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ROSSO have you heard about Chicken Nugget, the most tumblr famous butterfly recently? The op posted updates about its growth from caterpillar to cocoon to butterfly and we all love it. Turns out, Chicken Nugget is an intersex butterfly! I would include the link but tumblr won't allow it.

dskjahfsd i did see a reblog chain but it got caught up by my blacklist because i blacklist butterflies and moths as i have a phobia of them lol ksdfajhsdfh BUT ooo thats gynandromorphism!!! i know about butterflies like that thats so cool! :o

the more i think of a really young inquisitor (as in like… 10 or younger) the more i love the idea of a smol lil city elf child coming with their parents who are hired protection for a human noble because they wanted to let their child witness history because its a simple meeting what could honestly go wrong

but then the conclave starts getting attacked so the mother takes her husband child and noble into the building to keep them safe, but as everything begins to get overwhelming she implores the husband to run and find a safe place to hide with their kid until its over

but instead of finding a safe place the father finds corypheus with the divine, and he hides his kid behind something small and charged towards corypheus to have him release the divine but hes overtaken by demons upon corypheus’ orders and is killed.

then the divine smacks him and the orb falls from his hand and horrified scared lil child thinks if they give the orb back to the scary man he wont hurt them but when they pick it up they receive the mark

as a result their mother also dies within the conclave

im getting too into this arent i

Oh what an excellent day already c:

it’s hannigram day
my king arthur dvd arrived
my trial and retribution dvd arrived
it’s hannigram day
i’m going to wear my hannigram shirt
“happy hannigram day” is an anagram for “a hard gay pain nymph” and “had graham any nippy” (lemme tell you he had)
it’s hannigram day
hannibal happened
bryan fuller backed raw
it’s hannigram day
i might get a job at a kindergarten in the forest (but i have to call them ugh)
doesn’t matter i’ll get this done it’s hannigram day
do you feel the hannigram vibes

I just wanted to say thanks for the 50+ followers. As thanks I have decided to make some more Haikyuu!! head cannons for all my lovely followers. (I’m so happy right now)

  • Sometimes Suga will wake up in the middle of the night and go to department stores looking for the most random things, sometimes he’ll call Daichi and Asahi and ask them to come with
  • Oikawa once squirted lemon juice into his eye because Hanamaki and Matsun dared him. Oikawa ended up asking Iwaizumi to take him to the hospital b/c his eyes kept tearing up
  • Fukunaga was adopted when he was little, sometimes he feels as if he isn’t wanted because of this the entire Nekoma team will through surprise parties/sleepovers to make him feel better. (it makes him really happy)
  • Kawanishi is afraid of clowns b/c when he was little his dad dressed up as one and scared lil Kawanishi. He also refuses to go to carnivals if there is even a slight chance that he will encounter one.
  • Bokuto was dared to visit the flat earthers website and, for an entire month, was convinced that the earth was actually flat. (he even tried to convince the entire team)
  • Hinata likes to sing along to disney songs, his favorite is the gospel truth and zero to hero from Hercules. (he’s also a fan of K-pop group Big Bang and definitely will sing along even if he doesn’t know what he’s saying)
  • Ushijima keeps all of the stuffed animals and souvenirs that Tendou gives to him. (He names them after all the members of the volleyball club, not just the starters)
  • Yaku refuses to go to the amusement park with Lev because people always assume that he’s Lev’s kouhai or little brother. (Lev thinks it’s funny until Yaku makes him buy him expensive prizes) 
  • Iwaizumi is a good singer, like, his voice is the smoothest, deepest thing you’ll ever hear. It’s too bad that he never sings when other people are around though
  • Tendou likes karaoke, but no one ever wants to go with him. Imagine the team following him on one of his convention trips and finding out that Tendou has a beautiful voice. Everyone, besides Semi and Ushijima, is confused because How? Semi’s not surprised because they share a dorm and Ushi isn’t surprised because Tendou will sing in front of him if he asks.
  • Aone as taken his turutle to school before. It was only discovered when Aone had to solve a problem on the board and his turtle was on his head the entire time
  • Hanamaki and Matsun skip school go to the beach one day without telling anyone. When they go to practice the next day Matsukawa is incredibly tanned and Hanamaki is completely burned (aside from the spot where Matsun drew a dick with sunscreen). They get yelled at by the coach and have to run laps around the school for the rest of practice.

I hope you all likes the head cannons. (my favorite is a tie between the last one and Tendou’s secret singing ability) I wanted to say thanks again for following me, you’re all great!



Ahem, anyway here’s the first episode of Hide & Seek. The last couple of days have been insane but I managed to pull it together. It’s a bit stuttery, a bit of a mess and I wish it wasn’t it hurts me just looking at it, but as I learn more I hope to improve it. I just needed to get it out there. (My siblings play my game from time to time and they accumulate a lot of save files, so I’ll just have to go and clean my computer out before the episode).

It’s not perfect, it’s not a machinima masterpiece at all, in fact I’m scared to put it out there with the ranks of the amazing creators out there but I have to start somewhere right?

Thank you to everyone who has inspired me to get this thing out (I promise it’ll get better omg)