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I was tagged by miirors. Thank you.

name: luisa
gender: female
height: 1,65m / 5′5
where I live: germany
time / date: 05:11 p.m., 25.07.15
average amount of sleep: ~9h
most recently watched and enjoyed movie: capote (is the last movie i remember watching)
favourite band(s): the wombats, the 1975, arctic monkey,…
favourite album: a guide to love loss & desperation (the wombats)
one thing that ticks me off: so many things
favourite drink: water
meaning of my URL: vangch = van Gogh; it wasn’t already take and here we are
most used phrases: nah, eeehh, i don’t know
favourite movie soundtrack: i don’t know.
time you finished typing this: 05:17 p.m. (i watched a video in between)

I tag: samwilsonvevo, peachflora, f-lowr, my-life-and-other-stuff, all-show, ghcstqueen, stinginxbelle, riseofwillgraham, antonbrokolov, hairbleaching

The Wombats’ debut album’s tracklist shines true to its title of A Guide to Love, Loss & Desperation. With a song titles of Backfire at the Disco and Here Comes the Anxiety, how could it not?

The album’s opening track, “Tales of Girls, Boys and Marsupials,” show cases harmonies and upbeat handclaps that could only be attained from a group that met through a performing arts school. The song’s fun, uncaring energy foreshadows the rest of the album impeccably.

“Moving to New York,” was definitely one of the highlights of the album. It contains dumb, honest, and adolescent sounding lyrics that make you yourself feel real and justified, even if it is an upbeat, indie, dance-party song.

Their breathless sound, thanks to drummer, Dan Haggis, is carried throughout every song, including another highlight, “Here Comes the Anxiety.“ The track starts out ominously, “I’d say that this is darkest song I ever wrote,” but is soon brought back to the band’s signature sound of fast drums, shouty vocals, and young, honest lyrics.

Of course, their sound can get repetitive and occasionally, a little annoying, but their lines are forever uncontroversial, relatable, and funny.

Overall, the album holds unique lyrics and a distinguishable sound, despite the band inevitably being part of the indistinguishable group of british, dance-y, shout-y, indie/alternative artists.

listen to the whole album on youtube and spotify!!

Connecting to the iTunes Store.
Connecting to the iTunes Store.

I built a 15-song playlist in the new Apple Music app, and I think it doesn’t suck. Click above and it’ll take you over there.

  1. Over & Over - Smallpools - LOVETAP!
  2. Trojans - Atlas Genius - When It Was Now
  3. Big Blue Wave - Hey Ocean! - Is
  4. Take My Love and Run - Bad Suns - Language & Perspective
  5. Harlem - New Politics - A Bad Girl In Harlem
  6. Reflections - MisterWives - Our Own House
  7. Long Time Coming - Saints of Valory - Possibilities - EP
  8. Hannah - Freelance Whales - Weathervanes
  9. Red Hands - Walk Off the Earth - R.E.V.O.
  10. Let’s Dance to Joy Division - The Wombats - A Guide to Love, Loss & Desperation
  11. Rock & Roll - Eric Hutchinson - Sounds Like This
  12. Little Talks - Of Monsters and Men - My Head Is An Animal
  14. Gotta Get Away - The Black Keys Turn Blue
  15. When You Were Mine (feat. Tegan & Sara) - Night Terrors of 1927 - Everything’s Coming Up Roses

1: What are your 5 favorite songs at this moment?
This is rly hard um okay: The wolves - Bon Iver, Sixteen - Bombay bicycle club, Going inside - John frusciante, Quixoticelixer - Rhcp aaaand Normal person - Arcade fire

2: What was the first song you ever downloaded on your Ipod?
I think the first song would probably be something by Blink-182 or Green day lmao

3: If you could see any band in concert who would you see?
The chili peppers again also the strokes and also chili peppers x 100

4: What song/band/album always brings memories back for you?

The song would be Home by Edward sharpe and the magnetic zeros, a band probably Paramore (back to the emo days) and an Album would be a guide to love loss and desperation by the wombats (year 8 feels)

5: What is the saddest song you know?

No distance left to run by Blur really gets me also Wash by bon iver makes me cry every time