had a dream last night that the Daleks got wind of the phrase “an apple a day keeps the Doctor away” and, y’know, took it literally. they built this massive fucking fortress out of fucking apples and just like chilled in there and Rose was like “doctor wot r u gonna do” and ten was just like  “i’m not gonna do anything, maybe they’ll just sit quietly in their apple dome”

woke up laughing

romanaofheartshaven  asked:

“An apple a day keeps the… Ah, never mind.”

doctor who sentence starters!

   ❛ ha- ha. the dry laugh is accompanied by a quick glance up to her face - just a brief look, before he focusses back on stitching the small wound in her side.  i’d never keep away - well, unless ya asked me nicely, which - let’s be frank here - considerin’ i sorta stabbed you in the side only a couple of microspans ago, i wouldn’t blame ya if you did. but even then i’d probably still show up, from time t’ time, like that bad batch ‘a eggs i threw out three weeks ago that i can still smell whenever i open any bloody refrigerator on this whole ship. ❜