things and do things at your own pace in an environment that isnt harmful and terrifying. like a school. i hate school but i love learning, learning is wonderful and also helps with my psychosis as well as surrounding myself with facts helps keep me rooted in reality. also remember! just because someone can spit back facts better than you doesnt mean theyre actually smarter than you, just that theyre good at memorizing stuff under pressure

medication is vital for me for me honestly, without medication its almost impossible to even begin to produce work. but not impossible!!! i wrote the entirety of the surreality series, reviewed printed and typed out, and then the entire first chapter drawn, while mostly on no medication. however it was hell. if you have access to healthcare please use it to your advantage or at least try it, if theres something out there that can make your life a little easier and you arent taking it out of fear or psychosis you will really regret not even attempting it

nothing is foolproof and everything stops working and you have to switch it up occationally, but dont give up. print out motivational posters and put them everywhere. lie to yourself that you can do it until it isnt a lie anymore. try and get a support group for your psychosis, STUDY YOUR ILLNESSES so you can outsmart them, STUDY PSYCHOLOGY!!! if you have add rotate between art tasks every couple of minutes. reward yourself for producing content, buy a t-shirt!! arcade games on your computer when you are depressed and dont want to try anymore to get your fighting spirit back

everyone is different, you have to find out what works for you and STAY ON TOP OF IT ALL THE TIME!!!!! ALL THE TIME!!!!! dont keep your thoughts and fears and sadness hidden or they will grow into unstoppable monsters. i also use tumblr and twitter to broadcast my thoughts to people so if im acting out of line or psychotic they can let me know. DONT PUSH YOURSELF TOO HARD ((I MESS UP ON THIS A LOT))

god, so much. its HARD. im not gonna lie its very much near impossible to do. but its not impossible. and im going to show everyone that no matter what is holding you down you can FUCKING DO IT. YOU CAN FUCKING BE THE PERSON YOUVE ALWAYS WANTED TO BE

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did you ever think your furry art would become so popular? since furries arent exactly accepted everywhere

I never tought about it, in fact I believed I could get hate for it. I never think about popularity I just do whatever I like to do, if happens that people like it, I share with them more. I know that furries are not accepted everywhere but, since I like them a lot I just keep going with it.

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"i feel like a lot of biracial kids have a hard time coming to terms w it and finding where they fit and creating their identity around it!" okay but this is literally me tho. like i'm biracial but i have a hard time saying that bc i'm white passing (and i 100% recognize my privilege!!) and i feel like if i say i'm biracial people will think i'm lying, if that makes sense?? so i just go back & forth between saying i'm white or half-white. idk but thanks for putting my feelings into words!

i get u!!! i feel like a lot of the time biracial kids arent “enough” for either side and r kinda just in a limbo of trying 2 figure it out u feel? 

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is it a bpd thing to split on and idealize ppl that ARENT your fp?

Personally, I split like a champ on people who aren’t my FPs, and I idealize strangers. So whatever’s going on with you is totally possible. FPs are a pretty new dictation… Not that it hasn’t always been a thing; there’s just a name for it now. We split and idealize a lot of people separately or simultaneously. Very complicated how the brain likes to play us.

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i believe supernatural should have ended three seasons ago because it is slowly losing the frightening demeanor that made it so appealing in the earlier seasons.

strongly agree | agree | neutral | disagree | strongly disagree

oh i just knew something like this was gonna come up. 

supernatural is like the weirdest subject for me because i have a blog dedicated to it and its such a big part of my life at this point

like were it not for supernatural i wouldnt have a tumblr to be honest

ive heard a lot of people complaining about where supernatural has gone, and my opinions on it arent really set in stone.

the main argument is that it no longer has the scare factor that it used to. back in the first three seasons it was focused on the monster of the week kind of style, and that has certainly changed.

but i think change was necessary. think of it this way: had they kept going with the same monster of the week, no real huge overarching plotlines, they would never have gotten to season 11. it just wouldnt work. they would have simply run out of things to do. so development was necessary in that regard. 

but i also think it was necessary because the overarching, multiple season long plots are how the characters have developed themselves. they needed those ridiculous obstacles in order to grow as characters. honestly, as much as i loved the charm season 1 dean had, i dont think i would be able to watch 11 seasons of his character not developing at all. it would get so old. he had to grow up, even though that kills me, he did.

ive read many times that the fandom is, in very large part, the main reason the show has gone on that long. many shows have casual viewers that tune in once a week if they remember to do so. other shows have small fandoms on the internet. 

but the supernatural fandom is so monumental, so extensive, that it would be very difficult to just give that up. 

our cast is so proactive about attending cons and running charities and participating in things that they really stay involved in the fandom enough to keep the show alive for as long as it has

so on one hand i agree that the show has gone on for a very long time and has changed so much that its hardly at all the same show it used to be, but on the other hand i recognize that there is no way it would have stayed the same undeveloped, monster of the week kind of show it was for 11 years, and one of the reasons its still around at all is because the ratings are still decent and the fandom is so pertinent. 

whenever they do get around to cancelling the show, a lot of people will be affected. this show really has become a very large family for the most part and i think the fans and actors and producers alike are all aware of that. 

as much as its becoming a chore to keep the show itself on the air, the family the show has created is so much more than the show itself. i think it would be hard for the producers to tear it apart.

send me unpopular opinions!

