The Signs as Things Izaya Orihara has Done
  • Aquarius: Sets a table on fire.
  • Pisces: Walks beside Celty on her motorcycle + makes 'vroom vroom' sound effects.
  • Aries: Pretends to be different people in a chatroom and talks to himself.
  • Taurus: Stomps on someone's cellphone and laughs for 30 seconds straight.
  • Gemini: Claims he loves everyone, but causes drama/ruins people's lives for his own enjoyment.
  • Cancer: Gets a CT Scan + is relieved that his fucked up personality is a result of just him being him, and not brain damage.
  • Leo: Excitedly tells his friend about how he got stabbed.
  • Virgo: Manipulates an eight-year old to try + kill Shizuo for funsies.
  • Libra: Frames Shizuo for murder because he's bored.
  • Scorpio: Openly manipulative + revels in people's misery, but is upset when no one invites him to a hot pot party.
  • Sagittarius: Gets a gang of criminals together and asks them if they want hot pot.
  • Capricorn: Excitedly waits for someone to try + murder him.

Let’s start things off with this ultimate whore. What a fucking slut this girl is, showing and flaunting her body off in any way possible. With such a whore face and a killer body, i’m sure plenty of guys around her have the same thoughts about her. Eventually all of these guys gathered up to gang rape this whore as they watched her change from screaming to moaning, from being tortured to being happy. She realised her love for cocks as the men’s cum dripped all over her face. She loved it.

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Moments from Dirk Gently that could have been easily sexualized and objectified but weren’t, thank god:

1. Farah removing her bra and using the underwire to set her free from the cage.

That is a fucking survival tip right there! It can unlock locks, and now that I think about it, it can be used as a weapon, too!

2. Bart wearing only underwear while beating up that motorcycle gang and showing her love handles making me feel better about mine.

Hello holiday weight, I’m not mad at you!

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i love the work you do here!!! tysm for providing for us mom ❤️❤️ can we get a scenario where kuroo falls for an assassin or member of a rival gang?

This was fucked up and he knew it, especially coming from a mafia leader himself. He shouldn’t have been drawn to you like he was, but there was something so alluring about your smile and intoxicating in the way you whispered his name from bruised lips after he claimed them for his own. You had him wrapped around your finger.

“How could you not know that she was apart of Aoba Johsai? As a leader it’s your job to know who belongs to the surrounding mafias.” Kenma muttered, baffled at his boss’s utter stupidity at how you were able to lure him in so easily. “And an assassin to add to it.”

Kuroo didn’t make a move to respond, feet resting on the wood of his desk as he leaned back in his chair, evidently frustrated. He was blinded by the false facade you threw up, but he supposed this was all part of a job. This is what you did for a living, leading people into a false sense of security before severing they ties to the world indefinitely. “I didn’t fucking know, alright? She was the last person I’d expect to be a goddamned assassin. Damn, she really fucked me over this time.”

A sudden knock stirred the male from his thoughts, commanding the person enter only to be met with Lev’s expression which was scrunched into one of venom. “You have a visitor, Boss, but I don’t think you’ll like it.”

He pinches the bridge of his nose. “Who is it now?”

Kenma and Lev shared a look knowing full well who could cause such a stir. “It’s ____.” They were fully expecting Kuroo to lash out a spew of curses, but instead he calmly told the sniper to fetch you before shooing the blonde out of the room, leaving him with a few minutes of peace. It wasn’t until he was met with a familiar face that he felt his blood heat.

You could tell that you were the last person he wanted to see considering the new revelations, but if anything you just wanted to explain yourself. “Before you say anything I want you to hear it from my side.”

He leaned forward, eyes narrowing at you in suspicion. “And how do I know you’re not here to finish the job?”

You rolled your eyes, opening up your jacket to turn around in a slow manner. “If I wanted to kill you I would have already. Besides, that Russian man already gave me a through putdown before I came into the building.” He gestured to an empty chair allowing you to sit. Something about another man placing his hands in you didn’t sit right with the mafia boss.

“Humor me.”

Taking a deep breath you recounted for how you ended up ensured into Oikawa’s web as an assassin, attempting to pay off a debt that your parents couldn’t afford. “Yes, at first Oikawa had sent me out to befriend you and weed out any information that I could, but I realized that I didn’t want to. The more time I spent with you the harder it was to think about pulling the trigger.”  And for the first time since he met you, your composure had fallen, crumbling into dust. “Kuroo, I never meant to hurt you. I don’t want to keep doing this, killing people.”

