This is really stupid but...

Can you just imagine Mordecai singing Mambo No.5?

A little bit of Margaret in my life
A little bit of Cj by my side
A little bit of Eileen’s what I need
A little bit of Celia’s what I see
A little bit of Starla in the sun
A little bit of Audry all night long
A little bit of Pam here I am
A little bit of you makes me your man!

And then Rigby, Muscleman, Fives and Benson about to hit him


sketchbook work - pen, pencil crayon, some leaves stuck on there, and the left side is a developed film photo of me in new york. the white hand is scratched onto the actual photograph, and accompanied with some white-out pen. 

Overwatch Outfit-Swap: Hanzo and McCree 

[Submitted by various Anons] 

It’s hiiiiiiiiiiigh noon  time I get back to these! This was a little more tedious than I thought - Hanzo’s outfit is deceptively complex in the front - so I humoured myself with a little McHanzo with the text. I mean, if you want to read it that way. I must say that I like McCree more and more though, and I’m excited to get better at drawing him.

Thank you to those who submitted! 


for all our faults, my people have many virtues. we are laden with history and culture… we treasure our past and preserve it. you can walk down a side street and find nothing built during the modern ages. and, despite appearances, we care. deeply. about everything. we have no reserve, not in war and not in love.

Day 4: Magic

Back again with the Hogwarts AU!!


Jon Snow in Game of Thrones Season 5


I’ve been in an One Piece mood lately…so glad Dressrosa is over, so glad T.T

flamboyant and a little bit sinister: the louis tomlinson story

One of the lads I play football (soccer, if you’re American and wrong) with at Uni is from Doncaster and went to the same school as Louis Tomlinson. He sat next to him in English and describes him as ‘Flamboyant as he seems and a little bit sinister.’”

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