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Dangan Ronpa 1 & Super Dangan Ronpa 2 Valentine’s Day Masterpost by Mod Narii

Happy Valentine’s Day everyone! I hope you all have a wonderful day filled with love and hugs!! I LOVE YOU ALL MY CHILDREN ~ Mod Narii

Makoto Naegi:

He would take Valentine’s Day seriously, but he would consider the time they spend together more important than anything. Therefore, location wouldn’t matter and they would probably end up doing some activity together, such as ice skating, before simply eating at his house or theirs.

He likes the idea of giving roses, so he would probably greet them with a simple, small bouquet of red roses.

Kyouko Kirigiri:

She actually thinks Valentine’s Day is important, but she would be too shy about actually asking her s/o out. It would be up to her s/o to plan and ask her out. She wouldn’t mind anywhere as long as they were together for that day, but she would pretend she doesn’t think it was that much of a big deal (although it is to her).

To go with her act of her not caring that much, she would simply give a small treat, such as a box of chocolates or candy.

Byakuya Togami:

He does not care about Valentine’s Day at all, thinking it’s an event created for capitalism and for desperate people in need for some love. He would not necessarily do an outing with his s/o because of the date, but rather just because he feels like it.

He wouldn’t give them a gift unless they asked for it. Being the Ultimate Progeny, he always gives whatever his s/o needs, so he’s used to waiting for his s/o to ask for what they wanted.

Chihiro Fujisaki:

It would take all of his courage to actually ask his s/o out on a date for Valentine’s Day. He considers this day very important and loves the idea of showing your love for your sweetheart. He would have planned the day out before: when his s/o would leave for the bathroom while they were going out together, Chihiro would snatch their cellphone and set an alarm for the next morning with a small vocal message of him wishing them a happy Valentines’ Day.

He would have crafted a virtual Valentines’ Day card with self-made drawings, a heartfelt message as well as some awesome effects.

Mondo Oowada:

He would send his henchmen to kidnap his s/o to his hideout. Since his lover knew his acolytes well, it was obvious to them that he was planning something for Valentine’s Day. They would be led to his gang’s hideout, where an improvised but well-done fancy dinner would be set up. His underlings would serve as servers, preparing and setting expensive plates from a fancy caterer.

He doesn’t give any gifts except for a passionate and possessive kiss at the end, although that was more than enough for his s/o.

Kiyotaka Ishimaru:

Since it wasn’t an academic event, the Ultimate Moral Compass wouldn’t actually do anything. This would most likely illicit anger from his s/o’s part, who would pout and refuse to talk to him. After some strained discussion, he would understand that they simply wanted to feel loved by him, which would make a large blush appear on his face. He would end up bringing them to some restaurant shyly.

He doesn’t have any gifts for them since he wouldn’t have thought about it, but he would definitely bring them some healthy cookies or flowers they have studied in class the next day to make up for it.

Junko Enoshima:

She loves Valentine’s Day, but definitely not for the same reason as everyone. It would be that one day where you could destroy everyone’s hopes so easily. She would reject every person who deigned confess to her, laughing horrifyingly and making fun of them. She would also try to ruin other people’s days by flirting with a person in a couple and snatching them away before dumping them the moment they’re together.

No gifts at all.

Mukuro Ikusaba:

She loves the idea of Valentine’s Day, although she would most likely pretend she doesn’t care out of shyness. Her s/o would have to be straightforward with her. During the outing, she would blush immensely and be quite awkward, for she doesn’t know how to act in such romantic situations.

She would have bought a small gift such as a box of candy for her s/o, in the hopes that they would ask her out for the day.

Aoi Asahina:

She would be pretty chill about it, asking her s/o to hang out with her for the day. She knows it’s an important day, but she wouldn’t put too much emphasis on the fact that it was Valentine’s Day. She would be a bit more clingy and loving during the day though.

She would probably buy some heart-shaped donuts and would offer to share them together with her s/o.

Sakura Oogami:

Knowing it was a day for lovers, she would offer to spend the day together with her s/o. They would most likely relax and meditate together by the beach and/or simply visit a traditional Japanese garden. She wouldn’t mind any physical contact, such as holding hands, and would smile softly.

She would give them a traditional calligraphy message, with her intent of love.

Leon Kuwata:

He’s pretty into Valentine’s Day, spending time with his s/o doing some couple activities such as going to the amusement park and going to a fancy restaurant. Since he would know what they awaited from this day, he would be quite loving and romantic.

He would offer them a box of heart-shaped chocolates, although the kiss at the end of the night that he would give would overshadow the gift.

