Prom Dylan - Hands Detail 

This is two of my favorite things (among a few other details) of Dylan in his former wear finery watching amusedly as Robyn delicately pin his boutonniere.

Warning!  Perfectly well-formed hands, long fingers and large fingernail beds may cause heart palpitations. View at your own risk.

valley in the Allegheny mountains

dork-with-a-uke  asked:

21, 29, 33, 40 :)

21. Self-titled or Regional at Best?

dang it

…. okay probably Self-titled… That album is indescribable. 

29.  What is your favorite Twenty One Pilots song?

Already answered!

33. Who is your favorite twenty one pilots blog?

Oh gosh! I love all of my frens on here so much, but a few favorites are you of course (not just saying that to be polite, ok), @joshsfrend, @glowinngeyes, @joshsoreos, @spookyjimrippedmas, @spookyboyjoseph, @tylersdismalchords, and @cliqueb8!

40.  What is your favorite thing about Josh Dun?

His squinty eyes when he smiles. 

Thanks for the asks, friend!

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lawlulove  asked:

Tell us 5 facts about yourself! Then send it to the first 10 blogs in your notifications! :D

Sorry this took a few days to reply to! 

  1. I’m bad at making pancakes
  2. but I can make some great chicken fajitas and lemon bars
  3. one of my top favorite foods is taco salad (why are all my answers about food)
  4. I’m near-sighted and can barely see a few inches in front of my face without my glasses anymore
  5. my favorite cartoon as a child was Scooby Doo Where Are You and I used to watch it most at my grandparents house while my mom cleaned it
9 Baffling Questions I Get Asked as a Blind Person
#9 is her favorite strange question.

9. “Do you feel like you relate to people differently because of your blindness?”

This is my absolute favorite strange question. So few people ask it, which is tragic, so I always light up when the topic comes up. Yes, I do think I relate to people a bit differently, and — not gonna lie — it kind of fascinates even me.

I can tell so much about a person just from the way they talk to me, touch me and engage with me. Their tone of voice and turn of phrase can often give me a sense of whether they’re distracted, nervous, preoccupied or genuinely tuned in. The way someone touches or hugs me can feel distinctly warm, connected, patronizing or hollow. How someone walks with me often gives me clues about whether or not they’re awkward, anxious or completely at ease.

y’all check out this great article my friend caitlin wrote!

For the first time in my nigh on 22 years, I have swallowed my fear of spiritual commitment and become a member of a church. This is Trinity, the episcopal church across the street from my school that has unexpectedly become my favorite haunt over the last few months. I came to seminary thinking I would join a Lutheran church, but I never found one that fit, and I kept finding myself in Trinity lighting candles, attending evening Eucharist, and listening to Sunday sermons. Last week God gently but clearly pushed me into the arms of this church, and I knew I had to make it official. I’m just as surprised as everyone else, but I’m happy to be home.

hi everyone

so im the new mod on this blog and im super happy to be here! you can call me mod mituna. my homestuck kintypes are grimdark roxy, mituna, and nepzeesprite^2 (a sprite from a bloodswap au made of cerulean nepeta and gold gamzee) and you can see the rest of my kintypes over on my kin blog @allthesekins

id be up for doing various requests, however something new im bringing to the blog are sprite edits! i dont want anyone to feel left out, so if you dont exactly look like your canon counterpart, shoot an ask and a description and ill edit it for you!

here are a few of my favorites ive done:

(black witch of doom jade with an afro!)

(dreamer roxy with a poofy dress and tiara!)

(alpha dave in a pastel suit!)

(tyrian blood karkat!)

you can see the rest of the edits ive done here

i look forward to talking to you all and doing edits for you once requests are open! <3

-mod mituna

Hey there! If you’ve been enjoying my Inktober 2016 illustrations, good news! You can now buy prints of them at Society6! Right now I’ve selected a few of my favorites, and will continue to add them through the end of the month, including a couple sets of four and six together.

If there are any you particularly enjoy and would like to purchase prints of, let me know and I’ll be sure to make them available!

These are a few of my favorite things

Teenage Meme

I’m just a Memeage Dirtbag

Smells Like Meme Spirit

Meme Me To Life

Welcome to the Meme Parade

This Ain’t A Meme, It’s An Arms Race.

House of Memeories

Right Hand Meme

Meme Me Inside

Don’t Stop Memelieveing

Meme In The Afternoon

Tango Maurmeme

Meme People

You Belong With Meme

Your New Twin Sized Meme

Bomemeian Rhapsody

Mr Memeside

Get’cha Head In The Meme

Have Faith In Meme

If It Memes A Lot To You

When You Look Meme In The Eyes

What Memes You Beautiful

Meme While We’re Young

Last First Meme

As Long As You Meme Me

One Less Lonely Meme

Ode to Meme

A Meme’s Gotta Do


Meme Boy

Born This Meme


One Meme Glory

Mama Who Meme Me from Meme Awakening

Memes, Memes, Memes

New Amemeicana

If I Were a Meme

The Best Meme I Never Had

Sweet Memes

Your Body Is a Memeland

Rather Dia a Meme

The Meme That Got Away

Legendary Memers

Memens from the Memeicide Squad soundtrack

Memedrops On My Guitar

Super Meme and the Invisible Girl

The entire discography of Hannah Memetana, the artist formerly known as Meme, and Memeinem


Gosh, that part in Much Ado About Nothing when Beatrice and Benedick read each other’s secret love letters and admit their love is always so cute. But, like, too cute. 

That’s more like it. That’s the response I’d expect of two hyper-critical sarcastic dorks in love.