i actually really like organic chemistry! I’m starting to like chemistry again, I hate the lessons because my teacher, bless him, he isn’t very good at teaching, but I find it so interesting to find out how everything works on a small scale level

Terms used on examination papers (Chemistry)

Hey there! Here’s a list of the terms used on examination papers. I hope this will help you and clear up any confusion that you have! Also, I have another one of these for physics, but I’ll post it later!

Account for : give reasons for the facts

Calculate: give a numerical answer which shows all relevant working

Compare: pick out similarities and differences

Contrast: pick out differences

Define: State the precise meaning only

Describe: give a detailed account which includes all relevant points

Determine: using the information given, find a solution, usually by calculation

Discuss: give a balanced argument which includes reasons for and against

Distinguish between: pick out differences

Evaluate: determine the value of the point in question

Explain: give a clear, detailed account of the facts, which includes the reasons behind them

Illustrate: make the answer clear by means of examples or diagrams

Justify: give adequate grounds for your reasoning

Outline: give an account which includes only the main points

State or list: give brief, precise facts

Suggest: put forward an idea

Tabulate: construct a table using data provided or obtained

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some misc things i’ve learnt from my first year of sixth form (a levels) and hopefully i won’t make the same mistakes come sept (!!!!!) 

for context subjects wise, i took AS level bio, chem, maths and geography although some tips will apply to all subjects i suppose! 

  • hit the ground running come sept dude, the year passes quicker than u thought (esp after mocks oops) 
  • keep reviewing content throughout the year 
  • incremental progress : even 5 mins rereading notes a day will help immensely in the long run! so ! do it ah dammit
  • don’t file things and forget they exist till exams ! 
  • set aside time to ‘procrastinate’ / relax then buckle down to work 
  • it’s like ripping off a plaster. just /get it over with/ and then u can relax without the guilt 
  • ask questions. sort out any issues there and then. 
  • read. your. textbooks. r e a d    t h e m 
  • have a copy of the spec handy with ur notes so u can check off topics as u go!!! 
  • have one to do list at a time. add to it rather than having multiple copies. 
  • chuck old to do lists 
  • chuck anything you don’t need and you know you’ll never use again. pls. just. stop hoarding urgh.  a tidy study space is v important
  • return library books if you don’t plan to read them in the near future so you have a less cluttered bookshelf 
  • don’t take class notes in pencil. pencil equals messy and it’s not like you got round to actually neatening up your notes like you planned to…
  • have one planner. use it. 
  • write in your journal you need to get those thoughts out 
  • practice your music god dammit x5 a week at least 
  • learn to prioritise your feelings?? like don’t get so emotionally invested in everything and anything. say no. be apathetic from time to time. it’s fine. (on that note, learn to say no. not maybe. no) 
  • do ur maths homework. even if you know they won’t check it… FOR YOUR OWN GOOD *cough* remember revision time is not the time you want to start doing questions…
  • it always feels like each exam ur starting from a clean slate again??? review old exams constantly, review content. keep up to speed okay. keep moving forwards. 
  • if you don’t need ur laptop, shut it down. put it in its case. leave it somewhere else in the house / your bag. YOU KNOW for a FACT that you’re more productive when confronted with blank paper. 
  • utilise your free periods!!! you can get a lot more done than you think :) 
  • get that homework done @ school ! ! 
  • don’t lag, don’t continuously migrate tasks and to dos. tick off your to do list as quickly as possible. can you do it now? then do it. 
  • taking a tumblr hiatus was v useful. do it again come exam time. remember that studying comes first before studyblr.
  • talk to your teachers!!! they are nice! it’s fine! 
  • do extra reading around the subject / in your chosen uni course area throughout the yr so it doesn’t all pile up to the summer hols *cough* 
  • set aside time for extracurriculars! they will keep u sane! but also don’t overwhelm urself with them. all abt the happy balance :) 
  • organise volunteering / w/ex for hols as early as u can next time so it’s less stressful!

does this count as a masterpost? nah ¯\_(ツ)_/¯ but tagging it as such for my organisation hehe (hopefully this was useful for someone else too!! oh and gd luck to all upcoming yr 12 peeps!) 

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Jess I've been following you for going on 3 yrs. You've been SamCait☀️-shine in a bottle spiked w/ a little snark; a perfect vintage! STARZ & S&C couldn't have asked for a more devoted PR person free of charge but now & I'm smh at the collective f*ckery from both parties. Talk about ruining a great thing. They had our support, your (& others') awesome gifs, & 1000's happy for THEM. Now all they've got left are trolls, mommies, fandom police & chem levels that make Frank & Claire look hot. SMH.



the weather has been so nice today and my final exam (for a week) is tomorrow so things are looking up

also when I come back from the holidays I only have six left

aaaaand tomorrow they will be announcing the new head boy and head girl for next year so wish me luck!