Admittedly he felt sorry for you, sympathizing that living a life like that was not easy. He wanted to help you, but in doing so would incite a full-out war with Oikawa Tooru. Although to him you were worth the risk.


This cutie is literally the most precious thing! I’ve been subscribed for almost 3 or 4 years now and I can’t get over the fact that he literally risks his life for other people in video games. And his stupid fucking voice has me tripping up and blushing whenever he uses THAT tone.

You know what I’m fucking talking about! When he says something completely innocent but it sounds so dirty in his voice! I’m left wondering how in God’s green Earth can someone so dorky and adorable sound so fucking sexy in 0.01 seconds?

Not to mention he’s so thoughtful, when he’s streaming if chat is in a dark place then he’ll stop and talk about his struggles and encourage others to get help and gets the people to find suicide hotlines for anyone that needs them.

I just think not enough people appreciate Ohm. I love him with my whole heart and I’m honestly glad the bbs fandom sort of unanimously added Ohm to this fandom. He’s the biggest sweetheart on this entire planet. ❤

i will highkey go on a rampage if i hear anyone say julia fucked things up for everyone because haha no. the gang was so hasty about killing the beast and they just completely skipped the part where you communicate with the captor of the motherfucker you’re trying to kill. if they had talked five goddamn minutes with julia they would have realized that they were in no immediate danger from martin and now marina is dead, reynard is probably off somewhere with the fucking dagger and alice is dead and none of that is on julia. she was trying to kill her rapist and prevent other witches from dying and everyone else just blindsided her so i will have none of that blaming julia wicker for everything that goes wrong bullshit. 

it’s happening

i’m not supposed to watch videos cause ~internet problems~ but i don’t give a fuck this is tricking benedick

  1. mmm nice part at the beginning where pedro starts to film, throwback to the style of nmtd
  2. could balthazar be any less transparent about his crush on pedro??? (no)
  3. how did i not realize that the nmtd gang are THe Most Annoying people at messina high???????
  4. i am so embarrassed by this video I’m DYINg
  5. claudio shut up. okay i need to pause this for a moment. YIKES
  6. love all these shots of ben hiding
  7. I HAVE ALL THE NMTD FEELS NOW i cannot even express 50% of my emotion
  8. btw i love pedro/peter so much omg LOVE HIM
  9. okay but how are the guys this much worse at tricking ben than the girls are at tricking bea? (the answer is: claudio. claudio ur a fucking disaster)

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One of the (many many manyx1000) things I love about Mitch, is how nonchalant he is about his SO. Like, he either had the "can't be gay" crisis away from Sellwood and him was like "do what makes you happy, pumpkin pie!" (likely) or he's like me in the mentality of "I'm gonna do me, **** everyone else" (also likely). Honestly, one of my favorite parts of the story is when basically comes out to the gang with his usual attitude. It's refreshing when stuff like this happens.

Yeah I really loved that part how Mitch wasn’t gonna take homophobic comments from anyone like…….. Who you trying to play……..

And hmm yeah. I think because of his stepdad’s abuse and who was also very homophobic, Mitch was really fucked up about being gay at first. When he moved out of Sellwood I can only speculate he was having a really difficult time coming to terms with himself.

I really don’t think he had a very “Fuck everyone else” mentality for… A WHILE. Because again, I think Mitch was going through a SUPER hard time, and the trauma from his stepdad would largely effect him. I don’t know how he eventually realized “well shit, this is me” but I’m guessing it did take a while.

I don’t think it was immediate acceptance of himself but like, AS WE KNOW, the mitch now is very very Brash and will kick your ass, I REALLY LIKE HIS DEVELOPMENT… AND I’M REALLY LOOKING FORWARD TO HIS FUTURE DEVELOPMENT TOO!!


i love roadtrips and I think about these way more than i probably should so
also these are probably gonna be more modern ok cool leggo

-never trust soda with the aux cord
-or two bit he once played all the spongebob songs for three hours
-pony is the person that divides the space in the the car by the inch….. Like “no Johnny that’s your side, you’ve crossed my side by .5 centimeters back the fuck up”
-they play the yellow car game, Darry is the long term champ
-they also play a game to see who can get the most semi trucks to honk at them by doing the arm thing (like when u move it up and down and ur hand is in a fist u get me???) Steve is winning at this one and has successfully woken everyone up in the dead of night three times
-darry loves getting snow globes !!
-pony aka the mother fucker who “didn’t have to go pee” but twenty minutes later has to and makes everyone so mad
-everyone switches off for driving, except Dallas because he is the shittiest driver E V E R
-two bit telling everyone he’s from England and having a really convincing accent; a lot of times the rest of the gang will join him
-they’ve literally gotten so many people’s numbers because of it
-the gang is generally more happy and all together because Darry finally got off work and pony/two/Johnny is out of school and no one is stressed!!
-they have two rules: when visiting someplace new, always try one of their milkshakes (and don’t give soda the aux seriously don’t )
-bucket hats
-“we went to ____ and all we got was this lousy ____”
-they get one of those drawings of themselves done u know the cartoony ones with like chalk or something idk what they’re called but
-johnny making sure they hit all the tourist spots so they get the full experience™ -everyone mocking the gps

