So I’m pretty sure this was suppose to be fem! natsu who I headcanoned to be one of those girls who really does not go with the ‘girly female’ thingy and I wanted to draw her actually realizing she likes the way she is truthfully in the middle of some fancy event or something (hence the dress). and man my bro my dude i wanted to protect the child I was drawing. 

otherwise she could also pass off as nalu’s child with the same situation really. I got really into this drawing because I was thinking all about how everyone loves to draw fem! natsu or the nalu children and the big four’s children in general but I always thought about how the dynamics might turn out for certain children; without a doubt, a nalu daughter will be tomboy-ish more or less but will she having trouble with peers on how she is so? Because I know a lot of girls can get picked on for that trait and generally they have a lot of trouble with themselves on who they want to be and who they are. I think acceptance ought to go steadily. 

conclusion is that i sure do loveeee finding angst factors to presumedly happy shit. 

@doublepasse this is your side of town. 

PSA to people who start drama / make callouts

if there’s a 3+ year age gap between you and someone else and that person is a minor, it doesn’t matter if you’re both minors, you NEVER publicly harass them, call them out, nor start unnecessary drama with them, doxx them, confront their irl statuses, etc. never. you will ruin the minor’s life, and they’ll remember it as an abusive and horrible memory. don’t damage kids’ lives. no matter who they are, if there’s that much of a difference in age you need to back off

30 Day Writing Challenge Day 7: Window

Victor Nikiforov had a secret obsession.

Ever since making the move from Russia to Japan for work and personal issues, Victor has taken the same walk to his workplace everyday for the past two months. Everyday, he passes the same small, family owned cafe with an adorable employee.

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Just @hedawolf and I getting emotional about a San Junipero x Clexa Au. Lol. And before this about how basically in canon Lexa is a full-timer in the chip and Clarke was a visitor. And like…if Jason copied another storyline Clexa could have their happy ending…their “someday”.

Chrysalis kept the drones permanently teetering on the edge of starvation so they would always look to her for food and she would retain her position of power over them. there’s no way she didn’t know about their true forms. Starlight’s monologue alludes to that, implying heavily that Chrysalis kept her subjects weak and dependent on her so she could feel powerful and in control.

I love Chryssy, but this revelation really shows the depths of how evil she is. She raised these drones from birth knowing full well that they could be happy and fulfilled if she taught them reciprocal love at the cost of some of her queenly power.

a little note to new fandom blogs: please don’t try to leach off of bigger blogs!!! i’ve seen it more and more frequently these past weeks, and it’s kind of rubbing me the wrong way? sure, ask your favourite blog to check you out or give you a promo, but it’s rly annoying when you copy and paste the exact same message to multiple people, it’s not genuine!! we’re real people, not promo machines!! idk i don’t wanna sound rude but a nice “hey, how are you?” would be great! don’t let me think your compliment is unique to me and then i see that you’ve said the exact same thing to other people, it gives me the idea that you’re just using me for followers which really isn’t what having a blog here should be about

What it seems like a lot of people don’t understand (especially here on tumblr) is that it is okay to change your mind on things you love. You might ship one thing forever, then go to another ship. You might love one character, and then as you grow, you might appreciate another character more. It is okay to do that. You don’t have to stay constant with everything in your fandoms. We are all fluid individuals that are growing. It is better to see your opinions changing and growing as you grow versus staying exactly the same every time you read a book within a fandom, etc. Don’t act like people aren’t genuine fans just because they go through stages and growth with differing opinions about the series.

I know from personal experience, my opinions/top ships change a lot. My favorite characters can change a lot, too. That doesn’t make me less of a fan just because I like change or am open to different interpretations. That’s what makes a series interesting, to think about them from different angles throughout the years. It helps expand your creative mind.

I’m rambling, but my point is mainly to not judge someone just because their opinions clearly change/expand. If you don’t like their changes, unfollow them, but they aren’t less of a person or a member of a fandom because they change their mind.


Circe Cassini, my Mass Effect OC. One of those brilliant people who knows they’re brilliant and can be utterly insufferable about it.

I have no idea how guns actually come apart.