Bethyl Game: Favorite picture 

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I’m a little late to the game, so I’ll tag whoever wants to do this and hasn’t done it yet :) *EDIT ooooh I tag swiftsnowmane :)

& This picture came to mind cause rgjdkskalkdfjs yeah :) hahaha
I mean I wonder how long Daryl’s been standing there watching and every time I rewatch Alone I always go back to this moment of Daryl looking at Beth and watching her play piano and sing and let himself appreciate that for a moment before coughing and getting back to reality you know? justttt ahhh <3

You know...

a-ga-li-ha posted an important quote…Gimple himself was asked if Daryl would find love….he said if they meant familial then Daryl’s already found it, but if they meant romantic love, his words were “I would say so, yes”….

With what AMC put on their site stating he had feelings for Beth, doesn’t take rocket science to infer that Bethyl is, in fact, canon

a-ga-li-ha replied to your post:sheriffgreene replied to your post:also, like…

omf that face. im dead.

I’m falling back into Jesus/Judas feels this is so bad hELP

actual quotes from my paper:

“There is no Jesus without Judas”

“Jesus is the savior, the teacher, the shepherd of mankind, but he needs a rugged, warmongering Zealot to comfort him in the night.”

“Judas does not care because the world needs Jesus; he cares because he needs Jesus.”

“Jesus believes in God, but Judas believes in Jesus.”

i am such trash

Our Bethyl Follow Forever

I’m assuming we don’t include our main blogs ( akiraflame and coolstoryshawty ) even though they’re Bethyl Blogs too right? That probably makes us sound really egotistical to be curious about that, huh? I swear, we’re not like that.

Many of these are Ash’s/Akira’s follow forevers, but Kels will come in and add hers soon. (Maybe I, Ash, need to do one of these too on my Akira blog?!)

Theres this whole post of people who have come to the Bethyl Chats and they are all Bethylers and pretty cool. We’ll list some below though too.


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Okay, most of these are from my (Akira’s) follow forever (that doesn’t exist…this is my first time to make a follow forever!)….but they are amazing Bethyl blogs and I love them. Kels will be adding hers to this when she can.

So mine (Kels)  are pretty much the same as Ashy’s but I added a few more. <3