• someone:"you ignorant shitstain banana bread is perfect how could you put it in the shit tier?!?!??? ?? !!!!?!"
  • me:gosh im so glad banana bread is in the shit tier where it belongs.

its so fucking nice to know that the people i thought cared about me and that i depended on so much fucking left me and decided i wasnt worth their time anymore. im so fucking glad they can move on without me in their life. without even fucking texting me or messaging me or even replying to my fucking messages i send them!!! im so fucking glad the people i idolized for an entire year thought of me as nothing than a dumb fucking clingy ass kid

uh oh.

you know what sucks the most about being turned down on my first disclosure? it’s that now i have this kind of negative view as to if someone will be accepting, or not. i think i am more scared now than i was before i disclosed and that truly sucks. i know it’s possible to find someone, so many of you lovely folks have, but i can’t help but feel very cynical about it all concerning me. life goes on though and with, or without someone i will survive. 

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Louis and Harry, things you said through your teeth :)

“You think this is easy for me?”

Louis’ voice is echoing in the front entryway. Louder than Harry’s ever heard anyone speak within the palace; always in hushed voices, making sure not to go above a certain decidedly appropriate decibel.

Harry stares at him, unmoving. “Because this has been just a great old time, not having you here. Seeing you go around the world, having this brand new life without me.”

He’s being sarcastic and a little cruel, seeing Louis glance over at him. “I didn’t ask for this.”

It’s like. All the years they’ve known each other - grown up together, Harry’s never seen Louis as anything other than his friend. But now, standing there, arms crossed over his chest and shirt unbuttoned from whatever fancy event he’d just gotten home from - he looks different. Like what he’s been all along, a Prince.

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Get To Know Me  Ships [1/10]

Stefan Salvatore x Caroline Forbes “Yesterday you told me you had made a list of all the ways that loving me has ruined your life. And I get it, I haven’t made it easy on you, but I made a list, too, of all the ways that loving you has changed mine. You were by my side when I needed a friend, you made me laugh, you made me dance, you told me that I’d find love again. And I understand if you need time to heal and to live your life without me. I understand if I have to wait for you. And I will. I’ll wait. And when you’re ready for me, I will be ready for you.”

i won’t answer your calls for days at a time and i will hurt you, without any reason, and i will apologise with tears in my eyes, just to do the same thing two weeks later. i am like that. i am a mess, not a good person, and i don’t deserve to be happy but believe that i love you and i will never stop loving you, even when you’re gone to live a happier life without me. i love you, with everything i have, even though it’s not much.


Make me chose meme ohmysalvatorebros asked steroline or bamon

Yesterday you told me you had made a list of all the ways that loving me has ruined your life. And I get it, I haven’t made it easy on you, but I made a list, too, of all the ways that loving you has changed mine. You were by my side when I needed a friend, you made me laugh, you made me dance, you told me that I’d find love again. And I understand if you need time to heal and to live your life without me. I understand if I have to wait for you…and I will…I’ll wait. And when you’re ready for me, I will be ready for you.


Yesterday you told me that you made a list of all the ways that loving me has ruined your life, and I get it. I haven’t made it easy on you, but I made a list too. Of all the ways that loving you has changed mine. You were by my side when I needed a friend. You made me laugh, you made me dance. You told me that I would find love again, and I understand if you need time to heal and to live your life without me. I understand if I have to wait for you. And I will. I’ll wait. And when you’re ready for me, I will be ready for you.

