“Sims bsaed on people I know in real life, pt. 3: the self-sim edition”. I really need to bust out photoshop and brighten some of them but: lazy. She’s .92 (the other chick is .94). I thought I was kinda exaggerating the height difference until I actually compared myself to their real-life counterparts and realized I had it right. I guess I’m short lol

The generation born in the late 2000′s will be extremely blessed because they will be born to parents who are more understanding and who simply gets it. To the people who are my age, older and a little bit younger, do not allow your parents narrow perspective on life to discourage you or to make you feel like something is wrong with you, you’re great and you can do anything you put your mind to. Everything is going to be okie dokie. : )

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You're one of my favorite blogs?? I know I only started following a bit ago, but first of all steven in a snapback is everything I need, and secondly you are the kindest mofo ever! Thank you for being such a lovely influence on my dash, both Snap and Steven wise <3

Oh my gosh! How sweet of you!

Everyone needs a little bit of happy in their life. I’m just doing my part!

And same. Steven in a snapback is my life. Make it canon, Crewniverse …

Thank you for sending me such a lovely message! I hope you have a wonderful day!

Here’s a thing I don’t understand: People saying “you shouldn’t give money to the homeless”.

Say you give a homeless person £5. They’re most likely really hungry and are obvious in a pretty shitty place at the moment. They are highly unlikely to spend it on ‘drugs’ or ‘alcohol’. I know some do, but you know what?

We are priveliged.

What is £5 that could better someone’s life, even just a little bit? If they do spend it on that, so be it - it’s not like you’ve just given them £3000 and all your jewellery is it? No. Just maybe do something nice and give them that £5.

A small act of kindness can go a long way.

sketchbook work - pen, pencil crayon, some leaves stuck on there, and the left side is a developed film photo of me in new york. the white hand is scratched onto the actual photograph, and accompanied with some white-out pen. 

Overwatch Outfit-Swap: Hanzo and McCree 

[Submitted by various Anons] 

It’s hiiiiiiiiiiigh noon  time I get back to these! This was a little more tedious than I thought - Hanzo’s outfit is deceptively complex in the front - so I humoured myself with a little McHanzo with the text. I mean, if you want to read it that way. I must say that I like McCree more and more though, and I’m excited to get better at drawing him.

Thank you to those who submitted! 


Jon Snow in Game of Thrones Season 5


I’ve been in an One Piece mood lately…so glad Dressrosa is over, so glad T.T