okay but guys think about it. one day we’re going to have all these books with queer characters and disabled characters and poc characters, and they’re going to be well-written and not just laughingstocks/token representation, and it’s going to be a common occurrence and there’s going to be this whole generation of kids that’s going to be able to look at these books with these characters and think “that’s me” without having to struggle to find them and honestly that’s so beautiful.

Music is in the air, my friends.  How can it not be? Music Meister was super annoying butttttttt I have to say, sending people in a musical world – sort of the best super power if you ask me. Barry downloaded the team about what we were all doing in the musical.  I swear, every time Barry time travels or goes to another dimension I never tire of hearing what my doppelgangers can do.  Apparently in the musical, I was a bus boy named Pablo – I dig it.

With Barry and Iris back on the right track, morale at a high - it felt appropriate that we all take a breather and go do something together.  And obviously, given what we were just up against it had to be karaoke. We got there and after a few rounds of liquid confidence everyone was ready to scan the book and pick their songs.

A lot can be said about your karaoke jam – take Iris for instance.  She’s not super musically inclined but girl picked crowd pleaser with TLC’s “No Scrubs.” It got the crowd going and everyone knew the words to sing along.  It brought me back to my middle school gymnasium dances where the girls hung out on one side and the boys on the other.  Yeah, I was the cool wallflower.  But that’s the thing about music – it can transport you back to a specific time and place in your life.  It’s a beautiful thing.

Iris wasn’t the only one of us with good musical taste – Joe chose Frank Sinatra’s “New York, New York.” That guy can sing ­– he’s so soulful and just a natural on stage….seriously, he should think about doing a career change.  Caitlin can’t carry a tune, bless her heart, but her song choice was solid – Alanis Morisette “Ironic.”  I think the highlight of the night was that H.R. didn’t know or recognize any of the songs – so he just grabbed the microphone and sang a “classic” Earth-19 song.  Everyone at the bar wanted to kill us but it was a hilarious moment that was so worth us almost getting kicked out for.

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I just finished listening to the "Aristotle and Dante discover the secrets of the universe" audiobook (it's read by Lin Manuel Miranda and it's amazing!). i had been meaning to read it for a really long time partly because you talked about it so much before. I just noticed that you haven't drawn any aridante fanart for a while and I just wondered why? Love your art by the way, you are amazing <3

thank you so much!!

and i guess that’s just because ari and dante haven’t been a lot on my mind lately. I still ADORE the book obviously but i’ve had other series in mind lately (voltron) and yeah it’s just a matter of what inspires you at the current moment

but don’t worry i’m sure the urge to draw ari and dante will resurface again one of these days lmao 

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I'm DYING I'm writing a book that features a lot of supernatural characters and shit and I was telling my graphics designer friend about one of the characters who is a techno fae (sound familiar?) and he said he wanted to draw him and I'm just like 'UMM?????' Because like, my friends don't like JSE that much and the character is literally an Anti headcanon lmao


what they don’t know won’t hurt them ;D

Friendly Reminder when doing research

Please be aware of texts and pdfs online you find about Konkokyo, Jinja Shinto, or Shinto as a whole. 
Even from some published books, a lot were written in the last 60-80 years by  Western scholars who were also Christian priests, and tend to write with a Christianized bias, context, and interpretation. While this is absolutely fine and these scholars are entitled to interpret things how they see it, it is difficult when you want to understand Konkokyo, Jinja Shinto, and Shinto practices in Japan as a whole in the correct context

If you’re ever unsure of anything you find, please send me an ask

I found a Christian text that mentions Konkokyo but they translated “Tenchi Kane no Kami” as “Great Father of the Universe”…which is odd, because 

1. No where is Kami-sama’s gender mentioned (Kami-sama is all genders and genderless - not any particular energy or gendered kami, but also all encompassing and a part of everything) 

2. “Father” nor “Great” is  part of Kami-sama’s name

Kami-sama’s name: Tenchi Kane no Kami 天地金乃神…broken down, it’s 

Tenchi (天地)Universe 天 = Heavens (like the sky, or space) 地 = Earth (like the soil, ground), Ten and Chi together mean “Heavens and Earth” or Tenchi, Universe