Re-written my aromatic compound chapter notes, got loads to do today but if I finish the questions soon, I could start another chemistry chapter tonight 👍🏼

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//Today’s mind map on Energetics. Over 12 hours of studying, I think I deserve a rest! (Also can you tell my favourite colour is blue?!)//

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FO4 Companions React to Sole Doing Her Old Color Guard Routine

Would you mind doing a companions react to the sole doing her old colorguard routines from when she was in highschool? (Like, here using a stick or a gun (without any ammo in it, obviously.)) - @wesleymcmillan

Psh. Why not with ammo? Scare raiders with style. Of course I wouldn’t mind (: I’m not sure if this was meant as a submit (nor am I sure I’m handling this right) but here we go! I used references totally not from  my old FB high school friend’s profiles from google to make a pic because c’mon, color guard is so visual I couldn’t NOT draw something. (I’ll switch up gun/flag/stick per person)

Cait: “Well I’ll be damned… It looks like they did teach you a thing or two about handling a gun back in your time.” Not only was Sole flipping her rifle in a way she had never seen anyone do before, she was doing it so beautifully that it made Cait all hot under the collar. Damn… Only Sole could handle something that dangerous with style. Well hey she could handle Cait so that was no surprise.

Codsworth: “Oh mum! You should be the official flag waver for Sanctuary! Imagine how marvelous it would be if we gave such a spectacular entrance to caravans coming through ho ho!” He was so set with making Sanctuary pretty with flag waving, he collected every fabric scrap he could and rounded up the settlers for mandatory color guard training every day for 1 hour just so they could match Sole.

Curie: “Is zat not… dangerous? Zey let children handle zese guns and flip zem like so?” Maybe Sole was masterfully spinning her rifle but Curie’s head immediately went to everything that could have gone wrong if one poor teenager slipped up and accidentally shot another. How barbaric. Sole explained with tears from laughing that color guard was not a violent sport but a visual part of marching band.

Danse: “Phenomenal. You had dances devoted to the protection of the colors of your flag? I cannot think of a more respectable job.” Once he heard the meaning behind what Sole was doing with the Brotherhood flag, Danse was in awe. Sole told him that once the most respectable bearers wore the heaviest armor for the most protection. Sole taught him her full color guard routine all in power armor. Oh did Danse dance.

Deacon: “Hmm I’m gonna have to go with a 10/10 on technique but like a 5/10 on safety.” Sole assured him her gun had no bullets. Deacon didn’t believe her. Sole pretended to let the gun slip and aimed it at him. Deacon screamed like a little girl. Sole smiled wickedly and spun the gun around her back once more. You don’t mess with a competing color guard champion Deacon. No one does.

Dogmeat: BARK!!! *steals Sole’s practice stick, runs, and never comes back*

Hancock: “Either I am way to high for this shit, or you are spinning a gun on your shoulders like a toy.” He almost couldn’t comprehend the sheer badassery of Sole’s spinning techniques of the gun. Probably didn’t help that he had just loaded up on some super jet but eh. It looked so surreal that Hancock thought Sole might just split into another dimension or break the space-time continuum. Shit he needed to lay off the chems. This level of artistry was too pure to comprehend at the moment.

MacCready: “heh heh, oh man they called that a sport? You’re just spinning a stick! How hard can it be?” Sole shoved a nearby stick in his smart ass hand and told him to keep up. MacCready skeptically spun his stick and dropped it like 57 times as Sole spun it, flipped it, and twirled it with ease. Not one to accept defeat, MacCready continued practicing over and over again long past when they were together because darn it, he was going to become the best darn color guard that ever guarded color.

Nick Valentine: “Okay you little show off, I think I’ve seen enough for one day. Now put that down before you get hurt.” He has his hands out nervously as Sole is flipping an American flag they found, thinking they were going to drop it. He didn’t want them to get hurt… but OH no! Oh they were okay… Man this was not doing his poor little nerves well. Sole seemed to enjoy making him fret as they did continuously more convoluted moves.

Piper: *applause* *whistle* “You go Blue! I bet you were the coolest kid in high school. How can you not love that?” They had only found a stick but Sole promised to put on a performance just for Piper of what she had used to do back when she was in high school. Having never seen anything like it, Piper was astounded by the nimble intricacies of movement. She was Sole’s numba 1 fan. She kept bringing Sole lengthy objects from then on and asking her if she could spin it for her.

