things that came with isak and even getting their own place:

  • them sleeping in. like a lot. even though they have to get up for school really early, isak always ends up dragging even back in bed, where they lay for another hour or so, which results in them coming fifteen minutes late for class basically every morning. but when they’re laying there, just the two of them, it’s totally worth it.
  • before they moved, isak was really excited about not having to live with noora, who would constantly tell him to wash his dishes or to pick up his dirty socks from the floor; now that they lived alone there would be no one to tell him what to do! at least, that’s what he thought. in reality, even is much worse than noora. he always wants everything to look cleaned up and whenever isak leaves dirty laundry on the floor, even always makes him pick it up, rewarding him with a kiss.
  • if they’re not out with friends partying or something like that, the nights on weekends are always spent watching movies, since even is such a big fan of them. most movies are really dramatic ones that always makes isak cry, even though he would never admit it. 
  • the last time isak tried to cook, he almost set the kitchen on fire. so from that day, even is always the one cooking for them. and he’s an amazing cook. the whole house always smells amazing when even is in the kitchen, but isak always chooses to sit on the kitchen counter, as close to even as possible. and whenever even has a second or two, isak always manages to steal a kiss, which mostly ends in even getting too into it and slightly burning the sauce.
  • after even decides to buy a bluetooth speaker, there’s always music playing. whether it’s magnus who came over and started to play that song he found a while ago, completely made out of female moans, or quality rap music that isak and even both know all the words to, there’s always music playing. 
  • neither of them really knows which clothes belongs to who anymore. they’ve shared a closet ever since even started living at the kollektiv back in december, and when they moved out they couldn’t really find a reason good enough to stop. besides, isak doesn’t really mind if his shirt smells like even.
  • the walls being kinda thin, so they keep getting visits from the homophobic elderly couple living next door, who tells them to keep it down at night, and that “two boys should not be doing those kind of things”. even usually just slams the door in their faces, since he knows that these kinds of comments still makes isak very anxious.
  • even helping isak with his homework!! even though they’re both very aware of the fact that even doesn’t really have straight a’s, so to say, even is still the very first person isak turns to if he has a question. and some nights, when isak has been studying way too poorly and the test is in like two days, even makes sure to stay home the whole night to quiz isak. when he gets enough and starts to get grumpy, even throws the book away and starts kissing isak all over.
  • make out sessions. lots of them. the movie they’re watching starting to get boring? make out session. even cooking an amazing meal for isak? make out session. neither of them being able to sleep? make out session.
  • even didn’t bring a lot of things from his old apartment to their new one. the only trace of evens old room are som posters of rappers, some souvenirs from trips he’s made, and, of course, the guitar. he loves just sitting beside isak on the couch while he’s on his phone, serenading him with songs that are way too cliche, and also trying to impress isak with some of the rap songs he’s learnt. 
  • even loves to draw, so he draws almost constantly. one of his favorite objects to draw is, obviously, isak. he loves do catch isak doing or saying something funny, and immediately making a drawing out of it. isak always complains about it being pieces of papers and drawings all over their place, but to be honest, he doesn’t mind at all.
  • …and also, if even can’t come up with something to draw, he loves to write isak little love notes(where he usually just writes stuff like *du er digg*, and then bombs the paper with hearts)on stickies that he puts where it’s most likely for isak to find them.
  • their apartment is rather small, so no matter where they chose to be, they’re basically always together. but despite this, they always somehow manages to be in the same room. they don’t necessarily have to do something together, they’re just always in the same room. if isak is doing his homework in the kitchen, even is on the chair next to his, watching youtube silently on his phone. if even is watching one of his favorite documentaries that isak absolutely can’t stand, isak is still laying there, with his head in evens lap, trying to solve a rubiks cube.

Title: Cabin Fever
Author: DangerousNotBroken
Artist: delicious-irony
Rating: Explicit
Pairings: Dean/Cas
Warnings/Tags: writer!Castiel, mechanic!Dean, anxious!Castiel, accidental roommates, vacation fic, romantic comedy
Posting Date: 11/21/2017

Summary:  Due to a romantic-comedy level  booking blunder, grumpy stress-case Dean and reclusive writer Castiel end up shuttled off to the same remote cabin for two weeks, and nobody seems to care that neither of them wants to be there. But since they’re stuck in the same cabin for the duration of their vacation, they might as well play nice and make the best of it right?