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gangs reaction to a girl that's hard to get

Pony— he’s so fucking worried about being rejected or that she doesn’t like him. It would take the help of friends or a major confidence boost for you guys to be hooked up if you’re playing hard to get.

Soda— he fucking loves it because he isn’t used to it. He’s not insulted because he’s never had a girl NOT like him, so he knows what you’re playing at.

Darry— feels a lil rejected at first?? But when you drop more hints he just tries harder and may even do it back a little. Thinking more high school Darry here, but even current it applies.

Steve— is so rejected and pissed. Makes it sooo hard for you and will stop at nothing to make you jealous.

Two-Bit— ups his game 10000000% and borderline harasses you trying to win you over.

Dally— plays into it, gets sexual real quick, very much enjoys it, likes it better than a girl just saying yeah.

Tim— doesn’t play into it much because he figures if you wanna be with him, it’ll happen. He’s not gonna force you. But he does say a few slightly seductive things and try to make you jealous just because he can. Tim takes jealously to a whole new fucking level.

Johnny— thinks he’s not giving off enough vibes?? Asks all the guys if they think you like him, and tries with more obvious hints.

Randy— Acts like Ponyboy. He kind of ignores you a little because he feels played or rejected. He’s just extremely clueless. But unlike Ponyboy, Randy will eventually confront you with it. Once you go pretty far w it, he’ll realize and get sick of it. He’ll confront you and kiss you or something. It’ll be cute.

Bob— Just like Dally. Egos are extremely large smh. It depends on how bad he wants her, too.

i think that apart from the whole “i have been shipping chardee for ages like the sentient pile of detritus that i am” thing, what i love about the hookup is that it shows how far sunny is willing to go to subvert our expectations. because the show is built on blacker than black humor, and yet even dark transgressive humor has its own rules and cliches. and iasip says fuck that, and gives us an absurd set up that leads to an actual, normal, kind of heartwarming kiss, with no dee accidentally elbowing charlie or complaining about his cheese breath or whatever else you would expect. and it worked, because it still ended up reinforcing the depressing truth at the center of the series (that the gang are damaged losers who will never be free of their toxic codependency and let themselves be happy etc etc).

and then there’s just the way it was set up, or rather not set up. because they already flirted with the idea of dee hooking up with one of the gang back when she was pregnant, only to dismiss it. and all these years later, they go and actually do it. not even in a season finale! it just sort of organically… happened. like i genuinely can’t think of a show that is so willing to fuck with the unwritten tv rules like that.

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lad.. talk to me abt iasip Talk about gay mac with me or dennis and his make up skills or darling dearest dee, all the gang sittin in the alley behind the pub having a smoke, what are yr iasip headcanons?? (m so excited that u like iasip its been my hyperfixation for 5 years nd i love yr glatten art and now youve drawn macdennis and m so happy fjdjdjd)

I don’t have headcanons yet because show doing all the work, I don’t even have to imagine something, haha
But I would LOVE to talk about Iasip and listen to you because, fuck, I can’t stop thinking about it, I think I will explode if I will be silent longer

You know what i really love about this picture from okegom?

Is that they just made a picture that shows a bit of Giltz’s personality, that for some reason he’s grouped with three of the biggest assholes in the fandom. My idea of that reason, is to show he’s just as much of a dangerous asshole as the rest of them. Enough to possibly reach some level that matches those other three.

Also i love it cause it looks like they’re all ganging together to fuck shit up.

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Hi! Can I have a ship please? My name is Max and I'm 5'0" with curly blonde hair, green eyes and glasses. I'm really awkward cause anxiety is a bitch but once I'm comfortable around you I'm loud and always making jokes or sarcastic comments. I love reading but I have a short attention span. I'm a total music and movie nerd. I'm a night owl and either half comatose or hyperactive af

I ship you with Steve. He would steal your glasses and wear them just to bother you, he would complain about having a headache after from the prescription. He loved that you could come visit him at work and talk to Sodapop for hours on end, but if anyone else from the gang was there you were be awkward. You would be reading sometimes but then Steve would show up at your house so you would just give up. The two of you would up cuddle and watch movies all the time but he would end up falling asleep on you EVERY. SINGLE. FUCKING. TIME. Like god, can’t you stay awake for once.

