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Which mutuals who blog aesthetic stuff are your fave?

listen…. all of them are my faves… they have a special place in my heart !!

they reblog mostly aesthetics but also some kpop, tp nd etc !! 

@dolcegf @4411k @1of1grl @uhnless @areumour @1boba @onews @sheis @4girls @98zy @21stgirl @ilysmfx @1ly @grlcrsh @jimint @redsilk @4gust 

pls go give them some love !! they reblog such wonderful things nd im in love ??

taakitz is real because five days before i asked my girlfriend, on our first date, “was this like, a friend thing, or a date, or…?” and she replied “either?”

kravitz asked taako “was this call for business or pleasure?” and taako replied “a little bit of both!”, proving that taakitz is gay and strong and good


I think I’m gonna start a fic rec list because I get tagged in so much and I feel like I can’t give proper feedback on the spot for all of them. 


Starting next… uhhh Tuesday - yeah, Tuesday, there will be one more fic rec list clogging your dash :)

PSA: This means everyone can tag me in anything. I don’t do ships (this includes wincest and j2), but otherwise, tag away!

Have a picture of my perro.

Ah, by the way, I’m having another CVS attack, I believe, I’m expecting myself to start vomiting blood en a few minutes, so I may not be on for a little bit.
Just a heads up for those who I am messaging, I’m not ignoring you ^^

PSA ! Slow & Injured

//Hey guys, just giving you a heads up that my tendonitis is flaring up so I’m going to be really sluggish with asks and replies for the next week or so. I’ve got a bunch of replies and asks in my drafts and so far I know I owe replies to:

@salesmanofhappiness, @imtwentyfuckingfour, @silverfoxbleach, @moechorr, and @blackbutler-erabelle

//I also know that I owe @lordreala on my sideblog @filigreenightmares so I’ve got that drafted too.

//I’m pretty sure these are the only replies I owe, but if not, please feel free to IM me or send me an ask. Thank you guys for your patience with me. I hope I’m able to get over this arm ailment soon!