OH CHILD; WHY DO YOU MOURN? Why do you scratch at your skin and walk with your tail betwixt your legs? YOU are the S U N incarnate –– WALKING INFERNO, you are as GLORIOUS as HEAVEN, as D E A T H L Y as HELL. Bear your SCARS like ARMOR; use your EXPERIENCE as your S W O R D.

RISE! you were never made to W E E P –– to hide within the shadows, to be FOREVER on your KNEES; R I S E! for you were made to RULE from on HIGH LIKE A KING.

Independent Miles Edgeworth from Phoenix Wright: Ace Attorney | Est. August 23, 2016

@pippersmcgee LIKE ALFRED rACING AGAINST THE RESONANCE, realizes hes getting summoned and in that 6 second time frame he hastily fixes his chops while mumbling oh dear, oh dear, oh dear. Lets out a hideous triumphant laugh when he beats the bell and just gets summoned like :^) good evening

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remember last year I think it was kbs gayo daejun everyone was entering the stage one by one and people were wondering where the hell exo was and then they came in the center of the stage w/ their own grand entrance legends only 🙌👑

👑K I N G S  O N L Y👑

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._. So..uh..why do people keep saying you are angry..? You seem pretty cool ; ^ ;

                 N O B O D Y   L I K E S   I T   W H E N   I ‘ M   A N G R Y

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an "exo" stan that tags the post saying she loves them but has to do criticism... while her critics are shallow and point to the same thing b*s and bigbang did. Grl, you no exo-l, don't diguise your ar*y bullshit with "i love exo but".

exactly what i was thinking get out of here w that“I love exo but” fakeness u arent fooling nobody smh

Nobody really knows how the alphabetical order came to be. Some speculate it was adapted from a series of ancient Egyptian hieroglyphics, but while linguists know certain sections of it (including a,b,c,d,e,f) have stayed the same since at least the 8th century BCE, why they originally ended up in that order is still a mystery. Source