♀Venus Signs and Seduction♀

Aries Venus - The Burning Flame

how they seduce: When they feel a strong pull towards you, they must have you, so they will immediately try to get your attention. They are normally very open and blunt and they will tell you what they want and how they want it. They are very likely to take the lead and show you how they like it by guiding your hands or just straight-off telling you. They will take your breath away with their tremendous passion and intensity and they know how to touch and kiss you until you are begging for more.

how to seduce them: They love the thrill of the chase, so make them conquer you because they want to earn your affection. They probably like little fights under the sheets with a lot of body touching.They possess an incredible amount of energy and passion, so give them all you have and more. Heat is very important, hold them, trace your fingertips over their skin, they want to feel your warmth. Playing with their hair, running your finger through it or even pulling it a little and touching their face is a big turn-on since Aries is the ruler of the head area.

Taurus Venus - The Sensualist

how they seduce: They will make you feel so adored. They will enjoy touching you, hearing you breathe, tasting your lips and skin. They take their time because they need to capture every inch of you and every moment you have together. They just generally like to have you around them which is why they are great cuddlers and will hold you very tighly to make you feel safe. They looove spending every free minute in bed where it is warm and they are alone with you .

how to seduce them: Let them see and know you completely.They will love to know every inch of you because they are best with the things they know. Give them a lot of physical affection, they want to really feel that they are loved. They probably like some good and alluring lingerine or a nice wine since they appreciate everything that intensifies the pleasures of love. They might also enjoy kisses on the neck or dirty talk since they are the ruler of the throat.

Gemini Venus - The Siren

how they seduce: They will bewitch you with great stories and words of kindness that will make you want to know more about them. They are very charming and know exactly what to say according to the situation you are in. You will feel like their best friend because they want to tell their loved one everything they feel and all that has importance for them. They are unbelievably stormy lovers who love to spice it up, take you on adventures and try something new and they know damn well how to kiss.

how to seduce them: Whisper sweet nothings in their ear and do not be too shy to talk about what you want and how you want it. Open communication is very important for this placement. They need fun in a relationship which is why they love playing games. Tease them, try new things, role-play and kiss them in every way possible because they love this shit. Intellectual and deep conversations are extremely arousing for them, so take your time, listen to them and discuss things with them before you take it to the next level.

Cancer Venus -  The Rose

how they seduce: This sign is especially known for seducing their lovers through caring for them or protecting them. But most of all they want you to be theirs entirely, they want to be able to touch and kiss you as often as possible. Venusian Cancers can sense your feelings and are able to adapt to them. Suprisingly, they know every trick there is to win the affection of their crush: they can use every feminine/masculine wile theres is, from mother/father to beauty queen/king and sex symbol. They will not only love but admire you for the beauty you possess inside out. Once they feel comfortable around you they will want to explore the adventures of love with you but they will most likely enjoy staying in because there they will not have to share you and are not afraid to be themselves.

how to seduce them: They looooove cuddling and touching you. Hugs and every other act of physical affection means security for them and therefore is a way to show them that they are safe. Their ideal men/women are typically masculine/feminine, at least in their fantasies and they are the sign most attracted to breasts. Not only physically but also mentally they search for a deep connection, so do not be afraid to show how you feel and what you want. Feeling is immensely important to them and you have to give them time to sort out what kind of emotion they sense when they are around you. But when they know what they feel around you, they open up to the point where everything is just natural, warm and suprisingly passionate.

Leo Venus - The Femme/Homme Fatale

how they seduce: This sign knows damn well how to seduce the subject of their desire. They enjoy looking good and getting the attention of those around them. They will dress, walk and talk to impress you and their facial as well as physical expressions sparkle with sex appeal. Probably most of all, they are persistent to the core and if they want you, they will hunt you like a lion(ess). They are very energetic and wild and most likely intoxicate you with their honesty and straightforwardness. While they want sex to first and foremost be a pleasure for them, they can not stand to be anything less but the best lover you had, which is why they will want to indulge you until you are completely satisfied just to see the gleam in your eyes or the smile on your face. They like to know that you want to be exclusively with them and desire to possess you.

how to seduce them: People with Venus in Leo want to be treated like royalty, showered with affection and romantic gestures. They can only feel good in your surrounding when they are comfortable with who they are around you which is why they want to look good for you. This placement wants to experience love with burning passion and just a hint of drama which is why they usually enjoy trying out new things in the bedroom or other locations. You need to stand out from the crowd to catch the attention of this sign (speak with passion, show your unique talents,..). It’s hard for them to separate love and sex which is why they need to sense a deep-reaching understanding between you two before they take it to the next level.

Virgo Venus - The Good Girl Gone Wild

how they seduce: This sign is fiercely devoted to you and enjoys handling the trouble in your life. They are very intelligent and reliable which is why you will feel safe in their surrounding. While they may come off as shy, sweet and polite, Virgos in Venus have serious potential to be aroused by kinks and everything unusual. They pay close attention to your body language and therefore know exactly what turns you on, determined to use that knowledge to your benefit. Most of all, this sign  is always good for a suprise, they are spontaneous and curious in bed and love to learn new things and show you new sides of themselves.

how to seduce them: Although they seldom ever tell you, those born with Venus in Virgo have some very dirty or unique fantasies and love experiencing something new in their bedroom. If you take the lead and express your ideas and desires in an open manner, those fantasies can turn into reality and bring some real passion under the sheets. They might feel a little insecure about their looks but they will give you all the love they have when you show them that they are the most beautiful person on earth for you. They generally expect you to be thoughtful and to see the details. They can not be with someone who is not able to read their body or face or think of something to make them feel better when they are sad.