Dean’s so stressed out he can’t sit still, Cas can’t boil water without setting the place on fire, and they’re so on each other’s nerves it’ll be a miracle if either of them survives until their rides home arrive.

At least the tension is just social, and not sexual, right? Right?

- - -

“Hey, sorry dude. I’ve got Chuck on the phone.” Dean follows Sam back inside, really not sure what is happening. “He says this is all his fault and he definitely double booked us ‘cause he had his calendar on the wrong page. He offered to rebook one of us for the two weeks following the original booking…”

“That won’t work,” the guy interjects, shaking his head.

“Yeah, for us either, which I told him. So he said since we both paid up front, if you and Dean agree, he’ll give us each back half our booking fee and you guys can share the cabin for the next two weeks. There’s two bedrooms, so no one has to sleep on the couch or anything, and it seems like a not terrible way to resolve this?”

The guy tilts his head to the side again, pondering. His eyes don’t narrow this time, and he’s not looking at Dean, but Dean still feels like his very worth is being weighed and measured in the thoughtful look on his face. A whole internal dialogue plays out on the stranger’s face over the few moments it takes him to decide how to answer Sam’s question.

“I don’t see why that would be a problem. He doesn’t look like he’s going to cause me too much trouble.” And just like that, he goes back to writing, ignoring Sam and Dean like they aren’t even there. Sam puts the phone back to his ear and informs Chuck that everyone is in agreement, which pisses Dean off, because everyone is not in agreement, and he knows this for a fact because nobody fucking asked him.

“Don’t I get a say in this?” he demands of Sam when he hangs up the phone and drops it back in his pocket.

Sam just gives him a flat stare in response. Dean can read it clearly. ‘I didn’t care whether you wanted to come up here in the first place. What makes you think I care whether you want to share it with a weird hot guy who has a staring problem?’
Dean might have invented the hot part all on his own. It’s hard to tell with bitchface-to-English translation, really. The syntax gets muddled and some things get lost in translation and…nevermind. It’s not important. The point is that Sam is abandoning him here with this guy for two weeks and he’s not even interested in Dean’s opinion on the subject.

“I hate you,” he informs Sam.

“No you don’t,” Sam reminds him. “And you’ll hate me even less when you’ve had some time to relax for the first time in months.”

Hello everyone! 

I am launching a (very relaxed) book club. We will begin reading September 1st, if you’re interested in joining please click the link below: 


or follow https://www.instagram.com/lithappens/ for updates! 

I’m starting this just as a way to motivate some of my friends to read by a) choosing a book for them and b) pressuring them to finish with a deadline. We (IRL friends) will be meeting once a month, but I thought it could be fun for everyone to participate because sometimes you need a little incentive to pick up that book! There will also be a forum area for discussion though I’m not quite sure how often it’ll be used. 

The first novel will be formally announced soon :) this will also be the only post regarding this on Trifling Thingz since Lit Happens is a separate entity. 

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(actual gif of me promoting reading w/ my grumpy friends) 

Me watching Agents of SHIELD season one:

“Oh wow, this show is so predictable. Just another monster-of-the-week type series. Let me guess, the heroes defeat the bad guy at the end of the episode, right?”

“Oh, the sassy lead female will fall for the by-the-book, grumpy handsome dude? And let me guess, Coulson and the jaded SHIELD veteran lady are gonna be the group’s parents and the two nerds will be the comic relief. Wow, so revolutionary. I’m SO impressed with this totally unpredictable storytelling.” 

Me watching Agents of SHIELD post-HYDRA reveal:

2p! Nordic's personality

Basically this is what I gathered on how there personality is by fanfiction and 2phetalia wiki.

2p! Norway:
-Has a love for fire (light ‘em Up! Up! Up! Light ‘em Up! Up! Up! I’M ON FIRE!)
-not fond of iceland
-hates being called big brother

2p! Iceland:
-clingy AF

2p! Sweden:
-Friends with flavio
-likes shopping

2p! Finland:
-Is the scariest
-likes guns
-is possesive AF

2p! Denmark:
-really grumpy
-Likes books
-is sarcastic

kymbawee  asked:

I can't wait for the next Grumpy Cat book!! How is it going so far? :D I loved the first one so much. Do you have a set date you want to have the books up for sale? Or just seeing how it goes? Keep up the great work!! 💖❤💛💚💙💜

Hello! Hope you don’t mind me posting this as public! Just letting people who are interested know some progress and stuff~  Thank you for showing interest in the sequel book <3 I’m still working on it! Sketches are done and I’m currently inking them. ( Here’s a sneak peek xD)

I’m rushing this book and some new merch for my next event (hope I’ll get a booth), so hopefully I can get all the YOI merch done in time and open preorders at one go. Probably in mid/end October.