Touko Fukawa:

Being the hopeless romantic she was, one part of her really likes the idea of Valentine’s Day. The other part despises it, since it’s usually a day where she’s alone and surrounded by annoying couples. If her s/o were to propose to go out, she would be very bashful and would pretend she hated the day, although it was quite the contrary.

She would write them a heartfelt piece of writing, although her message would be quite different from the way she would give it to them with a sour expression and a blush on her face.

Yasuhiro Hagakure:

He’s not really too good with romantic things, although he pertinently knows he would get scolded if he didn’t do anything for his s/o. With reluctance, he would bring them to a restaurant they would often go to, trying a few times to be romantic but failing because he would be so conflicted about being so cheesy.

He would offer them a reading, inserting mentions of romance.

Celestia Ludenberg:

Valentine’s Day is extremely important for her. As someone who was very high maintenance, she would expect her s/o to organize an amazing, candlelit dinner in a gothic setting for her. She also expects them to give her jewelry of immense fortune. If they don’t, she would get angry at them, viciously snapping at them that this or that wasn’t enough for someone as her.

She wouldn’t give any gift, expecting her s/o to do everything for her.

Hifumi Yamada:

He knows it’s an important date, but he’s rather clueless on what to do. He would probably end up asking his s/o to spend the day just chilling and drawing doujins with him.

He would offer them a doujin featuring him and his s/o in a romantic setting.

Sayaka Maizono:

She looooves Valentine’s Day. She would wait for her s/o to ask her out, which she would then hug them so lovingly. They would spend the day together ice skating, eating at a fancy restaurant and walking through beautifully lit pathways under a starry sky. She would be the perfect sweet, loving girlfriend, cuddling his s/o and kissing them to no end.

She would offer them a matching scarf.

Hajime Hinata:

He definitely knows how important Valentine’s Day would be. He would have put some thought on what his s/o and him would do during the day, reserving a fancy restaurant and going to shop together. He’s actually pretty nervous before going out with them but, the moment they find each other, he would lose his nervousness and would be a loving boyfriend, holding their hand all the time and just kissing them at random moments.

He would offer them a luxurious box of chocolates as well as a simple red rose.

Nagito Komaeda:

He knows of Valentine’s Day, but he wouldn’t be too sure how much of a right he had to organize such things for his s/o. He would probably ask them indirectly a few days before about their thoughts on this day. If it was a positive response, he would probably coincidentally ask them out on that day and simply spend some time with them. It would be up to his s/o to be blunt about what they expected from him regarding Valentines’ Day.

He would ask them directly what they wanted and would buy it for them.

Chiaki Nanami:

She doesn’t even know about Valentine’s Day, although she would be all ears when her s/o would explain it to her. Even hearing about the day wouldn’t rile her up, for she simply considers it as another day to spend with her s/o. She wouldn’t have any particular demands for that day.

She wouldn’t buy anything for them, although she would enjoy some cuddling at the end of the day while playing some video games.

Kazuichi Souda:

Oh dear. He was way too hyped about this day. He would think out so many ideas and scenarios in his head of what would happen on this day. He would also search up on all the possibilities his s/o and he could do. He’d be a nervous wreck before, so excited about being able to spend Valentines’ Day with someone but fearing he wouldn’t live up to their standards. His s/o would need to calm him down and make sure he understands they simply want to have a good time with him.

He would probably make a small, miniature robot of their favourite characteror animal.

Fuyuhiko Kuzuryuu:

He thinks it’s an important day, where the opportunity to show how much you love your significant other was emphasized. He would ask them out formally with shyness that he would try to cover up with a haughty expression. He would be slightly nervous during the day, but seeing them so happy and affectionate would make any hint of shyness or insecurity fade away.

He would probably have asked them indirectly a few days before on what they would like.

Peko Pekoyama:

She’s a romantic, so Valentine’s Day would be such a big event for her. Of course, she would be way too shy and sheepish about actually mentioning it to her s/o. Very obvious reddening of her cheeks would be present when they would ask her out though. She would be pretty shy during the date, nodding instead of speaking. Physical displays of affection such as holding hands would make her heartbeat speed up immensely.

She would offer them a small little plush doll of an adorable animal.

Sonia Nevermind:

Since Valentine’s Day isn’t as much of a big event in Novoselic as it is in other parts of the world, she would be quite fascinated by this event and would speak about it to her s/o with gleaming eyes. During the whole day, she would often ask her s/o if this was a tradition of Valentines’ Day and would have done some research beforehand on what to gift her s/o.

She would offer them a heart-shaped box filled with luxurious chocolates, a handwritten letter as well as a bouquet of red roses.

Gundam Tanaka:

He qualifies Valentine’s Day as an event where “mortals start a mating celebration filled with courtship”. He wouldn’t know much about what to do; he finds it too embarrassing to be so affectionate with his s/o. His lover would have to insist greatly to drag him out on a date on this day and would have to drag him anywhere they wanted for this day.

