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Hola a todos!! El día de hoy me gustaría hacer una recomendación para todos aquellos en saber mas sobre la química que rige nuestras vidas.

En el blog al que los dirijo con esta publicación podrán encontrar varias presentaciones con información sobre nomenclatura y varias temáticas relacionadas con la química, así como publicaciones educativas sobre varios temas.

Espero les guste ^^

OK so the last and largest chemistry exam is tomorrow! I’m not totally dreading it, but it’ll be a good/challenging paper… I need 73/100 to come out with an overall B grade which is what my university want. 

…It’s gonna be a close one.


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//For the anon who asked what was in my school backpack, here you go!(featuring a field from my walk today)//:

- iPad: to check up on emails, Google, etc.
- Wallet: to buy lunch
- Plaid shirt: in case I get chilly
- Crystallography book: research purposes
- Pencil case (although not shown) including pens etc.
- Sticky notes: see through ones (on right) so they can be put over text, as well as paper ones which I use mainly for memos etc.
- Page finders (sticky tabs): again see through to mark my pages
- Nikon: I take pictures of everything
-Lipgloss: in case I need to look pretty or have dry lips
-Neon pencils: for highlighting
-Neon fine liners: for highlighting
-Phone (although not shown)
-Bullet journal

Rates of Reaction 2

The increase of temperature can be illustrated by the Maxwell-Boltzmann distribution. The curve labelled T1 on the diagram to the left shows a lower temperature than T2. It is the area underneath the curve that we are interested in and not the actual curve itself. Behind the line marked activation energy in the shaded area represents the actual amount of particles with enough energy to react. As we increase the temperature of the reactants, the curve flattens and its peak moves to the right. The shaded area increases as the number of particles with enough activation energy to react increases also.


Friday Update: After a big water change in each tank, prazi dosing is officially done. Fenbendazole dosing will continue for four more days. I skipped thursday to give them a day on their normal food since I know all bloodworms, all the time might be Nox’s fav thing ever but its not ideal. Anyway, have some pictures with your update!

Platy 10 gallon: Everyone seems way better, actually. Eon was out swimming around and Rei seems to be gaining weight. Parasite meds did them a lot of good. And the tank looks great! When I have $$ I’m going to order more crypts and fill in that empty right corner. But otherwise, I’m pleased. 

Lumos’s 2.5 gallon: Lumos won’t eat, swim or move. Fenbendazole is worthless for him because he wont eat the bloodworms (see them rejected up by his head? Yeah.) I’m doing to start dosing maracyn 2 tomorrow in the 5.5 (bigger tank means longer for chem levels to get high, since no filter for maracyn 2.) It’s almost certainly not going to work and could even kill him but idk what to do at this point. If maracyn fails, I’m going to try gram positive meds or consider euthing.

Nox’s 5.5 gallon: It’s midnight and both of us were disinterested in the amount of work necessary to get a good picture of him, but he’s handsome, hungry and wiggly as ever. None of his symptoms are changing, but I guess that just means he didn’t have a high parasite load. He’s loving the bloodworm treatment. 

Happy Friday! 

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Science you say?

OK SO AFTER MEETING WITH MY CLIENT I have learned that it is not ACTUAL SCIENCING. I’m typing, editing, and formatting a text book that this guy wrote. So as long as the grammar is correct, I don’t have to ACTUALLY KNOW about science which is good because this is like grad-level chem and I have no idea what any of these words mean tbh

anonymous asked:

Brown has placement tests? Are they for a specific major or... Because I don't think I'd place well in chemistry

Ya man. The Chemistry placement exam is only for people who plan on taking Chemistry at Brown. Not everyone has to take it because not everyone will take Chemistry. There are language placement tests too. Brown doesn’t accept AP credits, but if you send your AP scores to them, you may be able to place out of certain course levels. And it’s totally fine if you don’t place well in chemistry. I mean you can’t really “place well”. There are two introductory chem courses - Chem 0100 and Chem 0330. 0100 is for those who have had very limited or no Chemistry instruction. When I said “hopefully I place well”, I meant that hopefully I place into 0330.

Sorry if I was misleading. There aren’t hella introductory levels for Chem; anyone taking Chem either starts in 0100 or 0330. 

http://www.brown.edu/academics/chemistry/undergraduate/guide-chemistry-placement-introductory-courses <—- This explains it better than I ever could lol

Electron Pair Repulsion Theory
  • Electron pair repulsion theory assumes that atoms in a molecule will be arranged in a way that the repulsion of the electron pairs surrounding it will be minimised.
  • This theory allows us to predict the shapes of molecules.

Greatest repulsion

lone pair - lone pair
lone pair - bond pair
bond pair - bond pair

Least repulsion

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From greenteaplusbooks: I saw that you have an AP Chemistry study group. How exactly do I join? The link does not seem to be working?

Yeah a lot of people seem to be having problems with the link!

I made a post about the Chem group (btw it’s for all levels of chem) that’s on my page. After you follow those steps, I’ll email you the password for the group! Just search #chemstudygroup or Chemistry study group and it should pop up!