Libra Venus -  The Enchanter/Enchantress

how they seduce: They carry an aura of aristocracy and elegance others admire and long for from afar. They are sweet and caring and love to spoil you with kisses, flowers and other affections in any form. Their smiles are usually disarming and they are polite from their head to their feet. They want pretty much everything to be beautiful which is why they will set the mood before having sex, lighting candles or arranging the sheets. Being beautiful themselves is also very important since sensual lingerine or red lips can get them exactly what they want. They are gentle lovers who enjoy being touched softly and with meaning but can definitely roughen up when they feel a strong connection to you.

how to seduce them: Since Libras in Venus worship harmony, they can not stand people who constantly need confrontation or drama. A surrounding of peace and understanding is more than arousing for their sexual appetite and they will want to spend some time in bed with you when they feel comfortable and loved around you. Romance is what keeps them lively and happy in a relationship and they will care for you if you fulfill their fantasies fuelled by movies and books now and then.

Scorpio Venus  - The Enigma

how they seduce: Their gaze conveys power and it seems like it is looking right into your soul. They can be very intimidating and mysterious but you long to uncover and know them although they may seem cold and reserved when you first meet them. They seem to promise intensity and commitment and are deeply sensual when it comes to sexual pleasures. They want to feel everything and combine deep physical and mental understanding to a sort of ecstatic experience. A Scorpio in Venus partner makes you feel understood and desired and sweeps you off your feet with their overwhelming passion which can be sensed in a very high sex drive.

how to seduce them: Lay your soul and heart bare at their feet and show them who you really are because they have no interest in people that barely ever express their feelings or true self. They love warmth and fire and people that sparkle with energy and life and passion is one of the essential things they need for an exciting sex life. Intimacy is also very important for them and they will not like it if you are someone who kisses and tells or drags your private life into the public. Honestly, there is not much you can actually do when the connection between you two is lacking. A Scorpio Venus will always love deeply and unconditionally when they sense a certain depth, loyalty and chemistry.

Sagittarius Venus  - The Adventure

how they seduce: They come across as optimistic, idealistic and lively and they just take your breath away with their love for life and all it has to offer. They can easily slip into excessive behaviour and you start to wonder where all those life inside them comes from. They are not bound by restrictions or rules and everything is just so easy and exciting with them, no secrets or taboos or pudency. They have a certain innocence about them and in bed they just charm you with endless giggles because they love to laugh. They are very direct in their approach to love and sex, so do not expect them to play with ambiguity, it is more likely that they will straight away tell you when they want to have sex.

how to seduce them: In a relationship honesty is essential to them, they do not like to hide their feelings and thoughts and they do not want to have a romance which is based on misunderstandings. So you should better tell them what you want straight away and they will surely appreciate that. Be open-minded and adventurous because they enjoy giving their love and sex life a new direction. They are easily  bored when sex or romance get too predictable, so try new things, change locations or positions or just generally soften or roughen up. Also make them feel alive, take them to beautiful places or challenge them with a different opinion/point of view, be everything but ordinary. They want love to feel like it is light and pure joy instead of serious business.

Capricorn Venus  - The Lady/ The Gentleman

how they seduce: They provide an alomst unreal amount of stability and warmth and you just have to feel at ease in their company. They might charm you with some very traditional flirting rules, like holding the door for you or taking your jacket. They can be real charmers, because they seem aloof and considerate at the same time. Alpha-males/females is one term especially accurate when it comes to Venus in Capricorn because they just naturally like to take the lead and show you that they can care for you. Their sexuality is deep and powerful but not a thing they want to be dragged out in public. What they do in the bedroom is a silent secret between the two of you and they would never hurt your intimate connection by kissing and telling.

how to seduce them: They generally fall for people that convey power, confidence and stability as they search for comittment and long-lasting relationships. Their approach to love is very mature, so they probably will not connect with persons that are volatile or unreliable. In bed they trust in experience and consistency because they probably know how they like it best and how it feels perfect for the both of you. If you want them to do something for you or to try something new, you have to challenge them because they are eager to prove their love for you every day. In fact, Capricorn Venus is a placement that feels very deeply but may never tell you about their emotions but you can show them that you understand this by holding them or just being there for them.

Aquarius Venus  - The Rebel

how they seduce: Those born with their Venus in Aquarius may seem unapproachable and a little cold which is not necessarily less magnetic than the burning heat of an Aries or a Scorpio. They just generally are not that good with commitment and like freedom, which is why some of them may not like the idea of a relationship at all. They are, however, very experimental when it comes to their sex-life and they love to try new things, although they might be too shy to turn their fantasies into reality.

how to seduce them: They need someone who is not only able to satisfy their physical but also intellectual needs. Talking about your ideals, philosophies or mantras is very interesting to them and also kind of arousing. They like intelligent people who look behind the nature of things. They can be quite turned on by situations that are unusual, like a love-affair with a married man/woman or cyber and phone sex (any situation where no direct commitment is needed is attractive). This placement is one that has no problem separating love and sex and might has a “friends with benefit”-relationship. They need their freedom under all circumstances. If you can show them that you will not try to change them or restrict them in any way and make them feel like they are in the company of a good friend, you stand good chances of receiving their undivided love.

Pisces Venus  - The Dream

how they seduce: Venus in Pisces is gentle and soft with a dreamy gleam in their eyes and an indescribable patience and acceptance. People with this placement will love you for who you truly are and they would give up themselves to please you. Nothing gives them more joy than to give and receive love and being their partner leaves you fulfilled and strangely complete. Their fantasies often mix with reality and they often seem more like a desired dream of yours. They pay attention to the details and love physical affection, so it is not unusual that a little touch from your fingertips leaves them with a racing heart. They want physical and mental intensity and search for purity and immense feelings in bed.

how to seduce them: They love romance and fantasy and sometimes they may search for their knight on a horse or their princess in the tower. Not only a connection to reality but also a strong contact to dreams and fantasy is required if you want to understand them. They search for someone tender-hearted who holds them when they are sad but is also able to turn their romantic ideals into reality. You should not be too straight-forward but gentle, also in bed. Although they enjoy caring for you and fulfilling your pleasures, you should definitely show them that you adore and admire them for who they are. They actually enjoy to try out new things and passionate people really turn them on.

So What’s The Deal With Cassini?

You’re going to see a lot of news in the next couple days about the space probe Cassini and its “Grand Finale,” which is finally coming to an end.  What’s it all about?

Cassini is a space probe launched in 1997 to explore Saturn. It took her seven years to get there (the first thing she did was head the opposite direction, to Venus, to pick up some momentum!) but she arrived safely in 2004.  She’s been out there collecting data and taking picture for us ever since!

