Moving to New York [8-bit]
The Wombats
Moving to New York [8-bit]

The Wombats - Moving to New York [8-bit]

the concepts of some of my favorite songs by the wombats
  • tokyo (vampires and wolves): yeah i had a gf once. i left her so that i could become anime
  • 1996: mr president, we need a weapon that can destroy every single 90's kid in existence
  • techno fan: it's not a techno song
  • flowerball: some cute boy needs to sing this song to me right now. also i could have sworn this song was called flowerBOMB.
  • jump into the fog: prostitutes, but like, aesthetic prostitutes
  • anti-d: hey there i heard you ordered some tears in the express mail, here's your delivery
  • this is not a party: everyone else mcfreakin losin it while I'm just contemplating what i've mcfreakin lost
  • curveballs: lmao whoops
  • party in a forest (where's laura): hun. you're looking for your friend laura? and you're in the middle of this trippy pine tree forest place? oh hun. *sweats* did you look down at the beach? trust me i listen to bastille i know where this is going and its not going anywhere good
  • our perfect disease: i guess you could say we had an...unhealthy relationship *thousands of people applauding*
  • greek tragedy: how many metaphors can i shove into one song? *opens box of unlit cigarettes* a whole damn lot evidently
  • let's dance to joy division: I've never seen a group of people so angry about being happy. also how the heck did they explain this to a children's choir.