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I’m not myself anymore. I’m a smile and a twitch of the wrist. It has been years Cecil. I’ve drifted away from myself. Sometimes I am one me and again I am the other. What they did to the sentient heat trapped temporarily in my body…Kevin. Even my name is a strange figment. My tongue has forgotten how to form the word and once I was so good with words. Now I am an ancient thing, withered away by what they did to me all those years ago. The power of the smiling god is an endless flow. It ebbs like the tides but, like the tides, it returns. I think about what I could have been if I had never encountered Strex. I imagine an entire life without them. It makes me happy. I picture every detail. I try to live it in real time but it is only a slight, sweet, fiction that dissolves like sugar into water. Oh Cecil I wish you would have known me before, before Strex, before it all, when I was just a dedicated community radio host like you. I wish you had-
—  Welcome to Night Vale, Triptych, Kevin
Life is Strange episode 1 to 4 explained : About Rachel Amber (and Nathan Prescott)

Hi, before I start everything i just wanna say that i am sorry, that i discovered that, and i hate myself for founding this, but here it is ( spoilers ahead,also this is speculation but the game has given all of the proofs). Please take a sit, you might need it. You do . Me too.

Rachel Amber was alive during the episode 1 to 3 of Life Is Strange ( Chrysalis, out of time, and Chaos Theory). She was killed at some point between the end of the episode 3 but most probably during the episode 4 of Life is Strange : Dark Room. The person who killed her, we suspect is called Mr.Jefferson , now Mr.Jefferson was seen responding a call during episode 3 , just before Kate tries to commit suicide. We will assume the person he is talking to is Nathan Prescott , as the texts in Nathan’s phone seem to be send by someone Max Caulfield assumes is Nathan’s father. However we have no proof of that and Max is most likely wrong , because that person was Mr.Jefferson and not Nathan’s father. The same way, Jefferson left the note on the computer to Nathan in the Dark Room.
At some point , Nathan must have stopped being usefull to Jefferson, but in reality, we can safely assume that after discovering Jefferson’s next target was Victoria Chase , a very close friend of Nathan, Nathan wanted to warn or save her.
But because Jefferson was on campus at the time , he tries to leave , and encounters Max and Chloe and gets beat up by Warren.
This is what slows him down, and this is why he will arrive to late at the discharge.
There? Nathan finds Rachel and Chloe’s spot , and finds the writings on the wall that says :
“ Chloe was here.
Rachel was here.
Max was here.”
He then changes the writing to:
CHLOE(circled) was here.
Rachel IS here.
MAX(circled) was here .

This is him trying to warn them.
While Nathan is doing that, the player is assembling clues with Chloe at Chloe’s house. They havent found the barn’s emplacement yet.
Back at the discharge, Jefferson arrives and kills Nathan, or maybye drugs him . Maybye he also kills Rachel at that moment but thats hard to tell , the fact is he takes a picture of Nathan and Rachel lying inconscious or dead next to each other in the discharge. He then buries Rachel’s body, and probably takes Nathan to the dark room.
There, he takes off Nathan’s jacket , steals his phone, and maybye he puts Nathan in one of the black chests the player sees larer next ro the photo devices.
After that, he goes back to the campus for the Vortex Vlub party, and the “everyday hero contest”.

A few moments later , the player , Max and Chloe arrive there , find the fresh tracks of his car but are clueless. They find the dark room and Nathan’s jacket, and assume he was here recently and dont think for a second something bad might have happened to him . They then find Rachel and Kate’s file and the picture Mr.Jefferson took of Rachel and Nathan , thats when Chlie decides they should go to the discharge.
They then find Rachel’s body there and dont take the time to inspect the place. However if you do that when they go back there at night you will find some man footsprints and Nathan’s message.

From there we can safely assume that Jefferson went back to the dark room while Chloe and Max found Rachel’s body, or that he busted them out one way or another. He seems to know all of that and seems a little creepy(facial expression) when he goes to talk to Max and Chloe. Note that the player doesnt have any choice there. Then, he sees them leaving and sends Chloe a message with Nathan’s phone ….and we all know the rest.

What do you think?

