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I wonder if Jennifer would see Liam's house now (after all Miley's 'nice' job),what she would do?! She would laugh until next year probably LOL Not only Jen,even Josh,all his friends,his brothers. There is a reason if this hot guy never found a nice girl in years; if the only girl who have interest in him it's a person like Miley Cyrus with a childood brain,means something! Means that maybe Liam doesn't have a strong personality. In fact,he watches Miley doing what she wants.

Maybe the things M does makes him happy we don’t know him as a person some ppl will surprise you, you know !! 😉

homg I’m watching this new show Forensic Justice and this case is so wild

so this girl is part of a skydiving group and makes friends. now her and her bestie both wanna fuck the hot guy in the group and they do, but the hot guy schedules his fucks so he fucks one on Friday, the other on Saturday.

well months later he invites them to his house at the same time. he leaves the young one on the couch downstairs and takes the old one upstairs to fuck.

the young one is pissed alright. so she sees their parachutes and she fucking snips the ropes to the other woman’s parachute.

they go on their next jump and she watches her jump to her death like lol bye bitch see you in hell

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i'd rather have 40C than -5C where i live................ like even in summer its max 27C.... im so jealous girlllllll

Really!? Everyone I’ve spoken to about this hot weather has said that they would do anything for it. 
I don’t know if you guys realize just how hot it is. 
The breeze is like the air you feel if you stand next to an air conditioner exhaust vent. Imagine that all day everyday. And it doesn’t get cooler at night, oh no it doesn’t drop below 25C and with ZERO breeze.  

I’m sorry but this heatwave that Perth is going through right now is killing me. Thank god for air con. 

But please if you want this heat be my guess, take it! lol

At the house call we did for the Cash Converters ep of BOAT. Did you all see the 2 quite hot guys? 😁 I’ve been lucky on BOAT, always got hotties(except the fishmonger ep LOL). If you have any hot friends who want a cameo on the show, pls write in to us(email at description box under vid). Next ep we’re filming might be LIFEGUARD. Or pestbusters–catch rats and cockroaches haha. For now, go watch this ep if you haven’t! Link in bio. 😘 by yankaykay http://ift.tt/1mjTgfp