* Also, I might consider compiling the yurio cat comic strips and make it into a small picture fanbook… ( would anyone be interested in getting?)

things that I think get overlooked a lot about Bitty’s friend group:  

Farmer is Bitty’s pledge daughter-in-law. Which to me means they probably have each other’s numbers and text about topics related and unrelated to Chris. (and ok, Farmer in my book is a wiz in the kitchen so this is how they BOND but that’s just me)

Farmer dropping by to Lardo’s room at odd intervals because the volleyball team has too much drama but the hockey boys are too loud (and yes Lardo lives in the haus too but the sanctity of her room is respected for the most part) and them painting nails or binge watching Crazy-Ex Girlfriend or making plans to go on trips they’ll probably never find time for and Farmer always letting Lardo complain about people first because Farmer’s the one who decided to mooch off her room 

Lardo and Nursey getting close because of weed and Shitty (but what if they hung out the summer before Year 2 and they were tight by the first week of school and what if “chill” used to grate on Lardo until she got to know him better and learned that chill means a lot of diff things) 

ok you can say it’s “Bitty’s” or it’s “Jack’s” but it’s really Shitty’s. Shitty who became attached at the hip to the “coke addict douchebag”. Shitty who ngl probably crushed way too hard on the manager and made it a point to always remind people that she was just as much a part of the team as everyone else (dibs anyone?). Shitty came up with Ransom and Holster’s nicknames for fuck’s sake. Shitty was originally supposed to be Bitty’s best friend (although that shifted a bit I think we should never undervalue their friendship and how important it is esp during Year 1).  (And yea I guess if you want to apply it to the Frogs, he was already friends with Nursey, he and Dex has this weird argument relationship, and he really respects Chowder/there should be more moments like “the motherfuck between the poles”)

Tango being C’s pledge son (see this) you can’t convince me otherwise 

Chris trying to get the tadpoles acclimated to the team because he remembers what it’s like to be the new guy. 

Jack’s relationship with each Frog. Like c’mon: I think he empathizes a fuck ton with the aloof chill of Nursey. Sign me up for 3k about them getting each other but not getting each other and miscommunications that lead to them seeing a lot of themselves in the other person. Give me Nursey and Jack bonding about their successful parents and what that MEANS for them. Jack not just giving Chris his dibs because he earned it the most out of any player. Because he wanted the guy who was the heart of the team to always know he had a home on the east coast. Jack and Dex (although tbh go read my deximbits stuff for more of this) being soft grumpy dads who enjoy books, hockey, and have a soft spot for alt rock. 

Chris’s ability to take care of other people. He’s super fucking dependable and has more emotional intelligence than all of them put together sometimes I swear. Also he helps Dex with his homework and we definitely don’t talk about that enough. 

Ransom and Holster being Bitty’s pledge dads. The way you can see that carry over in the Tweets but especially in Ransom and Bitty’s bffls dynamic. The way Bitty is lowkey telling Holster to back off of yelling at Ransom before Ransom tells him himself. 

Which leads me to Tango is Bitty’s grandson and now I need to sit on this more for a later date 

And now for a list of friendships that I sorrowfully need more content for: 

Dex and Farmer

Nursey and Whiskey 

Holster and Chowder 

Foxtrot and anyone tbh (but defs more Tango) 

Bitty with Ollie and Wicks 

While everyone is losing their mind about 215, I need to chill my emotions, so let’s play a game! Each trope is about your favorite show, charachter book.