Preston: “G-general! That’s so cool! Where in the world did you learn how to do that?” He had heard Sole get up at dawn and he followed her out to a hill where she began practicing with the Minuteman flag. After hours of lauding at how awesome and spectacular she was and how she was practically a superhero, Preston took it upon himself to make Sole a pristine flag that they could twirl whenever they wanted.

Strong: “STRONG CAN DO THAT TOO! WATCH HUMAN.” Strong grabbed Sole, tossing her several feet into the air as she tossed her flag in an extreme loop of color guardception.

X6-88: “I have never seen this technique before. But, it is apparent that your hands are adroit enough for skillful maneuvers. How many have you killed with this ‘color guard’ style?” It was difficult for Sole to keep a straight face as they explained to him how color guard was used as rigorous training for soldiers to be inducted into the marines. X6 took notes, interested in this novel pre-war killing technique. X6 now wants to learn color guard.


Maxson: Sneakily was watching Sole twirl a baton on the bow of the ship from his command deck. Sole was surprised when he marched up to her after a while and shoved a Brotherhood flag into her hands saying “come.” Ever since then it has been the most important duty of the glorious Sentinel to start every meeting with a routine. Definitely not so Maxson could admire her *ahem* form so to speak.

Glory: “Yeah that’s pretty and all, but is it useful?” Glory was just messing with Sole after seeing her twirl the Railroad flag they kept in the back of HQ. Hell, she spun that flag beautifully but when Glory asked that question, Sole got this mischievous look in her eyes. The next dead drop they went too Glory watched in horror as Sole impaled synths with her flag pole, spinning it like a pro, then stabbing another synth as they laughed maniacally.

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hey if you don't mind helping me with first year chem: how do you predict the products of a reaction and know what type it is (single replacement etc) when given the reactants of a chemical equation?

The easiest way is to write out and swap ions. This doesn’t work for all reactions, but since you’re taking first year chem I think that’s the only method you’ll have to use rather than memorizing all sorts of mechanisms.

First you convert the reactants into their respective ions. It also helps to know the really common polyatomic ions.

Ex: The reactants HCl and NaOH become (H+) (Cl-) and (Na+) (OH-)

Then you switch the arrangement of each cation with each anion; basically H+ goes with OH- and Na+ goes with Cl-, so the products would be H2O and NaCl.

Or if reactants have coefficients in front of them like: V2O5 + 5CaS, you leave the coefficients out, switch the ions as usual, then you balance the equation.

(V5+) (O2-) + (Ca2)+ (S2-) becomes V2S5 + CaO

Then you balance it according to the reactants: V2O5 + 5CaS -> V2S5 + 5CaO


Single replacement:
AB + C -> AC + B
Zn + CuCl2 -> (Zn2+) + (Cu2+) + (Cl-) -> ZnCl2 + Cu
Mg + 2HCl -> (Mg2+) + (H+) + (Cl-) -> MgCl2 + H2 (elemental H always exists as a polyatomic element in reactions)

Double replacement:
AB + CD -> AD + BC
(see the examples above)
Some Acid/Base reactions technically go under this category (i.e: NaOH and HCl). But the really obvious acid/base rxns always produce water and a salt. (NaCl and H2O in this case)

Synthesis reactions:
A + B -> AB
2H2 + O2 -> 2H2O
3H2 + N2 -> 2NH3

Or A + B + C -> ABC

Combustion (this one is pretty easy to recognize):
They involve hydrocarbons with oxygen; carbon dioxide + water is always produced.
CnHn + O2 -> CO2 + H2O

AB -> A + B
2NH3 -> 3H2 + N2

Redox (oxidation-reduction) reactions:
Involve the transfer of electrons. They’re easy to spot if you see electrons in the half reactions. Idk if you have to recognize these ones when they’re written as a full reaction.

I only really had to predict single and double replacement reactions in my 100-level chem classes; I didn’t have to do that for decomposition or synthesis reactions (only recognize them).

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Hi! I really want to do Bio NatSci in Cambridge after I finish sixth form which I'm starting this September but I personally don't think I'm good enough to do Maths for an A-Level (I find the new 9-1 curriculum really difficult compared to the original A*-G), and I'm really not fond of physics. So my A-Level options are Bio, Chem, History. Are they still good/alright options to do Bio Natsci?

Helpful experts?

If I remember correctly it’s generally seen as sensible to do three sciences for natsci… but I’m honestly not sure I remember correctly