Some amazing things Cassini has done so far:

  • She discovered new moons, Methone, Pallene, and Aegaeon!
  • She carried the space probe Huygens most of the way to its successful landing on Saturn’s moon Titan!
  • She discovered water (definitely vapor, and probably liquid too) on the moon Enceladus!
  • She took amazing photos of Saturn, allowing us to see previously undiscovered rings!
  • She found oxygen on the moons Rhea and Dione, the first time we’ve found it anywhere but earth!
  • She dove between Saturn and its rings!

Her 20 year mission ends this week, when she dives toward Saturn for the last time and burns up in the atmosphere.

What’s the timeline for the end of the Cassini mission?

It’s already started!  The Grand Finale stage of the mission officially began back in April.  We’re now entering the final hours.

September 9: Cassini passed between Saturn and its rings for the last time

September 11: Cassini completed her final flyby of Titan

September 13/14: Cassini takes her final photos of Saturn and its rings

September 14: Cassini begins its continuous data transmission to earth.  This will last until the mission completes.

September 15: Cassini enters Saturn’s atmosphere.

Why are we sending her to burn up?

We’re sending her to do so much more than that! She’ll be collecting and transmitting data to earth until the very last moments—data we couldn’t get any other way.

And the data she’s already given us make this mission conclusion (though a little wistful) very important!  By burning up in Saturn’s atmosphere, she guarantees that the potential life (supported by the water she discovered) on Saturn’s moons will remain uncontaminated by ay microbes that may have hitched a ride from earth.

If you don’t think that’s the raddest shit, I don’t know what to tell you!

Venus in the houses

 psa: I have a feeling this has been done a couple times, but I just really love venus and wanted to talk about it! Maybe you’ll like getting my personal insight on it too, idk

Venus is the planet of love and pleasure

Venus in House 1 : Being ruled by the sun (which rules the face among other things) these people are quite good looking. They adore flirting and love to cuddle, kiss and squeeze their friends or partner. It’s in their nature to be touchy and this may accidentally lead people on. They’re cheerful and upbeat people, who are very sympathetic and artistic. They care too much about their looks though, this could lead to insecurity and spending lots of money on such things as plastic surgery, makeup etc…

Venus in House 2 : You are great in social situations and have many connections, and prosper in marriage or artistic jobs. They spend money on things that they find aesthetically pleasing, love beautiful surroundings. This could range from jewelry to surrounding themselves with women or men they find attractive. These individuals are kind and trustworthy during business. They can though, be too extravagant. 

Venus in House 3 : Very artistic placement, and your social life probably involves things such as travelling/road trips etc… This may be how you find love too! Although being naturally positive people and having a knack for being great in writing and speaking; they can be superficial and easily swayed by their feelings. 

Venus in House 4 : Being surrounded by beautiful things is important to you! You are most comfortable at home. This links to the fact that you tend to have happy childhood memories, and are probably attached to ya momther. This placements almost assures you a peaceful end of life. 

Venus in House 5 : This placement is the most likely to have multiple lovers, as they are very romantic and attract people easily. They feel fulfilled when in the spotlight and being social. This can cause you to look vain if it get too much to your head though, so be careful!

Venus in House 6 : You crave a harmonious environment to feel balanced in life, whether it be at home or at work. Although you are most likely to go and get too drunk, your health is good. Since you are usually so yourself in your work place, this may bring a love interest in the same place. You do though have a laziness issue, and let others do the jobs you would prefer not to do, which can pile up and have people see you as someone they don’t want on their team. 

Venus in House 7 : Just like venus in the 6th house, feelings of harmony are a must in marriage and where you work. You tend to really attract the opposite sex, and are affectionate, usually completely fulfilling the needs of your other half. It is likely that you will gain a greatly stable economic situation thanks to your partner. You unfortunately can be resentful though if people do not take the first step. 

Venus in House 8 : Being placed in the 8th house makes love a very intense and desirable matter for you. This may lead you to feel like the romantic type or have many sexual partners. You might feel protective over your loved ones. Circumstances around your death are supposed to be peaceful. You aren’t great at handling your responsibilities. 

Venus in House 9 : You feel fulfilled in a room of people from different backgrounds who are full of different experiences. Very open to new experiences and ideas, this could make you kinky hehe. Possibly will marry a foreigner. Your longing to find differentiation can be unattainable though, making you upset. 

Venus in House 10 : Charm gets you far in life with your peers, and people are intrigued about your faintly distant ways. likely to be popular at work or school. You may have scandalous issues with a partner. 

Venus in House 11 : Known to be a social butterfly, you are charismatic and love people. Through relationships, you prefer taking it slow and are likely to marry someone who’s been your best friend or good friend in the past or present. A worry though is you sometimes confuse friendship with love. 

Venus in House 12 : The most affectionate sign towards their partner mentally. Very selfless placement, and their is the possibility of having a love affair. You dislike showing off your partner, you are private about you two. Their is a danger of having an unhappy marriage. 


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Series: Tom Holland Imagines

Relationship: Tom Holland x Reader

Warnings: SMUT ASF. Also mentions of Domestic Abuse 

Request by: @talia-grace-daniels Imagine based on the song Feelings by Maroon 5 :) Also Incorporated @delish-duck ‘s request for the reader having an abusive boyfriend and Tom being protective

Word Count: 3,500

A/N: People fr need to stop coming after me in my messages. I know I write smut. I’m 20 years old and write this stuff for people who actually want to read it. That’s why I put warnings before the imagine starts so I don’t have to deal with messages but I still get them.. -.-


ps. I used the word trousers because its fun to say? Let me live lmao

*Slides down the pole throwing the smut to you hungry darlings*

[Reader’s POV]

“Fucking asshole” you mutter throwing your phone onto your bed. Tears were falling down your cheeks. You couldn’t help it. Your boyfriend, well ex boyfriend now had been cheating on you for months.