Kane (金) Gold, Golden

No (乃), the kanji/formal form of  “の” or “of” 

Kami (神) Divinity, Spirit, Force, a spirit or deity that invokes awe 

In English you could translate it as “The shining golden deity of heaven and earth” or “The golden shining deity of the universe” 

not “Great Father of the Universe” - the  only thing that is the same is “of the universe” 

Sometimes in English Kami-sama is called “The Divine Parent” - but it doesn’t specify the gender of the parent - just to invoke the image of a parent in the true sense of the word - unconditionally loving, kind, guiding, caretaking, etc.
I know a lot of times, parents don’t fulfill the role of the word. so I don’t always like that term. but for others it can help them see Kami-sama is the ideal parent that always takes care. 

In any case, this was pretty concerning because it’s completely wrong and out of context too, especially to those first learning about Konkokyo.

I’ve also seen some outlandish things in Shinto and Jinja Shinto texts, so if there’s anything please just send me out a message and I can help interpret/contextualize/correct the information if necessary

Thank you!!

adifferentkindoffetish  asked:

Do you have any recommendations for books about self-love? I read a lot of "self help" books that say to love yourself, but not HOW to.

You can heal your life by Louise Hay, she also has meditations you can do to: https://soundcloud.com/kris_carr/louise-hay-experience-your

But yeah you need to be doing meditations and yoga, otherwise you’ll just become one of these people who preach self-love, yet your actions will contradict. You need to be focusing on higher self-love, not just love of the physical because the body is only temporary an illusion, so that’s the last thing you want to identify with. I think true self-love only comes from the grace of God, everything else is ultimately just ego. Only God knows your soul, so only God can show you your soul, no book, no affirmations alone will do that for you. You can’t be spiritually developed without Spirit itself, that’s just nonsensical 🤷🏽‍♀️only by knowing the one whom created us do we know ourselves. So usually seeking to know God and learning how much God loves the soul is usually more than enough for one to know how to love themselves. I think there’s only so much self-help books can do, after awhile they prove themselves to be limited. God fills one with unending joy, bliss, love and wisdom 😊🌹❤

isthereanyusernameleftdamnit  asked:

Hey! You've talked about how Zuko, Katara and Aang could have developed in Book 4 (had there been one). But what about Sokka, Toph and Suki? And Mai, Ty Lee and Azula?

Yeah, I was disappointed that we didn’t get any mention of Sokka or what he was going to be up to in Book 4. We know Suki was supposed to get more fleshed out. I think it is possible that Sokka and Suki would be traveling together like Zuko and Katara were. Suki may go to the Water Tribe, or Sokka may help out with post-war stuff in the Earth Kingdom with the other Kyoshi Warriors. I think Sokka and his dad would have gotten more development. Their reunion was such a big deal in Book 2, and I always expected their relationship to be more developed. Especially since Book 4 seems to be focusing a lot on family. The fact that everyone is dealing with family would have made Aang feel very lonely, since he has none. This would have been a great way to go into the flashback episode about his parents. Maybe we’d even get to see Sokka meet Suki’s parents. I always wanted to learn more about Suki. And Hakoda could give advice to Sokka about being a good boyfriend.

Toph’s parents were also going to be a big deal, as we all know. And Book 4 was going to delve into Iroh’s past with Lu Ten. Maybe there would have been some focus on Toph/Iroh. I always expected more from them. Toph’s conversation with Iroh was so important when they first met, and she was immediately friendly with him in Ba Sing Se when he came to ask for help. I always thought that something more would come from their exchange. I think Iroh would be the perfect mentor for Toph who might be worried about seeing her parents again. Then after she works things out with her parents, she would be able to come back to the group. I also think that Toph’s friendship with Zuko would also get developed.

I think Azula would be mainly recovering from her insanity. Zuko would try to visit her and help her and Katara would support him in trying to do what he can for his family. Maybe this would have led into Zuko talking about wanting to find his mother. If Ursa did come back, I do think she would have a very interesting reunion with Azula. But I don’t see Azula playing a major role or being a villain again or anything.