1) grumpy wannabe actor and survivor naïve ray of sunshine: Titus and Kimmy (Unbreakable Jimmy Schmidt)

External image

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2) I love you but I can’t have you vs I love you but you don’t wanna come out the closet: Magnus Bane and Alexander Lightwood (Shadowhunters, first 11 episodes)

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3) Falls in love once, turns out she’s his sister, turns out she’s not, still in love with her: Jace Herondale and Clary Fray, a heartfelt drama (Shadowhunters)

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4) the first OTP ever OTPing in my fangirl life: Hermione Granger and Ronald Weasley (the Harry Potter saga that saved my life)

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5) knows SW by heart but pretends not to: Lily Evans, even though that’s my hc (Harry Potter)

6)I’d kill you most days but would die for you in an instant: Lily Aldrin and Barney Stinson (How I met your mother)

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7) I don’t care about anything, I simply interact so you don’t bother me: Alec “grumpy cat” Lightwood

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8) is a flower child/high warlock of Brooklyn with some shitty issues worth drinking over: Magnus Babe

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9) ended up in jail for being a serial killer because wizard can’t be bother to use Veritaserum but is actually godfather of the year: the one and only Sirius Black

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10)left home because of shitty parents but I love you more than my mischevious son: Mrs&Mr Potter and their second son Sirius Black

11) I couldn’t stand you at first, you couldn’t stand me but you grew on me like a weird kind of infectious illness and now I love you more than I love myself: it’s a tie between James Potter&Sirius Black&Remus Lupin &Peter Minus (seriously guys, this screams Marauders all the way) and Alec Lightwood&Jace Herondale

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12) I’ve hated you since day one but my brother loves you so I have to put out with you on a daily basis and make sure you don’t die on my watch: Alec Lightwood and Clary Fray

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13) your friends and my friends have yet to get tired of telling me how amazing you are but to me you look like a massive jerk but, you know, I like your smell but your hair are awful but you have a beautiful smile no, this doesn’t me I’ll come with you to Hogsmeade: Lily Evans and James Potter, the extend version with Sirius Black commentary is now available on dvd

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14) you’re the sun, I am the moon, yep we are totally worlds apart and everybody is wondering why I am your best friend but after a while you realized you don’t care: Jughead Jones and Archie Andrews

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15) I am a high functioning sociopath, you have your giant issues to work on, we’re raising your daughter together and this is the least weird thing of all. Plus, I am a giant, you’re the size of a Hobbit: Sherlock Holmes and dr. John Watson, the “it won’t happen in your dreams either” power couple.

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"let me be perfectly queer"


There was a perfect silence for a second after he was done reading, and Clint Barton - aka Professor Barton, aka professor hot-ass, aka ‘smarter than that hawk-guy’, at which Bucky had rolled his eyes and planted a copy of ‘A Brief History of Time’ in front of Tarrina on her break - rubbed the back of his neck awkwardly.

“So that was from my book - ‘Let Me Be Perfectly Queer: the semiotics of a subculture’. Which I’m gonna go scribble on over there in a second if you wanna get your copy defaced. Um. Thanks?”

His gratitude was almost entirely drowned out by a storm of clapping that seemed to startle him, if his wide-eyed grin was any indication. And Bucky - who had gotten over meeting admired authors in about his second year of owning his bookshop - felt a treacherous squirming in his stomach.

He edged closer, intending to hand over Barton’s requested 'e-fucking-normous coffee’ and guide him to the signing table, but he’d already been cornered by one teary-eyed fan.

“…self-conscious to study it, and your book just broke it down so well into words I could get, and it made me feel clever for the first time and I just -”

“Aaw, crying, no,” Barton said, dismayed, and before Bucky could step in and smooth over the awkwardness - comical in itself, since this place was called Grumpy Bear Books for a reason - Barton had wrapped his arms around her and was rocking her a little, back and forth.

“Hey,” he said gently, “hey. Don’t let anyone make you feel like you gotta be all educated to be smart, okay? I grew up in the circus, didn’t even learn to read until I was ten, and my first time in a proper school they thought I was a dummy.” He pushed her away just a little, ducked his head to give her the most impossibly beautiful smile. “Prove 'em wrong,” he said, soft and gentle, and this guy was a freaking menace to Bucky’s heart.

Penny’s posing with the book I’ll be posting art from for the next little while, the graphic novels of “The Colour of Magic” and “The Light Fantastic” illustrated by Steven Ross!  She is 39 weeks old and looking beautiful as ever.

@fitzkreiner replied to your post “That Movie Looks Cool And All But Why’d You Make The Asian Character…”

mmmmyup. (related: i’m also grumpy because the book says she’s big and tall. so a stocky asian lady which natalie portman is…not)

yep, and y’know what this describes

The biologist’s hair had been long and dark brown, almost black, before they’d shaved it off. She had dark, thick eyebrows, green eyes, a slight, slightly off-center nose (broken once, falling on rocks), and high cheekbones that spoke to the strong Asian heritage on one side of her family.

not natalie portman, that’s for sure


Oh for fucks sake not again-
Okay okay, hear me out.
Voltron X Bungou Stray Dogs
I’ve even got a list of names.

