Aidan Turner as Dante Gabriel Rossetti making his preferences known in Desperate Romantics (2009)


Joel McHale - Purity Vodka (2014) - Behind The Scenes (x)


I was like; “This is stupid, this is in your head, no one is into it, they don’t care what happens to Brendan and I, or Michael and Maria, or these people playing them,” or, whatever. So, I put it on hold. But, then we wound up attending the Austin Television Festival, and not only did we end up seeing so many fans that made me realize there really was a need for this type of genre, but it so mimicked in a weird way what I had already written that it felt so incredibly meta to me.

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Hello. How are you? Good, I hope. I was wondering how you met 8bittheatrics? It's just that, you 2 have such an amazing relationship. The kind I aspire to have one day.

Long long ago Moon and 8bit brought the gift of World Chicken/WHORLCHICKEN to tumblr the world. This has made Michiru a lot of people very angry and was widely regarded as a bad move.

Nah, but seriously. We met by joking around with our circle of people here on the site and after the one fateful day where we spent ages plotting out Minako using Palla Palla to troll people Crystal Tokyo… it all just fell into place. We had things like our art group and simshi to pull everything together.

It became a more regular thing after we met in the Jetwolf Trolling Alliance. Now there’s no pulling us apart. She’s been adopted into the family and everything. No take backs.