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For the askbox meme: avocados at law (Foggy/Matt/Karen)? And say, poly!vengers (don't care what kind of arrangement, as long as Natasha is part of it)

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okay, for the daredevil OT3, or as jade calls them, karen and the babes:

  • Gives nose/forehead kisses

this is absolutely matt, because he’s so tactile. he kisses his lovers everywhere, and not just in bed. hands, cheeks, hair, shoulders, wherever he can reach as he passes them in the office. of course he also touches them with his hands *a lot* and karen gets off on having her face touched so matt has a very very accurate idea of what she looks like. 

  • Gets jealous the most

karen. this feels obvious not because of her, but because of matt and foggy and how they work. so it’s not like karen is super jealous, she’s just the one who feels it most. and of course she’s super protective of her babes so there’s that as well. marci got the brunt of this for a while, tho the two of them worked it out at some point. claire basically said you are welcome to him but karen watched how claire lovingly put matt back together so often and she just ended up so grateful that claire could do anything and it would be okay. (not that claire does much, tbh, she doesn’t want to mess with the family unit)

  • Picks the other up from the bar when they’re too drunk to drive

well the problem here is that, with the way foggy and karen drink, it should be matt, but… yeah. so matt is the one who calls the cab and gives them exact directions to josie’s, then shadows them home anyway, just to be sure everyone is safe. 

  • Takes care of on sick days

when matt’s in good condition, he’s actually a stellar nursemaid. foggy defaults to den mother most of the time, but when he’s down or sick, matt looks after him with such subtle consideration, foggy doesn’t always recognize all the things matt has done to make him feel better. like, aromatherapy, soft music, his softest set of sheets… not to mention the cool towel on the forehead and food easy on the stomach and forehead kisses to check temp, even tho matt can feel it from a distance. karen actually does notice the things matt does when either she or foggy are sick, and she tries to remember to do them for matt when he’s recovering from a brutal fight. the ease of tension in his face shows his thanks more than anything.

  • Drags the other person out into the water on beach day

karen’s a great swimmer but she usually spends the day laying out with a good book, so it’s foggy that drags matt into the water to play around. it takes matt a bit to be okay with the ocean because of the sheer amount of sensory input. foggy splashes in and dives under the surface immediately, whooping and hollering, but matt walks his way in and acclimates as he goes. at some point foggy always gets impatient and dunks him, but by now matt expects it and can usually be ready for the pull of the ocean on him by then. 

  • Gives unprompted massages

honestly, they all do this. matt’s need to touch is so strong it rubs off on the other two, especially because he’ll never ask for a massage even when he desperately needs one. it’s rare to not have somebody’s hands on somebody else when they are hanging out around the apartment. (because of course they’ve all taken over matt’s place. karen was the one to put up blackout curtains in the living room after a month of foggy complaining about the light)

  • Drives/rides shotgun

matt’s always shotgun. the other two trade off. it actually works best when karen is driving, matt’s shotgun, and foggy is sitting in the back seat leaning forward until his shoulders are between the two front seats, talking their ears off. 

  • Brings the other lunch at work

karen took this on as a clerical duty from the beginning, ordering lunch, even though they rarely had the money for it. it was her way of showing gratitude. the boys didn’t say anything for a while, but then they started talking about how much they liked homemade sandwiches or even leftovers from dinner for lunch and karen got the hint that she didn’t have to order food all the time. whenever it’s her night to cook she always makes enough for lunches the next day.

  • Has the better parental relationship

foggy. clearly matt’s are out of the picture and i just have a feeling that karen made a break from hers when she moved out, but foggy’s too loyal. also, he’s too trusting and wonderful to not have good parents. i’m sure they already adore matt and will accept karen into the family at first opportunity. 

  • Tries to start role-playing in bed

karen wants it, matt’s wary, foggy just giggles the whole time. when they get over the initial awkwardness and karen assures matt he can leave his daredevil costume out of the bedroom, they actually get really into it. foggy ends up the audience most often and he’s finally controlled his desire to giggle, mostly because matt can be such a beautiful little sub for karen that foggy just sort of loses it.

  • Embarrassingly drunk dancer

i mean, come on. this is so obviously foggy, but the funny thing is, he’s not the only one. the number of drunken dance parties they’ve had in the living room is starting to get obscene. there was even that one night where they just sort of created a dancefloor at josie’s because why the fuck not. foggy is the quickest to start dancing, karen is the silliest, but it’s matt who lets go the most. 

  • Still cries watching Titanic

lbr, it’s both foggy and karen. matt smiles through the whole thing, and has ‘seen’ it enough times with foggy to have good associations, so it’s the music that tugs at his heartstrings enough to prick his eyes a bit. not to mention when foggy mouths the words of some of the scenes along with leo and kate. 

  • Firmly believes in couples costume

again, foggy. he comes up with group costumes all year long and then can’t decide by halloween. matt usually vehemently opposes 90% of the ideas, but is almost always swayed by karen’s enthusiasm. he still feels like an idiot whenever they go out in their costumes, even tho foggy is the most excited little kid over it the whole time. 

  • Breaks the expensive gift rule during Christmas

foggy. always. tho actually, he doesn’t actually break the rule. whatever price limit they set, he will stay beneath it for each gift he gets, he just ends up getting each of them like five different gifts. and each one is ridiculously thoughtful as well.

  • Makes the other eat breakfast

foggy’s loud about how necessary breakfast is, but it’s karen who actually gets it on the table. she grouses about the division of labor and how it’s skewed towards traditional gender roles and foggy just smiles and says he’ll make it up to her, but it’s matt who’s found doing the dishes.

  • Remembers anniversaries

matt. he remembers all the dates of everything. back to his dad’s first fight. (the first one matt was old enough to know about/watch) foggy and karen are good about the real anniversary dates and plan accordingly, but matt remembers the first time karen entered his apartment and left her scent in the room, the first time foggy said ‘we’ when he really should have said ‘i’ and didn’t notice that he’d sort of just coopted matt as part of himself, the first time the three of them laughed at something that only they knew about, and of course, the first time he had each of them in bed. his favorite anniversary to celebrate is the first time all three of them slept together. not literally slept, because that happened months before they fucked, and he loves that memory too, but the first time the three of them had sex together.  

  • Brings up having kids

foggy. always foggy. karen laughs and matt blushes and mutters reasons why it’s a bad idea, but in the end, foggy gets his way. multiple times. it starts out as a string of foster kids - ones that matt has saved from dire circumstances and who need a safe place to stay for a while, but eventually they all get adopted. then when karen’s sister has a kid she can’t stop talking about babies and foggy’s silence is so loaded at those times that matt just knows foggy is giving him puppydog eyes. matt finally admits that without his consent the two of them won’t go through with it even if they really want it, so he says ‘go ahead, have one.’ and they both say, ‘but we want it to be yours.’ 

‘at least the first one,’ foggy says, ever the optimist. 

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P: Punch- B.A.P

R: Rainy Days - Ailee

E: Encore - Epik High

M: Magnetic - GOT7

E: Electric Heart - SHINee

L: Love You To Death - Taeyang

A: Adore U - Seventeen

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