I love how in Evan’s new Gang Beasts video around 3:00 Evan avenged Delirious, and later when Evan about to die you can hear the panic in Delirious’s voice, like the panic was real.  Also, when Delirious about to fall into the lave, Evan just kept insuring and encouraging him to climb up. 


But here’s a thought, does anyone feel like maybe somehow Evan and Delirious had a secret arrangement like only Evan posts video about them playing and Delirious just post videos of him playing with others? (you guys know what I mean right?). Like I am super glad that Evan keeps posting videos of him and Delirious playing (I know there are others but they just became background when these two are both present) (sorry guys) Now I am starting to wondering about this. Please tell me fellow shippers if you have any thoughts on this!

Two-Bit’s mother warned us about burglars, but Darry, flexing his muscles so that they bulged like oversized baseballs, drawled that he wasn’t afraid of any burglars, and that we didn’t really have anything worth taking. He’d risk a robbery, he said, if it meant keeping one of the boys from blowing up and robbing a gas station or something. So the door was never locked.

are you telling me that darry would risk a robbery if it meant keeping one of the boys from blowing up and robbing a gas station or something?! you guys. you guys. i had forgotten about this instance of s.e. hintons foreshadowing and just stumbled upon this line and FUCK. 

i hope that those are darry’s exact words to two-bits mother and the gang because i, apparently, am excited by EXTREME PAIN and ANGST that the characters would experience if that was the case. why do i love hurting my heart in this way? why do i want to see horrified realization on darry’s face as dally falls from grace before him? 


Back to school bookish photos from my first week back. I’m currently reading Zenith by Sasha Alsberg and Lindsay Cummings and I am loving it! An all girl gang of space pirates? Sign me the fike (😆) up! It has gotten me out of the horrible reading slump I’ve been in for the last month and though I’m not done with it yet I highly recommend it. I am also now the proud owner of a Sirius Black Pop! Fucking finally! I’m starting a bullet journal tonight which I’m super excited about so if any of y'all have any tips please shoot me a message ☺️ Also I’ve ordered 5 books online (pictures to come) even though I’m super broke. I need to be stopped 😪

Why is everyone so mean to Astrid?

This came to my attention while reading HTTYD fan fiction with a non-canon pairing. ALWAYS, without fail, the author makes Astrid this she-bitch that’s super cruel.

I have NEVER gotten that vibe from her. Yes, Astrid can be a bit…much in the first movie, but in case you never noticed, she never teased Hiccup. Ever. She only got super annoyed at him.

Astrid is just a strong, independent woman who doesn’t take shit from anybody if she can help it. And suddenly people translate this ‘strength’ to 'cruelty’ and 'bitterness’?

That is fucked up. I love Astrid and everything she stands for. More people need to appreciate her for who she is. She’s an integral part of the gang, just as the rest are.

I believe this has become an epidemic in the HTTYD community. People should really stop hating on her. There should be a call to arms about this issue, and I believe more people should address it. It’s high time Astrid got cut some slack. Come on guys, its been more than five years. She deserves better than this.

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so this isnt really spoiler-ish but i was thinking about ghostbusters and about leslie jones’ character and how i was apprehensive about seeing her on screen because ‘oh god what if she’s a stereotype?!’

and i ended up loving her. i fucking loved patti. like, she got my black woman seal of approval ™

because honestly she was fun and engaging and a very solid member of the crew. she was never pushed to the background or shown to be less than any of the other ghostbusters

like honestly, she doesnt have a degree but you wouldnt know that from watching the movie. they never make jokes at the expense of her education or get on her for her lack of knowledge (actually her character is very knowledgeable- just not about proton beams) and there are several moments where the gang would have been up the creek without her

as for her personality, i thought that was fine too. she’s excitable and loud and passionate and that’s okay with me because the whole cast was like that. and im always wary about crying 'angry black woman’ stereotype myself because i know how much of a goddamn double standard there is with that. like, as a black woman, if i show any degree of emotion or raise my voice in the slightest, i am elevated to 'angry black woman’. it doesnt matter how i feel at all- the moment i show any strong emotions, im slapped with this label. when i saw patti, i was happy because she could show a lot of emotion and speak her mind and no one treated her like a time bomb

so tldr: if you’re worried about seeing the movie because of Patti then you probably shouldnt be. she’s pretty damn awesome