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Imagine Steve's bae feeling a bit useless & helpless compared to Super Soldier™ Steve so she goes to Nat & Nat takes her under her wing & teaches her everything she knows in a way she wishes she was taught originally, & eventually recruits Clint to help show Bae skills that Nat hasn't mastered, and this continues until eventually Bae is the most lethal Avenger of the lot, basically like a human swiss army knife with how multifaceted her defense & attack skills are. This just turns Steve on more.


Nat takes her under her wing & teaches her everything she knows in a way she wishes she was taught originally

Like can you imagine teacher Nat who is so proud of everything you learn. Like literally, the first time you manage to graze the target instead of missing it, she just gets this big smile like “Good job! Keep going and try not to fuck up, but good job!” And after training sessions she’ll take you out for coffee or lunch or something to remind you that it was just a training session and no matter how little or lot of progress you made, she still thinks you’re doing a great job. 

And then for practice stealth missions she sends you to fuck around with the other Avengers. “Ok. I want you to rewire Tony’s house remote so that every button does opposite what it’s supposed to.” “You need to sneak up on Clint. That’s literally it. Just sneak up on him. The more you startle him, the bigger shopping spree we go on.” “Braid Thor’s hair while he’s asleep.” “Hide something of Bucky’s in Steve’s room and vice versa.” “I’m like 900% sure Vision likes Wanda. You need to super sleuth it out of him.” 


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25 from the questions for your author list? XD

If this was a ploy to get more fic previews from me…it worked. From my current longfic:

93 Glenwood had a sign above the door that said Whistlepig Antiques, and the window display - a variety of glassware - was so covered in dust it didn’t look as though it’d been touched in fifty years. Not entirely encouraged, Derek steeled himself and pushed open the door, stepping into the shop. Almost immediately, he had to fight to keep himself from sneezing - not from the dust, though there was plenty of that, but the thick scent of magic in the air, so sharp and electric he could almost taste it in his mouth.

There were shelves all around him, stacked with all kinds of odds and ends - candlesticks, brass figurines, teacups, books, rusted farming implements - a little bit of everything, in no certain order, most of it covered in a thick layer of dust. Surely, despite all the magic in the air, it wasn’t all magic - would that even be legal?


You woke the dragon and this is so much bigger than you realize

The game is never over  

new and old players are ready to do their moves 

who can you trust? who is the real enemy?

Be careful , beware of catches  , there’s someone else playing in the shadow …

Sherlock series 4 fan-made


“A Little Bit of Everything” from Bonnaroo 2012