Talking to one of the tumblr kids who asked me to say hi to ETD, I just  turned to my husband and said “hey dad the kids say hi” and it took me a whole 30 seconds to realize what I’d just called him and he hasn’t noticed yet but my soul just left my body and it’s not coming back.

so i got hired at mchell and i asked my mom to take me to the orientation on wedn (which she’s not thrilled about, she thinks i can do better for a first job and i’m like tell that to the ppl who won’t hire me lol) and after she said yes she just sent me a huge string of texts saying i should “write an article about it” before finishing with “or maybe i’ll write it from my point of view as a mom” i mean…it’s. it’s mchell. it’s not this deep mom


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Spencer and 92 with reader

92. “I miss her so damn much, and it’s killing me that she’s gone!”

“Spencer?” Garcia squeaked apprehensively as she approached the BAU’s resident genius, “Are you okay?”

Spencer chuckled dryly into his hands in response. The technical analyst inched closer and perched herself on the edge of the couch cushion next to Spencer.

“Spencer?” She repeated. Garcia could instantly tell when her friends were not okay, and this was definitely one of those times, so she pushed him. One more time, “Spencer?”

“Fine, you know what, Garcia? I miss her so damn much, and it’s killing me that she’s gone! She’s gone, Garcia! Gone!” Spencer melted into a teary mess. This was going to be a lot harder than expected.


At Andrea’s every night was game night, no matter how old she got. Her and me and Zelda would have us a fine old time, while Martine was very proper over chess with a guest. A boy guest.  Behind a screen, so we could all pretend they were private.  Martine was in private middle school with Bea, but Zelda was going to the public for some reason. She was quite a cutie!

Andrea did not exactly ask me to vet the boys Martine was seeing and I did not exactly try to. But I did make a point of talking to any that were around when I was. After all, I knew quite a bit about boys and Andrea didn’t to speak of.

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- slides 20$ and a bowl of ramen on the table - so baki, is the kazekage, you know.... single, by any chance ? (≖‿≖✿)

     … HE TAKES THE RAMEN. “ Look, I already know, I’m not stupid. He pokes the noodles with his chopsticks, it would be too bland, he already knew. He also knew, that Gaara & Naruto … were an ALMOST item, he knew how this worked; the kids today were so .. shy.  “ Yes, I haven’t seen him with anyone else … or talk about anyone else, go talk to him, ask him out      it’ll be fine.” 

            “         & the next time you want to bribe a sand ninja … bring spices.” 

Professor Lupin