   You caught him fucking her when you stopped by his apartment a day early. He thought you weren’t coming back so soon. You just got back from visiting the states and came home to heartbreak. It never occurred to you that he would be cheating on you. Everything felt fine and nothing seemed wrong.

   Wiping off the rest of your running makeup you wash your face. Looking at yourself was so pathetic. You were too blind to see his deceit and look at you now. Crying over someone you thought you loved. Letting out a sigh you head back towards your bed.

   Picking up your phone you click the home button. Using you Touch ID to open it up and click on the phone app. Scrolling through your contacts you click on your best friends contact. Putting the phone to your ear you hear the dialing tone. After a short few rings it stops.

“Hello love, what’s up?” Tom’s voice fills your ear making you smile. Tears spill over and you whimper from the pain in your chest forming again.

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So I was re-watching Lose Control,

And I have two theories now, hopefully not done before

Let’s look at the ending scene.

Those paintings are pretty clear if you have knowledge about mythology, they both are Venus/Aphrodite. So I made a little research and managed to find the one on right.

Henri Pierre Picou’s Venus.

Then something else popped in my head, Venus is told to be born from the sea. Remember this scene?

Yixing was born from the sea, that shows.

So now we know Yixing lowkey represents Venus, why is that important?

Venus was the person to cause the Trojan War, but didn’t attend the actual war - Yixing didn’t attend the war either. So, in other words, he was the one to cause the war?

• • •

Now let’s move on to the second theory.

You know the pairings in the Mama MV, and probably have noticed they are made by the positions in the group.

  • Kris and Chanyeol, main rappers
  • Jongin and Luhan, visuals
  • Jongdae and Kyungsoo, main vocals
  • Junmyeon and Minseok, lead vocals and the oldests
  • Tao and Sehun, rapper/dancers and maknaes

Baekhyun and Yixing didn’t make sense at all if you look at it that way - one is a main dancer and one is a main vocal.

So let’s look at the MV again, remember the moon?

Well, moon means the goddess of hunt Artemis in Greek mythology (whose sacred animal was deer, sm doesn’t ignore layhan).

Artemis had a twin brother who was born after her, Apollon. Apollon was the god of sun and light. Did I mention both Artemis and Apollon had healing powers?

So the pairing makes sense like that, Baekhyun and Yixing represent Apollon and Artemis.

I have no idea what I’m doing

Soothing a Venus
  • Venus in Aries: Wrap your hands around their head, 'relax darling'
  • Venus in Taurus: Let them feel your whole body in embrace
  • Venus in Gemini: 'Take a deep breath. Now tell me everything you want to say'
  • Venus in Cancer: 'Have you eaten properly?'
  • Venus in Leo: 'I am so proud of you'
  • Venus in Virgo: Take their hands into yours and gently hold them to ease the tremors
  • Venus in Libra: 'I want your opinion though. Your's is equally valid'
  • Venus in Scorpio: Hold them close in the darkness until they can feel the soothing soul
  • Venus in Sagittarius: Go for a walk towards the sun, let them speak as they move their legs
  • Venus in Capricorn: 'You have nothing to prove to me, you have already proven your brilliance'
  • Venus in Aquarius: 'Bring your feet back to the ground next to mine, now tell me what's going on inside there'
  • Venus in Pisces: Hold them on your chest so they can hear your heartbeat, it sounds like a shell from the ocean
appeal & reaction


venus, traditionally considered a planet of feminine energy, tends to be seen as a woman’s primary energy to appeal to a suitor. venus is characterized by beauty, art, romance, and a gentle sense of harmony. venus in each sign can provide keen insight how not only a woman or feminine person (primarily) will attempt to appeal to someone, but how the other person will react to it.

venus in aries:

appeals by - being shamelessly themselves. loves to strut their independence. 

reacts to another’s venus by - rolling their eyes. they think they can get me so easy? puh-lease. if you’re gonna talk the talk, walk the walk. also will be like “that’s cool and all but did u know i am the best bc” 

venus in taurus:

appeals by - displaying their sensual side; soft but firm. will present themselves as goddesses but still shower the person with the same divinity. 

reacts to another’s venus by - acting unimpressed like a stubborn bull because they lowkey are eating it all up (lol) but don’t want to make it too obvious. 

venus in gemini:

appeals by - speaking their minds. like to be seen as youthful so they will act a bit naive and/or impish. 

reacts to another’s venus by - giggling like a child, dishing out a plate out of jokes, acting really suave about it. 

venus in cancer:

appeals by - displaying their maternal side, acting like a clingy mom. even if they are not keen to the idea of being an actual mother, they have an innate nurturing quality to them.

reacts to another’s venus by - somehow guilting them into having to feel sympathy and reassure them. 

venus in leo:

appeals by - presenting themselves as royalty that can’t be missed. will want to keep your attention all on them - will do or say things to accomplish such. 

reacts to another’s venus by - soaking up every form of flattery ever. they just feed off of anything you say and feel the crowns stacking up on their heads. 

venus in virgo:

appeals by - being a class act. even if they’re partying in the shadiest club of all time, they still act as though they’re in some upscale museum being as proper as can be. 

reacts to another’s venus by - being modest. can be overly critical and analyze the person harshly. 

venus in libra: 

appeals by - simply appealing. charming the life out of people. while virgo venus is more an abrasive class act, libra venus is a graceful one. 

reacts to another’s venus by - out classing you. knowing what to say so that it can elicit an ill-response that they can then resolve it and seem like they’re just trying to keep the peace. 

venus in scorpio:

appeals by - keeping people guessing. they like to give away bits and pieces here and there, maintain the mystery of it all, but will want to treat you like an open book and pull information from you.

reacts to another’s venus by - either not caring or lowkey obsessing over it. either way they express what seems to be indifference so the other person is just kind of like ??? did my attempt to appeal to them fail or ???

venus in sagittarius:

appeals by - being a loose cannon. likes to seem carefree & wildé, kind of wanders. gets deep/fake deep, likes to teach you things. 

reacts to another’s venus by - laughing it off, acting like they have other things to do & explore, turning it into some life lesson. 

venus in capricorn:

appeals by - seeming influential, wiser than other people. wants to be the dominant one so they like to direction things to go their way. 

reacts to another’s venus by - feeling almighty. as if they’re always in regards to their regulations. 

venus in aquarius:

appeals by - expressing their uniqueness/rebellion, being weird, getting a reaction out of others, being real buddy-buddy with you, making it seem like there’s no one else like them. 

reacts to another’s venus by - shrugging it off or being self-righteous, kind of like ‘ya i know’. could try to out weird you. turns the situation into something less serious. 

venus in pisces:

appeals by - displaying their ~otherworldliness~. sag venus seems to always be roaming while a pisces venus seems to always be lost. put up a damsel in distress front, willing to do anything. 

reacts to another’s venus by - overcompensating out of vulnerability to try to manipulate a situation to their benefit by playing the martyr card. 