I also think Mai and Ty Lee would get development. Maybe they would try to help out in Omashu. Both of them would probably try to patch things up with their families. We would probably see Ty Lee’s sisters, and Mai would try to work on her issues with her parents and Tom Tom and Ty Lee could help her with that. I think Mai and Ty Lee would be very close after the war and they would be side character like Jet and his Freedom Fighters. Maybe they would befriend Suki and Sokka while they were in the Earth Kingdom. I always wanted to see a friendship between Sokka and Ty Lee. But I don’t really see Mai and Zuko being close or anything in Book 4.

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Are there any good books out there about the Soviet deportations or any good websites?

Wiki has pretty good article about March 1949 Deportations, very detailed and informative. It’s a good place to start. 

I also suggest you read Jaan Kross’s two volumes of “Dear Co-travellers”. He was actually nominated for Nobel prize in Literature for those books.

There are a lot of books in all three languages of the Baltic states, as a lot of deportees have written down their memories.

27/03/2017, @gradblrchallenge day 22

Picture from earlier today when I was reading in the sun. 

Even though I got up rather late because my sleep schedule is still a bit skewed from the weekend, I got a lot of work done: I read over 100 pages of a book I’ve been stuck on for months, started reading a paper, sorted out a couple of financial issues regarding my upcoming research trip, and went to yoga class (I’m definitely seeing progress!). Tomorrow I’m staying home, hopefully doing a lot more reading.

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Zuko acted terrible toward pretty much all of the Gaang bar Katara even after becoming "good": Aang, Sokka, and Toph all got that treatment. This is one of the biggest reasons I just can't bring myself fully onto the Zutara side - it would make the one somewhat decent friendship he had going with the Gaang members look like it had ulterior motives behind it.

LOL! I think you are new to my posts. In which case, you’d be surprised but…I actually agree with you. I think Zuko’s characterization was garbage for a lot of Book 3. I was very confused by a lot of Zuko’s atrocious dialogue and characterization in Book 3 even after he became “good”. I know he was grumpy and moody in Book 2, but he was never a straight up asshole like he was in Book 3. That is one of the things I constantly complain about. It was one of my main complaints about Book 3, since I first saw it all those years ago. I remember thinking WTF did the writers do to poor Zuko? He used to be so likable…

I liked Zuko because he was a very complex and sensitive character, and especially by the end of Book 2 you saw his true personality. Like on his date or in the tea shop Then in Book 3, it felt like they wanted to make him into the group jerk. It really, really didn’t fit his character. I was very, very unhappy with his new personality in Book 3. I don’t like “bad boy” Zuko one bit.

But you know, that actually makes me more confident that Zutara was planned. Because why else would they make Zuko act so OOC? It was very jarring and bizarre. And as soon as they made Zuko go bad, they quickly threw him into a lazy relationship with Mai, too. I don’t think that’s a coincidence. I think making him too nice, like he was at the end of Book 2 (his true personality as we saw in The Storm) would have made him too good of a match for Katara. Kind, empathetic, and introspective Zuko would have been perfect for Katara. And that is how Ehasz wrote him.

Ehasz wanted Zuko to have a close friendship with Aang too. He wanted to explore the connection Aang had with Kuzon and how Zuko tied into that. And how Iroh had an influence on Zuko in Book 4. So I don’t think it was Ehasz’ idea to make Zuko such a douche in Book 3.

“i know,” skulduggery said in a tone that made everyone freeze, “that you’re not about to strike my partner.”

i love this line. it’s always read to me as like, all of a sudden there’s a whole lot more testosterone in that room. it’s very obvious that here, just from this one line, that if nadir starts on valkyrie, skulduggery will step in for her and nadir will have to deal with him. i love that 95% of the time he lets her handle herself, but she’s been through a lot in this book and isn’t at her strongest and he just steps up. and she lets him. valkyrie isn’t the sort of girl who’d sit there and let a guy - even skulduggery - fight her battles if she felt capable of fighting them herself. and he knows, instinctively, when to step back and let her handle it and when she needs him to fight for her.

i just seriously love protective!skul ok. 

neko-puff  asked:

Once you get this, state five things you like about yourself, publicly, and send this to 10 of your favourite followers (non-negotiable) SPREAD POSITIVITY! 💖

1) I’m good at art… That’s a pretty understandable statement.

