What’s not to love about Canada? The people are friendly, they invented poutine, and they’re the quietest upstairs neighbors we’ve ever had. To celebrate Canada Day, check out some of our favorite Canada-themed designs

Happy birthday, Canada!


Back & Forth, Back & Forth

Behold the handiwork of MrAnyone, aka Pedro Miranda Filho, a Brazilian graphic designer who I found out about on Twitter the other day.

Additional faves are after the cut; be sure to check out MrAnyone’s DeviantArt page to witness the full extent of Filho’s prowess as it pertains to the medium of animated gifs.

Also, apologizes in advance if this post alone wrecks havoc with your battery if you’re reading this on a smart phone.

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The Kingdom of Fiore, a neutral country of 17 million people.
It is a world of magic. Magic is bought and sold there everyday. It is an integral part of people‘s lives. And there are those who use magic as their occupation.
Those people are referred to as wizards. The wizards belong to various guilds, and perform jobs on commission.
There are a large number of guilds within the country.

On July 1st 1960, 55 years ago today, Prime Minister Kwame Nkrumah of Ghana proclaimed Ghana as a republic and became the country’s first president.

Happy Republic Day Mother Ghana

Photography: Tj Letsa

Design: Aaron Yeboah Jr.


Amagi Brilliant Park - 30 Day Challenge

Day 1: Scenery - Day
Day 2: Attractions
Day 3: Rides
Day 4: Shows
Day 5: Scenery - Blue
Day 6: Real Cast Members
Day 7: Mascots
Day 8: Performers
Day 9: Royalty
Day 10: Scenery-Purple
Day 11: Weapons
Day 12: Fights
Day 13: Uniforms
Day 14: Pain
Day 15: Scenery - Pink
Day 16: Food
Day 17: Classmates
Day 18: Management
Day 19: Backstage
Day 20: Scenery - Orange
Day 21: Evil
Day 22: Tales
Day 23: Magic
Day 24: Animus
Day 25: Scenery - Green
Day 26: Meetings
Day 27: Teamwork
Day 28: Oration
Day 29: Celebration
Day 30: Scenery - Night

What better why to celebrate ‘Canada Day’ than with Canadian astronaut Commander Chris Hadfield, not only was he the first Canadian Commander of the International Space Station but also the first Canadian to walk in space, he was also the first to record a music video in space, with a cover to David Bowie’s Space Oddity. His amazing images and videos of Earth and living aboard the International Space Station have kept us all in awe and will continue to inspire the next generation of explorers

Summer 2015 Manuscript Wish List

A new season brings with it a new manuscript wish list! Summer is the perfect time for me to find new projects, so I’m looking for some amazing stories to land on my desk over the next few months.

Here are some specific stories I’d love to find this summer:

Young Adult:
- Young Adult friendship break-up story.
- Young Adult psychological horror.
- Young Adult science fiction with “fringe science” elements
- Contemporary Young Adult with romance similar to the Joey/Pacey or Joey/Dawson relationship dynamics (Dawson’s Creek).
- Contemporary Young Adult with a bisexual or asexual protagonist.

Middle Grade & Chapter Books:
- Contemporary Middle Grade that pulls on my heart strings.
- Middle Grade fantasy/adventure.
- Middle Grade horror (bring me back to the golden days of Goosebumps)
- Character-focused Chapter Book series.

Graphic Novels:
- Graphic novel from an established illustrator (children’s or adult).

Literary Fiction:
- Literary Fiction (for adults) with a touch of genre, or magical realism (examples: The Night Circus, Of Bees and Mist, The Golem and the Jinni).

- Nonfiction on pop culture & lifestyle topics (some specific wish list topics: geek culture, blog-to-book proposals, minimalism, vegan cooking, witchcraft or magic).
- Nonfiction for children (some specific wish list topics: geek culture, pop science).

In general, I’m looking for: illustrated picture books; middle grade (any genre); young adult (any genre); adult fiction with a touch of genre elements; and nonfiction (pop culture, lifestyle, and children’s). I want to read manuscripts that take me by surprise and could easily find a place on my “favourite books” bookshelf (you can view some of my favourite books here).

For more information on what I do and do not represent, take a look at my representation page (which is updated on a regular basis with submission guidelines and wish list items). Submission guidelines are also on that page.

Bring on the summer submissions!