You Get What You Give (Constant Variables)

Requested: Yes

Summary: Where Harry’s just begun his solo career and performing is everything that he’s ever dreamed of; he can’t help but feel so alone sometimes though. Feeling as though everyone has someone, and he’s so out of the loop with his love life that it brings an imbalance. However, you can’t take everything and expect to give nothing in return or for everything to be ok for forever.

Word Count: 1,869

Pairing: Harry Styles x Fem!Reader

Warnings: Fluff?

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“Guilty As Charged.”

Requested by an anon. A babe. 

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Hyuk loved you, you loved him. The two of you always talked about marriage and children. His fmily was tired of Hyuk waiting to propose to you. After all you’ve been together for almost five years.

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anonymous asked:

As a Venus in Gemini what's your expierence with the other Venus signs?

Venus in Aries: PRETTY adorable! They are very upfront and honest when it comes to feelings and they don’t really beat around the bush. They love a good time and are super playful from my experiences! They can be a bit aggressive and or intense when they like you or find you attractive aha! And they are so the types to play the field from what I’ve seen but unlike most fire venus they don’t go to far with “showing off” because they tend to crush and love very hard and don’t like to jeopardize an opportunity. They also chase and love to chase! But I’ve noticed my favorite version is when people have this in a water house! I usually see them in athletic or outdoorsy type outfits.(Venus in the 1st)

Venus In Taurus: slow moving and smooth talkers. They seem to know just what to say and how to say it. These guys frustrate me at times because they really do move slow when it comes to courting and they usually aren’t the types to come out of nowhere with something outlandish or from left field as they do like some sort of routine! They are usually wearing comfy clothes made from super nice fabrics and sometimes it’ll be loose things. They also have such a beautiful and sensual vibe about them that I adore personally! They also aren’t usually the pursuing type their more of the slow and steady let’s make babies type of guys and gals 😂 but I love em!(Venus in the 2nd)

Venus in Gemini: (aye it’s me) from my experience with other Venus in Gemini I’d say we are the definition of “fast paced” our moods are constantly changing and so are our desires. I’ve noticed that we’re easily inspired and entranced by ideals and situations and curious of how they may turn out. Most I’ve met though are more likely single then they are “hoeing” so to speak. I do think there’s a misconception that Venus in Gemini aren’t committal and run away from relationships because in my experience we’d much rather stay single then play the field. Especially since the concept of a relationship is something of curiosity for us but most of the time that’s all it is. But we’re very loyal and very dedicated once were in love and are very childlike! There’s a youthfulness about how Venus in Gemini express their love and joy in the world because they see it as a playground to learn and explore. But ones I’ve met have varying styles that are almost never similar lmao! And they tend to change their style and lives very often. Usually the more quiet types when it comes to having a s/o (Venus in the 3rd)

Venus in cancer: guys I’ve met with this are the dads while women I’ve met with this position are the moms Of the zodiac. They usually have extremely nurturing qualities and are a lot more emotionally resilient then I personally think they’re given credit for. Ones I’ve met are also super aloof and tend to play the field as far as romance goes and usually don’t get emotionally invested in a partner or love interest until like years later. They also like to keep their outfits traditional and I’ve noticed the guys(gay/straight/unicorn and so on) tend to always fall into the dad look like I can’t even explain it lmaooo you’ll catch them in sandals and crocs. While the girls usually wear jewelry and or pleasant and easy on the eyes clothing. I don’t find them to be clingy personally and I love how sensitive and caring they are! (Venus in the 4th)

Venus in Leo: well here’s the thing I personally my best friend is a Venus in Leo and she’s so amazing. But I’ve also known a guy with this and his ego is the size of our solar system and maybe even andromeda. They def have egos and def have a high level of presence about them that’s so captivating and comforting at the same time. They have high standards for themselves and usually aren’t easily taken down or belittled by anyone. They always stand their ground and for the most part they NEED A LOT OF ATTENTION. like seriously they don’t like partners or friends who fail to keep up with them and shower them with love. This is mainly from what I’ve seen due to the fact that their actually huge softies and super sensitive and in need of reassurance. Personally this doesn’t bother me but like Venus in Leo usually don’t get along with my “non Chalant” attitude.(Venus in the 5th)

Venus in Virgo: I AM IN LOVE WITH THESE LITTLE SWEET HEARTS. For starters they are so so so sooooooooooooooooooooooooooo compassionate and they always try to actor to the needs of others before their own. They can be on the more “self deprecating” side of things when it comes to their self esteem and they usually don’t take themselves or life to seriously. They are hard workers when it comes to maintaining their health and their clothes and romantic endeavors. From what I’ve noticed whether they are OCD about cleaning or seemingly not..They are always CLEANING and they all no matter who it is needs things to be clean. The guys usually like clean and chill and easy natural beauty type partners(guy or girl) and girls usually go for either super messy and bad boys or preppy easy going foreigners. But they are so loyal and really do and are willing to sacrifice for those whom they are about. They’re a lot more “mental” about love like Venus in Gemini and don’t really do half ass relationships they need to see work and can be the types to test a partners work ethic when it comes to the partnership. So if they stop trying YOU BETTER WORK YOUR ASS OFF to get them back. Overall they’re so great! Just wish they’d also trust their heart in love instead of just their head.(Venus in the 6th house)

