hi everyone! today i’m flying to london (the travel time is like 26 hours because i’m flying from melbourne, yikes) to spend time with friends and to attend walker stalker convention! so i won’t be on tumblr for a little while because real life is gonna be a bit crazy for a few weeks. (by “crazy” i mean freaking awesome.) i’m gonna miss you guys and i hope you’ll stick around until i get back and start posting again! 😘 x

for some reason i feel the need to express this because people bitching about lydia saying ‘stiles saved me’ is getting to me just a little bit

(for starters, lydia literally said ‘they saved my life, mom’, so your argument is already invalid because she didn’t ignore everyone else, she just put particular emphasis on stiles)

- stiles had a big contribution of putting the ‘rescue lydia’ plan together, it had to be diverted to plan b, but the original part of the plan that mostly went to plan was his

- stiles is the one that got to lydia and tried to save her in 5x15, she knew everyone else was there, but it was stiles that was risking his (particularly fragile) life by not wanting to leave her. so much so she pleaded with him to leave

- stiles didn’t actually leave, just hid, because there was no way he wasn’t staying for her and he knew she was gonna die in there. literally risked his life amongst the hellhound and theo’s pack of chimeras, and valack for her

- ran through eichen and the tunnels searching for her

- it was theo banging at the door and stiles calling her name that triggered lydia’s powers to erupt causing her scream to kill valack. without that spark to push her into that scream she was about to get killed by the dread doctor helmet

- stiles came back for her, despite her forcing him to leave her and he got her out of there

- stiles got lydia further through the tunnels and they ran into parrish just in time for him to block her scream that would’ve definitely killed him (sure stiles didn’t know parrish was coming to help, but had he not been getting lydia out parrish wouldn’t have gotten to her in time to help her)

- stiles looking after her in the car may have literally saved her life, she was almost screaming herself (and them) to death, without him next to her trying to coax her to focus on him and calm down she may not have made it to deaton in time

- stiles protected her from the glass after she shattered the windows

- stiles’s pleas for her to wake up may well have been the reason she was able to come around for all we and they know (scott and deaton looked pretty defeated considering how long she was out).

tldr: to sum up the place in particular that ‘stiles saved me’ comes about, had he not been there to get her out of valack’s room, valack would’ve either killed her with the helmet, or she would’ve been overloaded with voices and screams in her head and she would’ve screamed herself to death

yes, everybody played an important role in saving her life, and she acknowledged that, but stiles was the one that got to her in time to save her from valack (which yes, was found thanks to theo, but stiles was the one that told him to listen through the pipes), so to her, STILES is the one that saved her life specifically, because without him, she wouldn’t have been alive to be saved.

MCU Ladies Week 2, Day 4- Actor Appreciation: Scarlett Johansson.

I don’t think I have ever seen a version of Black widow that I liked except for Scarlett Johansson’s version. she seems to put a little bit more life into the character. I view this black widow as an avenger and not as a S.H.I.E.L.D. agent who is keeping an eye on them. and hopefully marvel studios will relies how talented she, and give her a Black widow solo film.

My throat dry with a stuffy nose, my voice cracked, “I’m sorry, for wasting six months of your life.” His tone of stern and a little bit of happiness spoke, “Goodbye.” As he walked out the door and shut it behind gently, with no hesitation. I rushed to the door looking out the tiny eye hole to see him diminish off across the street, only to have that vision blurred with my water-filled eyes. Sliding down the door to the ground, who would’ve thought, out of everyone, it was you who hurt me?
– L.T // hurt ( @ltwrites )

Aries Traits
You love a good challenge. In fact, there are times you naturally seek it out that you do not even know you are picking a fight or creating some competition for yourself. You need the obstacles and the tension to get you going. You don’t like things too settled, you want a little bit of risk and disruption to feel like life is happening.

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lmao what a joke that you honestly believe that clarke fell in love with lexa in such short time as if bitch they'll never be as awesome as linctavia, jaya or bellarke

Woah, okay, I will answer to this one simply because the HETERONORMATIVITY is so blinding I fear for my eyes. You need to be educated; please, allow me to help make your view of life a little bit less obtuse. 

