Rates of Reaction 2

The increase of temperature can be illustrated by the Maxwell-Boltzmann distribution. The curve labelled T1 on the diagram to the left shows a lower temperature than T2. It is the area underneath the curve that we are interested in and not the actual curve itself. Behind the line marked activation energy in the shaded area represents the actual amount of particles with enough energy to react. As we increase the temperature of the reactants, the curve flattens and its peak moves to the right. The shaded area increases as the number of particles with enough activation energy to react increases also.

A Level Chem

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Hola a todos!! El día de hoy me gustaría hacer una recomendación para todos aquellos en saber mas sobre la química que rige nuestras vidas.

En el blog al que los dirijo con esta publicación podrán encontrar varias presentaciones con información sobre nomenclatura y varias temáticas relacionadas con la química, así como publicaciones educativas sobre varios temas.

Espero les guste ^^

Electron Pair Repulsion Theory
  • Electron pair repulsion theory assumes that atoms in a molecule will be arranged in a way that the repulsion of the electron pairs surrounding it will be minimised.
  • This theory allows us to predict the shapes of molecules.

Greatest repulsion

lone pair - lone pair
lone pair - bond pair
bond pair - bond pair

Least repulsion

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slurred words

Send “slurred words” to hear my muse describe yours whilst ridiculously drunk.

“I have no idea what that guy’s issue is. He goes from a fuckin’ asshole to savin’ some kid’s ass with enough self-loathing to rival mine. Part o’ me wants to kick his ass and part o’ me feels bad f’r him. He clearly needs a fuckin’ hug or something.”

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I never had this teacher myself, but my school had a religious studies teacher that smelt of weed, told all atheists and non-Christians to leave his classroom and made everyone mediate and write the alphabet in their books. He got fired within a term

I also had a chemistry teacher who told my sister she was too stupid to take A Level v chem (she’s now doing it at uni), badly graded my qpp for motivation, and told both me and my qpp off for not answering/asking questions when we were both getting the work done and done well. She berated anyone that asked a question so everyone was scared to ask anything, and she moved on way too fast so no one could keep up and she got angry with us for not keeping up.

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When i saw my chem a level test paper today i thought that i would hand it over blank but then i was like ‘ok calm down you have enough time to bullshit the test’ and i did