Venus in libra: honestly…I always end up crushing on guys with this. Like they’re sooo handsome and charming! They really know how to work themselves around an audience and any situation. They’re super adaptable and can be super easy to speak with and converse with! They usually don’t like confrontation from what I’ve seen even if it’s in a house like the 8th or 1st house! They usually also dress very nice! Women here can have a very graceful and curvy look to them while men also will have a more curvy and thick build. They tend to wear floral and or clean cut outfits and can be very stylish! From what I’ve seen also they tend to stay away from “romance” now this might sound weird but most I’ve seen usually are very slow when it comes to commitment and may prefer a flirty and friendly relationship before a heavy and weight full one. They need to know they can communicate and “hang” with you before starting anything serious. But they’re super giving and loving once you’ve got them! OHHH AND THEY HAVE BEAUTIFUL LITTLE SMILES.
(Venus in the 7th)

Venus in Scorpio: okay so textbook wise Venus in Gemini and Venus in scorpio are hell on wheels together and shouldn’t interact. Well boo to that. I LOVE Venus in scorpios. They are very tense and passionate. They usually have more serious demeanors when it comes to flirting and romance and somewhat move at a pace that depends on the person they like and how much of a connection they can feel from it. They are super loyal and faithful as friends and lovers and don’t like to play games or “sneak around” from what I’ve noticed they usually play the field but they also play the field when they’re with someone either if they feel unsure about the relationship or seem to be holding on to past hurt. Either way they don’t usually cheat the worst they’d do is flirt with someone else but they’d never damage a connection beyond repair unless you cross that line with them first. They are sexual but not openly and are super private about it. Romance wise they’re full of deep eye contact that gets deeper the closer you guys get and as the years go on they change a lot and grow so don’t expect them to be the same as you met them. They are also looking for long term with things and move slow when it comes to trusting and opening up but I personally find them fascinating and vice versa! I’ve loved the ones who are in earth houses the most as it keeps them more peaceful and able to handle their passions better(Venus in the 8th)
Oh side note they usually wear a lot of black and sports wear and comfy clothes similarly to Taurus Venus.

Venus in Sagittarius: these guys are NOMADIC as hell. They don’t like being in a place or situation for to long at all. They can also be super fickle and sway when it comes to commitment. But they are so spontaneous and free and I love that about them! They can be super dynamic and unique in how they dress and present themselves. I’ve noticed guys and girls with this tend to have a resting face and seem generally unbothered or interested in the moment that their in a lot of the time. It’s a sort of disconnected gaze they have. They are also very in to trying new things and new places and usually are the ones posting on ig about “wishing I was_______” “can’t wait to go back to _________” they are also super passionate and turbulent people whom can seemingly go of the rails at the drop of a hat lmao but overall I love them too pretty authentic guys and gals who don’t bite their tongue. They usually like the chase and passion filled romances. (Venus in the 9th)

Venus in Capricorn: man..they can be very intimidating! They have a very heavy presence about them that you always pick up on. Guys I’ve noticed rock nice beards and look really good in them while girls can have really straight hair or long hair. They also tend to be serious and have moments of seriousness even if they have a super airy or watery chart. They usually also have a very well put together dress style that screams “mature” “cultured” “experienced” ones I’ve noticed don’t usually date younger partners. Girls/guys: go after older partners and can be attracted to older partners and vice versa. The guys sometimes go for younger gals but I’ve noticed this with Capricorn rising guys more then I have with the Venus signs. They also can have such a nature and serious view on romance and don’t like to rush or jump into something as they seem to relate it to a actual job. They aren’t the most tender or openly affectionate either and I mean I personally never had a problem with this because one thing I’ll say although they lack that initial tenderness they can be super loving and warm just through actions rather then words. THEY ALSO HAVE BEAUTIFUL SMILES!!!! oh looool they hate having their privacy breached so like don’t ever get in their bubble cause they’ll kill you.
(Venus in the 10th)

Venus in Aquarius: I usually like these folks! But for starters they are very trendy dressers like they are very stylish and usually are the thrifters and people who have something eccentric or new age about their dress style. I’ve noticed that they like dating unique or strange people and you know they guys scream emo culture to me and I’m here for it! They can be very magnetic because of the aloof and detached energy they throw out. They can seem like they don’t care about much and don’t really like to immediately jump into an emotional relationship until they’ve known you for awhile. Overall I love them and I think they’re pretty nice people! They’re super sensitive and ooey gooey once they open up to you as they do tend to have 918739182827338 walls up. I actually think they are like airy Scorpio venuses high key. Oh girls here are super into the bad boys and “uninterested” boys. (Venus in the 11th) oh and they date their friends from what I’ve seen like they end up having feelings for their homeboys or girls and they usually like to be ambiguous when it comes to sexuality.

Venus in Pisces: super ethereal and enigmatic. They can be soooo loving and caring! They usually wear really hippie and or baggy and cultural clothing. Their very attracted to “cultures” and can be a bit diverse in their styles from what I’ve seen. They usually are very quiet and have a far away vibe about them! They don’t usually scream “romance” to me and can somewhat be loners and the more isolated guys and gals! They love very hard though and can be extremely sacrificial to those they love and unfortunately can stay in abusive situations because of this and may not leave those people because they feel like they can save them! :( they are super peaceful and easygoing and don’t like people who are to abrasive or loud! They don’t strike me as clingy and tend to be rather independent! But they do attract co dependent partners and can somewhat reflect this behavior. They kinda are like mirrors to me! And they have super fluid energy and can seemingly be anyone at once. They are an old romance type of people and although they don’t show it they are super emotional and Romantic once you get to know them platonically and otherwise! Animals love them as much as Venus in Virgo! (Venus in the 12th-I have this)

This was long but I had a lot to say about all of these beauties!

Fleshing out for my urban fantasy AU and I can’t decide if I want to add Kiths as well as Faerie Courts.

