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Hola a todos!! El día de hoy me gustaría hacer una recomendación para todos aquellos en saber mas sobre la química que rige nuestras vidas.

En el blog al que los dirijo con esta publicación podrán encontrar varias presentaciones con información sobre nomenclatura y varias temáticas relacionadas con la química, así como publicaciones educativas sobre varios temas.

Espero les guste ^^

Rates of Reaction 2

The increase of temperature can be illustrated by the Maxwell-Boltzmann distribution. The curve labelled T1 on the diagram to the left shows a lower temperature than T2. It is the area underneath the curve that we are interested in and not the actual curve itself. Behind the line marked activation energy in the shaded area represents the actual amount of particles with enough energy to react. As we increase the temperature of the reactants, the curve flattens and its peak moves to the right. The shaded area increases as the number of particles with enough activation energy to react increases also.

@ everyone if y'all ever need help with high school shit like hit me up, I do alright in math n science and like ill scream with you over any English that’s honors/ap. im good with up to pre-calc level math, most ap-Chem stuff, bio is rusty but i have old notebooks n stuff, apush i did pretty well in so yea. just shoot an ask my way or a message and ill do my best

First day of high school year 12 was pretty OK. I put my hopes up a bit high for physics. Turns out there is only one class level so all the people from the lower classes are there and it sucks. So instead of a top class whizzing through the basics and focusing on the excellence stuff, the important bits, we might be lagging about with the fjdfjakfjdlajfkal people. 

English teacher is good though. Really good. 

One thing I REALLY don’t get is that in the top chem class and English classes that have the good students in them, the teachers all say “Ok so you want to achieve all your stuffs to pass the year” as in Yeah, you got into the top English class and I’m essentially saying ‘make sure you try to achieve your standards doesn’t matter about excellence or anything’.