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I find it kind of funny that Sora uses the Keyblade for its actual purpose of unlocking stuff more in your crossover than in the actual game

I feel like the KH team kind of painted itself into a corner with the Keyblade… Hades himself says in KH2 that it works on any lock. I find it hilarious to think about the possibilities that exist in a world where Sora actively uses and abuses this universal master key.

Locked treasure chest? Don’t care which pirate NPC put it there, whatever’s inside is totes mine now.

Locked door? Tap tap motherfuck, it’s spiky-haired Disney anime boy here to solve all your problems for you.

Digital wall trapping you and your friends inside a computerized hellscape(?????) Not a problem, push the triangle button and that wall is CRTL + ALT + GONE

really fucking me up to only find out now that the reason all those old hotel mario ytps sounded like that is because whoever initially ripped the cutscenes made a complete arse of it and that the distorted audio wasnt part of the game

I feel like we owe hotel mario some sort of apology


[background credits to @nickbearportfolio , it is a place holder until the game is actually developed! ]

SO! this was just me messing around with how i might want the game layout to be. it feels a little… empty right now, but this is literally me throwing it around, seeing what i like. nothing is set in stone, hell the whole STYLE could change! but i wanted to get some stuff down on paper!

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how would i go about telling people that i want to experiment with a name? i'm also using it in pokemon games to feel it out, but i'm worried that i might be accused of just using the name of a fictional character

Hey there! Id start out with asking your best friend to call you something different and then branch out from there. And a ton of people share name swith fictional characters. Good luck!


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(dont feel pressured to do these all, i know theyre quite a few) 11, 16, 20, 21, 34, and 50 for the ask meme

send me numbers 4 bts asks!

(imma answer them ALL im not tryna do my hw)

11.Is there any BTS song that has a special meaning for you?

i answered that here!

16.What is your favorite hair color for each member?

jin- BLONDE!!, yoongi- ok he looks good in EVERY hair color but i rly like grey!, hoseok- orange!!!, namjoon- purple, i love grapemon, jimin- the hair color he had during wings era, taehyung- red, jungkook- remember when violet jungkook happened for a hot minute, violet LOL

20.Which member caught your attention first?

JIMIN! he was actually my first bias

21. Name the feature you like the most about each member!

Im assuming this is like a physical feature :-)

jin- his shoulder, yoongi- his hands, hoseok- smile, joon- dimples, jimin-eyes, taehyung- smile/hands, jungkook- smile

34.Jungkook’s thighs, abs, arms or veins?


50. Your thoughts on BigHit?

bigshit?? idk i have mixed feelings about the company. i love them bc the boys r under them but sometimes their management is real shitty like rn, where they’re overworking the boys.


Sometimes I wish there were less character customization options. I liked having a certain character for a game, like Chelsea/Mark from IOH/SI. I like how you knew by seeing the character which game they were from or how you could meet the one you weren’t playing in the game. Now it feels to me as if, even though you can make them more individual, it takes away the identity the character had before you came to “borrow” them for a while.

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Did you notice that in Knowing Bro episode Jin and Heechul parts were cut from poem game? I have feeling Heechul said something inappropriate when he lost so that must mean Jin did too right? Hahaha Also Heechul did get flustered when Jin winked at him so maybe they did something silly together. Nah no no it was most likely cause of the time... but hey wait Jin did almost say nipple during the crossword game sooooo maybe lol

I actually havent watched the whole episode yet just little clips of it but yeah i can see heechul doing something like that and we all know jin aint so innocent so yeah lol

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Headcanons for Sinclair? Your head canons are so good.


Hmm. All About ole’ Augustus. Hmmm.

1. Definitely had reading glasses. While he has a pair of glasses on him in game, I feel like those aren’t the one’s he would have chosen if he could have- they’re just what he could salvage in the ruined city. Ideally, he likes tortoise shell glasses, not those aviator-style frames. I did a lil edit of what I had in mind:

2. Has a bit of a sweet tooth, though not for candy. He mostly enjoys baked goods, with dark strong coffee. Still likes orejitas, from his time in Panema. 

3. Speaking of Panema, he’s never returned after the death of his grandfather. He was raised by his grandpa from birth, until he left the country in his early twenties. Can speak Spanish well, but after his time in the states picked up an accent that makes his Spanish sound twangy. 

