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"make him look like a dad" you misspelt grandpa ;)

(but he’s such a dad I can’t) I MEAN HES LIKE BOTH HE JUST LIKE- D;

Who’s more daddy – namjoon or seokjin? ¯\_(ツ)_/¯

Oh god that word…..be killing me….but I get what you mean and it’s still Namjoon o.o” (cmon he called someone babygirl and all those pre-debut tracks how can I not).

Cooking Jin or Eating Jin

GDODJSKFDLJ This is so hard to choose D:::::::: I LOVE BOTH SO MUCH AND I MISS COOKING JIN AND IM SO STOKED FOR COOKING KING!!J!!!!! but EatJin. The way he emotes and the noises he makes when he eats just makes me so happy and makes me full (but also hungry). I love how he just eats what he wants and he knows how happy it makes us ;u; 

Young Forever or Butterfly Prologue version~

But um…I guess…UmMMGMMSD…Young Forever. The topics it touches on about the boys knowing that an audience may not be there with them forever and how I can feel their passion as artists through the song really gets to me ;u; (I bawled when the MV dropped ngl.)
- Kylie

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So I watched this movie about cooking so maybe like Chef!J and cook!Ty and ty works in Joshs restaurant and J is all mean and stuff cause that's how chefs are and everyone is very scared of him but he is the best cook in the town and ty always wants to prove himself to J and eventually J softened down a bit but there is still lots of angst and eventually they fall in love

!! j yells at everyone n their techniques bt he warms up after a while n as he’s yellin at the others he walks away n tastes ty’s food smiling “this is…actually really good, tyler” n slowly they start hanging out n j helps him get better n kisses him slowly after he tastes his food “you taste like sugar, ty” “yeah? your cheesecake was really good” n everyone’s envious of ty bcause he doesn’t get yelled at but they all love them together


Criminal Minds Meme - [1/3] Scenes

They say that good things happen to good people. Today is one of those days, and these are two of those people. We love you.