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ooooomg it took me forever to upload because I had to compress the file and didn’t know how to do it. (again, thank you @mamzelleluciole for helping me <3)

Also I am so sorry for english speakers because I totally murdered your beautiful language.

life is a roller coaster
don’t sit with your hands on the bars staring at the track ahead wondering if it will hold the weight
don’t look behind you and wonder how the gears turn
throw your hands up and scream and just enjoy the ride

anonymous asked:

What would it take to make Saruhiko cry? Even if it's just with one person alone willing to lend a shoulder (like I guess Munakata) and Saruhiko is just tired of all the shit he's been through and he's sick of feeling hurt because it's the only thing he ever seems to feel

I do like the idea that at some point Fushimi gets to have a nice long cry because I think he could probably use it, like a just a bit of emotional catharsis to help him move past all the shit he’s been through. I think it would take time to get to that point, like something that slowly starts building until it reaches a point where Fushimi can’t repress his emotions anymore. Like if we’re going with him crying on Munakata’s shoulder, maybe it’s post-ROK and Fushimi’s still recovering from his injuries so he’s nice and vulnerable and possibly on some pain meds that make it harder for him to keep his walls up like usual. He has his talk with Yata and that almost opens some floodgates because I think for the two of them to really have a proper talk Fushimi would have to confront some demons that he may not quite be prepared to deal with. So then after Yata leaves Fushimi’s hospital room Munakata comes to check on him and they get to have their talk about the whole fight in episode eight. Fushimi tries to blow Munakata off a bit because emotionally he’s a bit exhausted by his talk with Yata already and this isn’t making things any easier. Munakata tries to talk through it with him a little though and at some point maybe he notes that Fushimi has been keeping so many things inside for so long, he needs to learn to let go of himself more if he really wants to heal. Fushimi leans back and mutters that he’s just really tired, of everything – of always hurting, of making a mess of things, of people trying to talk to him and play friends when they aren’t and somewhere in that list of complaints he starts having trouble continuing because the tears are starting and he’s hiccuping a little. He gets really annoyed by that – I don’t think Fushimi would want anyone to see him cry – but Munakata says that Fushimi can just let himself go this once and Munakata won’t judge him for it. He kinda pulls Fushimi close and presses Fushimi’s face against his shoulder, Fushimi grabs onto him and quietly sits there shaking and crying while Munakata strokes his hair and rubs his back and is all supportive and loving.

Pokemon GO is really cutting into my time to art but I finally finished this piece.

I’d love people’s opinions on whether I should keep doing some digital art like this or just stick with my sketches/cartoony stuff?

I got my official borderline pd diagnosis on Friday and I’ve been trying to get it for a year and I’m really happy about it tbh it’s very validating

once i get my new computer i’ll probably try out streaming, which will mostly playing stuff with @biyori of course

and it would be nice to stream a game together when she is here in december. like a horror game or something, even if it was a bad one lmao. that would be funny

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I was going to cosplay your gaster and well. . . I cant now. I thought I should tell you since you gave me permission already.

totally okay yo! i know plans fall through and I don’t have any hard feelings about it! just do what makes you comfortable and works! just thinking about it made me smile and I’m glad my gaster was cool enough to even be considered for cosplay!