Hardy Plants

Extreme weather is pretty much unavoidable unless you live in Hawaii. Here is a list of plants for your garden that can withstand frosts and droughts.

For Cold Weather/Spring/Fall:

• Camellia
• Japanese Maple
• Carrots
• Evergreen Holly
• Cabbage
• Broccoli
• Cauliflower
• Onions
• Spinach
• Snowdrops
• Berry Bushes
• Crepe Myrtle
• Witch Hazel
• Hellebores
• Peony

For Hot Weather/Summer/Droughts:

• Agave
• Bamboo
• Zinnia
• Banana
• Sedum
• Lantana
• Dahlia
• Coneflower
• Lavender
• Salvia/Sage
• Sempervivam
• Rosemary
• Cactus
• Aloe
• Thyme
• Chives
• Parsley
• Oregano

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It's not really a cooking tip but rosemary is one of the best plants for a low spoon herb garden. It's drought resistant so forgetting or being unable to water it isn't that big a deal and it naturally repels pests. A bay tree is good for the same reasons if you have the room.

Keyhole Gardening: a Drought-Tolerant, Compost-Style, Sustainable Concept 

The key hole garden concept is quite simple. A circular planting bed (with a “keyhole” to allow access to the center) is constructed with bricks, stone, gabion-style walls, or even aluminum siding. In the center of the keyhole is a circular compost bin in which kitchen scraps and household “gray water” are poured.  

Layers of soil inside the circular walls slope slightly outward to encourage positive drainage away from the central compost bin. As kitchen and garden waste breaks down and gray water is added, a natural “compost tea” soaks into the surrounding soil providing nutrients to plants growing within the circular wall. More information and instructions at the link. 

The other day i accidentally watered a grasshopper nesting in my aloe plant. It was a pretty solid case of inter-species startling.

My parents house has a pretty big backyard with a garden, so growing up i was used to seeing all kinds of bugs around. I’ve been living in apartments for a while now, so big guys like grasshoppers are a rare sight for me. I forgot how big they get! Like, you can HEAR it when they kick off the ground.

Stay outta my plants, you.

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christian are there any bands or artists u recommend a lot

YES WOW my friend Cedar has a musical project called CAMERA CAST & I truly believe he is one of the greatest songwriters/musicians alive & I wish everybody listened to him & it makes me upset almost everyday!!!


(Ragged Rituals & I’ll Be Brave r two of the best songs on earth)

Also there are many others, some of which I’ve mentioned frequently: Alex G, Quarterbacks, Porches, Julia Brown, Teen Suicide, Starry Cat, any Sam Ray related project rly, Pure X, Car Seat Headrest, Frankie Cosmos, Justin Bieber (Journals was the best album of 2013 dont b dumb), The Everly Brothers, Simon & Garfunkel, Mac Demarco, Bulldog Eyes, Angel Olsen, Attic Abasement, Kool AD, Drake, Waka Flocka Flame, Flatbush Zombies, Ratking, RL Kelly, Happy Trendy, The Unicorns, Microphones, Danny Brown, Miniature Tigers, Surf Curse, Cherry Glazerr, Wampire, UMO, Shimmering Stars, Gardens & Villa, Lil Wayne’s Da Drought 2 is the best mixtape ever made, Emily Reo is great…..ok thats enough

Wake me up when you’re back in my arms, although the time spent away have multiplied into years– missing you is the only confirmation of your existence. I haven’t heard my name since the wind uncovered your eyes yet I still manage to open up more and more everyday– you’re the only thing growing inside of me, breathing with bad lungs always meant more gardens than droughts with you around. More open lips strolling through marketed smiles–more open wounds when they should be closed, you used to keep your feet out of the blanket, was it colder when we slept together or when we were sleeping alone? were the tears louder when I was holding your hand? did the sun rise every time I didn’t answer? The hours speak us into existence and we may be apart from one another, but we’ll always be a part of one another– some stories begin with you, but they’ll always end with me. No matter how deep these scars run, I’ll always find another reason to love. maybe we divided time into a pill we couldn’t swallow, but your silence is apology enough–we used to tell stories about wanting to do things right the first time, but when we chose to walk away, when we chose to live alone… the conversation between bones and bone marrow sounds like the one between tears and your eyes. I still think that we were too young to throw the words I love you around, but as time continues to pass us by. I have learned to forgive myself. I have learned to forgive you. If you ever hear my apology when the moon is behind clouds and the sun is fighting sleep– if you ever hear my apology when we’re too old and we no longer remember us– if you ever hear my apology and it doesn’t sound like another I’m sorry… just know that somewhere in the vague details of every poem I meant every word.
—  The Ate & The Bunso

Cactus corner;
I’ve slowly watched the guy who lives here build this beautiful garden of drought tolerant plants. I can’t see where he’ll take it in another 10 years, there’s so many little cactus propogations on the side of his house so he must have something in store 😊


Joy of the heart, 

blossoms in the mind, 

gardening the soul 

through times of drought and wilt. 

Gardeners, seen and unseen, 

watch over this patch of land, 

this, and all the rest, 

caring and devout

till the fruit of all their labor ripens in the light. 

Love, the dew which drinks all sorrows, 

which forms to new tomorrows, 

which borrows from the evening 

to wend in wondrous, winding day, 

dew, in light and darkness, 

dew, in might and vulnerability, 

dew, in thirst and satisfaction, 

such wondrous flower and fauna come of you.

-Jerry Harris III


If you’re a garden lover in Southern California, there’s probably one thing on your mind as the fall planting season gets underway: drought. Finding ways to cut back on watering in the garden has become a high priority for everyone in the region. (Learn what The Huntington is doing to conserve water here.) One unexpected benefit is that many home gardeners are growing California natives and drought-tolerant species for the first time. These plants are transforming the residential landscape in beautiful ways.

Our Fall Plant Sale is this weekend (Oct. 24–26), and there will be all sorts of drought-tolerant goodies to choose from. Read more—and see more pictures–on VERSO.

Assorted agaves

Tecoma ‘Sunrise’, Grevillea ‘Moonlight’

Hoya nummularioides, Verbena bonariensis

Ornamental grasses and sedges