Rates of Reaction 2

The increase of temperature can be illustrated by the Maxwell-Boltzmann distribution. The curve labelled T1 on the diagram to the left shows a lower temperature than T2. It is the area underneath the curve that we are interested in and not the actual curve itself. Behind the line marked activation energy in the shaded area represents the actual amount of particles with enough energy to react. As we increase the temperature of the reactants, the curve flattens and its peak moves to the right. The shaded area increases as the number of particles with enough activation energy to react increases also.

A Level Chem

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Hola a todos!! El día de hoy me gustaría hacer una recomendación para todos aquellos en saber mas sobre la química que rige nuestras vidas.

En el blog al que los dirijo con esta publicación podrán encontrar varias presentaciones con información sobre nomenclatura y varias temáticas relacionadas con la química, así como publicaciones educativas sobre varios temas.

Espero les guste ^^

Electron Pair Repulsion Theory
  • Electron pair repulsion theory assumes that atoms in a molecule will be arranged in a way that the repulsion of the electron pairs surrounding it will be minimised.
  • This theory allows us to predict the shapes of molecules.

Greatest repulsion

lone pair - lone pair
lone pair - bond pair
bond pair - bond pair

Least repulsion


Honestly the most helpful part of my A Level revision has been this spreadsheet. I don’t like to keep practice exams because so! much! paper! so I just log all my mistakes and then throw it. This helps me:

1. Track my progress. Am I getting better? Worse?

2. See my reoccurring mistakes

3. See where I need help and how.

4. Let’s my teachers keep an eye on my work. My chemistry teacher (HCD) logs some helpful points for me.

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eidetic187 replied to your post:       ❛ how easy is it to actually make…

“Well, chloroform isn’t necessarily difficult to make, but I doubt high schools teach kids how to make chloroform.”

       ❛ i’m really fishing for it here, but would someone who’s got high school level chem skills who’s a bit sick in the head be able to make it? if you say it isn’t difficult, then people who’re competent can make it. ❜

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Can you please do a college match for me?? <3 GCSEs: 10 A*s 1A AS levels so far am getting average 92% ums across the board but since haven't actually done exams yet not sure what this will be and my percentage fluctuates a lot Course: physics natural sciences A levels: maths, f maths, Chem, phys taking an extra I would like to go to a really sociable, fun and more relaxed college!

(I’m the physics natsci college match person) I’m also very keen on sport and would like to go to a sporty college! I like parties and social things a lot

Downing, Jesus or Fitz! Downing and Jesus are known for being really sporty, Fitz does a fair bit and is probably the most relaxed of the three. All three are quite sociable and fun! Something’s telling me that Caius is probably a good one to look at as well, although it’s a borderline Tier 1, so you might want to only consider that if you can bring your UMS up.