2) My life seems to be in order at the moment. I have a clear idea what will be happening to me within the next 3 years. Any problems can be solved over time and just take any good opportunities as they come. 

3) Apart from panic disorder and anxiety, physically I’m in shape and as healthy as I can get without torturing myself away from chocolate. :)

4) I’m getting through a lot more books now and getting better at working and learn-procrastination.

5) I’ve managed to keep my friends and family members close to me and kept up my relationship with them. No falling outs, no squabbles, all’s good right now. :)

Thanks for sending these; I think I’ll save these from when I’m at my low points so I can be reminded of them. :) Have a fantastic day/night. :)

anonymous asked:

I was wondering why Book 2 of ATLA is the best for you, I'm new to your blog and a friend of mine told me that you explain things really well and go in depth, for me Book 3 was my favorite, I just loved how Zuko got his honor back on his own, how he joined the Gaang and their journeys with Zuko, I loved that a lot and also the final battles, that's why Book 3 is the best to me I'm really interest to know why Book 2 is your favorite, I liked it but it lacked the action and excitement Book 3 had.

Well, the main reason was the characters’ personalities. Book 2 didn’t have as much action, but it had FAR better writing and far more depth to the story and characters. I thought Book 2 had MUCH better characterization than Book 3. Book 3 went in a very different direction than where Book 2 felt like it was going with the character development, and I found the characters MUCH less likable. It was not surprising to me at all to learn that the head writer had a lot of disagreements with Bryke. When I watch Book 2 and look at the comics, they are vastly different. When I look at Book 3 and the comics, there are a lot more similarities in tone and characterization. And I HATE the comics. I go into more detail here of why I thought the characterization on Book 3 was terrible.

With Book 3, Aang became a preachy Gary Stu and he got no spiritual development. Katara became a bland generic love interest. Zuko became a dark brooding bad boy who barely shows any emotion. At times, he is just a complete asshole which he never was before. Sokka became a goofball with little seriousness. And to me, it didn’t really feel like Zuko got his honor back on his own. His uncle basically told him to become good from prison. I hated how they made Zuko into a bad guy in Book 3 anyways. They ruined his character in my opinion. I liked a lot of Zuko’s time with the GAang, but I found it to be disappointing in the end. None of Zuko’s relationships with the GAAng felt that good and I was expecting them to be far better. I didn’t like the finale that much. Huge disappointment that just felt empty and unsatisfying. Book 3 was just a let down. I was shocked at how disappointing it was for me.

darkchampion  asked:

Have you considered doing analysis on more recent material from D&D, like 5e? I'd be very interested to see your take on the stuff in Volo's Guide to Monsters.

Alright I know this is a question from like six months ago at this point but it’s something I wanna bring up, is that like, I’ll get to stuff that isn’t AD&D in a nebulous “eventually” kind of way. Like, due to college and other life shit going on (which is the reason posts on this blog can be so, *ahem*, sporadic) a lot of my non-AD&D books are several hundred miles away, so it wouldn’t happen until at least I get those back. Like, there’s a bunch of 3.5 stuff I really wanna cover, at some point in time, including/especially the Player’s Handbook, where half-orcs are literally the only player race that gets a net -2 to their stat spread, whereas everyone else is at a net 0. Like 3.5 at least seemed to know a little more about what it was doing in terms of realizing that maybe not every single orc is irredeemably evil, from birth, but the farther we get away from it the more the cracks show, as with AD&D. Like, there’s a whole splatbook in 3.5 about playing monstrous humanoids, which was in many regards a step in the right direction, and in many others, not, because in most respects the rules for playing monsters sucked because of empty “monster” levels that were supposedly to balance the “hideous” power of playing, say, a bugbear, or a minotaur.

In fact I’d have to work out how to make it work in my formatting, and not make it take literal days to read, but I’d like at some point to make articles about some AD&D splatbooks, too. Maybe be like an overview with the excerpts being the “best hits”, so to speak? I dunno. Maybe break them up into groups, or chapters. I still need to consider it. The Book of Humanoids, from AD&D, at least, has a roughly similar entry style compared to the Monstrous Manual, so that at least should be pretty easy to get that ball rolling.

And say what you will about 4th edition, I thought the removal of negative racial stats was a good idea, because it made certain races more optimal for this role or that, while not making them totally unusable in any other role, just merely sub-optimal. Though honestly I will admit the very heavy combat focus of 4E kind of makes analyzing its fluff a little bit of a losing proposition, in my opinion? Like I remember looking through some 4E Monster Manuals and being like “??? This is just stat blocks”, with maybe a token paragraph, or somesuch.
Though I liked how they provided player stats for a handful of monsters in the back of every monster manual, if you wanted to be a bullywug, or a gnoll, or what-have-you.

Now, 5th Edition, from everything that I have seen, read, and just within the last couple of weeks personally experienced, is really, really good.
…Like I haven’t had a lot of opportunity to analyze a lot of the fluff, I don’t have many 5E books, but as a game it’s really tightly designed and has a whole lot to offer in terms of like, player customization and choice, and making every class feel like they’re doing something useful within their role, and not having as bad a time power balancing the wizards versus everyone else as compared to 3.5, especially, and without having to resort to the “everyone has kinda-sorta magic” solution of 4E. It feels like it’s simplified without being dumbed down? And I just, like it a lot, already, and I haven’t even done much in it. Like, the classes, the archetypes, I think it’s really cool. And they do have playable minotaurs, even, thanks to a PDF off the Wizards of the Coast website.
…They’re Dragonlance minotaurs, but flavor can be mucked around with, when you’re a DM. It’s liberating that way. 
As for Volo’s, I haven’t read it myself, but I have a friend who has, and he’s told me I’ll especially want to take a good long look at its take on kobolds, which, I’ve heard, suuuuuuuuuucks.
Like, they get a whole mechanic based on groveling like sniveling cowards?? A racial mechanic?? So any/all kobold PCs could do this??
I mean, minotaurs always having a melee weapon available on account of the horns, that makes sense, because unless they’ve been cut the hell off, every minotaur’s going to have horns to headbutt people with, right? I mean, in theory a minotaur could be born naturally hornless, like polled cattle in real life, but I digress; the whole point about a racial ability is that it should be something universal, that anybody of the species has the capacity to do, usually based on an integral physical trait, like the dragonborn and their breath weapons, or the half-orcs and their ability to go down swinging because of their adrenaline, or whatever it is. But groveling and cowardice?? For shame, Volo. That’s some anti-kobold libel. You’d better hire a top-notch barrister, Volo, because whatever international organization for kobold civil rights exists in your setting is going to be breathing down your throat any minute now.
Of course, if it’s Forgotten Realms, like a lot of 5e fluff seems to be almost implicitly, then he might get off scott free, but, er…

Uh, but yeah, stuff that ain’t AD&D is coming, eventually.
I suppose it’s that AD&D stuff is almost like, low-hanging fruit? Like it talks so matter-of-factly and cut-and-dry with no room for nuance about a lot of these races that of course they don’t stand up to even the barest of scrutiny. :P
…Although come to think of it, I could at some point do a little analysis of the 5E playable minotaur, like I did with the 5E aarakocra, and see how I like their fluff.
Which I suppose would just devolve into a review of the Dragonlance setting’s interpretation of the minotaur, since that’s what the 5E minotaur explicitly is? But…?
Centaur article should be along pretty quick, by the way. ^^
I totally wasn’t inspired to do it because Orisa came out in Overwatch, or anything. 

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Have you done a meta over how the overall story of ATLA was setting up for Zutara? Or about how it had the perfect build up or something like that? If you haven't can you do one about that please!

Yeah, I have done some of metas about how there was a lot of set up for Zutara, especially in Book 2. The main theme was attachment vs. unconditional love. A very important philosophical idea prevalent Eastern spirituality that tied in to the chakras and Zuko’s own kundalini awakening.

Here is a meta I did about how Avatar was leading to Zutara.

Here is a meta about how the the first two episodes of Book 2 and the last two episodes of Book 2 were connected