Lance- Atsushi Nakajima (bc they’re both cinnamon rolls, both insecure af and get confident as the story goes on, both intelligent af and who doesn’t wanna see Tiger! Lance??? Blue eyes, baby!!! Tiger Lance is so soft but could rip you to shreds!!! Also the boy is selfless af??? THE BOMB EPISODES IN BOTH SHOWS HOLY SHIT- but yeah, vvv insecure beeb pls hold him he’s been through too much-)

Shiro- Dazai Osamu (happy chipper with a dark side Shiro is my aesthetic tbh. Plus, always trying to die? Super hot af??? Goofy most of the time but when in serious mode you’re absolutely fucked sideways??? How can he NOT fit the roll of Dazai?!?!? I also maybe really kinda wanna see Shiro rocking bandages in a trench coat, maybe. You have no proof.)

Keith- Doppo Kunikida (grumpy Keef with his book about order, instead of a wire gun he usually summons a chain dagger that he throws with deadly accuracy. Plus he’s tired of Shiro’s bs like 99% of the time, come on.)

Pidge- Ranpo Edogawa (super smart but when out in the Wild World™ completely clueless w/o a laptop or smth, she hates the sun, but 10/10 will steal your sweets and junk food.)

Hunk- Junichiro Tanizaki (gentle sweet cinnamon roll that can snap ur neck if you make him mad enough, absolutely perfect baker boy, nervous a lot but gets along great with Lance after the whole fake bomb and test moment :3 )

Allura- Kenji Miwazawa (DOES THIS EVEN NEED AN EXPLANATION?!? Super sweet, extra polite, not from around town, smiley and happy go lucky but can fucking bench press you, your family, your house, your car and smile so sweetly that it’s terrifying.)

Matt- Akiko Yosano (he’s actually kind of sweet, just a bit more like dark chocolate when he’s healing the team… plus I just wanna see Team Healer Matt.)

Blue- Kyōka Izumi (you can’t have a Lance Centric AU without the lovely Blue, who is now a child and a little emotionally detached but regains empathy while bonding with Lance, plus Kyoka is so cute but deadly and Blue would fit beautifully into the little society.)

Alfor- Yukichi Fukuzawa (FUCK YOU ALFOR ISNT DEAD HERE. Nope instead he’s the President who likes his tea, thanks. Coran’s the secretary.)

Zarkon- Ryūnosuke Akutagawa (I mean it just makes sense. Dark, broody, obsessed with beating Shiro, it really fits.)

Haggar- Ichiyō Higuchi (reasons I’m too tired to explain.)

As it is vvv late and I am exhausted, I’m gonna stop here. :3

Demon!Stiles fic, with a twist. Warnings: Suicidal thoughts/accidental death, un-death, violence, drugs, threats of violence.

I’m tired, and no one notices. There’s blood in my spit, under my nails, and no                                 one notices. I’m present, but not pretty.

                                                         And so

                                                   No one notices.

It’s loud, even tucked away in the tiny corner of the club they’d managed to secure early in the evening. The music has them yelling to one another, voices dipping in and out between heavy bass lines and uncomplicated lyrics. It’s no better when DJ switches tracks, not with the ever present noise of the crowd—a solid wall of people on the dance floor all shouting to be heard. The whole thing is obnoxious, irritating, chaotic. Stiles hates the part of him that likes it.

He thought he’d gotten over that.

Keep reading

Fic Roundup: Prompt 0008, Roll For It!

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It kind of annoys me how Cullen is supposed to be the war advisor, yet most of his suggestions are either temporary solutions or just punch it into submission. Like the improve morale war table quest. For that, I tend to go with Leliana. Anyone who’s ever spent all day on their feet in uncomfortable shoes knows how important shoes actually are. Spending all day in a desert in uncomfortable shoes would not only make morale low, but it would most likely make the troops very grumpy. Books and food are only temporary comforts. There’s no guarantee that everyone knows how to read. And a cook has to be fckn amazing to make soldiers feel alright about drills, night watches and uncomfortable conditions. All the advisors suggestions are valid, but only Leliana’s seems to be a long term solution. An ex-Templar whos used to standing on his feet all day should know that.