so this isnt really spoiler-ish but i was thinking about ghostbusters and about leslie jones’ character and how i was apprehensive about seeing her on screen because ‘oh god what if she’s a stereotype?!’

and i ended up loving her. i fucking loved patti. like, she got my black woman seal of approval ™

because honestly she was fun and engaging and a very solid member of the crew. she was never pushed to the background or shown to be less than any of the other ghostbusters

like honestly, she doesnt have a degree but you wouldnt know that from watching the movie. they never make jokes at the expense of her education or get on her for her lack of knowledge (actually her character is very knowledgeable- just not about proton beams) and there are several moments where the gang would have been up the creek without her

as for her personality, i thought that was fine too. she’s excitable and loud and passionate and that’s okay with me because the whole cast was like that. and im always wary about crying 'angry black woman’ stereotype myself because i know how much of a goddamn double standard there is with that. like, as a black woman, if i show any degree of emotion or raise my voice in the slightest, i am elevated to 'angry black woman’. it doesnt matter how i feel at all- the moment i show any strong emotions, im slapped with this label. when i saw patti, i was happy because she could show a lot of emotion and speak her mind and no one treated her like a time bomb

so tldr: if you’re worried about seeing the movie because of Patti then you probably shouldnt be. she’s pretty damn awesome

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Y'all swifties sure didn't feel "bad" when Taylor literally was a petty Becky and made a whole song and music video ganging up on Katy perry trying to "assassinate her character" or when she tried to bash and destroy her exes with lyrics I'm sure they never approved. Karma is being served to Taylor and everyone that supported her fuckery. ☕️☕️☕️☕️☕️🐍🐍🐍🐍🐍🐍🐍🐍🐍🐍🐍🐍🐍🐍🐍🐍🐍🐢🐍

Lmao you’re dumb. Anything Taylor has written was about her own experiences and feeling! Katy betrayed and hurt her and Taylor did not mention her name once. Literally bad blood was such a fucking general song that it honestly could have been about anyone which is why everyone related to it and loved it so much she didn’t even bash Katy she only asked questions about why she had to be treated that way by someone she trusted the whole entire song. Literally all the exes that she wrote songs about how written about her too and several of them if not all have praised the songs shes written about them no matter how unapologetic those songs were, they still complimented her songwriting and success and her as a person. Lmao I’m not trying to say Taylor is flawless cause she’s definitely not and I see all her wrongs and accept her for them but people like you who don’t have all the facts don’t get to come in here and make accusations at her! you barely know what or who you’re talking about and you’re just looking for a fight and any reason possible to hate Taylor smh why did you message me anyway I’ve been on tumblr once a week for the past year get off my blog.

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HI I HAVE JARED FEELINGS I came up with a super sad headcanon (soon to be a fic) about why Jared doesn't drink much/partake of any other mind-altering substances...i feel like in college he probably got super drunk and uninhibited at a party and spilled his entire Tragic Backstory to a friend and then that friend got super uncomfortable and ditched him and it destroyed him and he vowed not to get that fucked up again

HI ME TOO. And I love this. I’ve always been attached to the idea that he drinks a little especially for celebration purposes or if it makes him feel like part of the gang, but that he would not be comfortable with the losing-control aspect of it. This reasoning behind that feels so real and true.

I’m also really interested in Jared’s relationship with secrets and secret-keeping. His past feels like this open secret - so many pieces scattered around on the blog, or dropped into conversation, or right there in his PROFESSIONAL BIO for chrissakes. I kinda think, he conceives of his own life as having been very “normal.” He’s not ashamed, and he’d gladly open up about it to just about anybody who wanted to listen. It’s just that he’s learned from experience that most people don’t. I also have this idea that at some point when he was young he opened up to an adult about abuse going on at home (with his aunt/uncle) and ended up being taken out of that situation to one that was worse, and was always frightened of that happening again.