OMG guys I either did a good thing or a bad thing today. I got to work early and had to go back into the employee part for milk and as I was back there Keith had just got to work. After telling him good morning and seeing how he was I told him these exact words: “I wanted to tell you, most guys I see just wear t-shirts and jeans. But you are always dressed so nice and with your hair always styled. You look very professional and handsome.” I think I shocked him. He did a loud nervous laugh and started smiling bigger then I’ve ever seen him and was thanking me.

Afterward each time he passed by my stand he waved and was smiling that same huge smile. Soooo, yeah. I’ve read online that one way to really break the ice with a shy and awkward guy is complimenting him- but I can’t believe I actually did it. It was kind of all of a sudden. I was worried I’d creep him out but he was really flattered. I’m just, so insanely excited!!! God he is so adorable and sweet. With his reaction today, sooner or later I think it’ll be easier for me to initiate asking him out. *hopes*


the ever so lovely @snowbird-mingyu tagged me in this selfie tag!! 💞💕
(tbh this selfie is kinda old but hey its a good photo)
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Challenge Prompt

My friend gave me a weird challenge prompt which basically amounted to a scify alien adventure and then an hour brainstorming up an entire galaxy.

So meet Adja.

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Do you see this? I just happened to check my stats (that’s a filthy lie. I obsessively check just like every other content creator out there) and I saw this.

On top of everything else (over 800 hits? WTF?) The Dark Path Lit by Sun and Stars has OVER 100 SUBSCRIBERS! 

That’s… that’s… there’s a hundred plus people out there who will get a notification when TDPL updates next.

Yeah… no pressure. No pressure at all…

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My brother surprised us by coming down for his birthday this weekend, so naturally I wasn’t able to work on anything sorry guys!

I’ll just also say that instead of making promises about my whereabouts and such, my involvement on this blog is going to be rather unpredictable! I could end up getting to post things tomorrow, or two weeks from now–it’s all based on my free time and whether or not I have enough creativity at the time to do them.

So all in all, if I don’t post things in a week or two at a time, don’t worry, I am just busy/having writers block/both and that I’ll be back soon! This blog isn’t dead or on hiatus, it’s activity is just…sporadic at the most!

Thanks for understanding as always! 💕