Rugby Match

It was your day off from school and practice was cancel so the boys decided to show off their skills and pick you up for a match of rugby. You brought your friends to make it even and went full out on the pitch. The boys were so shocked because they don’t play rugby but you and your girls do. Using your formations and skills your team dominated the field and left the boys in the dust. So much so that at half time when Brad passed you (gif) he was so done because he really liked you and wanted you to be impressed.

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 Seeing that that wasn’t happening he picked you up and slammed you to the ground. He then began to tickle you until you said he was the best. You were laughing and so was he until you kneed his stomach and rolled him over. You were now on top of him and as you looked down into his brown eyes you kissed his lips. Before getting lost in the moment you removed your lips from his to say “Try and beat that Simpson!”. You then got up and ran away beginning to play the game again, Brad got up as well looking at his mates in pure awe of you. He couldn’t help but smile cheekily because he knew you were the one.