4. Is biracial! His father was white, and his mother Afro-Latina. His father traveled there as a U.S government official on the Panama Canal Zone, which opened in 1903. His mother was from Nuevo Chagres, a tiny seaside town near the top of the Canal. 

5. His father wasn’t interested in raising a child, and ditched the pair, and his mother was estranged from her father, so when his Grandfather took Augustus in she lost custody. 

6. His Grandfather died when Augustus was 19. He looked after himself afterwards with what modest things he inherited, then saved to move to America. 

7. A lil pudgy.

8. Smokes clove cigarettes. Likes the smell better then the regular cigarette smell. 

9. Dry sense of humor, unless he’s trying to woo or convince someone. 

Important meet-cutes in Dragon Age canon:

Dorian: “Ah you’re finally here! Good, you can help me kill these demons.”

Anders: Channels a spirit with glowing eyes to threaten you before even saying hello

Sera: Tells a stupid joke then kills a guy right in front of you

Fenris: tricks you into fighting a dozen slavers then rips a mans heart out of his chest right in front of you

Cassandra: Imprisons and interrogates you for causing the actual apocalypse

Zevran: Tries to literally assassinate you


I am posting the ENGLISH lyrics as well as the characters that show at that point in ( )…a number following so you can see my ramble about it. These lyrics are absolutely beautiful and breathtaking. This song is beautiful. 

In search of shining ray

Daffodil swaying beneath the blaze (V shown)*1

Trying to bloom with all its might (Rika)*2

It puts in all it’s heart

This, a song of dreams sweetly sung

This, a song of memory lonely sought (Jumin and Zen)*3

Into the light the flower may flourish (Jahee and Yoosung)*4

It takes a push to make me perish (Saeyoung and Saeran)*5

Shall there be light, do forgive me

Even the act I feign to protect me

Shall there be hope, flower shall blossom

Even if surrendering my everything in whole (V)*6

Love tenderly this daffodil (Picture of V and Rika)*7

The sun is the mother of all. 

*1. V is alluded as a flower, in this piece. As he often calls Rika his ‘sun’ it would make sense. As much as a flower needs a sun to thrive and grow, V also needs Rika to live. Or, rather, he sees that he lives BECAUSE OF her. He is happy living, swaying beneath the blaze of her bright beams. 

*2. ‘Trying to bloom with all it’s might.’  Rika seems through the game to look a bit down on V and his dependence. To me, this comes from a point of view of someone looking down at this daffodil, watching it struggle to live and keep going but never giving up, much like Rika with V. Through her, he is trying to thrive as much as he can, by any circumstances. He puts his whole heart into loving her, because through her, he lives as well. 

*3. ‘Lonely sought’ these two characters are arguable the loneliest in the game. They both feel misunderstood. They both feel as if they will never find someone to love them. They are too complicated. Their lives are too.complicated! This line really applies to them both and it is beautiful and a smart move with this placement. 

*4. ‘Into the light the flower may flourish.’ BOTH of these characters were essentially lost. Jaehee was in a dead end job she never intended on staying at, Yoosung lost his motivation after Rikas “death.” But, with MC’s guidance…they are shown the light…and they FLOURISH. Like a flower. Make sense??

*5. This one is a bit more intense and deep. ‘It takes a push to make me perish.’ The Choi boys have been through a lot. ‘It takes a push’-could mean the push that Rika and V gave Saeyoung to go into hacking and Saeran to join the cult, leading them out of the light and into this darkness, causing them to perish. They trusted these people, and all they needed was that extra push to go into it. 

*6. ‘Even if surrendering my everything’ this is so classic V, understandable that he would be shown during this line. He doesn’t care if he loses everything he is. Like the secret endings, he is willing to die as long as he can prove his undying love to Rika. He gives himself willingly to the person he loves 


*7. ‘Love tenderly this daffodil’ hurts a lot. It shows a new side to him. We usually only see V as this love addled fool. But this line. He gives himself, puts himself out there for her, and yet…he is scared. He wants a kindness in return. Please, love me tenderly…No, love [at all] tenderly. I may be devoted to you, living under you, but please, don’t hurt me. 

-The sun is the mother of all- 

Rika is the center of this entire damn game. She is. Every single character revolves around her. The plot revolves around HER. Plain and simple. Rika is the epicenter and that will never change. 


And she did. She hurt him, badly. Many times. 

Chertiz, take all of the time you need. Because I want to be able to romance and heal this poor boy properly. I do.