Fae Courts are a definite thing tho

Solas is a Spring Fae with a kith of being the Fairest-his seeming makes his skin sparkle and he emanates a gentle glow

Zevran is a Summer Fae with a kith of being a Darkling–his seeming makes him smoke and shadows

Merrill is an Autumn Fae with a kith of the Elemental–her seeming is the plants that grow on her head, venus flytraps

Fenris is a Winter Fae though he’s much more due to being from Tevinter. His kith is of the Bestial– his seeming is the icy marks across his skin

Anyway, i can’t decide because if no kiths then they’ll just look like their canon selves sans the aura seemings they get. Idk 

Request: Valentines

Request: Something fluffy for juice :*

Originally posted by soaimagines

All heads turned to look at Venus every time the walked in your beauty salon. She was a regular customer, but people always stared at her in awe as Venus got her nails done. You couldn’t blame them, you had the same expression the day you had met her. Now she was your best client and friend. That day, she was talking about her Samcro friends again as you got the red nail polish she had asked for. Venus dated Tig Trager, a Son, and was constantly talking about him and his brothers, trying to get you to meet them. You were a little scared of that to be honest, you had heard the stories. Actually, what Venus really wanted was to find you a boyfriend and that wouldn’t happen, at least not at the moment, you weren’t interested in getting into a relationship.

“It’s a dinner. At my place”, Venus pouted, “How can you say no to me darling?”

“Venus…”, you sighed and she just looked at you, still pouting. You had said no a thousand times and was running out of excuses, and she knew it.

“Promise me not to try to be the Cupid?”, you rolled your eyes and she just grinned.

On the weekend, you found yourself at Venus’ place, helping her and Gemma Teller at the kitchen as the Sons arrived to dinner. A man, who you assumed to be Tig, walked to Venus and kissed her passionately and all you could do was look down at the sink and blush standing next to them.

“Welcome to my world”, someone said close to you and when you looked up, you saw this young man wearing a leather kutte, with a mohawk and grabbing a beer, “I get embarrassed every time they do that close to me too, I feel like the third wheel”. You just looked at him as he opened his beer and took a swing. He noticed your gaze and put the bottle down, smiling and holding out a hand to you, “Hi, I’m Juice”

“Y/N”, you answered and held his hand. And that’s how you met your daughter’s father.


You told yourself it would be just one night stand and you didn’t have to become a Samcro friend or his girlfriend. You believed that until you see the positive pregnancy test in your bathroom sink, then you knew you were a part of Juice’s world. You slid to the bathroom floor, thinking about what to do. 

No, you weren’t ready for a child, but you wouldn’t give up on your baby. You should tell Juice, but you didn’t want to. You could see his puppy eyes in front of you every time Venus told you how he talked about you all the time. You knew he would try to do what he thought it was right, marry you. And you didn’t want to get married. You liked Juice, to be honest, but you weren’t ready for that kind of commitment. 

You tried to hide it, but Venus, of course, noticed there was something different about you and smiled wide when she noticed it was some kind of glow. She gave you an ultimatum. You couldn’t hide you baby from Juice. You were feeling butterflies in your stomach as you waited for him for dinner and you mouth was dry as you told him the news. Venus had told you not to worry, but you couldn’t help thinking Juice would be mad or something. However, his reaction was different from what you were expecting. Juice was smiling, happy with the news and you rushed to explain how thing would work between you two. He could be a part of you child’s life, but you wouldn’t get married or live together. His smiled faded and he seemed upset, but agreed with your conditions. 

Juice was there for you during your pregnancy, but it was like walking on ice, never knowing how to act around each other. Everything changed when you daughter was born though. Juice wanted to spend as much time with her as he could and he feel asleep on your couch many times, watching the baby on her swing as you worked or tried to get some sleep. You slowly become more comfortable around each other, were friends again and then began to date. No, Juice didn’t move to your house and you were taking it slowly, but you had been doing that for quite a while and you started questioning if it was time to open up more and give him a change.

You had been thinking about Valentine’s day and it sounded like a good opportunity to try something romantic. Juice liked the date and had bought you flowers the previous year, making you blush under his gaze and smile. You three old daughter had become fascinated with the date too and Juice had planned a day with her to go shopping. You watched her light up when Juice walked in your salon and picked her up. You smiled watching them and Juice walked toward you for a kiss.

“Hi baby”, he smiled and you felt that butterflies in your stomach again.

“Hi”, you smiled back and you daughter giggled, “Do not spoil her. Promise me Juice”

“I won’t”, Juice winked before leave with you daughter in his arms. You knew he wouldn’t keep the promise.


You worked all day and tried not to think about Juice or Valentine’s Day, but when you got home and opened the front door, you found rose petals on the floor. You were stunned for a moment and then smiled. You should have know Juice would plan a romantic evening. You thought your daughter should be at Gemma’s then, but you creased your brow as you heard her giggle somewhere close. You were about to announce your presence when she came to the living room, wearing a pink dress and looking like a princess. 

“Do I look pretty mommy?”, she widely smiled.

“Yes baby, you look like a princess”, you put your purse on the couch and knelt in front of your daughter, “Where did you get the dress?”

“Daddy bought me”, she spun around, giggling at her new pink dress and then you noticed a small basket on her hands, “He said I should look pretty to carry the rings”

“Rings?”, you blinked and stared at your daughter, who had stopped and was looking at you.

“Yeah”, she excitedly nodded and hand you the basket, “These”. You looked at the basket in awe and grabbed it, gasping when you saw a little box inside. You knew what it was, it was a jewelry box, small to hold a ring. You heard his steps and looked up. Juice was leaning against the door frame, smiling at you and your daughter. You got up, still holding the basket and not looking away from Juice. “Daddy said I will carry the rings at the wedding. Will you marry daddy mommy?”, your daughter asked, standing between you and Juice and looking up at you, waiting for an answer. You looked at her and then back at Juice.

“So… Will you marry daddy mommy?”, he asked after giving you a moment, “He loves you so much and all he wants is to live with his little princess and his queen, give them his name, make them happy…”

“Yes”, you blurted and then looked down at your daughter again, “Yes baby, mommy will marry daddy”

She squealed and jumped and you smiled watching her excitement. You felt Juice’s hand on your waist and looked up at him. There were tears in his eyes too and he leaned to kiss you softly, before grab the basket from your hands. He opened the little box and slid the beautiful engagement ring on your finger. You daughter asked to see it and Juice picked her up. “You are daddy’s valentine mommy”, she said making you and Juice smile.

