Revisiting my childhood with Shasta and Aravis from The Horse and his Boy. This is probably their royal portrait, and they are arguing throughout the whole painting of it. Also, I hope Aravis continued to wear her Tashbaan clothing even when she became queen of Archenland.


crooked kingdom countdown: week 3: favourite scene(s) ½

“We’re not going through in the embassy”, said Kaz. “Always hit where the mark isn’t looking.”
Who’s Mark?”, asked Wylan.
Jesper burst out laughing. “Oh, Saints, you are something. The mark, the pigeon, the cozy, the fool you’re going to fleece.”
Wylan drew himself up. “I may not have had your… education, but I’m sure I know plenty of words that you don’t.”
“Also the proper way to fold a napkin and dance a minuet. Oh, and you can play the flute. Marketable skills, merchling. Marketable skills.”
“No one dances the minuet anymore”, grumbled Wylan.

Okay everyone listen Raphael loved his mother, more then anyone else in the world.

When he was turned his mother, Guadalupe, hired Magnus to save him when he was taken by vamipres. It took Raphael months to be able to wear his cross without crying and be able to say ‘god’

Raphael threw himself on to the holy ground of a grave yard and repeated 'Dios’ over and over again, pushing himself through the pain, just so he could see his mother again.

After, he visited her and the rest of his family every Sunday, and he probably spent the last moments of his mother’s life with her, and even though he knew one day Simon would lose his mother, and would still be stuck in his 18 year old body, he still went and helped Simon. Not because he really liked the fledgling, or for Simon’s mother, but for Guadalupe.

Me watching Agents of SHIELD season one:

“Oh wow, this show is so predictable. Just another monster-of-the-week type series. Let me guess, the heroes defeat the bad guy at the end of the episode, right?”

“Oh, the sassy lead female will fall for the by-the-book, grumpy handsome dude? And let me guess, Coulson and the jaded SHIELD veteran lady are gonna be the group’s parents and the two nerds will be the comic relief. Wow, so revolutionary. I’m SO impressed with this totally unpredictable storytelling.” 

Me watching Agents of SHIELD post-HYDRA reveal:

Akane and Kougami in the car

After two weeks of work on chemical translations, I needed some Psycho-pass to ease my mind. As I’m still stuck on chapter four, that is long, very long and far, too far from chapter five where Kougami and Akane finally meet, I peeked here and there and found this part that we all know well but it’s always nice to read.

No need to explain which part it is. :-P

(Akane and Kougami have not this grumpy air in the book. Love love love the book!!!)

After coming out of the Arcade commercial building, they found a small wooded area at a short walking distance. Entered the wooded area, Kougami approached a thick raised bush. In that bush, an infrared intercepting sheet, abundantly concealed by foliage and tree branches, was covering something. Kougami grabbed the sheet and tore it off. Hidden under it, a military jeep equipped with a heavy machine gun.

Kougami jumped on the driving seat and Tsunemori on the passenger seat. The engine started through the fingerprint authentication.


They were running fast on a roadway in a wooded area inside the military jeep.

“…what does it mean? Explain me, please”

“it’s exactly as you see. I’m taking part to the movement for the democratization of this country as a military advisor against the drones”

“This car, where is it headed?”

“There are still some places here and there where the power of governmental forces is weak. We’re heading in one of those places…by the way, Inspector”

“Stop that, please…”

When he was told ‘stop that’, for a moment Kougami hadn’t understood. After some thought, he realized the way he had called her. He had called her ‘Inspector’. --- That’s the hound behavior, it seems that neither several years abroad can break this habit.

“Tsunemori…don’t you there’s something off about him? That chairman”


“He’s rather a good-for-nothing man. I wonder what a dictator’s crime coefficient looks like”

*In italic, Kougami’s thought.