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That thing I was working on last semester is now live on YouTube! Will also be available on Vimeo shortly~

Thanks again everyone for 13K! Here’s hoping for lots more (completed) content in 2017, haha


I’ve been trying to get back into the groove of animation lately but can’t get myself to even finish small loops or stay interested in one animation long enough to finish it. I think the problem is that I keep trying to go right to a clean sketch animation with little thought progression on how it should move in general, so it ends up feeling way more tedious than it should because I’m constantly going back to fix frames since “it doesn’t look right”.

Sometimes I’ll look back on my own work I’ve done to remind myself that I did do ___ before, so there’s no reason why I can’t do it again. In this case, concentrating on animation long enough to make a completed shot of it. And since I’m looking back on my old work anyway, may as well upload some of my thesis roughs since I’ve barely promoted it here.

Due to the deadline of having to animate the whole thing myself, I got myself into the mindset of getting rougher and rougher as I animated each shot and telling myself, “Whatever, I’ll animate that during clean-up”. Things such as the rat’s tail in some cases, or the flickering ear in the last shot, the timing of a shot, or even just tons of inbetweens. The shot with Knight dusting himself off I wanted to redo the pose without redoing the animation so I just overlapped the new position of his arm in red and told myself again, “Whatever, I’ll tweak the animation during clean-up”.  

Also the colors look like ass because Tumblr is terrible for animation posts.

You can watch the film HERE.

charlezandrewz  asked:

I tried to scroll down to see your very first post and I was wondering will you do anymore gifs or short little animations with your characters?( Love your art)

I’ve been wanting to! What I’m planning on is a little animation for New comic page posts. Another, more refined jumping Effie or something :) thanks!

There are many reasons why I don’t buy the cynical interpretation that Ariel gives away her identity for a man.

One of them starts in the next paragraph. Another one can be read here.

This screencap comes from her introductory scene. She’s searching through a shipwreck for human artifacts–which is her passion–when suddenly she’s attacked by a shark.

While fleeing, she accidentally drops her bag full of artifacts right in the shark’s path. Without hesitating, she chooses her passion over her safety, risking her life for a dinglehopper.

The girl is an anthropologist who studies humans. That’s her passion, that’s how she spends her time…that’s her identity.

Sure, Eric is the catalyst that leads Ariel to changing her species and leaving her family–he certainly intensifies her feelings–but they’re feelings she already has, and they dictate most of her life.

If Ariel had the chance to become a human before she met Eric, everything that we know about her suggests that she probably would.