“Yes she is”, Juice said and kissed your daughter’s cheek, “And always will be”

Note of the author: Yes I did it. Daddy Juice proposing on Valentines’ Day. Super fluffy imagine 😀

Say You Won’t Let Go | Calum Hood

Another blurb/one shot thing based on a song I’ve been loving lately. It’s such a lovey dovey fluff song that I could imagine with Calum. So hope you enjoy. Writing this with no plan, no nothing, just straight from my heart.

Calum’s POV

I approached her where she was laying in my tour bus bunk, clothed in black sweatpants, a grey sweatshirt, glasses on and phone in hand. She looked so pure and refreshed. No makeup graced her face, which was incredible considering how caked her face was at tonight’s show. She looked relaxed and unbothered, but also very exhausted. Her being on tour has made me appreciate her more, how she’s always up at the same time as us to catch flights or go help set up for shows, how she’s always the one going on food runs for us if the catering at the venue isn’t good, and how she’s always willing to stay up until the sunrise to talk with any of us. Watching her mindless scroll through her Instagram feed while tucked away underneath my sheets brought a slight smile to my face.

I rested my elbows on the top bunk, and she turned her head to look at me as she locked her phone.

“Hey boy.” She said sleepily.

“Let’s go for a walk yeah?” My head pointed to the tour bus door. She pouted her lips at the, not so smart idea. Currently it was 50 degrees outside and almost 1 in the morning. We both should be getting sleep considering we’d head out for the next venue in about 2 hours.

“You’re crazy Hood. It’s freezing and I’m exhausted.” She turned over on the bed so her back was facing me, and I laughed pulling her sweatshirt back to face me.

“We have a microwave right there. How about you say I make you some hot chocolate with those mini marshmallows you like and we walk and talk like that?” She eyed me suspiciously, but soon agreed and hopped off the bed down to her feet. Her head reached just below my chin, making me chuckle at the noticeable height difference. 

We walked outside into the, what felt like, freezing cold. We could see our breathes dancing through the night air, reminding me of the lonely nights I’d come out and smoke to relieve stress. Since she joined us, I haven’t even picked up a cigarette. Our tour bus was parked in the back of the venue, so her and I decided to walk back to the stage one last time before leaving. There was no cover to the outside stage, showing off the endless night sky. It seemed as if the stars had multiplied twice, bringing in my light. I watched her as she walked onto the platform before me, her shining eyes looking up at the sky. The stars danced on her now red frosted skin, and it somehow made her look more beautiful. We took a seat near the edge, and set down our hot chocolates as we just watched the universe unfold before us.

“Only one more show Calum.” I sighed, not letting my feelings get the best of me. I shrugged back my shoulders, trying to keep a strong composure.

“No. You’re going to see more, I promise.” I couldn’t even stomach to look at her.

“Even with medicine, treatment, and therapy, they don’t know if I’ll even make it. Or how long I’ll last…”

“I don’t believe it. Nothing they say, nothing any professional can say, will make me lose anymore faith.” Her face turned to me, a sad smile playing on her lips. They started quivering, a sign she showed when she was about to let a waterfall burst from her eyes.

“After tomorrow, I’ll be gone for 6 months Calum. Going from medicine bottle to medicine bottle, surgery to surgery, doctor to doctor, doing everything I can to make I do go see your future shows. But, I can’t have you thinking I’m going to be in the crowd one day again.” Her hand came to rest on my shoulder as she moved closer. I kept a straight face looking up at the now what seemed like dark clouds above us. The stars seemed to shine a little less, and I was looking for a sign of any God up there that would answer my question: if she was going to be okay again.

“Hopefully one day, I’ll be able to thank these lucky stars for you being alright.”


“Don’t ‘Calum’ me, I know you’re going to be okay. We’ve come this far, and, look how we’ve grown together. And I can’t wait to live life and be with you when we’re grey and old.” I laugh slightly, making her laugh with me. That beautiful smile, so sad yet so full of love. She wanted to believe everything I was saying, but deep inside, she was preparing for the worst. Preparing for the day when she’d have to say goodbye. She’s preparing for the day she’d only had nightmares about, of someday not being with me. 

“Let’s get back to the bus, we’ve got one more day together and I want to spend every solitary moment of it making you happy.”

I grabbed her hand and slung my arm over her shoulder, huddling her close to my chest. Her cheek rested comfortably there, the feeling of her was like home.

As we got back to the bus, she made herself comfortable on my bunk, choosing the side closest to the wall so she’d have the wall and myself as a barrier. Before falling into a deep sleep, her soft voice my ears up.

“Just say you won’t let go…”

“I won’t ever let you go.”

Check out my two one shots from yesterday! Escape and Art

Caught Up In You 5

Pairing: Eggsy Unwin x Reader

Warning: Swearing, Stalking, Angst, Sass, Anxiety, potential life of death situations. I’m not really sure. But it’ll have cute fluffy pieces too.

Being famous isn’t always a piece of cake, sometimes you down right regret it. when a fan starts sending you frightening letters, claiming his love for you, and declaring you as his property when you’re about to start your Europe tour. Your manager and tour team start making calls to get you help. When a man shows up asking for the details of the stalker, things he’s sent, the letters, pictures.
The Kingsman agree to help you out, sending Eggsy and Merlin to your aid. When you and Eggsy start to get close, the media starts running a whirl wind of rumors. Sending your stalker on a new craze and Eggsy’s boss on a rampage. Will Eggsy keep you safe, or will you continue to regret your career choice??

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harry sending himself a email: dear harry, good morning to you. Here are your plans for today. 9 am: coffee with mitch in that cafe where you had your first date ehm i mean band meeting, damn autocorrect! 11 am: come up with ideas for a custom made bomber jacket, don’t know how it is yet but NEEDS MORE RAINBOWS. 2 pm: nap, sleep is important! 4 pm: head over the venue to start rehearsing all the ways in which you’re gonna kill your fans. 9 pm: actually kill your fans :) All the love @ you (who’s me lol) H xxx