Lincoln and Octavia fall for each other basically at first sight. That’s like, less than a week. Do I see you questioning that? No, I don’t. And why are you not questioning that, you ask me? Because Lincoln is a straight guy and Octavia is a straight woman and they make a nice little straight couple.

Jasper fell for Maya in like a week.  Do I see you questioning that? No, I don’t. And why are you not questioning that, you ask me? Because Jasper is a straight guy and Maya is a straight girl and together they make a nice little straight couple.

Lexa and Clarke fell for each other -not even in love, like the others, but in something- in about ten days. Do I see you question that? Yes. And why are you questioning that, you ask me? Because Lexa is a lesbian and Clarke is bisexual and together they make a fucking awesome queer couple.

Judging a gay couple for something you wouldn’t judge a straight couple is called having double standards. Double standards are awful and should never be applied. People that apply double standards are equally awful. Don’t apply double standards. Don’t be that person. Don’t be awful. 

And don’t even compare Bellarke to those couples up there because they’re not even canon. Thanks.

You are learning too much, remembering too much, trying too hard. Relax a little bit, give life a chance to flow its own way, unassisted by your mind and effort.
—  Mooji

whenever i think i have my life together even a little bit & things are looking up amazon likes to send me reminders regarding things i wasted money on while wasted. like i swear the messages are TIMED by the universe to pop up whenever i start to feel like a well-adjusted person. amazon likes to keep me grounded & in-check. reminds me of how much further i have to go


“Thank you if you’ve subscribed and if you’ve been here with me on this journey whether that was from day one, or yesterday. Thank you for accepting me and for always being there and making my life that little bit more special.”

This is the last picture I took with my dog and best friend. He helped me through depression and anxiety my whole life. Every morning my heart breaks a little bit when I realize he’s not here to greet me. The last thing he did before he fell asleep for the last time was give me a kiss.

Why you should be playing Dreamfall Chapters

Hey, guys! I wanted to make a post about an amazing independent game that doesn’t seem to be getting a lot of buzz on tumblr. It features two parallel universes - Stark, a cyberpunk future Earth, and Arcadia, its magical fantasy counterpart. (Which are both gorgeous settings!)

You also get to play as a female protagonist who is a WOC as well! (She is half-Argentinian and half-Chinese.) Zoë Castillo is in her 20s and still feels a little bit lost in what she wishes to do with her life. (It is not canonically proven?, but many fans believe she suffered from depression in the prequel to this game.) She’s an amazing character who I’ve come to love completely and can really relate to.

The second playable character is also a POC and canonically gay! Kian Alvane is a warrior and assassin who has a deep, complex backstory and is working to redeem himself after fighting for his people and losing faith in them. He squashes every stereotype, and his journey involves a lot of other interesting relationships and characters as well. 

Dreamfall Chapters is also a game heavily dependent and impacted by your choices and interactions with others, something other ‘choose your own story’ games have suffered from in the past. It always makes you feel like your decisions actually matter, and the emotional toll they take is amazing as well. 

There are magicals and monsters, political schemes and racial themes. It’s a very intelligent game with many twists and turns and complex storylines. It is the third in a series of games, but I didn’t have much trouble jumping into it without confusion. 

The thing is, it’s super important to actually buy this game and support it - to make fanfic and fanart and actively show your interest. Independent games rely so much on fans because they don’t have the budget to market and continue on if they don’t have help. 

And it starts here with representation. If mainstream games see that we are super excited about women protagonists, POC protagonists, and openly queer protagonists, they will start to hop on the bandwagon as well. So please, I implore you to check out Dreamfall Chapters and start spreading the news about it. It deserves to go far and do well. 

Headcanon that, after Dumbledore forbade him from taking Harry, Remus Lupin sort of pulled a Leela’s Parents in the sense that little Harry found small plates of food in his cupboard and assumed that Petunia was in a good mood or he found a parcel on the sidewalk with a new stuffed animal and he assumed that someone must have dropped it and when Petunia cut his hair off, it was back to normal the next day, and when he needed to escape the bullies, he found himself on the roof, and he spent ten years thinking that there were some weird things going on and then teenager Harry looked back in hindsight and assumed that it was his own accidental magic but in reality, Remus was following him around, doing whatever he could to at least make Harry’s life even a little bit easier, because Dumbledore forbade him from taking the boy but he would be damned if a Marauders child grew up without him there to bear witness.