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AS and A Level Chemistry Revision Resources.

Hola a todos!! El día de hoy me gustaría hacer una recomendación para todos aquellos en saber mas sobre la química que rige nuestras vidas.

En el blog al que los dirijo con esta publicación podrán encontrar varias presentaciones con información sobre nomenclatura y varias temáticas relacionadas con la química, así como publicaciones educativas sobre varios temas.

Espero les guste ^^

OK so the last and largest chemistry exam is tomorrow! I’m not totally dreading it, but it’ll be a good/challenging paper… I need 73/100 to come out with an overall B grade which is what my university want. 

…It’s gonna be a close one.

Quick Question?

So, I haven’t done chem since grade 11 and I’m doing a chem course for engineering one in the fall and I was wondering if anyone had a decent “crash course” way of helping me review high school level chem material before September 10th. It doesn’t have to be anything super in depth, but I’d like to do a little refresher to cover the basics because it will have been so long!

Rates of Reaction 2

The increase of temperature can be illustrated by the Maxwell-Boltzmann distribution. The curve labelled T1 on the diagram to the left shows a lower temperature than T2. It is the area underneath the curve that we are interested in and not the actual curve itself. Behind the line marked activation energy in the shaded area represents the actual amount of particles with enough energy to react. As we increase the temperature of the reactants, the curve flattens and its peak moves to the right. The shaded area increases as the number of particles with enough activation energy to react increases also.

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How did you study for chem o levels??

Ahhh chemistry has always been a tougher subject for me (although I like it a lot more)

I wrote out my notes many times because I’m the kind that needs to write out to remember. Try not to do though, it is super time consuming. Only use this as a last resort!!
Note: last resort now not last resort right before Os because you have no time !!! ! !!

1. Doing lots of practice is good! Just keep doing questions and get exposed to the different question types. Pick out those questions you can’t do well and redo them until you’re familiar with the concept :) The TYS is very important esp mcq because the questions always repeat!

2. If you aren’t confident of any concept or topics, seek help from your teacher immediately because you can’t smoke through chem + chem requires more application of knowledge than memory work.

3. Do a summary for each topic so you can see things from a bigger picture and review them the night before the exam

Good luck!! :)

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ooooh okay youre on like…. level 2 intro chem. which is weird. but ok it makes sense. also ages ago

fuck how did i not notice the url change

wait i thought i was going to level 2 intro chem after my two semesters of orgo. what’s even going on with this chem curriculum

Electron Pair Repulsion Theory
  • Electron pair repulsion theory assumes that atoms in a molecule will be arranged in a way that the repulsion of the electron pairs surrounding it will be minimised.
  • This theory allows us to predict the shapes of molecules.

Greatest repulsion

lone pair - lone pair
lone pair - bond pair
bond pair - bond pair

Least repulsion

also I rly need to work on my anxiety b/c it rly messing up my ability to retain memory bluh bluh hhhhhhh I should also start looking up pre calc and chem stuff before the school year starts b/c I need those good grades………… also gotta read and take notes for my required reading why is school starting so gash dash soon????

does anyone know good resources for high school level chem and pre calculus btw?

antekiu replied to your post “antekiu nah it’s for my senior year of high school. I think I’m going…”

oooh go for it! I took ap chem and it was so shitty I’m smh hahah but if you can take concurrent classes if your schedule allows! I think 3 ap classes are fine, esp if you’re gonna get senioritis it happens

yea i think i may just take an anatomy/ physiology class instead cuz it looks like bio is a lot and there are quite a few projects I would have to do that I would need access to a car and money to do. Lol i wish i could take ap chem but the teacher here doesnt even know ap level chem herself! and lol i bet ill get senioritis at the end of the year so but thanks so much for talking to me about it!! Its help me become a lot less anxious about it!!