Edit: It has been pointed out by mekakaycee that Nathan was in the classroom whilr Jefferson is on the phone. So it wasnt him i wrote shit. Then who was it? Rachel? I dont really see why she would agree to stay hidden in contact with him after what Jefferson did to her so maybye not ? Maybye Kate called him and that’s why she tried to jump? She just talked to him so that’d be odd. Or maybye someone nobody would suspect ? A side xharacter like Wells orAlyssa ? Again it seems weird but really im just looking for answers. Also IMPORTANT , on a side note the person , “guy who changed Rachel’s life before she vanished”, im almost certain at like 99.99 / is Samuel. He just fits the description she makes perfectly? Just look : She says he’s not like the persons of the Vortex Club , so its not Nathan. She says Chloe would find him gross, so its not Mr.Jefferson because the game clearly underlinea for that reason that Chloe think he’s hot. She says he’s attractive “not in a bad boy way” so it’s not Frank. Look the web for the letter and the rest of the description, the personality fits Samuel perfectly , plus he has pictures of her and female’s stuff if I recall, though je does not seem to know where she is when talking to Max. So that’s weird.

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Hey Dylan!! As the voice of Carlos, do you ever find it more difficult to act and use expression with only your voice? As a strictly theatre actor, it's hard for me to imagine making a character come to life without making stupid faces whilst flailing around, but you make it work. Any method behind the madness?

I think creativity cannot exist without limitation. 

Just as you as a stage actor are limited by space (a stage) and time (everything has to happen in real time; it’s not like a film where you can capture moments in time and then edit them together), voice actors are limited to just one outlet: their voice.

It’s always great to see what you can do when you are presented with limitations. I think the most oppressive thing an artist can face is a blank canvas.

I want you to love me so much baby, so much that you don’t wanna lose me ever, so much that you won’t live your life without me, so much that even just by thinking of losing me will twitch your heart so hard it makes you ball your fists and close your eyes because you can’t bear the pain it is bringing. I want you to get so addicted to me just as much as I am to you. I don’t wanna lose you. I can’t even bear the thought of you being with someone else. I know you deserve so much better, someone better than me, someone who can give more but I love you and I want you mine forever. Too selfish of me to say this but you deserve only me. Only me, baby. I know I am a living chaos. I constantly mess up. I am not the prettiest. I am not the world’s greatest asset. I am not even close to being good enough. I can’t give you the stars and the universe. Sometimes I am being destructive and toxic. You will have to deal with me giving less than you deserve. But I swear to all heavens and to God that I am giving you my best and my all and I am striving so hard to be good enough for you and I know it is not enough because you deserve so much better but I am sorry because I am too selfish to not even wanting to let you go. I don’t want you to be happy without me. And don’t tell me that I deserve someone better because that is not true. I love you. I freaking deserve you. I deserve only you. You are the best partner I could ever ask for, baby. Other guys out there are just plain potatoes, they don’t appeal to me. I really don’t care about their existence. I only care about you, baby. I wouldn’t ever choose someone over you. You own me. Baby, I want you to be selfish of me. So selfish that you won’t ever wanna lose me.

tr4shl3y said: it’s so pretty! what phone is it for? and where is it from?

Thanks!  It’s for the Galaxy Note 3, and I bought the case here.

it just occurred to me that I haven’t made a post about my new phone, and I really like it! So I should promote it a little!

 After playing around with some that my friends had, I decided I really wanted one too.  I got mine lightly used from craigslist at a fraction of the list price.  Even though it’s used and not the most recent version of the Note, it’s the nicest phone I’ve ever had, and unlike my previous smartphone (an HTC Evo) the battery life lets me leave the internet on all the time without super draining the battery. Hence my more frequent posts about our adventures on Tumblr, Twitter, Insta, etc!

The main appeal for me of the Galaxy Note series is the pressure sensitive pen. I haven’t done any finished art on it, although with practice I probably could. I use it as a portable digital sketchpad for illustration ideas or concepts.  You can install light versions of several popular art programs, such as ArtRage (pictured below.)

The built-in S Note app makes it easy to make digital notebooks or sketchpads, which I’ve been using to sketch out simple comic page thumbnails on the go.  The latest chapter has almost all been planned out on my phone this way. <3

And of course, the large screen makes for big, in-your-face gameplay.  Lately I’ve been obsessed with one game in particular: