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It's really worrying me that Dean(writers) so concern about Cas's sexlife. I mean, what they want to get? Cas lay with a human when he is an angel and become even more fallen than he is now? and never get a permission to see his home again and fix his self guilt problem?Does Dean want to make him a human? To bind him to them? Do not let him leave them? Or even worse? to let Cas and his new girl give a birth to Nephilim and start a happy "let's try to survive from furious relatives" family?

Is this in relation to that scene with the waitress at the start of 12x12? Because I wouldn’t worry too much about it honestly. 

Why is Dean so concerned about Cas’s sex life? Because he is a little bit obsessed (in love with) Cas and probably imagines Cas having sex and what that would be like on a regular basis. :P

What do they want to get from it? Probably a bit of a laugh from the audience and a nod to destiel shippers that Dean is slightly obsessed whilst making it very VERY obvious that Cas is not interested.

Cas laying with a human making him more fallen…? Well, we have discussed this and how we feel Cas would feel about this here. The whole sacred oath thing is infinitely fascinating to me. But I don’t think it would make him “more fallen”. I also firmly believe that the angels already think Cas is in a sexual relationship with Dean and that he already doesn’t really have permission to enter heaven again (that’s canon up until 12x15 when they let him back in as part of their deal to get his help).

Does Dean want to make him human? Debatable. But canonically? No. Dean loves Cas (however you wanna interpret that) and wants what is best for Cas. Which means Dean would respect Cas’s choice regardless. There is still a lot that they need to talk about, but Dean would never FORCE Cas to become something that is not natural for him… There was a lot of discussion around Dean’s reactions to human Cas in season 9 (specifically around a bedside table) that allowed an interpretation of Dean being excited that Cas was human and possibly sticking around for good, because like I said above, Dean loves Cas and has never liked it when he just disappears on him.

Binding him or holding him captive? I don’t really know where you got that idea from at all nonny. Its certainly not a reading I have ever picked up on in the show on Dean’s part. 

Your last point about the girl and the Nephilim - well, they are technically doing this story right now so why would they ever repeat it with Cas as the baby daddy? It won’t happen. Metatron already tried to convince Cas to “find a girl, make babies” as a human and Cas outright rejected the idea (aside from a failed attempt at a date because it was a “human thing”).

I think possibly you were worrying a bit too much about a short scene meant only to provide humour and to emphasise Cas’s complete lack of interest in the waitress whilst highlighting Deans obsession with Cas’s (non-existent) sex life. Making it a very positive destiel scene in the subtext. Don’t worry. The writers aren’t planning to “shackle” Cas to a random female character just to repeat the Nephilim story and break Dean’s heart…

Reasons why you should watch WolfBlood

Not only does it have wolves

But wolves that can have fun with it and act like puppies

It has…

Fierce girls

And shy girls

Girls that do well in school

And girls that don’t do well in school

Sporty boys

And artistic boys

Boys with tempers

And supportive boys

Girl friendships

And boy friendships

And girls and boys being friends with each other

Girls being protective of boys

And girls being protective of girls

Boys being protective of girls

And boys being protective of boys

Girls being emotionally vulnerable with boys

And boys being emotionally vulnerable with girls

Girls being emotionally vulnerable with girls

And boys being emotionally vulnerable with boys

Girls talking about their problems with other girls

And girls talking about their problems with boys

Boys talking about their problems with other boys

And boys talking about their problems with girls

A lot of physical affection

Boys having female friends, despite their crush’s jealousy, without it interfering with their relationship with their crush

Girls that can be friends with their rivals

Girls that are not responsible for the feelings of their guy friends

Teenagers that act like teenagers regardless of how mature they are otherwise

Teachers that care about the emotional and physical well-being of their students

… And that actually do things to support that duty of care

It has great relationships and an awesome ensemble. I absolutely adore the canon romances. It is very worth checking out.

Vision: I’m not a regular dad, I’m a cool dad. Right, Viv?
Viv: Please stop talking.

I couldn’t resist 

literally sometimes i think about evgeni malkin and i have to sit down for a second bc i just,,,, love him so much it actually hurts sometimes like,,,,,, “i know i’m score” …. “how’s name this guy?” …. “sid best. after me” …. “first period i’m little bit die” …. this man is the love of my life

Am i the only one? That goes to sleep at 3 am just looking at videos of the group i stan? Am i the Only one that every time my bias pops up stare at the photo and wonder who’s going to be the lucky lady that will steal his heart... that make’s him smile every single morning/afternoon/night? Am i the only one that wants to have just a little bit of chance to be part of their lifes?

I’ve been in an One Piece mood lately…so glad Dressrosa is over, so glad T.T

Some one please take this controller away from me,

How to play Legend of Zelda: Breath of the Wild:

Step 1. Get the paraglider and leave the first area
Step 2. Find a horse, tame them, and love them.
Step 3.Get your brother to convince you to ride said horse into the LAST AREA IN THE GAME, glide ON TO Hyrule Castle, sneak inside, steal as many high level weapon as possible (including the Royal Claymore and all of the Royal Guards gear set, I DIDNT EVEN KNOW THERE WAS STUFF THIS STRONG.), find a secret passage out through the library, complete “A Major Test of STREGNTH” and just waltz on out all the while only having FIVE fUCKIGN HEARTS.

this is wrong. I’m worse than Gannon. someone lock me away and throw away the key.