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you should really consider continuing that alpha/omega prompt with yuumika and yoichi because I just fucking MELTED. Yoichi being pampered and cuddled and smothered in kisses by Yuu and Mika because he's just so damn cute, Yoichi ducking behind Mika when he's spooked and Mika patting his head, Yoichi snuggling up to Yuu on the couch and Yuu grumbling halfheartedly about it, Yoichi and Yuu ganging up on Mika FUCK STOP ME


I love all of this! and that last bit YES Yuu and Yoichi ganging up on Mika ahhh and just have them in a filthy pile of writhing bodies ahahahahahaaa why MUST you do this to me???


Day 3:

This is unreal. Every morning I’m waking up differently and I’ve been dreaming every night and yes, the bird singing out my garden hut pissed me off this morning. 

Forrr about 3 minutes and then I was over it. 

I planned on watching more of Labyrinth. Instead I made my first pot of coffee for the gang this morning. I made an attempt to fix our (aww, our) ant problem. And now I’m catching you up and gearing up for yoga at 9. Which I’ve never officially done before. I killed a fucking giant fucking black spider inside and right outside of my little hub of love. The fog cast over the Pacific looks like clouds I could touch and dance from clump to clump of fluff. I still haven’t worn eyeliner. I don’t have any polish on. And if you thought I looked tan before… And I’ve been told I look quite fit. And I’m eating like the little rabbit I am but in bulk. I’ve been recycling and sitting in silence and listening to gypsy rock and getting lost on the trails..

Which happened yesterday. 4 hours lost. I will admit by the end I got fucking frustrated and talked to myself and cursed the land. I was panicked. I wasn’t actually afraid. And just when I was like, shit. I’m going to sit the fuck down and breathe, I saw a really expensive looking house and scaled the barbed wire gate. Slowly crept up the stairs announcing my presence. A mother and daughter greeted me. The mother filled my water, gave me directions. The little princess chatted me up. Preparing for her first day of kindergarten and invited me back to her royal castle for a sleep over if I got lost again. Adorbs.

Note: next time in the backpack maybe throw some trail snacks in the mix. An extra water. Long pants. And a mother fucking flashlight. Der. And then I’ll be okay to be lost. 

Just not when I’ve goat milking and feeding and watering to do. And not when it’s open mic night. (which I read by the way.. breaking the ice baby.) It was super informative and I felt like I knew nothing but that it was okay. Because we are always growing. So creatively, there is no end in sight and we continue to shift and adapt over the years. Falling into a rhythm. Finding our voices. Growing stronger, more aware. Brave. Unafraid to put it out there and get nothing back. Unafraid to be wrong. 

Tom is an older hippie dude that writes short stories. He was groovy. A regular. Dave, who is a newbie writer after an awakening here. Steve read from one of his books. And Jennifer read from her book, 10 years in the making. She is super super growing on me and printed poems from her favorite poet, Mary Oliver. I’m sad she’ll be leaving up early next week.

This weekend we have an event with a wonderful artist.. his name is on the tip of my tongue. There will be a Q & A and 20 to 25 of us. 

I miss my brothers. I miss my dad. I miss my grandmother. I miss my good people. I miss those faces and smiles and laughs. I don’t miss rumpy. I haven’t wanted one cigarette. I miss my baby, Avarie SO FUCKING HARD. LIKE HARRRRRD. I EVEN KINDA (super kinda) miss my mother. But guys. I wouldn’t go back now. I’m in too deep. 

They say quitting any bad habit, day 3 is the hardest.. day 3 is when the scales tip..

I’m feeling free. Freebird. 

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Kate okay so I'm the one who requested what ended up being The Last Fight and i just can't explain my emotions correctly. I love everything about it and you fulfilled my request perfectly. (seriously tho thank you for not killing Calum my poor heart wouldnt have been able to handle it)

I was so close to killing him you have no idea it just felt like the right thing to do

but I’m glad you enjoyed the happy ending! :)
i was also originally make your request a bit of fluff but gang AU just has me so fucking whipped i couldn’t help myself

find The Last Fight here :)

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lol im fucked up because when you said you love madara what came into my mind was "the entire uchiha clan could gang bang me and i wouldnt mind" MARY NO I'm jaded. but thats so cute though, you're daughter has good taste (: omg my closests friends are into things I like so im glad for that but I do have friends who are like lol im too mature and im like lol im not bitch. I remember this friend I have back in middle school would get upset with me because I wouldnt wear makeup and all I cared

—->about was like anime and shit and im like girlfriend i’m a kid, you are too how about you act like it? lol fucking middle school man. We’re still friends to this day but lol its hilarious how different we are.—->

With me I was an ‘in between’. I was the weird goth kid that just happened to be “hot” enough for the cool kids to want hang out with though they ended up either bored with my obsession with comics or scared half to death with my shady book preferences. A lot of times I either bored or scared them off on purpose because I didn’t like them.

I was fucked up as a teenager. O.o