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i recently had an accident that resulted in lots of facial surgeries leaving me looking quite deformed and im really insecure about it/ dont go out/ none of my friends have seen how bad it is. only the people i live with know. i look like im from a horror movie.... im just telling you because i havent told anyone

i am so sorry you have to go through that. i think if you are worried about what your friends think, then they arent real friends. they should stick by you no matter what especially at a time like this. have they been reaching out to you? if they have, i would give them a chance. we arent who we are on the outside, your soul is still the same, and if anything, it needs friends more than ever right now ♥️

hey guys, if you could read this it would be a big help
i know a lot of people have kins and ids and while some are okay with doubles, some arent. and id like to avoid this kind of trouble by making a list (mostly for myself) of kin/ids that shouldnt be doubled. if that makes sense? idk
basically, if we’re mutuals, and you have kins/ids that would make you uncomfortable if i interacted with someone else w that kin/id then please, like this post!
im going to go through everyones blog anyways to check but this would make it a lot easier on me and help make sure i dont miss anyone

so many people say that young citizens dont vote and yes a lot of them dont but no one is giving credit to the young people on the internet who help educate other people about the US election because at least twice a day i see something on my dash about the race and why you have to go out and vote and how important it is and im not even american. young people care, you just arent giving them enough credit to.

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You know people arent always going to be accepting of who you are or kind to you and the way in which you respond to them really says a lot about your character.

Yes I do know this. Do you mind if I ask what the fuck are you talking about?

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How do you feel about all the jokes around jared letos portrayal of the joker/the possibly erroneous portrayal of Harley Quinn's mental illness in suicide squad?

I haven’t written Jared Leto off as the joker yet because all of the clips ive seen him in arent too bad. The look they designed for him is a bit iffy and that damaged tattoo needs to go, but I think Jared will definitely bring a new and fresh joker. I think if people take a step back and stop hoping for him to be like Heath Ledger, they’ll enjoy it a lot more.

As for Harley, I’m disappointed with the latest trailer and the “voices” scene. I cringed at that scene so hard because I don’t feel like that’s Harley in the slightest and its a terrible representation of her. Some of the other scenes are redeemable because Margot Robbie looks so cute as Harley and I know she’s trying her best and its not her fault the writers suck. I hope somehow that scene is cut or lost or something.

Overall after the trailer released on Tuesday I was more disappointed than anything but its just a trailer and not the whole movie so I still have hope.

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are people done complaining about twitter rps lmao

fr like ??? arent u tired of complaining about the same old shit ? if u hate twitter rp cool thats ur opinion i dont give a fuck but quit whining fuck are u three ? blacklist the word twitter n move on. whos forcing u to join twitter rps anyway u fuckin baby? n to the people saying “promo on twitter” how ? lemme know hmu w those facts fam. theres a lot more shit going on in the rpc that r more serious than people roleplaying on twitter . why dont we focus on whitewashing and people smutting w fifteen year old fcs like are u deadass ? go outside.

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because some non-lesbian nb trans people seem to think they can call themselves femme but not butch

im mostly just wondering why they just wanna do femme. why not butch. go big or go home

also i really dont care about who uses butch/femme as long as they arent straight, or men. like i know its a thing for a lot of trans women? and i really dont understand the divide between lesbians and MGA women. but thats Just Me i guess

ive got a few thousand followers and a lot of you are way younger than me

so i just want to make sure you know that the kind of life i live, and the lives a bunch of other blogs glorify arent THE life to live. lots of us are out of school and have all this freedom and that means we can spend our time in different ways.

dont look at us like the end-all-be-all of cool. focus on school, love your friends, be huge dorks, go have ridiculous after-school adventures, and dont worry about the kinda things you see people doing on tumblr.

this site is all a big mix of middle-schoolers, teenagers, college kids, and even full grown adults with kids of their own. pay attention to which of those groups you belong to and enjoy the things you only get the chance for during that time

i have to go do dumb shit for my dumb grampa and you should all take this time to come up with ways to talk to me because im pretty cool not like cool in that way some old dudes are where they just understand shit but i think im decently cool. like on a scale of 1 to 10, id give myself about a 6. not that i usually spend time trying to be cool and impress others because i dont 

also i just wanna clarify since a lot of people get confused mac and i arent gay were just really good pals okay thanks

“Nice farmer’s tan.”


“Come on, let’s go find more people.”


so my friend always asks me after i talk a bit about and dan and phil whats the appeal? why do i like them and why do almost 10 million people follow them? ive always been interested/intrigued/curious about fan culture, more specifically fan culture surrounding internet personalities. i think the reason why its interesting is simply because these people are very ordinary people who arent big celebs and lead very very normal lives, aside from the cool opportunities they get through youtube

anyways read more if youre willing to read an in depth analysis as to why people (obviously myself included) gravitate towards dan and phil

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