He wouldn’t buy them anything, although he would bashfully tell them phrases of love in his own words (”I-It seems you must have used some occult magic to look this… r-ravishing, _____.”).

Mahiru Koizumi:

She doesn’t really think of Valentine’s Day as that important, although she would appreciate being able to spend the day with her s/o. She wouldn’t ask much of them, preferring to simply do activities they both like. She would also take the opportunity to take pictures of her and her s/o whenever she would find a pretty setting.

She would offer them a beautiful montage of pictures of the both of them the next day.

Hiyoko Saionji:

She would ask sooo much of her s/o, expecting things to be perfect and would complain a lot when they didn’t go her way. She would be more lenient in her phrases though and would actually make an effort to not be too disagreeable, although she has some difficulty in this.

She would offer them some chocolates while glancing away, a slight blush on her cheeks as she would tell them they shouldn’t expect her to be this nice in a while.

Nekomaru Nidai:

If his s/o would keep on mentioning the day to him, he would casually propose to them to hang out together on that day with a hearty laugh. He isn’t one to be romantic, so the outing would most likely be like any other day they would hang out together. He does ruffle their hair and hold them close more often during the day though.

He offers them some massages.

Akane Owari:

She could care less about Valentine’s Day. Her s/o would have to drag her on a date if they wanted to spend the day with her, although they shouldn’t expect anything special from her part.

She doesn’t give them anything, although she would devour their chocolate offerings with joy.

Teruteru Hanamura:

Oh dear, the overly romantic, suave Teruteru would know exactly how to charm his s/o. A fancy candlelit dinner complete with, of course, his own delicacies would be the highlight of the day. He would compliment them with smooth phrases all day.

He would offer them homemade chocolates of the best quality as well as red roses.

Byakuya Twogami:

Similarly to Byakuya, he would argue that Valentine’s Day was simply a ploy by merchants and desperate lovers. What would differ would be that he would actually organize something for his s/o, although he would pretend it was all a coincidence.

He would gift them something eatable, so they could share it together.

Mikan Tsumiki:

She doesn’t believe her s/o would think about her enough to invite her out on Valentine’s Day. Even though they were dating, she wouldn’t have enough self-esteem to consider herself as important enough for them. She would be quite teary-eyed as well as overwhelmed when they would bring her out during the day.

She would give them a handsewn scarf or gloves, which she would have spent quite some time on.

Ibuki Mioda:

She would love the idea of spending some time with her s/o. She would be even more affectionate with them, randomly kissing them on the cheek and the lips as they held hands. She wouldn’t mind anywhere they both went, simply loving the time they spent together. She would hum them her songs from time to time.

She would give them a personal performance when they would both be alone along with lots of cuddling afterwards.


“I could go for something sweet…”

“You’re not g-gonna say donuts, are you…? That muscle-brained i-idiot has talked about donuts enough to l-last me a lifetime…!”

Damn… Things don’t seem too great…

…well THAT’S a new and different translation of that line!

Chocolate Dragon

@manlyronpa You asked for a Valentines Day fic for Mondo Owada, and I have delivered. I hope you have a wonderful V-Day yourself, bro!

Mondo awoke suddenly, staring up into the inky blackness of his room. Turning over, he gazed at the clock on his nightstand, reaching over to move a discarded sock from its face. The red numbers read out 3:30.

He turned over again, closing his eyes and hoping to sleep again, when he heard the door to his room quietly open. He shot up as he heard it close again, and immediately reached over and turned on the lamp next to his bed.

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LOG by 明菜 | Pixiv ID 2570091

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I hate it when people complain that Toko’s multiple personality disorder was ‘badly done because a little bulling doesn’t cause it’ when she was severely abused at home. She was locked in a dark room and starved as well as other things AND she was being bullied at school. It would be weird to not have a serious mental illness with a backstory like that. It’s not like it’s a secret thing either, it’s in her free times, DR:AE, and the wiki has paragraphs on it.

Sprites: (x, x)


絶対絶望少女 ミニ絵まとめ by 鳥飯 | Pixiv ID 5288416

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So I got really excited about the new AE manga and I recognized a few phrases off it, so decided that instead of doing my actual Japanese homework I’d take a stab at translating it. I’ve taken a grand total of one semester of Japanese and I’ve never translated anything before, so go easy on me. Please tell me if you see any translation mistakes because as hard as I worked on this I’m sure it’s not perfect.

Used the scan from @manlyronpa. Thank you to @genocider-syo for listening to me talk about this for six and a half hours and helping make it sound decent in English.

Translation notes + transcript under the cut in case anyone is a language geek like me and wants all the weird little details.

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